Tominey: Duchess Meghan hated Kate & refused to introduce Doria to her!

As CB always notes, the royals love to tell on themselves. Their royalist defenders do as well – it’s clear that Kensington Palace has sent out an SOS to all of their biggest rota cheerleaders, demanding that the Princess of Wales must be centered and embiggened no matter what. Absent from all of these defenses is any credible excuse or rationale for why Kate was apparently openly discussing her “concerns” over the skin color of Meghan’s babies. Instead, we’re getting stuff like Camilla Tominey’s latest, “Why has Meghan never really taken to Kate?” This is supposed to be some hamfisted rebuke, an argument that Meghan was the aggressor, that she was “rude” to Kate, that Meghan didn’t “know her place.” What’s crazy is that there are some new pieces of information in this piece which… make Meghan look good and make Kate look like an a–hole. Of course, that’s not supposed to be the takeaway but…

The Sussexes & Cambridges’ first joint appearance at the foundation event in 2018: “‘Women don’t need to find a voice. They have a voice. They need to feel empowered to use it,” Meghan quotably exhorted as Harry looked on with awe and his brother and Kate stood by with expressionless irritation.” The event was supposed to be about promoting better mental health, and here was the Duchess, seemingly politicising it. The quartet would never appear together again, except in the context of larger royal engagements, such as Trooping the Colour, the Platinum Jubilee, and of course, the late Queen’s funeral. But the awkwardness on display that frosty day provides an insight into the many reasons why Meghan appears never to have taken to Kate – and vice versa.

The foundation event was the real turning point: Although some believe the royal sisterhood broke down following a tearful row over a bridesmaids’ dress fitting for Princess Charlotte in the run-up to Harry and Meghan’s wedding in May 2018 – that Royal Foundation Forum proved to be a significant pinch point. At the time the Beast from the East was sweeping through the UK, leading to freezing temperatures, heavy snow and heavy winds. Royal aides were therefore surprised to find Meghan had dressed in a summer dress for the summit – as Kate, who was seven months pregnant with Prince Louis at the time, opted for something rather more conservative.

Meghan didn’t bow & scrape around William & Kate: According to an insider with knowledge of the engagement, Meghan seemed uncomfortable having to so publicly play “second fiddle” to William and Kate as the superior royals in the palace hierarchy. “I think there was always a sense that Meghan felt she was a self-made woman whereas Kate hadn’t really had her own career. She seemed to feel like she had more of a right to speak than her sister-in-law, who had married into the family as an unknown whereas Meghan regarded herself as a philanthropist who could teach the royals a thing or two about charity. I think she found it difficult that the Royal Foundation was already a well oiled machine by the time she got there,” said the source.

Meghan kept Doria away from the white supremacists: Around the same time as the Forum, Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland flew to London for her daughter’s baptism and other wedding preparations but, curiously, she was never introduced to William and Kate – despite the Prince and Princess repeatedly asking to meet her. “It was all very bizarre,” said one source. “Meghan seemed to want to put a separation between them.” In truth, there had been a degree of frisson almost as soon as Meghan officially arrived on the royal scene in 2016 to a lukewarm reception from “formal” William and Kate, who as well as finding her “a little full on”, had no idea she would be a keeper, having met a succession of Harry’s girlfriends.

William & Kate were influenced by their bigoted friends: The Prince and Princess of Wales may well have been influenced by mutual friends raising concerns following a shooting party at Sandringham when Meghan apparently clashed with 16 invited guests over issues including the imminent election of Donald Trump as US President in January 2017. As Tom Bower revealed in his 2022 book Revenge: “Without hesitation, Meghan challenged every guest whose conversation contravened her values. Beyond Harry’s hearing, some friends questioned Meghan’s “wokery”. Meghan was a dampener on the party, they concluded. She lacked any sense of humour. Driving home after Sunday lunch, the texts pinged between the cars: “OMG what about HER?” said one; “Harry must be f***ing nuts.”

Meghan called her Kate, not Catherine: To add insult to injury, as Harry revealed in Spare, when he first introduced Meghan to his brother – Kate remained in the garden, playing with the children – hardly the welcome they both wanted. From that point onwards, Meghan always pointedly insisted on calling the Princess of Wales “Kate” even though the rest of the family referred to her as “Catherine”.

Meghan saw that the Middletons were grifters: The Middletons also soon proved to be a bone of contention for the Duchess. She mistakenly believed that Kate’s parents, Michael and Carole, were cashing in on their royal connections to get special treatment. Harry had apparently already voiced concern about Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton publishing a book on entertaining called Celebrate in 2012, rather ironically accusing her of commercialising her links to the monarchy. The Sussexes were then upset when Pippa declined to invite them to her wedding to James Matthews in May 2017, perhaps fearing she would be upstaged by Harry’s new girlfriend. She later relented and invited them to the evening reception “to keep the peace”. According to Harry in Spare, William and Kate then took exception to the couple moving the name places at the table – before being accused of doing the same when the Sussexes got married.

Meghan hated that Will & Kate got along with Charles & Camilla? Having developed a habit of regularly exchanging letters with her father-in-law the King, parcels would arrive for Meghan in Queen Camilla’s distinctive bespoke wrapping paper, which rather runs contrary to the suggestion that they were all but abandoned by their royal relatives. While she certainly got on well with her father and mother-in-law, there was perhaps also a sense that William and Kate got on with them even better – and sometimes even gossiped about the Sussexes over dinner, as Harry suggested in Spare. Kate was also adored by the late Queen for the very reasons Scobie seeks to denigrate her in Endgame. She was “coachable”, “comfortable in her role” and “willing to bring the requisite smile and elegance to her duties as princess”.

Meghan was mad about Kate’s buttons!!!! Despite being comparatively less charismatic and an inferior public speaker, Kate was loved by the public for “never putting a foot wrong” – and carrying the mystique of someone who has never given much away about themselves. She was also a renowned clothes horse – and as a self-styled trend setter, the endless focus on her wardrobe appears to have irritated Meghan, who subsequently complained she had less help with her clothes and was forced to wear muted tones – even though she appeared in a vast array of colourful outfits.

[From The Telegraph]

Hector Projector Tominey got briefed by Kate’s people about all of the different “reasons” why Kate hated Meghan and treated Meghan like sh-t, so Tominey wrote it all up from the perspective of “this is why Meghan disliked Kate!” When even Kate’s biggest cheerleaders are basically admitting that Kate hated Meghan because Meghan was smart, well-spoken, politically progressive, well-dressed and happy, that’s not the slam dunk Kate thinks it is. The thing about Doria is so weird – why the f–k were William and Kate demanding to meet Doria, and did Meghan avoid introducing them to Doria because Meghan already knew that W&K sucked?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Nubia says:

    The last time they were seen together and friendly outside of a ‘forced’ appearance was at the Wimbledon,i wonder what happened after that !!!

    • Nic919 says:

      The first Wimbledon in 2018 was before Kate put out the fake crying story against Meghan but the next year in 2019 kate brought Pippa as cover because that was well after Kate started her smear campaign against Meghan.

    • Freddy says:

      Even that moment appeared awkward to me: Meghan was giving American summer: dressed down, yet chic and casual and Kate, was giving British Royal at summer event: heels, a dress past the knees and hair DONE. They’re two very different personalities–it’s sad to see how the press forced a competition between the two. I’m an American, so I’ll always vibe with Meghan’s take on fashion and politics.

  2. Haylie says:

    Camilla Tominey is a liar. In Spare, Harry wrote that Meghan stayed home at Nott Cott during that Sandringham shooting trip. She wasn’t there woke-ing out the racist aristos on the trip.

    But we know about Camilla’s credibility since she’s that architect of the Meghan made KkKate cry falsehood.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      Harry was very clear about that. I don’t know why Camilla continues to lie about things that are easily proven false. I shouldn’t be surprised, considering she thinks lying about Meghan not being comfortable with the bigots at the Sandringham shoot makes Meghan look bad. Woman is an idiot.

    • Lrob says:

      I do think she was at Sandringham or Balmoral for a shooting trip during the dating period. In Spare Harry refers to a different trip he took with William after introducing Meghan to him at KP, and a trip he took for a sailing race at “Sir Hugh’s” estate.

      • Cairidh says:

        In Spare harry said he introduced Meghan to William at KP when Kate wasn’t there. Which suggested she was at Anmer or Her mothers house or at least out shopping in London. This article says she was in the garden with the children. That’s…..shocking.

    • Liz in A says:

      More likely is that there was more than one shooting weekend. She went to one, as described, and after that chose to not do that sort of thing again, or stayed home the time Harry wrote about.

