Elon Musk reinstated Alex Jones’s Twitter account after taking a poll

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At this point, I am convinced that Elon Musk aka Space Karen aka Elno aka Apartheid Clyde is so far gone that he’s actively trying to tank The Platform Formerly Known as But Belovedly Still Referred to as Twitter. In the latest episode in the saga of “How Low Can Elon Go?,” we have the billionaire emerald heir with a flair for pretending he’s a genius businessman restoring the account of conspiracy theorist and all-around atrocious human being Alex Jones. Elno, who is still pretending that he’s a ‘free speech absolutist,’ put out a poll asking if he should restore the account. I’ll be honest – I voted, “no,” in it. Sadly, us normal folks who care about our fellow human beings are no match for Space Karen’s bot army. The result was the outcome that Apartheid Clyde always intended for it to be: That walking human excrement was brought back.

Elon Musk has restored the X account of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, pointing to a poll on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter that came out in favor of the Infowars host who repeatedly called the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting a hoax. It poses new uncertainty for advertisers, who have fled X over concerns about hate speech appearing alongside their ads, and is the latest divisive public personality to get back their banned account.

Musk posted a poll on Saturday asking if Jones should be reinstated, with the results showing 70% of those who responded in favor. Early Sunday, Musk tweeted, “The people have spoken and so it shall be.”

A few hours later, Jones’ posts were visible again and he retweeted a post about his video game. He and his Infowars show had been permanently banned in 2018 for abusive behavior. Musk, who has described himself as a free speech absolutist, said the move was about protecting those rights. In response to a user who posted that “permanent account bans are antithetical to free speech,” Musk wrote, “I find it hard to disagree with this point.”

The billionaire Tesla CEO also tweeted it’s likely that Community Notes — X’s crowd-sourced fact-checking service — “will respond rapidly to any AJ post that needs correction.”

It is a major turnaround for Musk, who previously said he wouldn’t let Jones back on the platform despite repeated calls to do so. Last year, Musk pointed to the death of his first-born child and tweeted, “I have no mercy for anyone who would use the deaths of children for gain, politics or fame.”

Jones repeatedly has said on his show that the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, that killed 20 children and six educators never happened and was staged in an effort to tighten gun laws.

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I said it above but I feel so strongly about it that I’m going to say it again: Alex Jones is a walking piece of sh–t. There are a lot of really, really terrible people in MAGA world, but Jones is a special brand of abhorrent. Unlike President Voldemort, who didn’t take the bait when he was reinstated, Jones has embraced his X comeback because when you owe a billion dollars to the families you terrorized while they were going through an unimaginable loss, you gotta get that money where you can.

Elon is a garbage person and a hypocrite. He must have seen Jones getting crunk and drunk dialing CNN hosts with fellow garbage person Tucker Carlson and wanted in on the fun. He also participated in a Spaces meeting with Carlson, Jones, Andrew Tate, Matt Gaetz, and Vivek Ramaswamy. (This is the meeting where Vivek forgot to turn his mic off while using the restroom and honestly, I’d rather hear that man take a leak than actually talk.) At this point, I’m convinced that some accountant or tax attorney or ultra-wealthy backer told Apartheid Clyde to make the platform fail to either p’wn the lefties, get a tax write-off, or both.

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14 Responses to “Elon Musk reinstated Alex Jones’s Twitter account after taking a poll”

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  1. orangeowl says:

    Truly, a bigger troll than Elon M does not exist. Every day brings new evidence of his staggering immaturity. I keep trying to deactivate Twitter but keep coming back because it’s still the most robust news/info aggregator for me right now despite its descent into grim chaos. He absolutely destroyed what was once a valuable and entertaining source of info.

    • Maida says:

      Yep, middle aged man with middle school mentality. Musk is truly the textbook case of arrested development.

      I feel sorriest for his children and the women he is / has been involved with.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a terrible excuse for a human being he is! On an extremely shallow note it mystifies me that not only does Space Karen (love!) have the face he deserves, he also has the face he… paid $$$ for????!

  3. Pinkosaurus says:

    If the remaining mainstream advertisers (looking at you NFL) do not stop supporting this platform after the expiration of their current ad contracts, you know exactly where they stand regarding white supremacy and antisemitism. I’m happy to report the local government where I live recently deleted all of their accounts on X and are referring citizens to text updates, Threads and Facebook for emergency updates and news.

    • MichaelaCat says:

      Well done, your local government!

      Problem is, normal people are still there because other normal people are still there.

      And advertisers are still there because all those people are still there.

      The best way to take a stand is not by arguing with them there. This shows engagement and will continue to make X interesting to advertisers. It is by closing the account and even better, go to one or more of the alternatives, so they become more interesting to other users and advertisers. This is not @you, by the way :). Just trying to say your local government did the right thing.

  4. MichaelaCat says:

    The sooner everyone sane leaves that website and goes to a more sane one, the sooner X will be irrelevant

    They make money of its users. They need us for ad money. Even us looking at a tweet benefits Musk, as they show the amount of times a tweet was watched. This still makes X interesting for advertisers.

    I noticed people returning to Tumblr. The average user is way more progressive there.

  5. Twin Falls says:

    I wasn’t a regular Twitter user and I don’t need it for anything so canceling my account didn’t feel like a hardship at all. It sucks people feel like they have to still engage on his platform.

  6. JoanCallamezzo says:

    One more time Alex Jones is a walking piece of sh-t.

  7. [insert_catchy_name] says:

    I guess the most we can hope for is alex jones posts some ridiculous lie and gets sued into oblivion (again).

    And the intentional (and paid for) destruction of twitter is the concept that makes the most sense (other than elon musk being completely incompetent, that is).

  8. Hannah says:

    I actually had to delete my Twitter account recently. I went on again in a fit of boredom last week. I swear, I got nothing but ads and article spamming from entertainment accounts. Nothing and no one I used to follow posted anything in the 50 or so posts I scrolled through. It’s such a pathetic wasteland of an app now.

  9. Dora says:

    I think Elon has an STD that has gotten to what was left of his small brain. There is no logic in his actions. Forget that he pretends to be a genius (by stealing others inventions/ ideas) he lives by praise and worship. It appears that he is also a drooling knuckle dragging racist with no respect for women. He loves the attention. He will do , go and say anything to be in the news cycle to get that attention. Remember this is a man whose father had children with his daughter and bragged about. We are not looking at a man not playing with a full deck.

  10. Grandma Susan says:

    I cancelled my Twitter account when Trolleon’s ownership was still just a rumor. When he thought he was being clever – carrying a sink into the building with the caption “let that sink in” – he *should* have been carrying a toilet. Far more accurate to what he has done to Twitter/X. It’s just a cesspit now, full of feces.