“Hilary Duff is pregnant again, she’s expecting her fourth child” links

Hilary Duff is pregnant with her fourth, and she’s already got a lil’ bump. [Just Jared]
Does Taylor Swift read LaineyGossip? [LaineyGossip]
Review of Netflix’s A Nearly Normal Family. [Pajiba]
Jessica Chastain goes “mildly Mrs. Roper.” [Go Fug Yourself]
Sydney Sweeney wore Balmain on the Tonight Show. [RCFA]
David Tennant returned to Doctor Who & he was hot. [Jezebel]
Baby Josh Groban looked like Channing Tatum. [Seriously OMG]
Erdem’s pre-fall collection is gorgeous. [Tom & Lorenzo]
Travis Kelce’s friends could see Trav marrying Taylor Swift. [Hollywood Life]
Pop culture moments which absolutely happened in 2023. [Buzzfeed]
Andy Cohen said that Anderson Cooper is open to threesomes. [Socialite Life]

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  1. Barbie1 says:

    Jessica should have gone “full” Mrs. Roper for our amusement. Baby Josh Groban rocks. And we don’t want to know what Anderson Cooper is open to.

  2. Oswin says:

    I adore David Tennant. That’s all. I just wanted to put that out there 😍🥰

  3. Eden75 says:

    I am not clicking on the Doctor Who story as I have not seen it yet but I am commenting that David Tennant is always hot. My husband is aware that that that man is my hall pass.

  4. Abby says:

    HAHA Josh wearing that shirt is so funny. Baby Josh DOES look like Channing Tatum. Not at all now though! Fun fact – my 8 yo daughter has such a crush on Josh groban, since she was 5 years old. She gets embarrassed if we bring attention to a song that we’re listening to being sung by him, but she loves for me to show her photos and videos of Josh at various ages.

  5. JaneS says:

    Preggers with a 4th child. Better you than me, Sister.
    Makes me tired just reading that.
    I do like her coat in the photo tho.

    • NaTalia says:

      Those were my exact thoughts, lol. I was tired reading it but love her coat. One child wore me out. I can’t imagine four, lol.

  6. JaneS says:

    Dear Andy Cohen and Gail King,
    Please Shut up.

    Man, I am not clicking on that link.
    Nobody ever needs to know this much info, unless you are 1 of the 3 people involved.
    Why all the inappropriate questions?
    Shock value and nothing more.

    I wish celebs would shut that crap down ASAP.
    Tom Hardy response to a very intrusive personal question,
    “Why would you ask anyone a question like that? Why? I’d truly like to have an answer. I’ll wait”
    you could damn near hear the “reporter” squirm.

    Andy, Ryan Seacrest, Oprah and Gail can all pound sand and drop off the face of the planet. No loss.

    • MissF says:

      Thank you for giving me yet another reason to love Tom Hardy to bits!!!

    • Jenn says:

      I do think that the girlies get a little wacky when they’ve been around a boy with bad boundaries for a minute: teasing, almost like a type of one-upmanship, “who will ask the worst thing?” It can be a lot of fun. But I don’t like making other people feel uncomfortable — I’d rather embarrass myself for a laugh, if that makes sense — and I don’t like that Andy treats humiliating Anderson like it’s an Olympic sport, right. There’s a place and time, and it’s not on TV.

      That doesn’t surprise me about Tom Hardy. He’s a little mercurial, isn’t he? Like Adam Driver. Which is fine.

    • Bumblebee says:

      Janes tells no lies.

  7. Penguin says:

    Won’t give any spoilers, but the new Doctor Who episodes were a hit and a miss for me. Had some truly fun/Whoish moments, but a lot of other moments that were supposed to be meaningful or poignant fell quite flat. I’m quite disappointed with how they dealt with Ncuti Gatwa’s reveal as the new doctor, I think they did him dirty a wee bit.