Edward Enninful’s last British Vogue features 40 legends, none of them Duchess Meghan

This is the March cover of British Vogue, Edward Enninful’s last issue as editor-in-chief. Enninful managed to put together forty “legends” together for the cover. This is not CGI or AI, these are actual women who all showed up at the same place and time for a cover shoot. The cover includes: Simone Ashley, Oprah, Selma Blair, Naomi Campbell, Adwoa Aboah, Iman, Jameela Jamil, Karlie Kloss, Kaia Gerber, Salma Hayek, Cara Delevingne, Jane Fonda, Karen Elson, Gigi Hadid, Dua Lipa, Amber Valletta, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Kate Moss, Irian Shayk, Anya Taylor Joy, Ariana DeBose, Gemma Chan, Jourdan Dunn, Serena Williams, Anok Yai, Jodie Comer, Cindy Crawford, Laverne Cox, Christy Turlington, Cynthia Erivo, Linda Evangelista and many more. So, obviously, the story is “why didn’t Edward Enninful include the Duchess of Sussex?” I sh-t you not.

Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and Gigi Hadid were among 40 British Vogue stars that came together to shoot the cover for Edward Enninful’s final edition. But for royals fans, Meghan Markle, 42, was noticeably absent from the impressive line-up – which also included Salma Hayek, Naomi Campbell and Miley Cyrus.

The Duchess of Sussex was once close friends with the outgoing editor-in-chief after guest editing an issue of British Vogue in 2019. But she was nowhere to be found on Mr Enninful’s final cover, which featured Meghan’s pals Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, and Jameela Jamil. Eagle-eyed royal fans questioned the Duchess’ lack of appearance, with one writing: ‘Now why did Meghan Markle deny us a Vogue cover because I know that guy called her.’

Another person asked Endgame author Omid Scobie on X, formerly Twitter, ‘was your bestie #MeghanMarkIe busy that day?’ after he shared the cover.

It’s unclear if the Duchess of Sussex was contacted to appear on the magazine cover.

Meghan’s ‘Forces for Change’ issue in September 2019 put inspirational women including actresses Gemma Chan and Jane Fonda, and former New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern on the front cover. When it was published, it was the fastest selling issue in the magazine’s 104-year history, selling out in less than 10 days.

The following year, Mr Enninful spoke to Sky News about criticism Meghan received when she joined the royal family, arguing that he didn’t believe it was solely down to racism. Describing the Duchess as a ‘brave woman’, he said: ‘Parts of it were probably racism, but it was more of an institution.’ He added that while criticism was ‘harsh’, he ‘wouldn’t just blame it on racism’, saying: ‘She walked into an institution and everyone expected her to know the rules. And I think sometimes it takes a minute to understand the rules.’

However, Mr Enniful, who has previously praised King Charles as a monarch who can ‘evolve with the times’ and is an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, continued to say he believed the treatment of her was ‘very unfair’.

[From The Daily Mail]

As Enninful writes in his letter from the editor, the photoshoot took place in New York in December. It would not surprise me if he asked Meghan and she said no, just as it would not surprise me that several other high-profile women said no or had some kind of scheduling conflict. It’s wild to assume that Meghan would be willing to fly to New York just for Enninful’s last cover as EIC, especially since many have wondered if they had a falling out in the years since she guest-edited the magazine. Enninful was never really loyal to her, and he made sure to supplicate to the left-behind royals.

The larger question – one which we’ll probably never get an answer to – is how many magazine covers has Meghan turned down over the past four years? I’d be willing to bet she’s been offered Vanity Fair, American Vogue, Elle, Allure, Forbes, everything.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid. Covers courtesy of British Vogue.

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  1. sparrow says:

    No surprise. He was absolutely vile about Meghan after her edition. Nasty. I unsubscribed for some time. Went to American Vogue. It was awful. Cancelled that. Now back at British Vogue. I’m pleased he’s going.

    • Slush says:

      I missed this entirely. What happened???

      • sparrow says:

        Apparently, he hated how ‘demanding’ she was when she guest edited her edition of British Vogue and relayed how she tried to control release times. I think that’s the main drive to it. Ungrateful considering it was the best selling issue. I still have my copy. Bear in mind this was related by Bower in his book.

      • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

        @Sparrow, you had me thinking that might be true until you revealed that it was related by Bower and then I immediately realized it wasn’t true at all. But I do believe that he was jealous that Meghan’s issue is the best selling issue to date and as we see daily jealousy of Meghan makes people unhinged.

      • Just Jade says:

        He is an ungrateful Uncle Tom.

      • sevenblue says:

        @Sparrow, didn’t Bower also lie about another journalist sh*t-talking about Meghan and that journalist had to write to the British paper that serialized the book that he didn’t say those things? Then, Bower said, “oh, Meghan got him, that’s why he is refuting”. Bower makes sh-t up all the time about Meghan and what people told him about her. Imo, he distanced himself from Meghan because he wants to be successful in UK and he can’t do that without RF’s support. I don’t think someone who is on his level vents to a journalist about another public person.

