Joy Behar calls Rachel Uchitel a “hooker” & ABC apologizes


I know it’s tragically unhip, but I kind of adore Joy Behar. She’s actually funny sometimes, and she’s a lot smarter than the other ladies of The View give her credit for. Perhaps that’s why she got her own show on HLN (the CNN Lite), in addition to her View duties. But I digress… here’s what went down. A few days ago, Joy and the ladies were discussing the Tiger Woods drama, and all of his women, et cetera (the video is below). Early in the discussion, Whoopi is trying to give the background, but she doesn’t know how to pronounce Rachel Uchitel’s last name. The other women sound it out, and Joy chimes in “You-ka-tell, you can tell she’s a hooker… you can tell she’s a putan.” Putan being Italian for bitch, or maybe hooker…? (I don’t know Italian slang.)

Anyway, after that little moment, the audience laughed and Uchitel’s lawyer Gloria Allred called the media outlets to complain about her client being referred to as a hooker. Allred’s statement was funny: “Today on “The View” on ABC television a co-host called our client Rachel Uchitel a “Hooker.” The co-host said “Yeah,…. You-ka-tell she’s a hooker,’ This statement about Ms. Uchitel is false and defamatory and highly offensive to her. Rachel is very upset by that statement which has been viewed and now read all around the world. This statement was very hurtful to Rachel because it is not true. Even if the host said it in a joking way Rachel is not amused, because she values her reputation and her reputation has been damaged by this statement as it is completely false. We are sending a letter to ABC Television immediately demanding a retraction on the View as soon as possible. We hope that they will do the right thing and retract this statement immediately.”

That’s where it stood for a day or so, until ABC caved and apologized on behalf of Behar. Sort of.

Hot topic: The View’s Joy Behar is sorry for calling alleged Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel a hooker.

On Thursday’s show, Behar and her cohosts were discussing the Woods sex scandal when Behar joked, “Uchitel, she’s a hooker.

Uchitel wasn’t amused.

She was “very upset” by the “false and defamatory and highly offensive to her,” her attorney Gloria Allred said in a statement Thursday. “Even if the host said it in a joking way Rachel is not amused, because she values her reputation and her reputation has been damaged by this statement as it is completely false.”

A View rep insists the comment was said it jest.

“Joy Behar made a play on Ms. Uchitel’s name,” reads a statement. “This was intended as a joke. We sincerely apologize for the choice of words and for any misimpression the joke may have created.”

[From Us Weekly]

Now, here’s the thing: when I really think about it, it is offensive. I’m not defending Uchitel or any of these trashy women who slept with Tiger. But some of them are not hookers, they are just women who had jobs or whatever, and they ran into Tiger and began sleeping with him with no kind of financial arrangement. That being said, when the line of mistresses is selling their stories to anyone buying, there is some element of prostitution involved. And for Uchitel in particular, there was a financial arrangement in at least one case – Tiger was paying for Rachel to travel to him. It’s not straight money-for-sex, but someone was getting paid, you know?

The other thing I have to confess is that in the beginning, when the first few women started coming out, my first impulse was to think of them as hookers. And if someone had interviewed me on the spot, I’m sure I would have called them that. So I totally understand Behar’s reaction, and I think it’s kind of lame that ABC gave even this half-assed apology.

Oh, and if Rachel Uchitel was so worried about people saying offensive things about her, perhaps she shouldn’t have carried on an affair with Tiger Woods for six months.

Rachel Uchitel eating lunch with her friends in New York on December 10, 2009. Credit: WENN

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  1. artsyfartsy says:

    Joy is a C word, not just because of this, but because thats what she is.

  2. Green Is Good says:

    Oh, PLEASE. If the HOOKER didn’t want to get her whittle fweelings hurt, she should have kept her yap shut, not blabbed to every media outlet she could find, and not hopped into bed with Tiger and David Boreanz.

  3. Sumodo says:

    Joy Behar or Fred Armisen dressed as Joy Behar, is always a hoot. Either of them could have made the “You-ka-tell, you can tell she’s a hooker” joke and pulled it off. Funny is funny. Why does ABC have to apologize for being funny?

  4. Bonfire Beach says:

    Just call her a whore or a slut then.

  5. princess pea says:

    Rachel, Hooker, sit your ass down and shut up. You slept with a married man, knowing full well that he had a wife and small children at home. Repeatedly. You let him pay to spend time with you at his convenience. You took money to share your story with the world. And now you wanna sue anyone with an opinion about your choices? STFU.

