Crazy heiress Casey Johnson wants custody of her daughter back

Famous Stars And Straps Celebrates Their 10th Anniversary & 10th Album

Several weeks ago, Johnson & Johnson heiress and whack-job extraordinaire Casey Johnson was arrested for a bizarre burglary involving stolen panties and a “used” vibrator left at the scene of the crime. Casey was taken to jail, where she was released on bail and exited the police station in a chaffeur-driven Rolls Royce. Just a week later or so, Tila Tequila announced that she and Casey were engaged. All of this (and probably much more) have lead people to believe that Casey is A) insane, B) legally incompetent and C) on one of the worst downward spirals of any heiress, ever. What we weren’t hearing much about, however, was Casey’s adopted daughter Ava. It’s been said that Casey’s mother Sale Johnson took custody of Ava months ago (if not years ago) because of Casey’s erratic, sketchy behavior. Now Page Six is reporting that Casey is determined to get Ava back… despite one of the grossest descriptions of living conditions I’ve heard in a while:

Baby-powder heiress Casey Johnson has flown to New York with her “fiancée,” Tila Tequila, to try to reclaim her daughter, Ava, from the custody of her mother, Sale Johnson, and bring the toddler back to LA.

Casey adopted the girl from Kazakhstan two years ago over the objections of her aunt, Libet Johnson, who built an orphanage in Cambodia. But Sale took custody earlier this year out of concern for little Ava’s safety.

“Casey is intent on getting her daughter back,” an acquaintance from LA told Page Six. But friends are distancing themselves from the increasingly erratic heiress.

“When I went to her rented house on Mulholland Drive recently, it was like Grey Gardens,” our source said. “There are dirty dishes everywhere and rotting food. There is graffiti on the walls. The pool looks like a swamp.”

Johnson’s father, New York Jet owner Woody Johnson, and the rest of the family recently restricted Casey’s access to funds because she repeatedly has refused to get the help they say she needs. She’s been in rehab several times but has never finished the programs.

“She can’t pay her bills, so the electricity was cut off. She can’t put gas in her car,” said our source. “She’s been keeping her Porsche in the garage because she’s afraid it will be repossessed.”

Tila and Casey announced their engagement this month with a video they posted online of themselves in bed wearing only bras and panties.

As Casey smiles in an apparent stupor, Tequila rants: “Look at this ring. Its 18-carat because my baby is ballin’. We are going to make love tonight for our honeymoon . . . She adopted a baby, Ava, and I love children. We already have a family. We are going to buy a house together and, once we get situated, throw an engagement party.”

[From Page Six]

Ugh. Who is more disgusting, Casey Johnson or Tila Tequila? I actually have some sympathy for Casey, just because I think there might be some straight-up mental illness involved, probably in addition to drug abuse. Now, Tila might be insane too – but she comes across as crazy like a fox, you know? Typical user, looking for a new victim to suck in and destroy. One thing’s for sure – Casey should not be allowed anywhere near Ava. And it sounds like the Johnson family is going to step up their game to make sure Ava stays safe, and maybe they’re even trying to get Casey some help.

Famous Stars And Straps Celebrates Their 10th Anniversary & 10th Album

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  1. Birdie says:

    Yeah, they look in love.

    Courtney Love’s more crazy sister and Carmen Electra’s evil doppelgänger are fit to be parents.


  2. canadianchick says:

    If she gets custody my faith in humanity will snuff out. If she gets her shiz together for awhile, some rehab, parenting classes etc, then maybe..but vids on the internet in your panties and the recent arrest-Oh Honey No!!!!!

  3. Green is Good says:

    If anybody needs to placed under the guardianship of a Conservator, it’s this woman. Tila is going to bleed her dry.

  4. Bonfire Beach says:

    The adoption laws in Kazakhstan must be REALLY lax.

  5. diva says:

    Shame on this family for not getting her legally committed. Whoever in her family saw her house looking like that, combined with her erratic behavior could have called the police for a 5150 hold. She is obviously mentally ill and being taken advantage of by predators like Tila Tequila and they shouldn’t be standing by watching her psychiatric condition get worse.