      • Nerd says:

        Why is it more likely? Why would a woman who doesn’t hunt go on a hunting trip with a group of men who do? We have seen videos and photos of her hanging out with Harry and his friends riding bike and riding horses. Hunting trips aren’t conducive to one couple spending time together, even if it is to hangout with him and his friends.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Right @Nerd! Why is it more likely? It wasn’t the 2016 shooting weekend. But. but, but maybe the 2017 weekend? You know, when Meghan was finishing her Suits job and as you said, Meghan isn’t a hunter. A hundred years ago I dated a hunter. It’s not just aristos that have shooting weekends. Invited and turned down the weekend. Maybe? Meghan was there. That Camilla Tominey is referring to a Bowels story is sad at best. Still laughing at CT claiming to have spoken with the Montecito water board.

      • Vik says:

        Partners, who don’t shoot absolutely take part in (aristocratic) shooting weekends. They either join the shooters on the field, or they hang out separately and then meet up for picnics and have dinners together in black tie. There’s lots to do besides the shooting itself and is usually very fun for all involved. Esp at the start of a relationship it makes sense to partake and see how things go, later you don’t always have to go if it’s not for you. It’s easily believable that Meghan accompanied Harry sometimes, esp early on. In the UK hunting is on horse, shooting on foot. For hunting the non-hunters typically don’t ride, but might meet up by car for picnics. There are pics of Diana when young on shooting trips, also for Liz etc. The cars and picnincs can be seen.

  3. Osty says:

    If camilla Tominey was a real journalist she would know her defense of kate makes kate look bad and her stupid . If kate hated Meghan cos Meghan was better than her and made sure to male Meghan know she hates her why then would Meghan have the confidence to show her mum to her. I mean if you hate me why should I entertain you or introduce people I love to you ?

    • ecsmom says:

      It seems to me to be just as likely that W&K refused to meet Doria. I picture Meghan as being someone that if someone “asked” to meet her mom and they were known racists she would just give her mom a heads up. It’s not like POC aren’t aware of how to handle racist future in-laws. Just feels like BM Opposite Day or Projection here. But if Meghan did keep her mother away then they must be BAD.

      • Megan says:

        I just don’t believe they wanted to meet Doria. They had no interest in Meghan so why would they be interested in her family?

      • ecsmom says:

        @Megan – that could be it too!! they never asked, Meghan never pushed it and now it’s turned around as she refused to let them. UGH they are so awful

      • CatMum says:

        90% of the time, whatever they write about M&H is actually true of W&K.

      • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

        The truth It could be as stupid as meghan didnt want to introduce doria to will and kate because SHE WASNT THERE. Anyway, another spin but Meg probably had plans didnt have time for losers and also didnt want to subject her wonderful mom, who REALLY doesnt set a foot wrong, to a bunch of racist morons who actually didnt REALLLY want to meet her, but probably would have taken the occasion to make a spin about it in the press…

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        It’s like the false story of Meghan making Kate cry. Meghan’s baptism happened the week of March 5, 2018 from what I’ve read. Kate had 2? engagements that week. And, Will was preparing for welcoming the Crown Prince of Saudia Arabia. You know, the butherearrings Prince and other things. If it was really important, to Kate (or Will) to meet Doria, they could have gone to Meghan’s baptism. They didn’t. Doria was there. The WanK’s were not.

    • BeanieBean says:

      This CTs whole article makes Kate look bad & it is hilarious that she doesn’t see it!!!

  4. ML says:

    Still writing pro Kate, but getting ready to switch that: “Despite being comparatively less charismatic and an inferior public speaker, Kate…”

    • First comment says:

      Yeah, they can hide the truth anymore…they feel cheated because they are lest with the less charismatic ones and they are dying to spill the beans..😅😅

    • Megan says:

      CT seems slightly peeved the palace demanded she write this drivel.

  5. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Will and Kate probably wanted to look at Doria’s features so they could express “concern” about how any future baby might look. I kid, only because the timing is off.

    Anyway, Meghan knew what an unmitigated disaster Donald Trump would be and how serious it was for democracy as a whole. Harry’s “friends” look stupid in hindsight and overprivileged in any direction, because they don’t really have to be concerned about the election of demagogues or fascists. It would hardly affect them. For POC and women too, it’s a whole other matter.

    • Smart&Messy says:

      I know it’s a joke, but I don’t think you are far off the mark. Meg already figured out that they were racist snobbish assholes and she wanted to shelter her mom from that.

      • SarahCS says:

        “So where are you from Doria?”
        “No, before that, where are you really from?”

        Meghan is smart and can read people well. Why set her mother up for that?

    • ML says:

      Yeah, what part of “grab them by the pussy” leaves any room for doubt? Not to mention all the other red flags. This doesn’t reflect poorly on Meghan at all.
      And I am really glad that she protected her mom from that family from the very beginning! You know that W&K must have said or done something to make Meghan skip the introductions. She was probably subjected to a lot more questionable behavior by that family than she has publicly admitted to, and it started earlier than we were aware of it.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Well, my goodness, the first time they go over to W&Ks house, Kate doesn’t even bother to come in & say hi? She stayed outside with the kids? What a rude little sh*t.

      • Becks1 says:

        The sheer rudeness of that blows my mind. What is @ArtHistorian likes to say about the Windsors? They don’t have any home training? Clearly Kate doesn’t either.

    • Ginger says:

      Will and Kate probably wanted to ask where Doria was REALLY from. This seems to be something the RF does on occasion.

      • Athena says:

        And Kate would have tried to touch her hair or more likely she would have stood there staring at Doria’s hair. Those two would have treated Doria like a novelty, don’t blame Meghan for not introducing them to her mother.

    • Nic919 says:

      Meghan didn’t want to expose her mother to racists as much as she could help it and it’s obvious that by then William and Kate had shown they would be difficult with Doria.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      People throw around the word friend way to easily. I will admit I only keep up with this on this website. But I seem to remember stories from when William and Harry were kids still in school. That William had his group to hang with. And Harry had his. But yet now I keep reading that they were so close as brothers. And before Meghan even showed up over there. Weren’t there stories about Harry wanting to move to Africa? So I would imagine he wasn’t as friendly with all theses guys as they are trying to make it seem now. The roto seem to forget that people can now go and find old articles they wrote saying the exact opposite of what they are trying to push now.

    • Nono says:

      Question: did Kate introduce Carole to Meghan?

  6. Becks1 says:

    Okay so first off – they all call her Kate. Maybe not Charles or Camilla, but everyone else calls her Kate. Kate said when she got engaged that she was “still very much Kate,” and Harry called her Kate throughout Spare (even making a comment that he flinched or something when Charles said “Catherine.”) Meghan called her Kate in that interview without hesitation. she clearly goes by Kate in her private life. They are trying to make Catherine happen, but its not happening.

    And then……all these other reasons for why Meghan was so horrible are just…..well, having the opposite effect. Oh no, she wouldn’t laugh at the racist jokes!! (and according to Spare she wasn’t even at that hunting party, but that has never stopped Tominey.) oh no, she came into the royal family not “respecting” the royal hierarchy bc in the US, we dont care who was born first in a family.

    And LOL that she found the royal foundation to be a well oiled machine. Well oiled grifting machine maybe.

    • CommentingBunny says:

      The “reporter” even refers to her as Kate throughout the article – before and after clutching her pearls about Meghan calling her Kate!

      • Harper says:

        @CommentingBunny your comment wins. I didn’t even notice that CamelToe was calling her Kate while calling out Meghan for calling her Kate. And now wearing a sleeveless dress in winter is as protocol defying as black nail polish, door shutting and tummy-touching.

      • The Old Chick says:

        That’s exactly what I was going to write.. All the media call her Kate, as does camel toe in this article. The gaslighting is really in overdrive.

      • CatMum says:

        totally! I came here to say that!

      • Christine says:

        I completely missed that, and now that you’ve pointed it out, I can’t stop laughing! It’s so ridiculous!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Thank you @CommentingBunny. Apparently, CamillaTomineyIsaLiar, doesn’t recognize her own personal, close relationship with Kate by calling her Kate. /s

        Yet, Meghan, who was going to be/is Kate’s SIL, didn’t call Kate Catherine while Meghan’s love/husband/Harry did..lolz I feel like I’v done a triple double vault move reading this piece by CT. She must have done a quadruple triple writing this shite.

    • Nic919 says:

      Meghan would have taken cues from Harry as to how Kate was going to be called so clearly she took Kate from Harry using Kate.

    • Lemons says:

      By the royals on admission, the KP royals are only listening and learning. There’s nothing well-oiled about that!

  7. Brassy Rebel says:

    Don’t they ever get tired of projecting like this? Instead of William and Kate, they should be called Bell & Howell. (Probably only the ancients like myself will get that. 😄)

  8. Rapunzel says:

    “William and Kate, who as well as finding her “a little full on”, had no idea she would be a keeper, having met a succession of Harry’s girlfriends.”

    Bull. Harry may have dated/hooked up a lot but he wasn’t introducing a bunch of girlfriends to Will and Kate. No way.

    “Kate was also adored by the late Queen for the very reasons Scobie seeks to denigrate her in Endgame. She was “coachable”, “comfortable in her role” and “willing to bring the requisite smile and elegance to her duties as princess.””