  6. hatsumomo says:

    What Elisabeth was saying is pretty damming but true. I think the same can go for alot of actors too. Even the ones everyone on this board loves…..

  7. Firestarter says:

    Cry me a river Rachel!

  8. e. says:

    If she valued her reputation, perhaps she should stop slutting around with married celebrities (especially those w/ pregnant wives, plz and thank you).

    I’m wondering if she considers f-ing married celebrities part of her VIP hostessing duties (In which case, she IS a hooker, she’s just getting paid circuitously) or if it’s just a side perk to her dubious job.

  9. really says:

    Rachel and her repulsive lawyer are both HOOKERS. Nice tank top, looking for attention much? Pathetic.

  10. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Question: Are there ANY photos in this entire world that DON’T show this bimbo’s boobs hanging out? She wants respect (TYA RIGHT!), and not to be called a hooker…then she needs to stop LOOKING and ACTING like one.

    As far as ABC goes, they should have simply said, “We deeply regret that Ms. Behar’s words were taken as offensive.” PERIOD. They should not have apologized for the words, just in the perception of them. UGH! This skank is FUGLY and NASTY.

  11. Lizzy says:

    What has this world come to when you can’t call a hooker for what she is without her threatening to sue and wasting tax payers money because she doesn’t like the word given to HER CHOICE of behavior?

  12. lucy2 says:

    Huh. I kind of think “VIP hostess” is like “escort”. Come on, everyone knows what you really do.
    If you can’t take the heat, don’t carry on an affair with a married, famous man. Simple as that, and I have no sympathy for her.

    She should probably also make better fashion choices, where her boobs aren’t practically hanging out for the world to see too, if she’s so offended by all this. Of course, sooner or later we’ll hear about her deal with playboy.

  13. andrea says:

    putan, or putana, means whore. some people say putta. puttanesca sauce is called that b/c back in the day the “ladies of the night” would put a bowl of it in the window so the smell of the sauce would lure the men in. when we go out to dinner and we want this dish, we say, Oooh, im in the mood for some whore sauce, ahahahaha!

  14. Kiki says:

    A “putan” is the worst word you can say about a woman in Italian (in Mexico, is sans the n.)
    I can’t believe they say that on TV!

  15. Lindsay says:

    Really- I thought the same thing. She is in New York according to the photo tag. Not exactly low cut spaghetti strap weather or a great wardrobe choice for someone trying to protect her pristine reputation. think hooker is actually a nicer word than what she could truthfully be called.

  16. Guest says:

    such a fine line in rachel”s mind.

  17. birdie says:

    In that clip Whoopi was really getting self-righteous about Tiger’s personal life. Take a chill pill Whoopster, it’s not always about you! We don’t know about your personal transgressions either because you took care to hide the evidence (Tiger did not) or because frankly nobody really gives a sh*t about your sex life. People want to talk about this because it’s scandalous. I could sleep with a million people and nobody would care! Fine, Tiger’s not Jesus, but he has accrued a fortune of close to a billion dollars through an image of a dedicated athlete and family man. Turns out, as Joy said “one is a transgression, at this point he’s mentally ill!”

  18. H says:

    ITA with pretty much every previous post. My 1st thought reading the article was what reputation.

  19. Prissa says:

    Off topic – but I CAN NOT believe Joy is 67!!!! She looks awesome!!!!

  20. grisgris says:

    Didn’t Uchitel give an interview where she repeatedly referred to the friends who spoke to the Enquirer as “a bunch of dumb hookers”?

    This chica is really grating. And stupid.

  21. carole says:

    Why did ABC apologize? If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and walks like a duck…….

  22. Jess says:

    What’s the difference between Santa and Tiger?
    Santa stops at 3 Ho’s.

  23. Temeneos says:


    how about we call her homewrecker, mistress or other woman

    call her what you want, she knew he was married which is a civil contract. I don’t care if he led her on, lied to her or she is really that stupid.

    Bottom line is in our culture being the other woman is NOT a good thing.

    PS – Tiger is as culpable here, what a douchebag for cheating on his wife and leading the other women on,,,,really wanted his cake didn’t he?

  24. Kathie says:

    Ok so she’s not a hooker…she is a whore, a skeeve, a skank, a Rhonda Roundheels, a ho-bag, a concubine, a bawd, a floozy and a slut but she is NOT a hooker! Satisfied Ms. Allred?

