Peaches Geldof & friends Twitter jokes right before & after serious car crash

Peaches Geldof is a dimwit and so are the fools she hangs out with. The 20 year-old divorcee and daughter of Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates could have easily been killed in a car accident outside Disneyland in California. Peaches went on twitter as a passenger in a car to send a message about how fast her friend was driving with a car full of people. When they got in an accident that could have been fatal to any of the six people in the car or any other driver on the highway, Peaches tweeted that she was with the “DGAF” [Don’t give a f-] crew. This is apparently what they called themselves before the accident. Her friend, the driver, took to Twitter to say her foot slipped on the gas pedal and to claim that the accident wasn’t her fault. Luckily no one was hurt, but the kids obviously didn’t learn their lesson and are getting a huge kick out of both the accident and the attention they’re getting. The driver also tweeted “lol @death.” Nice.

She then kept her fans informed: ‘Just actually experienced a full on car carsh (sic) with the IDGAF crew. Wow, I guess we really don’t GAF.’

Peaches refers to her friends as the I Don’t Give A F*** crew.

Peaches Geldof narrowly escaped serious injury after being involved in a ‘full on car crash’ last night.

The socialite was on her way to Disney World in California with four friends when the driver’s foot slipped on the pedals, sending the car out of control and into a 360 degree spin on the freeway.

Only minutes before the 20-year-old had boasted on Twitter that she was: ‘Speeding like I have never, ever witnessed before on the freeway – feel like I’m in a scary car chase video game.’

She quoted her female friend, who had been driving the car, as saying: ‘I was just trying to get us all to Disney on f****** time!

‘My creeper slipped on the pedals! Its not my fault!’

The driver then Twittered that she had ‘almost killed’ Peaches and her three other passengers.

But it appeared that despite her joking tone, Peaches had been left upset by the accident.

She Twittered: ‘Honestly can’t believe were alive after that.

‘And that the front of the car is totally f***** up and yet were still carrying on to Disney!?’

Another friend in the car, A J English, posted a photo of the damaged vehicle, which had a crushed bonnet and smashed bumper.

‘This is all that happened after a full 360 across three lanes of freeway traffic!?’ he wrote.

Another passenger added that ‘the front of the car is all mangled and smoking maybe we can use it as a barbie?’

The driver also seemed surprised that they had escaped unharmed, Tweeting: ‘Lol @ death.’

[From The Daily Mail]

To keep us further informed about what a careless twit she is, Peaches posted photos of her “IDAF” crew at Disneyland afterwards. One of her “IDGAF” friends posted the picture below of the wrecked car. The driver, who goes by the name “The Death Queen” on Twitter, is posting crap like “I’m on my way to becoming a famous murderer” and “How can I outdeath myself?” Meanwhile Peaches and her friends are marveling at the fact that “Dead Man’s Party” by Oingo Boingo was playing on the radio when they got in the accident. What would they have tweeted if someone died? “OMG we really GAF now, @DeathQueen died!”


Here are some pictures of Peaches outside clubs in Hollywood on 12/15 and 12/16. In case you don’t know who she is… nevermind you’re better off. Credit:

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  1. Newyorking says:

    Who is this loser? I guess IDGAF. Hope cops read this and do something about it

  2. tiki says:

    wonder how many of them will make it to 30. sad when young people play fast and loose with their mortality. mortality generally wins when folks are reckless and stupid.

  3. Mouse says:

    Wow! They are so cool!!

  4. CandyKay says:

    Disneyland, California. Disney World, Florida.

    Given that it’s from Fleet Street, I wonder if the rest of the article is any more accurate.

  5. AliG says:

    I’m beginning to think that 70% of Twitter is used by narcissistic idiots. The bulk of the content of Twitter may be translated to, “Me…me…me…me.”

  6. Hel says:

    Please stop reporting on this nonentity, she has done nothing to deserve being mentioned.

  7. javelin says:

    we can just call them the Amateur Death Queens crew.

  8. deb says:

    The dude on the right looks like Suddam Hussein with Mickey Mouse ears.

  9. Celebitchy says:

    @Candykay I will fix it thank you! I always mix those up.