    More bull- TQ thought Kate was lazy af.

    “William and Kate got on with them even better – and sometimes even gossiped about the Sussexes over dinner, as Harry suggested in Spare”

    Utter bull. They plotted, not gossiped.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah, plotted, not gossiped. There’s a big difference there.

      And as for QEII….we saw her snub Kate publicly in December 2020 (was that 2021?) There was no love lost there.

    • Amy Bee says:

      The smear campaign against Meghan and Harry was conceived that that dinner party.

    • TurbanMa says:

      Yeah just another girlfriend so we’re cold but we must meet her black mother. Oh please. Having raised a mixed race child I can say with certainty that I keep racist white family members far away from my son. I’m sure Meg did the same…

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Kate was not adored by QE2. At all. There are reasons why Meghan did a solo royal train tour with QE2 before Kate ever did a solo appearance with QE2. It is/was a big deal. Kate was a married in for 7 years when H&M married. Yet, QE2 & Meghan had an overnight sleepover less than a month after Meghan marrying Harry on the royal train. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmml

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Exactly @AGreatReckoning! 💯 This is what I immediately recalled too. Plus, speaking of trains, don’t we all remember how QE-II publicly snubbed Khate during the ‘senior working royal’ photo shoot. This stiff, awkward gathering took place soon after WanK had returned to England following their disastrous, self-indulgent, and ill-advised train tour to Scotland! 🙄

  9. Haylie says:

    Imagine writing that Meghan didn’t know her place in a story meant to deflect from Kate’s racism. Talk about can’t see the forest for the trees.

    • Debbie says:

      Imagine writing in December 2023, in the year of our lord Beyoncé, that Kate “never puts a foot wrong” when we’ve just seen her flash England and half of South Korea.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        😆😂🤣 Debbie!

      • Renae says:

        Now, now Debbie. Kate was only trying to show them Brazil….and the stripped rainforest. Its linked to Earthshit, you know.

      • roooth says:

        I’m eagerly awaiting the next time Kate flashes her hooha to the world and then #CamelToe can get all poetic and write a whole article about how Kkkate gets the BEST wax jobs

      • Cairidh says:

        When the nude photos were taken in France, there was no sign of Brazil. A journalist said she should trim the royal hedges.

    • Nic919 says:

      Camilla is so racist herself she can’t see how bad of a response that actually is. Kate is panicking about being called a racist so her defence is Meghan didn’t know her place? It’s almost hilarious how awful that is as a response.

    • Agreat says:

      That and the use of the word ‘superior’. That’s horrific. Not a simple ‘hierarchy’ coment by Tominey. But superior. Very loaded.

  10. Cessily says:

    Probably desperate to meet her because they couldn’t “Thomas” her and wanted to intimidate her in person. That is about the only thing that makes sense to me.
    I am sure Meghan knew exactly who they were very early on and was very protective of her mother when she was around them.

    • zinjazin says:

      She probabaly already had seen that they could not behave respectfully and was not well mannered so maybe she did not want to subject her mother to them. Very understandable.

      • First comment says:

        You are right! Imagine having a visitor and ignoring by staying in the garden! I mean, this is their behavior from the very beginning….not respectful at all..

      • Debbie says:

        Well, @First Comment, it’s not like Kate had nannies she could leave the kids with, or that she could bring the kids with her, or that she knew what time the guests would arrive…

  11. equality says:

    W&K were irritated that Meghan said women had a voice and that proves why M hates K? Sounds more the other way around. K is mad because she gave up her voice to be “coachable”. I don’t believe that W&K repeatedly asked to meet Doria. And why would PH care if Pippa wrote a book? QE’s cousins and his own father wrote books. I don’t think he would see that as a problem.

    • First comment says:

      I think it’s tominay’s way to remind to the public that Pippa, as the rest of her family, is a drifter 😉.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Harry didn’t give 2 shites about Pippa’s book. He may very well didn’t know about it. 2012 is when he met Cressida. I believe. The Vegas sitch happened. Harry went to Afghanistan in again? in Sept. 2012 after Vegas. Pippa’s book that came out in Oct. 2012 wasn’t on Harry’s radar of things to concern himself with.

  12. ML says:

    As to how Meghan dressed in “summer” fashion during the winter: in the States, most places are heated during the winter and the inside temperature can be 22-24 degrees. During the summer, most of the US has a similar indoor temperature due to air conditioning. I wear more layers in the NLs than I did in the US because the heating temperature is lower, and the building could be better insulated. I realize now that how Meghan dressed could be considered unusual (though this is CT attacking Meghan again for the sheer hairy hell of it), but bringing attention to your cause is important! Plus, mental health is political: guess which groups of society fair worse mentally and often have less access to help?!

    • Becks1 says:

      Also, if Meghan knew she was going to be under lights, talking a great deal, etc – she may have wanted something lighter and more comfortable, knowing she was going to be hot if she wore a heavy sweater or something.

      • ML says:

        Exacte Becks1! Plus, we’ve seen it go the other way with Kate where she’s worn long sleeves in hot weather.

      • Hannah1 says:

        Yes @ML and @Becks1 — just smart layered dressing. Meghan is wearing a matching jacket sitting in the audience, and took it off when under the lights.

        Oops, showing off her intelligence and experience again!

      • Deering24 says:

        Ugh. This is definitely “see, that black woman just has to show off her sexuality” code.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Meghan had a lot of experience working under hot lights. Kate has a lot of experience of working light/light work.

        UHHMMM..stating the obvious and dislike bringing HIM into the conversation, Meghan has familial ties with a lighting director. I’m pretty sure she wore a coat to the event.

    • Gabby says:

      I am befuddled by this dress complaint and why it was brought in. Is it because Kate looked frumpy in comparison at this event?

      • Lemons says:

        Right? I know that we gossip occasionally about Meghan’s clothing choices that don’t seem to match the weather…but it has never been that serious. Why would they talk about her wearing a conservative “summer dress” while Kate was wearing a maternity dress? No one noticed anything besides the fact that Meghan outspoke the two dullards and made Kate look like a dummy because Kate has never been capable of stringing two coherent thoughts together or speaking without notes.

      • Cairidh says:

        Chelsey was portrayed as “the trashy one” because she tended to dress in skimpy shorts and t shirts which is sensible in Africa where she grew up, but not the norm for cold rainy England.

    • GrnieWnie says:

      exactly, summer dress? because it’s sleeveless? It’s dark and the fabric does not look lightweight.

      Also, I imagine Meghan often spoke because Kate takes so long to speak as she simply can’t speak as professionally as Meghan. Meghan preferred to avoid dead air and actually communicate. Whereas I imagine British protocol is for everyone to sit around waiting to Kate to cough up something coherent, no matter how awkward the pause may be.

      • The Old Chick says:

        Meghan knows what a studio is like, and studio lights. But any way they can think to shame her, they do. I’d hardly call that summery either. My friend who lives in PA always posts mid winter pics in sleeveless dresses, even when it’s snowing, because inside is warm. Then the layers go on when heading out. It’s so weird this is the hill she wants to die on.

      • Hannah1 says:

        “sit around waiting for Kate to cough up…“?

        what immediately came to mind was “a hairball”

        thanks for the image, GrnieWnie!

    • bisynaptic says:

      Meghan was wearing no more summery an outfit, than Kate.

    • HuffnPuff says:

      This is the same racism that Michelle Obama got after her portrait was taken with her wearing a sleeveless (omg!) dress. The audacity of Black women showing their arms. I think the bigger indiscretion is that Meghan looked more modern whereas Kate looked like a pregnant woman from the 1990s.

      • Deering24 says:

        HuffnPuff–_exactly_. I’m at kinda a loss here–when did African-American women’s arms become an erotic obsession? Am I missing something, or is it just these racists are frozen in the 19th century…🙄😉😂

  13. Miranda says:

    Maybe don’t suggest that a WOC should “know her place” in the middle of a race row? I mean, goddamn…

  14. nutella toast says:

    …that’s the best you’ve got??? She wore a summery dress when it was cold outside? You got mad because she *checks notes* didn’t dress for a blizzard? How often do the Windsors dress in 25 layers when everyone else is sweating in short sleeves (and force their kids into weird little full suits instead of tidy shorts and a nice shirt at sporting events)? I can’t even believe I’m typing this sentence.

    • Nerd says:

      Even worse is when they have their boys outside in winter wearing shorts and socks with a coat. Everyone else is bundled up but poor George and Louis are wearing shorts in the winter.

  15. girl_ninja says:

    This entire article is a repudiation of Kate and her husband, though Kate especially. Kate was/is intimidated and jealous of Meghan and Will was/is lusting after. Period. Camilla is such a stupid racist she doesn’t see how she paints these two racist, lazy bums is such a loser light.