  25. Praise St. Angie! says:

    grisgris, excellent point.

    and jess, that was pretty good.

  26. filthycute says:

    Why is she wearing THAT while out to lunch in NEW YORK, where it’s freezing? Skank. Like she doesn’t know cameras are nearby.

  27. Peanut says:

    She’s got to be kidding with that tank top. Umm, Rachel? IT’S THE MIDDLE OF WINTER!!!

  28. Rae says:

    I heard that they demanded an apology from Behar, personally, and she refused.

  29. Elle says:

    There was no need for an apology from ABC, Joy was joking and even if she wasn’t that remark is some what truthful on some level. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not disregarding what Tiger Woods did to his wife at all; but this woman is a “slut and a whore” for knowingly sleeping with a married man with kids. Have some common decency and keep your legs closed! Think about others before you spread your legs ladies and gentlemen (in the realm of cheating on someone) If your going to be doing whorish things like this how about with a single person! can’t have you cake and eat it too and not get caught eventually!

  30. diva says:

    I’m sure Rachels been called worse than a hooker, so why is she so offended now? Shame on Gloria for even going to ABC with such a demand, she is starting to look bad as an attorney being associated with this “case”.

  31. thepickle says:

    She looks gross in these photos. Totally bottom rung. I disagree with artsyfartsy. Joy is not a C. I appreciate her for saying what most people want to say, and not apologizing for it.

  32. Yvette says:

    I’m sorry but all these “women” were only with Tiger for financial gain. Yes, they are all “hookers”, “whores” or “sluts”, whichever word you care to use. Any woman who knowingly messes around with a married man is a hooker, whore or a slut. It goes the other way around too. Any man who knowingly messes around with a married woman is a bastard and a manwhore.

  33. Catherine says:

    Hooker, whore, tramp, slut…they are all the same thing and she needs to get used to the fact she is one of the above along with a new one: Home-wrecker.

  34. Sudini says:

    I’ve always liked Joy too – she usually says things that the others seem too timid or obtuse to say themselves. I wish ABC would give her a little more freedom to speak her mind.

    It sucks that she had to apologize – Rachel totally made her bed, rolled around in it, etc. She’s garbage and has no right to be offended. She needs a hardcore reality check to the face.

  35. Snarf says:

    Uchitel isn’t a hooker! She’s a greedy, skanky, ho. And you may qoute me.

  36. n says:

    what a stupid girl Uchitel is — she draws even more attention to her poor behavior by making The View issue an apology.

    what a dummy.

  37. AnnabellUnderground says:

    I will never understand what David B or Tiger saw in this woman. Both have incredibly hot wives. This chick is just some opportunistic, skanky fame whore.

  38. hatsumomo says:

    Rhonda Roundheels! Lol! I’ve never heard that and i thought i heard ’em all!

  39. Mel says:

    She isn’t a hooker… she gives it up for free!!! lol

  40. WTF?!? says:

    I must compliment you on your choice of photos. Uck-itel is a mutton-face.

  41. toni says:

    I would think being a stupid famewhore chasing married men to screw is a reality that is much worse than a tv personality calling you a hooker. She got busted for Boreanz not so long ago and she is busted again, she’s a POS prostitution whore, as Teresa from RHNJ would aptly say.

  42. Bete says:

    Putan is variation of similar words for a loose woman/prostitute/sex opportunist, not so much a paid hooker. It’s similar to a word in my language too.
    Anyway, I was watching the View at the time she said that and choked on my coffee.
    Why should she apologize? Uchitel is a gold digger, media whore and….
    This is what gets me, how these mistresses/gold diggers want to be seen as decent women, when they’re amoral and vulgar, appearing on any TV show that’ll have them (for a fee), so they can keep on rubbing in the fact that they slept with Tiger Woods. I’d imagine that his wife doesn’t watch TV now.
    Also, in the show, Joy didn’t call her a putan first. She just added it to ‘u-can-tell’ LOL.

  43. Kasi says:

    Why does Gloria Allred always defend the Hookers? Isn’t “Hostess” another name for “Hooker”?

  44. Lady Lori says:

    BREADING NEWS…from MSNBC… the trick will be posing for Playboy!!!