  10. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “I’m beginning to think that 70% of Twitter is used by narcissistic idiots. The bulk of the content of Twitter may be translated to, “Me…me…me…me.””

    Totally agree. isn’t that kind of the definition of twitter? who BUT a narcissist would think that they’re important enough that the whole world would care when they had sushi for dinner?

  11. Ethel says:

    @deb – you are right he does look like Suddam. You wonder if these kids will ever grow up past the age of 23.

  12. Snarf says:

    Guess Sir Bob should have spent less time trying to “feed the world” and more time raising his kid properly.

  13. Firestarter says:

    She has fans?

    People actually GAF about what this moron does?

    Well, okay then.

  14. Neelyo says:

    70% of Twitter? Try 99%.

    Well if she doesn’t make it to 21, then natural selection really does work.

  15. Mollyb says:

    IDGAF if these idiots kill themselves or not but they could have seriously injured or killed some innocent people who actually, you know, value their lives.

  16. ligeia says:

    that’s disgusting. i live in the area and there’s enough dumb kids on the road driving recklessly w/o some british tramp skank playing suicide game and possibly endangering lives of my friends and family. it’s a real pity that she didn’t get harmed in that accident. i guess natural selection made a little slip off there, hopefully it will fix itself in the near future. and to think that she has fans and some teens might try and attempt to replicate what she did because they see it as cool.
    god this made me so angry. i want to punch her in the mouth.

  17. wow says:

    Hey, don’t blame twitter. These a$$holes give it a bad name. It’s a great tool to use for networking when you have events. 🙂

    But my goodness, these kids! The sad thing is, they are like drunk drivers…nothing ever happens to the drunk driver, but innocent people usually get killed because of them. I can barely stand that type of recklessness.

  18. bondbabe says:

    What will probably happen down the road (no pun intended), because these “twits” DGAF, is they will end up killing someone else while they will escape unharmed. They have no sense of responsiblity, morality or mortality.

    Hopefully that will not happen. I have a feeling I will be seeing her name pop up again though, and it will in connection to someone being injured or killed (a la Nick Hogan).

  19. diva says:

    I know who she is a daughter of a very wealthy British man who is a Sir. She is a out of control party girl, frequently spotted out and about in London drunk as skunk acting up in nightclubs. She is on the radar in the U.S. with antics like that.

  20. danielle says:

    Yeah, Peaches is not pretty or talented, but thinks she’s the bomb – if Daddy wasn’t rich and famous her little butt would be on the dole. I always wonder about twitter – can’t imagine who would “follow” me or care about the stupid little things I was doing – except my mom. :^)

  21. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Hey, don’t blame twitter. These a$$holes give it a bad name. It’s a great tool to use for networking when you have events.”

    Right, that’s the other 30%. 😉

  22. Emily says:

    It’s people like this who make me have absolutely no sympathy for people who die in car crashes when they’ve been drinking or speeding. I guess natural selection was just having a nap when this lot crashed.

    Sorry if that sounds horrible, but people who drive like this really piss me off. You want to endanger your own life, fine, see how long you can live in a tank of great whites. Don’t do it on a public road.

  23. Goddess711 says:

    Wonder if she can Tweet from the afterworld? She might not be so lucky next time one of her friends’ foot “slips” and it’s “not their fault”.
    It’s not so much that these assholes kill themselves, it’s the innocent people that could be taken out with them that matter.

  24. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Divorced at 20? Yikes, this crew really does drive with the gas pedal all the way down.

  25. Tiffany says:

    That guy on the left in the group photo, is that not the a-hole who took a picture with Taylor Swift with a swastika on his shirt at Katy Perry’s B-Day party earlier this year. I think that it might be. Ahhh money, serving idiots since….forever.

  26. Fyndy says:

    Oh please Karma, Mother Nature, please let natural selection and your awesomeness at pwn’ing idiots who play with death and think it’s funny to come into affect. Soon. I’m thinking before Christmas?
    Thanks, that’s my only Christmas wish, promise!

  27. skeptical says:

    ugh.. i’m just glad the stupid girl didn’t hurt any innocent people during her mad ride for thrill-seeking.

  28. How cool they are…