  16. Wow Camilla T is really out spinning herself with this drivel to cover for a racist family one and all. The projection is at an all time high here with Meg hates Can’t when we have eyes and ears to see the truth. Not once did I see her say Can’t isn’t a racist just more crap about Meg feeling smarter than Can’t. This is all they have nothing. This doesn’t make Can’t look good. The lies continue.

  17. Rapunzel says:

    And this:
    “Meghan seemed uncomfortable having to so publicly play “second fiddle” to William and Kate as the superior royals in the palace hierarchy. “I think there was always a sense that Meghan felt she was a self-made woman whereas Kate hadn’t really had her own career. She seemed to feel like she had more of a right to speak than her sister-in-law, who had married into the family as an unknown whereas Meghan regarded herself as a philanthropist who could teach the royals a thing or two about charitity”

    This is Kate’s insecuriry coming out. She was jealous of Meg’s confidence and ability.

    • Tessa says:

      William and Kate are not superior to anyone.

    • Jais says:

      Absolutely. It’s so weird how CT is saying that it was this foundation event where things started going wrong and that the Cambridges were irritated. The moderator asked questions and Meghan answered them. It’s not her fault that she answered better than Kate. Honestly, they probably think that since Meghan is a better speaker than Kate she just shouldn’t ever speak so as not to make her look bad. And yes, it was jealousy. Soooo much jealousy.

    • s808 says:

      The funny this is that Meghan did teach her a thing or two about charity cause she started emulating M’s charity work almost immediately!

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ All very true! Another correction I have to CT’s lying spiel, is that far from Meghan ‘monopolizing’ the famous Royal Foundation panel discussion (in February 2018), she actually spoke the least minutes of all four participants, excepting the moderator! I know. Back then, I actually replayed the video and counted the number of minutes that each of them spoke. I believe I posted about it on CB at the time.

        William spoke the most minutes (not counting his intro remarks at the podium); next in line was Harry, followed by Kate. Very notably, Meghan spoke the least amount of minutes, but she had the most memorable and resonant things to say! Boom! 🫳🏽🫡 Now that’s what I call a boss! Meghan managed this, without even having to try too hard. Plus, she was at the same time, visibly doing her best to defer to W&K, while also trying to maintain her dignity and her sense of self! Quite a tall order up against two ‘superior,’ petty a*holes. 👀

  18. Sophie says:

    Oh no, Meghan expressed her own opinions regarding the orange menace, when she should have been silent the whole time! Oh no, Meghan wore a sleeveless dress during the Beast from the East, when she should have worn a sack to cover herself, because a lady was pregnant (?) I mean, WTF? Meghan is so, so bad, while the Aryan princess is the best ever to princess and she is God’s gift to us all! Praise the lord, we are so lucky to have her!

    Such drivel, I cannot

    • SussexWatcher says:

      I mean, the sheer caucasity of making any comments about Meghan’s clothes when the mean girl sitting next to her has literally flashed her naked ass half a dozen (a full dozen?) times to the entire world. Just sit down and shit up, Kkkeen and Pegs and all your rota mouthpieces. Actually just keep taking and digging your own graves.

      How are they so bad at this? Over and over and over.

      • Sophie says:

        I am constantly asking this question, but have no answer… I am thinking that they don’t care about our views, they only care about their own echo chamber of royalists and traditionalists. Whether this is sustainable, it’s another question though.

        The majority of people in England are indifferent to monarchy, I think, so they only cater to their own audience. And let’s be frank, their audience will demonise Meghan till kingdom come

      • First comment says:

        But she has never put a foot wrong! Don’t you see? No matter how many times she has flashed her underwear, no matter how inappropriate her behavior is during official events, Kate (pardon, Catherine) remains the Arian princess for all those supporters of the monarchy..the white washing and the propaganda are terrible…. I simply can’t stand it!!

  19. Chelsea says:

    The idea that Meghan was upset about how much Kate’s fashion was written about is honestly hilarious as is the idea that she felt she had to teach the royals about philanthropy when she’d already gone to Invictus and seen Harry’s work before they got engaged. These excerpts are such obvious lies that it’s not even worth getting into what each one really says about Kate because we all know they aren’t true.

    • Zappy says:

      Even me as commoner with almost zero fashion sense know that Kate has ugly taste in fashion. Why on earth Meghan, a hollywood actress with goos fashion sense (even before she married harry) felt jealous of Kate’s fashion. LOL

      • Debbie says:

        The projection is strong on this one. My goodness, this is where any writer would go on to remark on the number of times Kate has tried to copy Meghan’s fashions since she arrived on the royal scene.

      • bubblegum dreams says:

        It’s the buttons. Meghan was jealous of all the buttons. Aaaargh. There no way I can see Meghan wanting to dress like some 50’s middle class stay at home mom.

  20. Flowerlake says:

    I have never gotten the sense that Meghan is a hateful person to anyone, even if some people clearly deserved it.

  21. s808 says:

    This piece feels a lot like the original Tatler article about Kate. There’s no way Cameltoe thinks any of this is some sort of justification. How anyone is supposed to come out of this understanding why Kate was an utter b*tch to Meghan is beyond me. Kate comes across as jealous and deeply insecure. And also, how dare meghan not let bigoted jokes fly in her presence, oh the horror!!!

    I’m guessing Cameltoe wrote this specifically for the MAGA/Brexit girlies cause that’s the only demographic I could even remotely see thinking any of this justifies racism against a baby.

  22. SussexWatcher says:

    CT is made of lies. The shooting party story is debunked in Spare when Harry wrote that he went shooting with Pegs while Meghan spent her first night alone in NottCott. Harry states that Meghan was not at that party.

    But even if Meghan HAD attended and it went down like C the liar T states, it only shows that Meghan was in the right to speak up. If someone is in a room full of other people making racist, sexist, transphobic “jokes” and doesn’t find that funny and has the courage to be the ONLY one speaking up…ummm that person is the hero of the story, not the bigoted “joke”-telling friends of the Wailses.

    It’s shocking to me how over and over these racist a-holes tell on themselves and don’t even realize it. They’re so far up their own asses and surrounded by a racist, bigoted echo chamber that they don’t realize they’re just confirming what they’re being accused of. Kkken and Pegs treated Meghan like an outsider – and talked shit about her behind her back! – from the moment they met her. Of course she wouldn’t want her mother exposed to that same (or worse) treatment.

    Also, wanting women to have the space to use their voice is not a political issue. It shows why they love silent, buttony Kkkeen, but it’s not political. Stupid stupid people.

  23. MrsCope says:

    So Kate (and everyone in their orbit apparently) were annoyed that:

    -Meghan said that women need to feel empowered to use their voices

    -That Meghan wore a tea-length navy dress for an indoor event

    -That Meghan wouldn’t “be less” just because she was the partner of the spare

    -That Meghan had new ideas and wanted to try them rather than just fit what was always done

    -That Meghan has her own beliefs and politics and wasn’t afraid to voice them (if she was in fact at the shooting weekend). * Also the fact that they created a group chat just to trash her is elitist nonsense. I’m sure they had NO pokerfaces the whole weekend, miserable people….

    -That since they were cold to Meghan (and apparently treated her like she was a temporary situation to be tolerated) she didn’t expose her mother to them

    -That Meghan called her Kate (and they never apparently corrected her like adults, instead just adding it to their grievance list of evidence that she doesn’t belong)

    -And that Meghan had her own style that was different from Kate’s


    • jemmy says:

      @MrsCope – Amazing that all of these grievances Kate seems to hold against Meghan , some one who wants illusions of grandeur of being regarded as a world leader with executive presence on the global stage. If she is this petty , how is going to handle more serious and complex issues and personalities? This Camilla Tominey lady is a disgrace…

  24. Jan says:

    In Harry’s book, he said he and Cain was going on a hunting trip for the weekend, Meghan was staying at Notts cottage alone, and he could not wait to introduce Meghan to the Cains, and they walked over to their apartment and Cain answered the doorbell, and Harry asked where Unable and the children were, he was told they were out, if they were in the garden Harry wouldn’t be asking for them.
    Camilla is not doing the Cains any favors, was Meghan suppose to dress in maternity clothes, she lived in Canada for over 7 years, figured she capable of dressing for any season.
    Saw on X this morning the story where lying Camilla said the Squad was threatening her family, and the Squad contacted Scotland Yard on her behalf, and they contacted Camilla, because she did not file a police report, and the email she claimed that was sent to her came from a nonexistent address, that is why she is called a liar, not only for telling and writing lies, but sending threats to herself.

  25. Zappy says:

    Calling Kate never putting a foot wrong when her history of flashing at official event recorded well is beyond stupid.
    Stop projecting. Nobody care about Will & Kate.

  26. D says:

    Wearing a spring outfit to a joint appearance is the first offense? I just can’t.

    • Kaiser says:

      Not only that, but “Meghan wearing a sleeveless dress” is given as an example of why… Meghan didn’t like Kate…?

      • D says:

        It reads as if Kate was really upset and uncomfortable because she viewed herself as looking dowdy (she was pregnant!) next to a slim and fashionable woman and therefore she resented Meaghan for just being being there. It’s quite sad, really.

