Megan Fox gets real about all of the plastic surgery & cosmetic work she’s had done

Megan Fox started getting cosmetic surgery when she was pretty young. I remember when she first hit the scene and men were falling all over themselves about her beauty, especially in the Transformers era (2007-09). Around that same time, she started messing with her face, little tweaks here and there. I feel like Botox was definitely involved, plus lip injections, plus a really obvious breast augmentation. For years and years, Megan has never really talked about that stuff, but that’s all changing. She went on the Call Her Daddy podcast and host Alex Cooper asked Megan what all she had done. Megan was pretty honest:

What she hasn’t done: “Here’s things I haven’t done that I have been accused of doing. I’ve never had a face lift of any kind, so no mid-face lift, no lateral brow lift, although I would like one. I’ve never done threads. I’ve never had buccal fat done. I’ll never have any fat done, I’m a very lean person that doesn’t have enough body fat or fat in my face, so I’ll only ever put fat in, I will never be taking fat out. Which leads me to I’ve never had any liposuction, or body contouring or anything like that.”

Three different boob jobs: And while she said she had a rhinoplasty around age 23 and has had her breasts done on three separate occasions—the first when she was in her early 20s, the second after she’d finished breastfeeding and the third more recently—there is one reason she hasn’t had more procedures done. “I don’t like surgery. My body doesn’t react well to general anesthesia, and so when I go to have a surgery it’s a very big deal. I’m very afraid of dying under general anesthesia, so I don’t take surgery lightly and therefore I have not had many of them because of that.”

She had one more surgery which she’s gatekeeping: “There’s one thing I had done that I’m gatekeeping. It was really good, and it’s not a known plastic surgery, people don’t even really know about it. I wanted it really badly.”

No shame in getting work done: “I don’t understand the point of shaming people for getting stuff done. Granted, I’m not encouraging anyone to do anything crazy. Like I said, you need to be very safe and very careful when you do any of this stuff. But it’s a very weird thing to shame people for….The more that I’ve taken control of my body and done the things that I’ve always wanted to do, the more comfortable I am in my body. And the more freedom I have.”

She never had a BBL either: Fox quipped that her fear of anesthesia is “probably a saving grace” because “God knows what I would have been up to,” and earlier in the podcast, joked about why she’s never had a Brazilian butt lift. “I would be so flattered if somebody thought I had a BBL.”

Fillers & a nose job: Fox says she’s gotten injectables like Botox and dermal filler, but the only other major cosmetic surgery she’s gotten is a rhinoplasty — and only once. “I had my nose done when I was in my early twenties,” she says, adding that she’s heard people assume she’s had multiple nose jobs. “I haven’t had a rhinoplasty since I was, I’m going to say, 23. It’s been well over a decade. I’ve not touched my nose since then.”

[From E! News & People & Allure]

She also said that she asked her surgeon to give her the biggest implants he could fit in her body, but then she ended up redoing them and getting smaller implants because the bigger ones were too obvious, especially with the “rippling.” As for her confessions… yeah, I believe that she’s only done implants to her body. No BBL, no lipo, she’s just naturally slim. Her face on the other hand? Yeah – the nose job, Botox, fillers, and she’s done a lot to her lips. I understand that she has body dysmorphia but my god, she started out as such a natural beauty and it’s crazy that she really wanted to look like a plastic doll.

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  1. CROWHOOD says:

    I appreciate you acknowledging body dysmorphia is real because it is and it’s wild. I’m no Megan Fox, but I was Conventionally attractive and in good shape most of my life. You literally can’t see it. My husband will sometimes stand in front of a mirror with me and we do like reality checks where I use My hands as a size gauge and he has to show me in real time that my brain is computing a different image.

    • LooseSeal says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience. Putting yourself out there about something so vulnerable isn’t easy, even in an anonymous comment. I hope it helps to build empathy in everyone who reads it.

    • londongal says:

      Solidarity, BD is horrible. I have modelled and been painted, complimented, a lot of it doesn’t get through the BD forcefield and the anxiety and hypervilgilence is horrid.

  2. Seraphina says:

    I recently needed abdominal surgery and I have been toying of some work as I age (close to 50). After the surgery, I will say there is no way am I putting my body through added trauma for my vanity. I think the younger you are, the more fearless you are.
    As far as Fox, I too thought she was a natural beauty. To each their own but I almost blacked out reading she put in the largest implants she could and then took them back down in size. I cannot imagine the healing process in all of that. No thanks.

