Amy Winehouse is arrested for assault after disrupting ‘Cinderella’


If you need any further proof that Amy Winehouse is still a hot mess and a mentalcase, here it is: the singer was arrested for an assault on a theater manager after she disrupted a children’s play at the Milton Keynes Theatre. Families with young children were in the audience of a production of “Cinderella,” but that didn’t stop Amy from yelling out profanities and physically assaulting the theater manager. And get this: when Amy was booked, she identified herself as “Amy Civil,” lending more credibility to recent reports that she is back together with fellow crackhead Blake Fielder-Civil.

Singer Amy Winehouse has today been charged with an assault on a theatre manager.

The singer was arrested after she attended Milton Keynes police station in Buckinghamshire voluntarily with her legal adviser at 1.15pm.

The 26-year-old, from Hertfordshire, was charged under the name Amy Civil with a public order offence and common assault following the incident which took place on Saturday, December 19.

The troubled star is said to have launched a physical attack on a member of staff during a performance of Cinderella at the Milton Keynes Theatre theatre.

At the performance the singer was said to have shocked children and parents by shouting ‘He’s f ****** behind you’ and yelling out ‘F*** Cinders, Prince Charming, marry me”.

Refusing to sit down, she also branded the Ugly Sisters ‘b******”.

Her outburst was said to have exasperated stars of the show, including Fairy Godmother Anthea Turner, comedian Bobby Davro, playing Buttons, and actor Mickey Rooney, as Baron Hardup.

And later she allegedly launched herself at the front-of-house manager pulling his hair, punching him and kicking him between the legs.

Amy is set to appear at Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 20 January 2010.

In July of this year, Amy was acquitted of punching a fan in the face at a charity concert.

Thames Valley Police spokesman said: “A woman from Hertfordshire has today been charged in connection with an assault at Milton Keynes Theatre on Saturday night.

“Amy Civil attended Milton Keynes police station voluntarily with her legal advisor at 1.15pm this afternoon.

“She was formally arrested by officers from Thames Valley Police on suspicion of assault and public order.”

[From The Daily Mail]

I really need someone to explain to me the British legal system. How many times is this crazy bitch going to punch people and get away with it? And what in the world was she doing at this theater in the first place – didn’t she have some crack to smoke? I stopped feeling sorry for Amy a long time ago. I don’t get how she is able to keep walking, talking and functioning when she so obviously keeps on abusing herself. Any other person who put that much crap into their bodies would be long gone. But not Amy – she’s like the Energizer Bunny of Crack.

Amy Winehouse in London (wearing acid-washed jeans?) on November 25, 2009. Credit: WENN.


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  1. irishserra says:

    What the hell was she doing at a children’s play? She’s got to be the saddest case out there right now…so much talent but what a waste.

  2. Popcorny says:

    I don’t understand why this violent piece of trash isn’t in jail.
    Total skeevebag who makes Lindsay Lohan appear clean-cut by comparison.
    Wrap this garbage up and put it in a psych ward at least.

  3. sarny says:

    As long as she doesn’t cheat the gov’t or a bank out of money her rampage can go on ad infinitum.

  4. stinabelle says:

    The Sun reported that she was there as a guest to the dude who played Prince Charming. I thought she was getting better? Is this a Blake-induced rock fest?

  5. diva says:

    Even though she is reportedly off drugs, she has taken to alcohol with a vengenance and this is the result. She needs to just stop drinking and drugging altogether and try to save what is left of her career. I also think she has a mental problem that comes out more when she is drinking.

  6. CH says:

    As a British citizen I can confirm we were all hoping she was caught with something illegal in St Lucia meaning she would never see our shores again!

  7. Rachel says:

    I know brats like that here in Dallas. They do some lines to stay skinny…They throw fits, attack people when they don’t get what they want, and are just plain leeches.

    Funny thing is- they all think they are so “hot” and that everyone wants to be them or be with them… Ew no thanks

  8. Alecto says:

    she looks so healthy now. unlike before. what is going on here? i know she’s gotta be just as screwed up.

  9. Pont Neuf says:

    I have never understood what people see in Amy Winehouse. She is a mediocre singer with mediocre material that’s pretentiously presented as the future of soul music, and an all around grubby, grimy, sleazy, trashy chav.