      • sparrow says:

        Slush and everyone. See Emma’s insight below. Apparently, these claims were rebutted by Enninful. Hence my slight caveat emptor with Bower. I’m really pleased that it wasn’t true but still at a loss to explain why Meghan wasn’t included.

      • sunny says:

        @JustJade, I’d urge you to not use language like “Uncle Tom,” when we don’t know if or how they might have had a falling out.

    • Emma says:

      @sparrow none of the things you said are true, those rumors about being demanding and managerial about the vogue cover were said by Tom bower in his book and it was denied by Edward, Meghan also included him in her 40x 40 project.

      • sparrow says:

        Thanks, Emma. You see, this is what I hoped hadn’t happened and why I added the disclaimer re Bower. I was so angry that I jumped ship to American Vogue, which is crap and the size of a pamphlet, and then back again. I’m very knee jerk, reaction wise. I haven’t particularly liked his editorship. Better than Shulman, but awaiting the next with hope.

      • Ameerah M says:

        @Emma – he still said some fairly shady things about Meghan’s experience with the Royal family. He essentially stated that what she experienced wasn’t racism. So he can STILL kick rocks.

    • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

      When Kaia Gerber is included as a legend, I think we have our confirmation that at least one and probably many said no. No offense Kaia, but obviously there are fillers. Maybe “legends” was not the right word? No Madonna? No Meghan, but no KKKHate either? no Coween Cowmilla. No taylor swift?

      • sparrow says:

        And isn’t that Kate Moss’s daughter perched on the end?!

      • Debb says:

        I agree with you. Most models in America are ladies who worked for Jeffrey Eipstein or Harvey Weinstein. The only legend I see is Serena. Most are nepo babies or nepo wives. Taylor, Beyonce,Madonna,Kamala are legends. Oprah sold her soul to the devil and although very wealthy, is a has been in America among us, black Americans. Remember, her new movie, “The Color Purple” tanked.

      • MY3CENTS says:

        Yeah, Lila Moss quite a legend.

      • Waitwhat? says:

        There was a lot of discussion of this in the comments over at Tom and Lorenzo last week and their contention was that these are legends in the world of fashion, not necessarily elsewhere. I don’t know enough about the fashion world to be able to comment on this but it does explain why Madonna, Meghan and even Kate weren’t there.

      • Possum magic says:

        I’d bet money she was asked and said no. Once kaia gerber and a few others that are included get a spot it’s a bit dodgy.

      • MrsH says:

        Thank you! Kaia Gerber’s inclusion reeks of Cindy saying she won’t go unless Kaia is included. Interesting Kate Moss’ daughter is in there too. This is a joke.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I heard it was all people who were on the cover during his time, and she wasn’t on the cover.

  2. Maddy says:

    No Beyonce. No Rihanna. No Zendaya. No Gisele. But Meghan is the story? Ridiculous.

    • NikkiK says:

      Exactly. Plus the criteria seems to be entertainment, sports, and modeling…so where are Rihanna, Beyonce, Zendaya, Gisele? And why is Cindy Crawford’s daughter there? Gigi? It’s an interesting but bizarre list as I would say only about 1/3 of those featured are actual legends…..hmmm.

    • vs says:

      Exactly….no Taylor Swift, no Venus Williams, etc., yet it is Meghan they are talking about.

      No Kate Middleton, No Sofiesta or the Rottweiler or any of the secret weapons, yet it is Meghan who is the story.

      the Woman is THE QUEEN of the UK….no one can prove me wrong at this point! Salty and bitter island indeed

      • Tina says:

        No Angelina or Julia Robert’s? I see Salma Hayek who is awesome but what about the other major American movie stars? Who are the biggest British movie stars and are they there? What nonsense. And not a single royal. Anyhoo I lost all respect for him when he didn’t defend Meghan and when he wrote that ridiculous post about Charles. The way people bow down to royals I will never understand. And what did it get him? Out at British vogue

    • Cherry says:

      Of course it’s ridiculous. What defines a “legend”? Apparently Kaia Gerber is legend-worthy at the ripe age of 22 on the basis of… being Cindy Crawford’s daughter, I suppose?

      • Cherry says:

        Also, at second glance: why did some of the “legends” need to be photographed in their underwear? So many questions.

      • Deering24 says:

        It’s a bit early for Dua Lipa to be legendary as well, no? I like her songs, but . . .

    • Eurydice says:

      They would have killed to get Beyoncé, Rihanna, Zendaya, Giselle and Meghan. My bet is they turned him down – not necessarily out of a feud or something, maybe scheduling issues.

