Hannah Waddingham in Tony Ward Couture at the SAG Awards: bombshell

Nominee Hannah Waddingham was in a metallic cranberry formfitting Tony Ward Couture gown at the SAG Awards. Her stylist, James Yardley, is so good! She always looks so glam. Hannah told at story at the opening of the night, the “I’m an actor” segment, about how she had a mouse stuck under her dress for several performances of one of her early stage roles. I would not tell that story to the public, but I’m not an actress obviously. Like they don’t care and that’s part of what makes them so good at their jobs.

Hannah was carrying a cardboard purse made by her nine-year-old daughter!

Juno Temple was a 90s goddess in Givenchy. This was the best Givenchy look I saw last night, which isn’t saying much (also see Kathryn Hahn and Joey King). I had hair like this in high school so I obviously love it on her. I wish she’d fill in her eyebrows more, but I’m just nitpicking. I also had tiny eyebrows in the 90s and thought I was cute.

American Fiction star Erika Alexander wore an incredible rayon Greta Constantine gown with two complementary bold floral prints. It’s so unique and pretty. If you haven’t seen American Fiction yet, and not a lot of people have as it’s still only available to buy, it’s worth the $20! It’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen and while I know it won’t win it deserves all the accolades and more. I want to see writer/director Cord Jefferson get a huge deal with one of the streamers. Also Erika is excellent in it and I want to see more of her on screen too.

Tracee Ellis Ross was in custom Balmain and she told Laverne Cox that she loved the snatched waist. It’s a little staid and 80s for my tastes but she can wear anything.

Leighton Meester was there with her husband, Adam Brody, who is in American Fiction. He’s so good at playing an a-hole although he’s anything but. She was in an understated St. John gown that was perfect for a plus one.

David Fisher/Todd Williamson/Shutterstock for SAG via Netflix Press, Xavier Collin / Image Press Agency / Avalon

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  1. Kathgal says:

    Erika will always be Cousin Pam to me! Love her.

  2. Becks1 says:

    hannah looks great – I feel like she nails it 9 times out of 10 on the red carpet and this is another hit.

    I think Juno also looks great, I love that dress – its simple but interesting.

  3. FancyPants says:

    Va-va-voom Hannah Waddingham! I love how she’s tall and curvy and never tries to make herself look smaller. I should take notes.

  4. TarteAuCitron says:

    LOVE that cranberry colour. We don’t see that colour range enough on the red carpet.

  5. Seraphina says:

    Everyone looks great but Juno knocked it out the park when paired with that hair. Love it.

  6. Roo says:

    Juno’s hair! I went to college with a girl with hair like that and I have always lovedit. Makes me think of cold, foggy walks on the moors and smart women who reject unsuitable suitors.

  7. lucy2 says:

    I love Juno’s dress. Hannah’s too, that color and silhouette is great on her.
    Tracee’s is very understated for her, usually she goes FASHION.

  8. Ameerah M says:

    The only one of these looks I like is Hannah’s. Tracee usually kills it but that dress is a dud for me. And Juno’s look was overrun by her hair.

  9. Yup, Me says:

    Tracee’s dress makes me unreasonably angry for some reason. I hate-stared at it for a long time trying to dredge up a memory.

    Every time I see Juno Temple, I wonder if she has Uncombable Hair Syndrome or if she’s just spent so much of her life with coarse curly hair, and in an industry surrounded by people who don’t know what to do with it. I wish soneone would tell her that she needs to get herself to the Black/Textured hair care stores and start drenching her hair in butters and oils and conditioners with good slip and moisture. It always looks thirsty and dry. Always. Even when she’s wearing weaves or hair pieces added.

  10. Mei says:

    I had no idea Seth Cohen was married to Queen B! I love both those shows so this is a wild mash up haha. Leighton looks lovely.

    Loving Erika Alexander’s dress too, it’s so colourful and fun and I love the shape.