  6. linda says:

    So elton john and david furnish cannot adopt but this whack job johnson/johnson heiress was able to. what is this world coming to?

  7. Sigh. says:

    @ linda — GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

    I thought the EXACT same thing. What in-the-hell kinda evaluation process does that country have? But it goes to show, if you wanna buy a baby you just have to know where to look.

  8. Sumodo says:

    @linda — Agreed. This couple needs matching straighjackets for Christmas.

  9. princess pea says:

    @ linda – Um. You’re comparing the adoption policies in the Ukraine with those in Kazakhstan. They’re not the same places, and every foreign adoption is different. You should also factor in that the US and the UK are not the same, either. It’s possible that Elton and David could get a Kazakhstani baby, too… the issue was that they fell for one particular baby, not that they were told they could NEVER, EVER adopt EVER.

  10. GatsbyGal says:

    I’m pretty sure Casey is actually insane. Tila Tequila is just delusional and manipulative.

    Just how old is this woman, anyway? She looks maybe 28 but I wouldn’t be surprised to discover she’s actually 35 or something.

  11. Iggles says:

    Wow. Just wow. There are no words..

  12. Sincerity says:

    I’m sure that Tila Tequila is only looking for a “pay off” from the Johnson family “to disappear”, indefinitely. I’m quite sure Casey’s family will see to it that she gets the help she needs especially since they’ve given her every opportunity to voluntarily seek help.

    It’s quite obvious they’ll have to get a court order to have her evaluated psychologically before she can have her daughter returned to her. If Casey is serious about being a mother, she’ll submit to it willingly.

  13. qb says:

    this girl needs to get her life in control , plus I don’t think the drinking , party’s and probably drug use is good for her diabetes (she was diagnosed with it when she was a kida) but on the other hand the male casey johnson already haves a subject for his next documentary, this should be born rich part 2.

  14. Pont Neuf says:

    Maybe I am mean, but I can’t bring myself to feel any compassion whatsoever for people who have all the means to undergo an intensive therapeutic process to overcome their emotional and psychological problems and yet, they decide to stay as they are and continue wasting money on drugs, parties and not making any valuable contribution to society.

    I find it OUTRAGEOUS that this woman was allowed to adopt a baby. I would have found it outrageous if she had actually been allowed to adopt a goldfish in the first place, but a child? For God’s sake, who was in charge of the evaluation process? A sensorially impaired potato?

    As for Tila Tequila, her celebrity status baffles me. Why is she famous? The only thing she has ever done is… Well, nothing.

    If a drugged out, insane rich bitch and a desperate famewhore who would sell her own mother for a morsel of attention are fit to be parents, then anyone is.

    It incredible what the world has come up to.

  15. Ashley says:

    She looks lit in that picture. Like she’s barely able to stand. I have no doubt she’s not in the right state of mind. Just look at her!

  16. Angelica says:

    She wanted new scenery for the ride?

    She wanted a new family…?

    She has good goals.

  17. Madchen says:

    Let’s keep all of this out there — the child protection agency in the state can’t say they didn’t know anything was amiss if it’s all in print. I would hate for Casey to fight her mother and gain custody via the courts, and then have something happen to that baby.

    As for Casey and Tila, as long as the funds are being regulated I say let them at each other. Each will make the choices that she wants to make.

  18. daisy la la says:

    Casey … you’re such a mess … and certainly not a hot one. T. ~ you’re disgusting.

  19. NicoleAM says:

    They do make a perfect couple: classless trash. I too am amazed this woman was able to adopt a child anywhere. She’s clearly incapable of taking care of anyone, including herself. Hopefully her family is smarter than she is and will keep the kid far away from her and continue to cut off her trust fund until she gets her sh*t together.

  20. Spooge says:

    Holy crap… I thought it was one of the Olsen twins actually smiling for a change.

  21. paranel says:

    How could this glop of mess adopt a baby ? Why ? I guess puppies or kitties were not an option for a woman who can’t even bathe herself ? Sad.