    • Pickles says:

      IIRC, only people who have previously graced the cover of British Vogue were asked to be part of the cover shoot. That’s why a lot of people everyone’s naming (probably) weren’t asked.

      • Eurydice says:

        Well, that makes sense. Kate was on the cover of the 100th anniversary issue, but there’s no way she would have (or even could have considering her health) flown to NY for a photo shoot.

      • Bean says:

        It was women who had been on the cover – Meghan had decided not to be on the cover with her issue. Even the DM backtracked in a tiny separate article.

      • 1960tlm says:

        Gisele was on hundreds of Vogue covers… American, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian and British Vogue..hundreds during her career! She wasn’t there. There’s no upraising about her being left out. There are some legends listed, and all the women who are there definitely deserve to be celebrated, but the outcry regarding Meghan is idiotic at best! The British Media can never celebrate anything or anyone, including and especially their own British Celebrities, Royals, Artists, Scientists, Writers or Political Activists because they are always too busy criticizing Meghan Markle! No one ever gets the accolades they actually deserve because the British Media has to throw Meghan in there in some kind of negative way, and make everything about Meghan when it has absolutely Nothing to do with Meghan. Yes Meghan did publish the best British Vogue of all time, but she wasn’t on the cover. If Meghan wanted to be on this cover she would have been. But because of the negative relationship & all around shit show the British press has created, I’m sure she decided not too do it so that the other women could be celebrated without a negative light on them. But what does the BM do anyway? Make it all about Meghan. The British Press is beyond PATHETIC at this point and it’s about time people start speaking up!

        BTW…Where is Kate???

    • sunny says:

      Yes to all of this. The way the British press stays scrambling and tries to force Meghan into every story, so exhausting. She’s just trying to live her life and they try to make everything about her.

      • Just Jade says:

        No one knew who he was until Meghan.

      • sunny says:

        @JustJade plenty of Black creatives did. I did for example. And my point was that the British press is trying to make it about Meghan not that Meghan is trying to make it about Meghan.

        Plenty of other women the public also deemed icons were also NOT INCLUDED and we have no clue as to why.

    • KASalvy says:

      My thoughts exactly. Half of the women on this cover aren’t legends…

    • AmB says:

      Yeah, gotta say the word “legendary” is doing a LOT of work here.

      • Deering24 says:

        Eheheheh. Whenever I see “legendary,” “icon,” or “classic,” in pieces like this, I always figure most of the folks mentioned have a year-and-a-half being famous, tops.

  3. Jais says:

    She had the fastest-selling British Vogue edition during his tenure as editor. The numbers speak for themselves.

  4. Snaggletooth says:

    Well it’s a non issue because Meghan is not traveling to England for a long, long time. She was never going to be in the room for that shoot. As for Edward, if he thinks his toadying to the BRF makes him look good…I really don’t know what to say. To go out of his way to criticize Meghan for not following protocol after she gave him his highest grossing edition reeks of bitterness.

  5. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I’m certain that Meghan gets magazine cover offers constantly but she isn’t as interested in being another pretty face or talking about her husband’s family (which you know everyone wants more dirt) so she politely declines. Now if a magazine wanted to focus on the causes she’s passionate about, then I could see her doing that.

  6. Lili says:

    They are in a no win situation, if she joined the cover it would have been all about her, so i can understand. but she now needs to take back the narrative to her life and not let the BM and derangers control her life. be on covers when it suits you

    • Nerd says:

      She has been on covers when it suits her and when it pertains to things she’s passionate about and not just her outer beauty. Times and the Cut are just two examples of her being on covers where the focus inside the magazine was on the work she is passionate about.

  7. Carrie says:

    30 pieces of silver comes to mind.

  8. Amyb says:

    Also not there Taylor Swift

  9. Beverley says:

    Clearly Ennifill is still carrying water for the British elite and the Firm.
    There’s no worse look than those working in the big house gatekeeping for the Man.
    Wonder how this black man sleeps well at night, after a career of hardcore kissing white ass.

  10. LBB says:

    Neither is Kate, so…….

  11. sevenblue says:

    Meghan does something => News
    Meghan doesn’t do something => News

    I hope, things like this show people, H&M can’t win these games if they just did something different. It is a rigged game from the start.

  12. Ameerah M says:

    He was a complete snake to Meghan after she and Harry left the UK. And it’s why I have no sympathy for him being pushed out of his role as editor (thanks Anna Wintour!). I doubt he asked Meghan and I also doubt she would have said yes if she were asked. I would LOVE to see her on the cover of American Vogue (which is a much bigger deal anyway). Though I can see her not wanting to do that.

    • Deering24 says:

      Why was Enninful pushed out? I vaguely remember hearing this, but never got the details. Was he planning a coup or something? Thanks!