  45. DrM says:

    When I saw those pics of Ms Skeeze I thought “New York…December…freezing…why is she wearing a singlet???” She has really bad skin…it looks all dried out and wrinkly…imagine what she’ll look like at 40…YUCK what WAS TW thinking? Oh…right…he wasn’t.

  46. nj says:

    It looks like a duck and walks like a duck and has duck lips.

  47. nj says:

    You self-centered little hussy! You have no right to complain about how you feel! You deserve every single nasty insult anyone has to say about you and Tiger deserves every ounce of shame and humiliation he is feeling right now. You, he and the rest of the tramps deserve every dirty look, derogatory name, cruel joke and cold shoulder you will face. Elin did NOT deserve this. Those two little children do NOT deserve the nasty surprises they will learn when they are old enough to work a computer. I bet you that is what Elin is agonizing over the most. Sorry to ruin all the sexy fun for you but YOU HAVE CAUSED IRREPERABLE DAMAGE TO INNOCENT LIVES, YOU DUMB SELFISH WITCH. And for that, you’re going to have to put up with a few unsavory names. Deal with it.

  48. Ana says:

    Why does she always look dirty???


  49. chshc says:

    They might have known that they were not getting paid up front, but youre telling me that someone who has been tied to 2 other celebs doesnt know how it works? She knew she was going to get paid by the tabloids.

  50. Melanie says:

    Yes, let’s allll feel bad for the home wrecker. Pfft. Sleeping with a married man, making money off of it in subsequent interviews and then being called a hooker. I say she is getting off easy.

  51. Uzi says:

    Calling women like Rachel hookers is indeed an insult…to hookers! Hookers are discrete, which is a main reason why men use their services. They do what they do for money, not 15 minutes of fame or to launch a career as a Playboy model. Joy rocks! Shame on ABC!

  52. Lia says:

    She’s making money from having sex with Tiger Woods. I don’t believe she’s doing all of these interviews for free. How is this different from any other common street whore/hooker who….. makes money from having sex?

  53. Sincerity says:

    I can’t believe that this “morally bankrupt” sociopath is actually concerned about what people are saying about her.

    Has she actually deluded herself into believing that she’s “a victim” who deserves protection? She certainly wasn’t all that concerned about “protecting” her or Tiger Woods reputations. How else did her friends find out about their affair? OSMOSIS? I THINK NOT! Give me a break! At this point, she’s well beyond anyone’s sympathy!

  54. Oh please! says:

    She’s trying to rock the Giselle look, with the scarves and aviator glasses, etc. Giselle’s look is boring and only works on Giselle because she’s, well, Giselle.

    And tank tops are trashy. Period.

    All of these girls make me lament womanhood. Seriously, I have never in my 37 years heard such a salacious story. Ho Bags! Tiger and his harem… nast. And he really has some deep problems which will require life-long maintenance.

    The saddest part is Elin and the children, of course. But I can’t get over how these whores on the side are jealous and upset over the other whores. I mean, these women actually believed his BS when he told them he had deep feelings for them, etc. How can they be so naive and self-loathing?

    I hope there are some good psychotherapists out there who are getting in touch with all of these characters!

  55. Xiufetish says:

    I don’t want to defend the woman, but she wasn’t the one who was married.

    Why does the “other woman” always take 90% of the blame in an affair – “whore”, “slut”, “puta” – while the philandering husband simply has “issues” that need to be “dealt with”? Tiger had affairs with ELEVEN women and counting. So, they’re all whores and he’s simply misunderstood?

    Women are held to a much higher standard than men, which enables men to get away with murder. It’s ridiculous.

  56. paula says:

    Joy Is reprehensible for making fun of people when they are having problems in their personal life. Joy is not a nice person.

  57. Minxx says:

    “she values her reputation”.. OMG.. that’s funny.

  58. Rose says:

    Thank you xiufetish, the ‘slut/whore/puta’ talk here is disgusting. She had an affair with a married man. But he’s the married one, not her. And I say that as a married woman. Do I think she was morally sound, no, but Tiger Woods is the scumbag here. And yes, Joy was out of line, and not terribly funny either.

  59. Jazz says:

    If you don’t want to be called a hooker on national television, then close your legs to married men.

  60. Firestarter says:

    Well ,maybe the married men need to keep their dicks in their pants!