      • Rapunzel says:

        D- spot on. Pregnant Kate was feeling unattractive and jealous of Meg’s toned arms.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Exactly, guys. Plus, Harry already told us in Spare that there was tension from Kate immediately before they all went on stage, because Meghan asked Kate if she could borrow some lip gloss. 🤨🫢 I’m surprised CamelToe didn’t trot out Kate & CarolE’s ‘appalled and horrified’ reaction to ‘uppity Meg’ daring to presume.

        Regarding what Kate vs Meg were wearing, Meg looked fab; Kate looked drab (and NOT because she was pregnant either). Meg simply has great style and she knows how to dress for her body and for each occasion, without fail. Even during her pregnancy, in the royal sphere, Meg always looked elegant, chic, and divine.

  27. Amy Bee says:

    I’ve read the entire piece. Camilla Tominey almost let the cat out of the bag, that Meghan was paying for her own clothes. Is this supposed to be defence of Kate? Because this doesn’t make Kate look good and there’s no denial that she was racist towards Meghan. It’s clear that KP did everything to make it difficult for Meghan and Kate didn’t like that Meghan didn’t know her place. That Meghan did everything to ensure that Doria was protected shows that she’s a devoted daughter. All Camilla Tominey has done with this piece is confirm that Kate was not welcoming to Meghan, that she was jealous of Meghan and that she is a deeply insecure woman.

    • Jais says:

      Honestly, I think that part about the muted colors and not getting much help with her clothes might have been Tominey just referencing what Meghan said in the Netflix doc. That said, considering we know Meghan was paying for their couch, it stands to reason she was not given a clothes budget. What’s interesting is how CT characterizes Kate as a renowned clotheshorse and self-styled trend setter, which makes her seem shallow. Even that feels inspired by what Harry said about Kate in Spare. But yeah, the whole thing paints a v unflattering picture.

  28. Eurydice says:

    It’s not about a summer dress, it’s about being sleeveless – and you can tell that’s the problem because Kate is described as dressing more “conservatively.”

    And if CT cared so much about Kate wanting to be called Catherine, she wouldn’t be calling her Kate throughout this whole piece.

    I don’t believe for one minute that W&K were keen to meet Doria – I think that’s a flat out lie.

    • equality says:

      I agree. That they asked to meet Doria was a lie. They would have been at receptions and other events that she attended related to the wedding. IF they were so eager, why wouldn’t they just walk over and say hello?

    • Jais says:

      CT just took us back to the 1950’s with that comparison between conservative sleeve Kate and sleeveless Meghan. CT really wanted to call Meghan a loose jezebel.

    • s808 says:

      I also think wanting to meet Doria is a lie, they barely wanted to meet Meghan!

    • Interested Gawker says:

      It’s silly to whine about sleeveless dresses, QEII wore plenty of sleeveless day dresses in her younger and middle aged days.

      • Eurydice says:

        Yes, very silly. This whole piece is silly.

      • tamsin says:

        Remember the brouhaha over Michelle Obama wearing a sleeveless dress to a state of the union address? I remember the headlines of “the right to bare arms” and someone came up with a picture of Jacquie Kennedy in a sleeveless dress.
        Commenting on someone wearing a sleeveless dress in the winter-omg, how petty and provincial. Should they mention Kate’s mini dresses that kept flying up in the wind in her early princess days? Other than her whiteness, what does Kate have to recommend her? is she accomplished in anything, has she done anything to benefit others, is she kind? No, she is white and is a good brood mare. Not an insignificant contribution, mind you, and that’s all the Windsors expect of their women.

    • @BelizeEmpower says:

      Kate and William wanting to meet Doria is a lame attempt to make them not look like the racists they are. The claim they wanted to meet Meghan’s black mother suggests they were being welcoming with a desire to embrace “blacks”, but Meghan is the one who prevented it from happening; they were denied the opportunity to make good. It’s all made up lies to deflect that they are racists. That’s it in a nutshell.

      • Eurydice says:

        Doria is an adult who can make her own decisions, as are W&K. If they really wanted to meet Doria, they could have asked her directly and then Doria could have decided what she wanted to do.

    • Mustlovedogs says:

      Yes exactly @Eurodyce. And yet, we can see more of Kate’s legs than we do of M’s arms. Not a word on that. Once again, and agreeing with other commenters- I simply cannot believe I am writing this in 2023. It made me both mad and sad.

  29. SarahCS says:

    Hear me out on this one, I think there might be something in the Kate/Catherine thing.

    Not in a way that rational adults would consider reasonable/normal it but in the context of Meghan being ‘lesser’ (both through race and royal hierarchy) that they expected Meghan to call her Catherine as a sign of subordination/’respect’ only no-one told Meghan and everyone around her everyday was using Kate. But to their minds how dare she!!

    • ML says:

      Back in the 1990s George Bush met QE2 and there was this whole thing about how Americans do not need to bow to British royalty because all Americans are supposedly equal. Seemingly they conveniently forgot this with Meghan.

      • Renstewart says:

        I was always told that as an American, a polite nod is sufficient. I should not extend my hand first, and since i am not their subject, I shouldn’t bow or curtsy.

    • MsIam says:

      Why didn’t Harry tell Meghan that she had to call her “Catherine”? I’m sure that if Harry went around calling her Catherine then Meghan would have too. Wasn’t that the point Camel Toe was trying to make, “How dare Meghan call her Kate when EvErYoNe in the family calls her Catherine?” This makes Kate sound like a lunatic, to hold a grudge against someone because they call you the same name everyone else does.

    • Eurydice says:

      Well, presumably, that would make all the press “lesser beings,” too. But they all call her Kate.

    • February pisces says:

      She’s known to everyone as Kate and Catherine is used only as her full title. Kate wanting Meghan to call her Catherine was just her trying to enforce her ‘superior’ status upon Meghan. She literally wanted Meghan to bow down to her. Everyone can call her kate except for the one person of colour who isn’t allowed?

      What a great way to not look even more racist. Am I still suppose to believe kate is a warm and friendly person?

  30. Over it says:

    Imagine copying everything Meghan wears and then have the nerve to say such utter crap. Plus , why would
    Meghan introduce her beautiful, amazing mom to a bunch of plain old racist ? Kate is bug mad that Meghan is articulate and Kate is thick as a stack of brown paper bags

  31. ReginaGeorge says:

    All I inferred from this article is that the author seems to be hinting to us the readers that the Princess of Wales is like Regina George – Main Character of Mean Girls- and seems to be intellectually at middle school level.

    This is such a juvenile article, it’s insulting for me to say that about teenagers, but not even seventeen magazine or teen vogue would sign off on this going live on their website. Wow, this article is very very telling and not against who they intended it to be.

    one can only conclude that it’s written in high context, at surface level it seems to justify to a certain grade level of audience why she would question the Princess of Sussex joining the family and then have concerns about her baby’s skin color & you can cheer her on but for certain quarters of the audience it’s an entire different article. The word choices means something different. Strange defense.

    Are these really what the wife of the future King of the U.K. used as judgement to not welcome a new member of the family? What does that signal to female founders, entrepreneurs outside of the UK bubble? Now I question those who joyful associates. Who checks & approves these opinion pieces?

    The saying is true: “Keep quiet and the enemy will reveal himself.”

  32. Jay says:

    Camilla, you are too modest! “Although some believe the royal sisterhood broke down following a tearful row over a bridesmaids’ dress fitting…” Go ahead and credit yourself for that lie, girl, you deserve to wear it.

    I have to say, this is either a rush job or very poor materials, because nothing about this article makes Kate look good. If anything, it embiggens Meghan! Even Kate’s very own rota rat acknowledges her poor speaking skills, lack of fashion and charisma, and that her best qualities are being “coachable” and willingness to do follow orders. Ouch.

    Also, can you imagine instead of meeting your future sister in law, you stayed outside playing with your children? So rude!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Talk about returning to the days of made up dress protocol. As far as I know Meghan has never flashed her bum to the world because her dress was short but Kant has. Who would be cruel enough to introduce their mother to a cold person like that. Meghan is intelligent, WanK have never been particularly warm to Meghan even to Harry’s kids their nephew and niece.

  34. @BelizeEmpower says:

    All this rubbish that Tominey writes only makes them sound so petty, snobbish, evil and competitive. This article did the royal racists no favors. They keep insisting Kate “hasn’t put a foot wrong” publicly, but it appears behind closed doors she’s a different personality. She was clearly desperate to put herself a cut above Meghan, being snobbish (who hides out in the garden when your brother brings his new girlfriend over to introduce her?), and her big foot was clearly in her mouth when she crossed the racist line.

    Also, I find it interesting that some newscasters are trying to make a correlation between Kkkhate being called a “commoner” and comparing that with how Meghan was called “straight out of Compton” along with many other racist tropes. As Meghan made clear, “rude and racist are not the same!”