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        He coveted Nuclear Wintour’s job, basically. That didn’t end well for him, obviously.

  13. Pumpkin says:

    Respectfully I think there’s an overreaction happening.

    Aren’t the people on the cover those who were on BV covers during his tenure? Most of them I think. Meghan was never on the cover. Maybe she was asked, maybe she wasn’t but to me, it makes sense she isn’t on this cover. I doubt Enninful is being petty or that it’s proof no one likes Meghan.

    • NikkiK says:

      That makes sense! And people really need to stop throwing out terms like Uncle Tom; regardless of everything else they might be happening. That term does not apply in this situation.

  14. Nerd says:

    Meghan guest edited the fasted selling issue in British Vogue history and purposefully didn’t put her face on the cover. The issue was more about women’s empowerment and that in itself is the beauty of women. So I can’t imagine why anyone would expect her to be on the cover of it now when she refused to put her face on the cover when it was her decision not to do it when she guest edited it previously.

  15. Slush says:

    Just because they’re not besties doesn’t mean they had a falling out. They worked together once, Meghan left the UK shortly after. It could just be they didn’t have much of a reason to keep in touch. It happens 🤷🏼‍♀️

  16. matthew says:

    Edward has alwaysssss been a snake. This is the oldest news in the magazine business.

  17. Normades says:

    lol Lottie Moss is no Legend. Afterwards the word is a lot like the word “icon“ where most described as such are truly not. Afterwards there are many many accomplished women in this photo and I would say half do have legitimate legend status.

    • sparrow says:

      I know. Lottie bloody Moss. Sweet girl but come on. She did get a cover though (thanks, Mum). I subscribe and so she was at the front of my magazine rack for a whole month; every time I saw her I thought “connections”.

    • MY3CENTS says:

      Laughing because she is such a legend I mistook her for Lila her daughter.

      • sparrow says:

        God, you’re right! It is Lila not Lottie. Isn’t Lottie the half sister? I’m so bad today. This is what comes of working and dashing in and out of here at the same time. I usually sign off with “I stand to be corrected” for this very reason. Yes, it’s Lila. I got it right upthread and wrong downthread. 50/50’s not bad, going by the frazzling day I’ve been ploughing thru.

  18. Amy Bee says:

    Wasn’t this final cover supposed to be about all the women who were on British Vogue cover under Enniful’s editorship? Meghan wasn’t on the cover of British Vogue so why would be she asked or expected to be on this one?

  19. jam says:

    This cover was designed to bring together the women that had featured on the cover of UK Vogue during Edward Enninful’s tenure as editor. Meghan didn’t so she wasn’t “eligible” – whilst she guest edited she wasn’t on the cover. So there is NO story here…

  20. JenCF says:

    Magazine covers are not Meghan’s bag right now. Maybe if she has something really big coming up one day, she might do one, but she isn’t about posing for covers or being known as a clotheshorse. I’m sure she politely turned this down.

  21. Lau says:

    As if they wouldn’t have whine and ask why Meghan is considered a legend if she had been part of this photoshoot.

  22. equality says:

    ‘She walked into an institution and everyone expected her to know the rules. And I think sometimes it takes a minute to understand the rules.’ What rules might those be? The rules that only applied to Meghan while others in the RF had done the same things before?

  23. Lanita says:

    All respect to Meghan, and I know the her fandom is strong around here, but “legend?” Come on. Also, British Vogue, she’s in the US now, why would anyone assume she’d be included here.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Lanita, you expect them to be logical?

    • C says:

      Your second remark makes sense but not the first.
      You don’t have to like her to know everything she does gets clicks and tons of money. She might not fit your definition of a legend but she makes sales the same way, lol.

    • Carrie says:

      So… @Lanita
      Lila Moss and Kaia Gerber are legends ?

  24. Katya says:

    I thought it was all women who had been on his covers. Right? Christy Turlington might be iconic but no one thinks Karen Elson is.

  25. Mooney says:

    I hope it’s a case of Meghan being asked and her rejecting it. She gave him the fastest selling issue in it’s century old history and was actually at the lowest phase in her life, with her having suicidal thoughts. And how did he he repay? By badmouthing her to the very same people. Even if he was unhappy he could at least have been diplomatic about it jeez.

  26. GMH says:

    All wrong. Please calm down. All of the women in the photo had been on the cover of the magazine during his editorship. Meghan simply was not and therefore not in the photo.

  27. tamsin says:

    Wasn’t Kate on the cover of an issue? Where’s Kate? I think Enninful should have had a title that is less triggering, especially if the title makes people go “huh?”

  28. Jilliebean says:

    Kaia Gerber? She’s only a legend because she lived in Cindy Crawford’s uterus for 9 months…..

    That cover loses all credibility for that alone… and there looks like a few other brats there who have famous parents… don’t know who they are so they ain’t legends…