    Her only real merit in life is having been in the right place at the right time. Beyond that, she doesn’t deserve any recognition.

    And I also cannot understand many people’s attitude towards her. Other celebrities are universally hated for being superficial or vain, but this grotty tart gets away with being a drug-addicted, alcoholic mess of a bitch just because her record company sells her as a diva? Unbelievable.

  10. Kathie says:

    Ms. Winehouse sure knows how to bring the crazy don’t she? This girl needs to be locked up for a month or two if not longer. I am sure though the re-arrival of the husband has a lot to do with the falling off of the wagon with a resounding thump..or crack….as the case may be. This kid aint gonna straighten up..hate that, she has genuine talent but that is the way it goes sometimes (I’m looking at you Lohan)

  11. BooJoulais says:

    The silicone that leaked out of her breasts, leeched onto her brain. Poor Amy (/sarcasm)!

  12. MooMooMooMooMoo says:

    @diva I think self-destructive people & addicts just need to completely burn themselves out before they are ready to move on and be better, if you don’t kill yourself first anyway. It’s sad, exhausting and hellish for yourself everyone around you. Being a healthy ‘normal’ person is a fucking walk in the park comparatively!

  13. She is getting old enough to be on ramp, that’s what i think!

  14. Jazz says:

    Someone send her back to St Lucia!

  15. missy says:

    MooMooMooMooMoo is the only one here who has a clue. Shame on the author of this post – you are furthering the severe stigmas that people with addiction and mental illness face every day, which is often what prevents them from getting the help they need. You are obviously not familiar with anyone who has an addiction problem since you are convinced that anyone who does drugs like Amy should be dead. All severe drug addicts use like she does. It’s nothing new to those who actually have witnessed and experienced these things first hand in themselves or a loved one. You are contributing to a very dangerous attitude about addiction when you make statements and judgements without knowing anything about this issue. I urge you to stop posting about Amy if you are unwilling to learn about what addiction actually is, and if you prefer to simply judge from afar and balk at how much she disgusts you.

  16. Just Me says:

    Missy, in MSats deffense i must say it’s pretty lame to use lines like “and if you prefer to simply judge from afar” when talking to someone who writes celebrity gossip…so before you go judging people maybe you should consider what their job entails..and if you’re going to be so sensitive i urge you to carefully read the name of the websites you are choosing to go to!!! Merry Christmas!

  17. BooJoulais says:

    All due respect, Missy, people who suffered the same maladies as Amy Winehouse do not have the resources as she. People who suffer the same maladies that assault people or commit crimes are sent to jail.

    It’s true that addiction and mental issues need understanding, not condemnation. Ms. Winehouse has numerous chances and numerous opportunities to seek help. Two times she’s been before the judge for assault, and due to her celebrity, Amy got a mere slap on the wrist and a finger wag. Let me get this straight, that stupid ol’ theatre manager, didn’t sympathize with Amy’s substance abuse and/or mental issues deserved to be kneed in the groin? Oh, I’m sorry, I’m just being judgmental.

    People have supported her when she assaulted innocent concertgoers at Glastonbury, and remember that video which showed Winehouse slapping a lady for merely touching her arm? How about a certain video that showed Amy bragging to a pap that she can hit, that ‘they weren’t in America, he couldn’t sue her’? Poor Amy, right?

  18. Trillion says:

    “Amy Civil”. That’s rich.

  19. Lucy Loo says:

    BooJoulais – The problem, as I see it, is in Great Britain’s legal system. As an American, I am confounded by the way celebrities are treated with such privilege by their judges and courts. I wonder if their system is just as lax with non-celebrity British citizens. Maybe it is? I have no idea. It just seems that people like Amy and Pete Doherty make a mockery of the laws and have no negative consequences to suffer for their heinous actions.