  61. ME says:

    I just have to sound off about one thing to get it off my chest…. I am REALLY bothered that I have been hearing that certain individuals are making this such a big deal because he’s black. If it had been a white golfer all of this would have gotten pushed under the rug. NO IT WOULDNT! The sanctity of marriage, is the sanctity of marriage. It doesnt matter – white, black, green, blue…! There is no race card in this issue! But unfortunately, it has been playing in the media with certain groups that the whole reason the public is making a big deal about this is because he’s black!

  62. Ana says:

    You’re right. He’s a scumbag. But she is still a hoooker. If you want Tiger bashing go to a post about him. On this thread we are bashing her.


  63. DD says:

    this woman jumped into bed with two married men that we know of in a short period of time. She may not be a hooker but she is a seriously flawed woman. Hookers at least do it for money, what was in it for her? She should be offended by her own actions, instead of being offended by a profession. I guess the correct term Joy should’ve used would be wh**e, would that have been less offensive?

  64. Rose says:

    No Ana, not mmmkay. Not even okay. She’s flawed sure, cheap even, but all the stupid name calling is so crass when the real villian of the piece is Tiger Woods himself. By the way we don’t ‘know’ there was two married men, as the DB story was never confirmed.

  65. QB says:

    Tiger is a douchebag but that those women are chicken heads. The fact that he was married does not change the fact that she is a whore for sleeping with a douchebag she knows is married.

  66. Persistent Cat says:

    I’m not judging her for sleeping with a married man. I’m judging her for going public with it. If she valued her reputation, she wouldn’t be speaking to any “news” outlet who’ll pay her.

    And I’m also judging her for the tank top, gross skin and sunglasses on her head. I hate when women just can’t take their sunglasses off for five seconds. My boss wears hers all day long in the office, it’s just such an awful, unclassy look. In the summer, in a restaurant for lunch or in a store, fine, but giving an interview, in the office or at night? No!!!

  67. Raven says:

    Joy was just saying what most people thought. She was with 2 high profile men and likely countless others over a short period of time. She lives in an expensive condo with no obvious means of support.

  68. jane says:

    -Uchitel is a woman who didn’t have feeling for the woman married to the man she liked, nor the children who love the man she liked-she carried on a relationship without feelings for anyone, and focused on her own need and catering to his ‘itch’.
    One Wikipedia definition for Hooker is
    “A drink of undiluted hard liquor: a hooker of whiskey.”
    Joy, The View, should not apologize, because in defense- this person is like a drink of undiluted hard liquor. Hardened to the feeling of others and to the consequences of her actions.

  69. mollination says:

    If she was so worried about her reputation, she would have laid-low (pun!) after this whole thing happened to save her “career” instead of prancing around in beyond-v-neck shirts with her tits hanging out everywhere, and hiring “celebrity” attornerys, and giving interviews to “celebrity” magazine. She wanted what she could get out of this, and she got whatever that was. I’m sorry, but here’s the equation:

    Sex w/ Tiger + Post-sex actions = money.
    Sex + money = HOOKER.

    Why do these girls all get so offended? LIke, you chose your actions AND you want sympathy and respect? No, I’m sorry. Either do what you do and be okay with the repercussions, or don’t do it. If you can’t live with yourself afterwards, that’s not the public’s job to boost you up to some moral ground you don’t deserve. BS.

  70. mollination says:

    It’s all of them – the “girls next door”, all of them. Every single one of these girls getting money/limelight/celeb perks for sleeping with someone. And then they still want to be respected as “celebrities that earned their own way in an admirable fashion”. I’m tired of it.

  71. greg says:

    I don’t watch the view but if my memory is correct Barbara Walters was sleeping with a married black man when she was starting out. She has admitted this on the show.

    Isn’t Joy Behar worried about offending her boss?

    I personally think BW should be retired to a museum somewhere but since she was whoring herself to a married man I’d watch my step if I was Joy. Hope HLN is paying her well, might be the only job she has shortly.

  72. Anna says:

    Merry Christmas Rachel!Ho!Ho! Ho!

  73. Ana says:

    This is celeb!tchy. Guess what? We’re b!tchy here and we call ’em as we see ’em.

    She is profiting off of sleeping with a married man. She’s a hooker.

    Yes, Tiger is a “villian.” He made a commitment to his wife that he broke multiple times. He is nasty for sleeping with these gross women and putting his wife and children in danger. He is a skeeze and I have no respect for him at all.

  74. anneesezz says:

    She’s got a lot of nerve being self-righteous after selling her story. All these chicks are so skanky. I guess someone’s gotta do the nasty stuff the wife won’t.