    • roooth says:

      Are we really supposed to believe Willy couldn’t have said, “Kate & the kids are outside, let’s go see them.” Seriously??

      BTW I’m eagerly awaiting the next time Kate flashes her hooha to the world and then #CamelToe can get all poetic and write a whole article about how everyone can see that Kkkate gets the BEST wax jobs!

  35. Rapunzel says:

    Let’s also not forget that Will and Kate were apparently Suits superfans. Methinks the pettiness over the sleeveless summery dress was in part because Kate knew Will fpund Meg attractive.

    We cannot forget this factor. I’m certain a large part of the problem between Kate and Meghan was Kate wanting to put the sexy actress in her place because Will had the hots for her.

    I kinda wonder if Kate feared Meg might make a play for Will? Or Will would make a play for Meg (more likely)?

    • Veil says:

      This is what I always expected! Kate was never going to like Meghan because she knew what William thought of her because of the show.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Yep! And Will was pissed his “loser” brother scored the hot chick from his fav show. It makes so much sense. I told this fact (that W&K were Suits fans) to my mom who hardly follows any gossip, and she was like, “that explains so much.”

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate’s only skill was keeping other women away from William and so Meghan’s mere existence triggered her from the outset because she knew william thought Meghan was hot from the show. Knowing that the real life version was going to be in their life likely blew her mind with jealousy and worry.

      • Deering24 says:

        Yeah, that was Kate’s worst nightmare come to life. And for Meghan to be amazing off-screen, well…

    • equality says:

      Whether PW found M attractive or not, PH certainly was head-over-hills. That would irritate K who was used to PH being the third wheel who would pay attention to her. Didn’t she also have a habit of trying to undermine PH’s relationships with women?

    • WaterDragon says:

      I’ll never forget the lecherous head to toe look Lurch directed at Meghan at the altar. It was enough to make your skin crawl. Meghan had eyes only for Harry, so hopefullly she didn’t see it at the time.

      • Christine says:

        I won’t either, and it’s never disappearing.

        Keep calm and carry on, England, your heir lecherously looking up and down the body of the spare’s almost wife, as he and she were in the process of getting married is going NOWHERE.

  36. Eating Popcorn says:

    This is the most backhanded complimentary article. I swear, I will NEVER be happy if I am thought of as a role model because I am less than.

  37. HeatherC says:

    Let’s squint our eyes and turn our heads to the side, and pretend any of this has even the smallest kernel of truth.

    If they wanted to meet Doria so badly, then they should have gone to her baptism. Imagine that, being diplomatic, which is apparently their only jobs I guess, and getting to meet someone they wanted to meet.

    I don’t blame Meghan if she did put some distance between her beloved mom and her racist inlaws.

    • equality says:

      They were at Archie’s christening, as was Doria. They likely also attended events during the wedding that Doria attended. IF they truly wanted to meet her and did not, there were their opportunities. They were in the christening picture with her. This Tominey woman is a liar and not too bright when there is picture evidence.

      • Becks1 says:

        @equality – no, the baptism that HeatherC and Tominey are referencing is Meghan’s baptism. She was baptized into the Church of England before the wedding.

      • equality says:

        So Doria came specifically for that and was supposed to rearrange her schedule around meeting W&K?

      • Beverley says:

        @equality, correct! Meghan and Doria are Black and are expected to drop all their plans and rearrange their schedule to kowtow, bow, and scrape to Pegs and Triple K. Of course, Doria was expected to drop everything to kiss Pegs’ ass. She was supposed to show Meghan how to treat Britain’s Great White Hope.

        Brits always seem to forget that Americans don’t GAF about their royals. We don’t submit to their authority. We don’t bow down. We don’t take orders from royals. We respect hard work, and celebrate achievement – including financial success. Americans don’t plan to be charmed or otherwise brought to heel by Pegs and Triple K.

        Not even our deplorable MAGAs believe in the bullshit peasants/aristos/royals hierarchy and class system in the UK.

        Hey rota rats, try to understand American culture. Clearly, you never have.

  38. Emily says:

    This makes both sides look bad. The RF we know are super white ppl who think they are “progressive” but honestly pretty racist at heart. but you don’t go and pointedly go and tell them they suck and all their opinions are wrong and expect warmth. I don’t think this is true. But I do think Meghan broke some faux pas for snooty aristocrats and they just didn’t want to like the American actress. Nor did they want someone accomplished to be vocal and eloquent. This was never going to work. You can’t have any stars in this monarchy than the king and heir and Meghan didn’t know that.

    • The Old Chick says:

      Why ‘both sides’ to defend the dumb racists? Meghan knew her place in the pecking order (unlike Kate, btw, who shoves herself in front of everyone). Of course Meghan knew, she’s intelligent and educated.. Sure, not the minutae of royal protocol (which Kate breaks nearly every time she sets her perfect foot out the door) but she knew where they stood. And she didn’t go to the shooting party, that’s all a lie. She never embiggened herself and explained she was at pains to fit in rather than stand out.

      Of course defenders of white supremacy have to both sides when we know who the fault is with.

    • Deering24 says:

      Oh, miss me with that both sides garbage. 🤮No mistake Meghan made justifies what these racist creeps put her through. Not. A. One. And this blather about Meghan being too opinionated and outspoken…come on. The RF and minions prove over and over that if a woman has more than a pulse and a thin body, she’s taking up too much space by just existing.

    • Nerd says:

      Other than what the UK media has told us, if the two duchesses one of them has continued to not know her place and tries to overstep other royals above her, and it isn’t Meghan. As Cameltoe admits and from our own eyes we saw that Meghan always wore muted tones when with more senior royals. She always curtseyed and bowed to the more senior royals, I’ve even seen it when others did not. Her clothing was always appropriate when around other royals. The same cannot be said about Kate. We just saw a couple of weeks ago where not only did she inappropriately almost flashed her lady parts, but she also wore fire engine red to a state visit where everyone else was wearing more muted tones. That being a long history of her wearing inappropriate or look at me clothing when with more senior royals. The Queen’s last Trooping the Color (fuchsia). KC3’s first Trooping the Color (green). Archie’s christening (red accessories). Meghan’s wedding (white). Eugenie’s wedding (fuchsia). There are numerous royal engagements when with the Queen she wore extremely short skirts/dresses. There is one photo of her getting out of the vehicle after the Queen and if she didn’t flash everyone. There’s even one that is extremely x rated that exposes her bare lady parts. There is one duchess who doesn’t know her place and she’s the one who doesn’t know how to carry herself in public and gave the approval for an article named The Next CEO The king maker.

  39. Blujfly says:

    Camilla repeats the lie that Harry and Meghan swapped place cards so they could sit next to each other at Pippa’s wedding with no mention that Harry denied that in Spare and that the first it was mentioned was also in Spare. However, the Cambridges did the same thing at their table at Harry’s – swapped the place cards from the American style with couples sitting next to each other to the English style of couples being separated – and it wasn’t denied. At best, such a response is ticky tack, deeply petty behavior even if Harry and Meghan really had moved placecards. On top of it, the expectation with the English style is you speak to the people around you and if they aren’t following that convention and manners why should you sit there and suffer? Which spare insinuates happened. Etiquette isn’t suppose to be a weapon. And my god, could the Cambridges be more full of themselves. They wholeheartedly believed Meghan would report all back to the tabloids – that must be the way they see us little people.

  40. Harper says:

    Kate being less charasmatic and an inferior public speaker are also in Kate’s Why I Hate Meghan notebook. Nice of CamelToe to fit them in the last paragraphs here. She knows CarolE doesn’t read that far down.

    Also, hating someone because you think she thinks your parents are using an airport lounge is preposterous! Eveyone knows the Middleton grifters don’t fly commercial. They can’t afford to fly anywhere at all unless its a comped private plane.

    • Jaded says:

      Absolutely — Mumbles mumbled something word salady and unintelligible, and Meghan said something intelligent and thoughtful, so suddenly the uppity black woman trope rears its ugly head. Give it a break CamelToe…

  41. Mary Pester says:

    Welcome to racist Britain, ruled by a racist family, who are fully supported by royal reporters/liars who can’t get their stories straight!
    Cameltoe must be on a seriously big retainer by the Royal grifters to have written this crap. KATE is as royal as Meg is, only difference, Megan WORKS Kate Wonders. Wonders who she can get to write about her today, wonders if she can guess who peg is pegging this week, wonders if she will have to work a lot this year. Wonders if people will forget that the Queen called her bone idle. But most importantly, wonders how many children of colour she is going to have to be pictured with in the future because of this! Cameltoe is a liar, and I see other liars trying to follow suit. Well they can Foxtrot Oscar because I’m going to keep calling them out with letters to each of them, and I’ve written to the press complaints commission. LIARS need to be stopped

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Maray Pester, what I find a bit astonishing is that the bm is leaning into xenophobia with hints of isolationism. They can’t help themselves. So, Meghan didn’t know her place? Was she supposed to be a maid? The entire article and then topped with that comment, I keep realizing that they don’t care if the global opinion of them is that they are proud racists.

