Robert Kennedy Jr. appropriated JFK’s iconic 1960 ad for his dumbass campaign

In the 1960 election between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy, Kennedy leaned into his youth and vigor. He released a famous ad with a really punchy song, and it completely changed the way political candidates campaigned and made commercials. It was such an iconic piece of advertising, it was even featured in Mad Men’s first season (set in 1960), with the ad men watching it and comparing it to Nixon’s ads. Here’s the ad:

Well, during last night’s Super Bowl, Robert Kennedy Jr.’s superpac paid $7 million to place this ad in the first half of the game:

The reaction was immediate – people were disgusted that an anti-vaxxer and Republican-adjacent ratf–ker would appropriate his dead uncle’s famous commercial. Yes, it was technically done by RFK Jr’s superpac and not his “independent campaign,” but as you can see, Robert tweeted it on his own account and he’s coordinating with his superpac (because anything goes). After the backlash, Robert released this statement:

“Without any involvement or approval from my campaign” – and that’s why he pinned it to his Twitter? Come on. As for his family, Caroline Kennedy hasn’t issued any new statements about this, but her son Jack Schlossberg is on the record trashing RFK Jr. and his lunatic campaign. The Shrivers – Eunice Kennedy married Sargent Shriver – are hopping mad though.

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  1. Boxy Lady says:

    Yeah, seeing that ad last night pissed me off. “Let me just steal this ad from my dead uncle.” Gross. Especially since the platform this Kennedy is endorsing is nothing like JFK’s.

    • SarahLee says:

      It made me want to vote for Nixon. That’s how mad I was. On the other hand, the purpose of an ad like that is to get people to talk about you and notice you. From that standpoint, I would say it was highly successful.

  2. Flamingo says:

    The ad did exactly what it was supposed to do get people talking. Even bad publicity helps him. He’s a gross human being and deserves no place in any public office. Shame on you too Cheryl Hines for staying married to this goober.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      I can’t understand why she isn’t running for the hills, but then again, she did marry him after how he treated his first wife. It’s a real choice for them to set money on fire like this considering that his campaign & the PAC are under an FEC investigation. This is all mind boggling.

      • Kristen from MA says:

        Money and the name. What else could he have to offer? (Though he’s doing a good job of shitting on the name.)

      • SarahLee says:

        She married him after how he treated his first wife? She was complicit in that!

      • NotTheOne says:

        Totally agree on Cheryl Hines. Proves that they don’t reveal themselves in their public persona – just try and show themselves as someone fun.

      • MaryContrary says:

        How he treated his SECOND wife-Cheryl Hines is his third wife! He cheated non stop on the first one too. He is a totally vile, evil person. His own siblings have denounced his anti-vaxx, anti-science stances. He’s AWFUL.

  3. Jess says:

    I know Caroline is super irritated but she’s too elegant to publicly condemn him.

    • Visa Diva says:

      She’s also a government official (Ambassador to Australia) and may feel constrained by what she can say

    • DeeSea says:

      Elegant people can, and should, stand up for what’s right. I’m not sure what elegance has to do with anything. (But I do agree that she is elegant. I basically copied her wedding dress for my wedding to my ex-husband back in the day!)

  4. Lynn says:

    His entire argument for being qualified seems to be, “I’m a Kennedy.” And yet I’ve also heard him gripe about the elitest and entitled media/left. Sir, do you not hear what you are saying? He’s awful and clearly so is his wife.

  5. K says:

    This was clockwork orange-esque. Who thought this was a good idea.

  6. Lisa says:

    I was so confused at this ad at first and thought it was for a movie about the 60s and then I was like nope a political ad, and then I was confused because I thought he was part of that group that wanted politics out of sports.

  7. Atorontogal says:

    I wouldn’t expect anything less from a man who told his wife “it would be easier” if she just killed herself. You see she was getting in the way if his affair with Cheryl Hines.

    • fani says:

      I think of her often.
      I think what happened to her is a cautionary-tale about getting involved with a man like him.

  8. Coco Bean says:

    Everyone at our Super Bowl party yesterday, from liberals to conservatives, collectively groaned during this ad.

  9. fani says:

    in Jacqueline BKO’s oral history,
    she mentioned how gross it was when the Shriver kids
    would sing a tasteless, yet popular song from that era.
    It was done in Caroline’s voice and was about her daddy being the president.
    JBKO didn’t like the song because it was tasteless and she felt disrespectful to her children.

  10. Nanea says:

    The ad was paid for by a Super PAC that is almost entirely funded by Trump megadonor billionaire Tim Mellon.

    A bit about Mellon:
    • he called Social Security & Medicare “slavery redux”
    • funds Greg Abbott’s fake border wall
    • said welfare made Black people “belligerent”

    Kennedy pinned the ad and started pushing it on social media BEFORE it appeared on TV which means he was colluding with the Super PAC which is illegal.

    It’s good to see several political commentators have called him out on that.

  11. KBeth says:

    His crazy eyes make him look like the undead.

  12. GamerGrrl says:

    Raise your hand if you remember what happened when Ralph Nader decided to hop in the race. Third-party candidates elect Republicans.