  75. meglet says:

    hmm I didn’t think this woman had released any details of the relationship to the press, or accepted any money to sell her story (as comments above say). Some of the women have but I don’t think she has. The whole situation is awful but at the end of the day he’s the married one – and his decisions alone resulted in him cheating on his wife, pretty sure no-one forced him to do anything. Hate on all the women that are selling stories to the press but I think so far this woman hasn’t. The joke was a little funny though.

  76. S.V. says:

    Does Rachel think that sleeping with married men makes her a refined lady?

  77. Lizzy says:

    Is there any way we can start a petition so that Gloria Allred can be stopped from practicing law in favor of famewhores to get her own famewhore attention?…What a day that would be. =)

  78. bubbles says:

    wow, there is a butta face if I ever saw one!

  79. loldongs says:

    Hooker would be a compliment to this one.

  80. Mojo says:

    Women who slept with other people’s husbands are skanks and ho’s. I’m glad that Joy doesn’t sugar coat sh*t. The American public deserves the truth.

  81. AliG says:

    She doesn’t need any makeup to star in a horror movie.
    Notice the pattern. Most of Tiger’s mistresses/hos/porno stars are canines. WTF.
    If my pooch had a face like Uchitel’s, I’d shave its ass and teach it to walk backwards.

  82. Walid says:

    “Putan” is not a word that exist in Italian. What Joy is saying is “Putain”, a French word meaning ” HOOKER”

    The joke made me laugh so hard I peed my pants! Merci Joy

  83. Martha says:

    Thank you to all of the posters here. I haven’t laughed so much and so hard in a long time. That felt so good that I’ll definitely bookmark this site! Really LMAO!! Oh, and yeah, I agree, Rachel is an ugly skank!

  84. Martha says:

    Plus, she looks like she has a mouthful of sht and she’s trying to swallow it like it’s tastes good so she doesn’t have a bad expression on her face in the photo – but it’s not working. Hahahahahah!!!

  85. mmc says:

    The networks are getting really strict with what someone says because they’re afraid of getting sued. Joy said what so many people were thinking. I blame these women to a certain degree, but the fault is with Tiger. He was the married one and he should have known that what feels good for the moment will come back to bite you in the butt. It’s so sad that men in power do this just because they can.

  86. Alisa says:

    Perhaps there are much more appropriate words or phrases that Joy could have used:

    home wrecker
    gold digger
    a woman who sleeps with married men
    white trash

    But, by all means, please don’t call this woman a hooker. You might hurt her feelings.

  87. JoySupport says:

    Joy just told the truth. Rachel’s a hooker. You have sex and take 10 million to shut up about it? You are a hooker.

    The woman is a high-priced call girl. Tiger called and she went. And now she doesn’t want to hear the truth about taking money for what she used her body for. Poor Rachel. Poor rich Rachel.

    Joy, never stop telling the truth.

  88. Lynn says:

    Rose, the DB story may have never been confirmed one way or the other, but I don’t doubt it one bit. He’s had a reputation for several years (ever since way before his BTVS/ATS days) as a cheater. Stories of him fooling around were going around when he was married to his first wife Ingrid Quinn as well, and there have been several reported sightings by fans of his over the years of him not acting like a married man should over the course of his marriage to Jaime. And, this is coming from one of David’s biggest fans. I’m just not blind to his indiscretions. Plus, I don’t really think the story about him and Rachel would ever actually be confirmed anyway, considering he actually cares about keeping up his reputation for being a ‘family man’ these days, knowing what it could do to his career (especially now, after seeing what admitting to it did to Tiger’s career).

    The fact that the Rachel/Tiger story turned out to be true now lends some credence to the Rachel/David story as well, in my personal opinion at least. I do remember Jillian Reynolds confirming that he had cheated on Jaime, shortly after the story broke back in October, on Good Day L.A. She’s very good friends with his wife and revealed that he did have an affair. I’m a huge fan of David’s, always have been, but he’s a known cheater throughout Hollywood. Just ask around. The fact that he projects an image of being a squeaky clean ‘family man’ doesn’t mean a damn thing. That doesn’t prove that he actually is one. Do you realize how many celebrities lie about their relationships/marriages, and what goes on behind closed doors? They present themselves one way when they’re really another, and project a false image of themselves onto their fanbases, because it’s good for their careers. A LOT of them do it.

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