    In regards to addiction and what you wrote, I must comment that resources are somewhat irrelevant. All actively using addicts have the resources to obtain expensive drugs on a regular basis. It does seem that treatment is prohibitively expensive for most but when you consider that many addicts, especially those with physical dependencies to opiates, spend a hundred dollars a day and upwards, you see that in context, treatment isn’t as costly as it seems. Nor is it avoided because of lack of finances. In the US, there are state and federal agencies that help to pay treatment costs for those that truly cannot find the funds. After all, treatment centers do not accept stolen goods and sexual acts for trade of services so an addict has no choice but to pay cash or credit. Finding and obtaining aid for substance abuse treatment is work though but addicts have much energy and motivation to acquire their drug of choice or the money necessary to get their supply. Keeping a drug habit is a daily, exhaustive process that leaves little time for anything else. Both money and effort are present for addicts, if they chose to get treatment, but they seldom chose that path. It is mostly choice. I knew an addict that had no problem opening credit card accounts (pre-financial crisis in the US) to get cash advances but bristled when it was suggested that the cost of treatment be paid for with one of those cards. Again, choice. Same addict had offers from family to pay for or heavily subsidize treament but again, chose not to be indebted to anyone. This addict had no problem asking for $20 for “gas” or “food” (code names for a baggie of drugs) from the same people.

    The stereotype of an addict, outside of celebrity, is a penniless, dirty, orphaned person living on the streets due to severe poverty. This can be true but there are a mind-boggling amount of addicts who are very well off financially who don’t get well and I am not just referring to celebrities. If you work at a corporation, I would bet you a kidney that there are executives there that are well paid and secretly have a pill, alcohol or street drug addiction.

    Relapse starts long before a recovering addict starts using their drug of choice again. Attitude and the display addictive behaviors that weren’t recently present are great predictors of relapse. Amy is certainly displaying these predictors. When it was reported that she went to visit her ex for a couple days last month, I knew in my heart that we would start seeing her crack and heroin-using behavior again, even if she truly isn’t using those drugs yet. If she doesn’t catch herself, it is only a matter of time before she does begin using them. It is a pattern, or a cycle, that is easy to spot for those that are recovering addicts, addiction treament professionals or the loved ones of addicts. The only person it isn’t obvious to is the addict in question.

  20. Mick says:

    Sigh. This is why I find girls so boring.

  21. gg says:

    I have been told by many of my British friends that the celebs are indeed treated different than regular folk in the courts. Amy’s been on record for assaulting way more than twice – she does it whenever she feels like it, which is often. The judges just give them a warning and put them right back out there.

  22. yae says:


    I suspect it is because we are being trained globally to worship the wealthy.

  23. BooJoulais says:

    Lucy Loo/missy…..Merry Christmas. Addicted or no, Mrs. Civil needs a little growing up, no dissertations on addiction will erase all the screwy behavior. Let’s rise above the vulgar, Amy Winehouse-Civil needs to grow up and face the music.

    GG, Just Me,and yae, Amen.

  24. Bellaluna says:

    @ Pont Neuf…everyone is entitled to their opinion but to say that Amy has a mediocre voice and songs is just wrong. You probably hate her for the same reasons I do, shes a drug addited alcoholic mess…but that doesnt take away from her music for me. I still think she is one of the most talented singers I have heard in the last ten years. I like her raspy rough voice and it is very unique indeed. Her lyrics and music stand out to me amongst all the pop tart crap that plays on the radio today and reminds me of how music used to be when it was good. Its certainly worth much much more than being at the right place at the right time. Having said all that I think shes a complete waste and I have stopped hoping she will turn her life around or even put out another decent album. It seems like we have seen all we will see out of her Im afraid.

  25. Joe Mahma says:


    When she gets arrested, she uses her husbands name. When she performs and puts records out, she uses her own name.



  26. ccoop says:

    I can’t believe I am saying this, but in that photo she looks healthier and cleaner (in every sense of the word) than she has in ages. But obviously she is still rocking the crazy.

  27. Magic Peachz says:

    Oh no! I love Amy’s music. She is Billy Holiday reincarnated in every sense. And that writes the story. Too bad sooo sad. Goodbye Amy. Your CDs are still in my rotation.

    I am not forgiving violence. She should be punished. It’s not excusable.

  28. missy says:

    BooJoulais, you missed my point completely. Merry Christmas to you too.

  29. Hello from Wexford Ireland, I enjoyed the article. Very Good.

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