      • Mary Pester says:

        @saucy&sassy, because they are regressing back to the 60s/70s when people of color were afraid to go out for fear of racism in the UK. Let’s face it, it wasn’t until quite recently that people of colour were aloud to work above stairs at the Palace, and guess which two Royals are the only ones not to release their diversity stats!!
        The problem is, the Royals and the British press, still think we are living in the days of the Raj!! When britania ruled the waves and there was a little bit of great in great Britain! And it was a very, very little bit

  42. pottymouth pup says:

    I’m sorry but haven’t Tominey & others previously claimed that Kate was reserved around Meghan because Kate “had Meghan’s number” and could tell she was going to be a problem from day 1?

  43. Gabby says:

    While Kate is a full-on racist, her dislike of Meghan was first rooted in sexual jealousy. Race was a convenient ingredient to add to her hate cake batter. William may have lusted after Meghan but the real problem was Kate “losing” Harry to Meghan. She felt a real ownership of him.

  44. Sunday says:

    We knew it was always bs, but it’s truly disgusting to be reminded of how much of the royal protocol breaking nonsense really just boils down to “Meghan looks wrong doing royal work because a biracial American will never be right in this role. Anything she does is wrong, because she is the one doing it.”

  45. equality says:

    W&K likely attended wedding events that Doria attended. They also are in Archie’s christening picture with Doria, but they NEVER met her? How stupid can someone be with picture evidence?

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      equality, it doesn’t sound like Meghan was around Khate when they weren’t at an engagement together. I will never believe that WanK wanted to meet Doria.

  46. Pumpkin says:

    Ah Tominey and her delusions (both of her grandeur and her “facts”) if she thinks this article makes Kate look good.

    But this article just seems like a bunch of petty nonsense from Kate’s end. Oh she doesn’t like Meghan because… she wore a sleeveless dress? Or that she calls her “Kate” which her own husband has called her? I’m sorry but in the grand scheme of things, they’re not deal breakers? Fine, don’t like someone you don’t *need* to like everyone you meet but using petty and small grievances to paint the other person is just so *awful* to justify your dislike is pathetic.

  47. Lau says:

    I love how Kate’s reaction to being exposed as a racist is to order an article like that. That’s very Sophie like of her.

  48. Kateee says:

    Because a woman as smart and Meghan would easily see that if W and K were keen to meet Doria, it’d be so they could gleefully talk smack about her. Probably to Cams over oats and crack baby martinis.

    FWIW, my in-laws are also insufferable, petty, overly sensitive, and devoid of human warmth, who would never treat my family as “their kind”. So I also do my best to keep my family away from my in-laws. Not because of any shame about where I come from; to protect them from my in-laws’ unsolicited comments, rudeness, and general snobbery.

  49. Ciotog says:

    Meghan really thought she was joining a family and doing a job, not this criminal syndicate of racist entitled whiners. Also, Camilla is NOT Harry and William’s mother-in-law!

  50. Dora says:

    I find it hard to believe that a woman who doesn’t like to be around blk people, talk to or be touched by them why would she want to meet Meghan’s mom? I think Kate and William the terrible were passed offthat this ok women wasn’t gagging to meet them, or impressed by them, it made W & K realized it’s where Meghan got it from. Kate and William the terrible are accustomed to be fawned over. Here comes two ok women, who they consider inferior, treating them like more of a thing to be avoid, then to fawn over.

  51. Beverley says:

    Good for her. Too many times, Black people are criticized for attempting to shield ourselves and our children from having to deal with racist assholes. It’s bad enough that racism is pervasive and white supremacy is an addiction, but why should we actually place ourselves or our loved ones in harm’s way? Dealing with the public, with the greater society is one thing, but why expose precious loved ones to overtly nasty, snobbish, clearly racist people who are supposed to become “family”?

    Meghan knew Doria would have to navigate that vipers den eventually. She was delaying the unpleasant vibe, keeping her mother away from the Windsors for as long as possible. I mean, who would want their Black mother exposed to hateful bigots? Meghan was trying to protect her mother from their cretins for as long as she possibly could.

  52. Steph says:

    As an American Black woman I would never put my white mom in this position. Never mind another Black woman. It was already clear that W&K expected deference. I find deference disgusting and would never put my mom in a position the have to curtsey to another person. So, yeah they wouldn’t have met my mother either.

  53. Steph says:

    Probably already stated: Kate is more conservative bc her mini dress has leaves while Meg’s full length dress doesn’t? Miss me with that bs

  54. Steph says:

    In Spare, Harry never calls her Catherine. Just Kate. Was Meg not supposed to follow his lead?

  55. Steph says:

    Tominey is a writer yet has a a problem with women using their voice…. Ok

  56. Jaded says:

    “Royal aides were therefore surprised to find Meghan had dressed in a summer dress for the summit…” The lights on them are hot. I’ve been in a presser like that where multiple strong lights are directed at you and it’s really uncomfortable.

    “Meghan regarded herself as a philanthropist who could teach the royals a thing or two about charity. I think she found it difficult that the Royal Foundation was already a well oiled machine by the time she got there…” The Royal Foundation was a badly run joke which was why Meghan and Harry decided to take their portion of the foundation monies and separate from William and Kate. There was a bit too much fiddling with the monies by the Cambridges going on.

    “[Doria] was never introduced to William and Kate – despite the Prince and Princess repeatedly asking to meet her. “It was all very bizarre,” said one source. “Meghan seemed to want to put a separation between them.” William and Kate wanted nothing to do with Doria — and any forced meeting would have ended badly because William and Kate DO NOT LIKE BLACK PEOPLE. THEY ARE RACISTS.

    “[Meghan] mistakenly believed that Kate’s parents, Michael and Carole, were cashing in on their royal connections to get special treatment.” If it walks like a grifter and talks like a grifter, it’s a grifter. Doesn’t take a crystal ball to see what the Meddlesomes really are.

    “The Prince and Princess of Wales may well have been influenced by mutual friends raising concerns following a shooting party at Sandringham when Meghan apparently clashed with 16 invited guests over issues including the imminent election of Donald Trump as US President in January 2017.” Since when is discussing the politics of the day, and the serious global concerns surrounding the grifter-in-chief, improper? Oh…I get it. None of the toffs wanted to listen to the uppity black woman.

    When will this fuckery end?

    • Flower says:

      ““[Doria] was never introduced to William and Kate – despite the Prince and Princess repeatedly asking to meet her. “It was all very bizarre,” said one source. “Meghan seemed to want to put a separation between them.” William and Kate wanted nothing to do with Doria — and any forced meeting would have ended badly because William and Kate DO NOT LIKE BLACK PEOPLE. THEY ARE RACISTS.”

      ^^ Why the obsession with Doria?

      And maybe Meghan tried to protect her mother after William and his henchmen had got his hooks into Bad Dad Markle.

      William sounds like a control freak.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Jaded, I searched to see if I could find out what shooting party Meghan attended. Well, the first site I found was this one. It was to discuss an excerpt from Tom Bowers book. He stated that Meghan joined the family on Boxing Day 2018. I didn’t read the excerpt, I don’t know if this is true, but since it’s Tom Bower?

      • Nerd says:

        That timeline doesn’t add up to what Cameltoe says about the hunting trip. She said that the talk during that hunting trip was about the “imminent election of Donald Trump in January of 2017”. The imminent election was in November of 2016. That’s two years prior to what Bowers said.

  57. DeepfriedDallasite says:

    I have some tertiary associates who have heard me and my actual friends and husband go on for years about how sweet and kind my mom is and they’ve always lobbied to also meet my mom and I trust them to behave themselves as much as trust a dog not to shake water off themselves after a dip in the lake. Perhaps Meghan already understood they were terrible people and Doria didn’t need that kind of idiocy around her. Cause had it been me when the inevitable racist light (or racist heavy) comment was made to her I’d have swung on both of them.

  58. JaneS says:

    JMO, but everyone dropped the ball on helping Meghan fit in.
    Actively worked against her, in fact.
    The BRF and their Teams should have realized the fact that H&M would be a terrific addition, in every way for the continuing PR.

    Face facts, now that QE is gone, it is becoming obvs that KC and the entire house of cards is in their last days.
    The sheer ugliness of all their behavior + majority of people across the planet do NOT support a Monarchy for the future.

    It does still surprise me how much vile behavior goes on in BRF.

  59. Flower says:

    I feel like they want Meghan to sue them so badly.

    This is actually defamatory.

    Did Kate introduce Meghan to her family ?

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Flower, I’ve thought since BP leak of the letter between KFC and Meghan that they want her to sue them in the UK. They want something to write about and they want to ask for anything they want in discover.

  60. AC says:

    The more Camilla Tominey talks the more she’s damaging the British Media and the BRF. So keep on going, the rest of the world think they’re whackos.

  61. sparrow says:

    That panel. You can tell Kate had nothing to say. She looked like the kid in class hoping the teacher won’t pick on them, and yet scowling at the kid who has the skill to answer the question. Tominey said Meghan changed the direction of this event, to Kate’s despair. This is bollocks. Kate had nothing to say. What Meghan did is speak up, giving Kate the ideal chance to stay quiet and moan about it later.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Meghan protected her mom from the then Cambridges because she knew they would leak info about her and given they weren’t exactly welcoming to Meghan, she woudn’t have her mom mistreated the way she was. If it’s one thing the tabloids have never been able to do is gain any insider info on Doria, apart from what is publicly available (her career, marriage and divorce to Tom Markle etc.).

    Also I love how this reporter is just hammering the point how much more accomplished Meghan is compared to Kate. It was very clear during that Royal Foundation event that Kate was terrified and looked completely out of her depth with her soon to be sister in law speaking so confidently next to her. It was clear from the get to go to everyone that Meghan naturally outshined everyone there from her experience as a performer, she was a natural public speaker. Also if Kate had wanted to be rebranded as Catherine, they should have put out an official statement when she first got engaged. Instead William just started calling her Catherine out of the blue during the engagement interview (probably to get away from Waity Katie moniker) and nobody followed suit lol. As for the “Never Putting A Foot Wrong”–if Kate ever writes a memoir and doesn’t use that as the title, I will be sorely disappointed.

  63. VilleRose says:

    Meghan protected her mom from Will and Kate. She knew they would leak information about her to the tabloids and she also knew they would not treat her mom well. I have noticed that in all the smear stories about Meghan, very little info was ever available about her mom and that’s because Meghan did an amazing job of shielding her.

    This reporter is really emphasizing how Kate basically had zero accomplishments of her own before she married William. It was very clear during that Royal Foundation event that Kate was terrified and looked completely out of her depth with her soon to be sister in law speaking so confidently next to her. Meghan outshined everyone there (including Harry) from her experience in acting, she was a natural public speaker.

    As for rebranding Kate as Catherine, that has to be the worst rebranding in the history of rebrands lol. Everyone seems to keep calling her Kate (even the fashion blogs!) so we are gonna keep calling her Kate. She really has tried to do everything to appear and sound more posh, including using her birth name which as far as we know she never used before she was married.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      VilleRose, she and Wont dated for 9-10 years before they got married. What I love the most for Khate is that she will always be known as Kate Middleton. Always. She has the POW title, but who will call her that? She might as well get used to it, because that’s what she’s known as worldwide. If she’s ever Queen-Consort, she will still be Kate Middleton.

    • Cairidhs says:

      A bucklebury neighbour said Pippa was always Pippa, but Catherine was always called Catherine and they didn’t know where Kate had come from. She only started using Kate at Marlborough. (Secondary school).

      • notasugarhere says:

        LOL. Sounds like Carol(E).

        There are no bucklebury neighbors who know or like the Midds. The people invited to the wedding, like the guy who runs the local pub, were all astonished to get invites. They don’t know the Midds and do not interact with them. Ergo they’d know nothing about Kate vs. Catherine.

  64. Macky says:

    This whole thing is a lie. Take the -Meg is jealous of kates closeness to Charles and the late queen-. Meg and chuck got along well. We saw it. We also saw qe2 and chuck and Camilla get tired of Kate, in real time. Now, chuck called Meg tungsten, lol, but he still was trying to included her. If camilla, w & k hadn’t ran them off Charles probably would’ve worked out something. You see all the other royals haven’t left. Again, chucked talked about putting them out decades ago. Yet, he had to make agreements.

    Meg writes letters just like chuck. Harry speaks his mind just like chuck. It would always be a back n forth but it could’ve been worked out.
    This complete separation is amateur hour. Maybe Camilla really thinks her kids can slide in.

  65. vpd4 says:

    Nothing ever happens to any these people. They’re like Teflon. Just like Trump. I would just like to see karma really bite all of them in the as*.

  66. Square2 says:

    Regarding The Royal Foundation, from their publishing annual reports, I felt their operations to be somehow shady. (Claim: I never run or involved with charity operations.) Maybe that’s why Meghan insisted the Cookbook earnings is not transferable for other sectors under The Royal Foundation after she got a look through TRF’s bookings.

  67. J.Ferber says:

    What lies!!!

  68. Kimberly says:

    We protect our mothers from evil. Why would W and K want to meet Meghan’s mother? Meghan knew what she was dealing with and kept her mom away from those bigots.

  69. Nerd says:

    It’s an interesting word choice when describing the racists Kate and William to biracial Meghan by using the word “superior” royals. Then to not put Harry in that comparison makes it even more obvious that the word was chosen for a reason. Her decision to ignore the fact that the tearful row left Meghan crying because Kate decided to overstep boundaries and dictate what Meghan should do in her own wedding at a time when Meghan was also dealing with the drama of her father. It’s even more noticeable since it’s the lie that Camilla has told repeatedly to abuse Meghan on behalf of Kate.

    Harry made it very clear in Spare that on the day he tried to introduce Meghan to both Will and Kate, it was the same day as the hunting trip that Meghan definitely didn’t attend as it was her first time staying at Nott Cott by herself. He said that Will was oddly overdressed since they were leaving soon after he introduced him to Meghan. He said when he asked where Kate was Will said that Kate had taken the kids somewhere and made no mention that the kids and Kate were on KP grounds in the garden. It says something about her choosing to avoid someone she hadn’t yet met so had nothing to form an opinion about her from, besides the obvious. Also regarding the hunting trip that Meghan didn’t attend,, it’s clear she wasn’t there because if the discussion was the “imminent election” as KP and Cameltoe are saying, it was in November of 2016 and not January of 2017. Harry was in Canada a week before the elections. So it doesn’t add up time wise. Harry also made it clear in Spare that they didn’t move the nameplates at Pippa’s wedding. He said they wished they had moved them since there was some type of obstruction between them.

    They were abandoned by the family in the ways that matter. They along with their friends and friends in the media leaked stories about them and never once did they defend them or right the lies being told about them.

    Camilla Tominey is a liar.

  70. ales says:

    Meghan may have realised how fake K is very early . The photos of the four, I will never understand why K managed to have such a large flat area between the start of her bump and her chest, whilst 7 months pregnant.

  71. Lady Gurnavere says:

    There are not enough adjectives to express how much I HATE Camiltoe.

  72. Lady Gurnavere says:

    Roya and Camiltoe are taking turns writing the drivel the Palaces tell them too. I don’t believe for one moment The Trainbridges wanted to meet Doria. They barely, esp, the Wicked Waity of Wales, wanted to meet Meghan, so as usual, Camiltoe’s “reporting” makes zero sense.

    And judging from Doria and what she said in the H&M Netflix doc, I have no doubt in my mind that she warned Meghan from jump about that whole trash family. My mother would have done the same and as the black daughter of a black mother, I can imagine what she would have said.

    Meghan and Doria are classier than me, cause I would have burned the Palaces, Fleet Street and Salt Island to the ground.

  73. February pisces says:

    I remember during the Instagram wars when the Wails bought millions of followers to compete with the Sussex Instagram, when the wails were paying for bots to troll the account. I took a screen grab of some of those comments, and I remember racist stuff written about archie whilst simultaneously praising Kate and her kids. It was a bought and paid for comment, with the account having zero followers, no profile pic, and set to private.

    So yeah, Kate has no problem being racists to babies and Meghan.

  74. Blithe says:

    If Kate and William truly wanted to meet Doria, all they had to do to accomplish this would have been to invite her to something. A meal, a tea, a meet-up, an informal personal tour of their gardens or a palace, or the family art collection. Then they could wave around the invite — and Doria’s response. There is no way that Doria would have declined an invitation from her only child’s potential in-laws — royal or not. And you just know that Meghan or Doria would have saved the invitation. So: pics and screenshots— or it didn’t happen. It’s on them. They dropped the ball. Why lie about it?

  75. QuiteContrary says:

    “I think there was always a sense that Meghan felt she was a self-made woman whereas Kate hadn’t really had her own career.”

    LOL, Meghan wasn’t the only one who had this “sense” — it was a reality the whole world could see.
    Stalky could not compete with Meghan.

  76. Well Wisher says:

    Why would one respond to a book in this manner? One noticeable factor in “Spare” is that how little Kate was mentioned and yet, one had to endure Uncle Gary’s opinion…..
    Once more, in the latest, it is about Kate’s feelings….

    The most memorable event of the only interview/appearance of the two couples at the Royal foundation was that all three individuals referred to ” the four of us”.
    All except Kate who cited “the three of us”: a clear indication of the direction of the relationship.

    It has run its natural course in that putrid environment.

    Why bring Doria into this?

  77. Advisor2U says:

    Replace Meghan’s name to anyone of Kate’s hating inner circle people (royals), or palace aide who don’t like her, and you have the actual story.
    Tominey is such a MAGA gossiper.