    • Nikki says:

      “put in the largest implants she could and then took them back down in size”

      Plastic surgeons moto should be the same a CoCo Chanel “look in the mirror and take one thing off”…they should ask, what size do you want and before you leave the office take off a size.

  3. sevenblue says:

    I don’t understand the actresses getting this much work done. If you are only modelling, maybe the PS makes pics more perfect, but you need to use your face muscles to act. When she was on New Girl, she was so distracting because her face barely moved. Unfortunately the more a woman ages, the less roles she gets on screen, but PS doesn’t make you appear younger. It just makes you a worse actress.

  4. SAS says:

    Surgery recovery is awful and it is really hard to understand people choosing to do it so often- the fact she thinks at least 4-5 major surgeries under GA is “not many” is extremely telling of Hollywood rather than a reflection on her imo.

    Kudos to her for being so open though, isn’t that what we’re always asking of celebrities around their procedures? I’m more and more scared of filler honestly.

    • Layday says:

      @SAS thank-you for confirming I haven’t lost it. I was flabbergasted that she doesn’t consider 4-5 surgeries under general anesthesia a lot, especially purely cosmetic ones. I agree that transparency is better than secrecy when it’s so apparent there’s been work done, I just think it’s kind of sad that a woman so naturally beautiful is so embedded within a culture of plastic surgery that she downplays having elective cosmetic surgery so many times. Just because your friends may be on their 9th and 10th procedures, doesn’t mean the surgeries get any less riskier for the ones you have if you know your body has a difficult time recovering, especially given surgery in general inherently comes with risks. I will say though that Megan has had a rough go of things in so many ways, so hoping she finds her bliss wherever that takes her.

    • Tuesday says:

      I’m just a regular person and I had surgery nearly annually for a decade (bunion, gall bladder, c-section, pancreatitis, etc). One of mine was cosmetic, but the rest weren’t and I’m relatively healthy.

  5. Immaculate Misconception says:

    Megan and I are about the same age and for years I did as much as I reasonably could to look like her because I thought she was the most beautiful woman on the planet. Now she looks hard faced and vacant. It makes me so sad that she had so much beauty and it was never really enough for her. I also don’t think spending time with MGK and the Kardashians has helped her body dysmorphia.

  6. Pinkosaurus says:

    The honesty is refreshing but it’s also horrifying that such a naturally gorgeous woman felt like she needed all that work. Part of it, I think, is that some procedures require ongoing maintenance, like breast implants or tooth veneers which I think lends itself to a culture of regularly being in the doctors office getting suggestions for additional “enhancements”.

    I am more appalled lately by the filler and eye lifts of younger women that make them look twenty years older, and think some of these slightly older women would be better served by just getting a small facelift than filling every single wrinkle until they look swollen. The overfilled and overdrawn lips are horrifying.

  7. Sasha says:

    Lory Hill did an analysis of the video, she challenged some of Megan’s claims. It was an interesting watch. I think when celebrities are ‘transparent’ about *some* procedures, it’s a way of distorting the truth. I guess Megan doesn’t need to ‘come out’ about any of the work if she doesn’t want to, but I think it does a disservice to people to maintain the pretence (that a lot of celebrities do) that they’ve just had ‘this and that’ done but not the whole 9 yards.

  8. Mischief says:

    it wasn’t just ‘the guys’ falling over themselves over her beauty, I had a huge girl crush on Megan Fox when I was a teen. I thought she was gorgeous and I really wanted to be and look like her.

    Back then, it was already very obvious that Megan had work done, but I thought it looked really good on her. Almost ten years ago I also decided to get rhinoplasty because I absolutely hated my nose. Looking back at old pictures, I fail to see why I hated it so much, and I regret getting it done. I kinda hate my nose now more than ever. To me, my nose now looks fake and I can see the incision the surgeon made. My husband has to convince me as well that I look beautiful. Feeling confident has always been a struggle. I hope one day, we can feel content with our reflection in the mirror.

    • SAS says:

      Oh @Mischief that’s so difficult. I recall reading Bella Hadid make similar comments about her rhinoplasty.

      I don’t know if this helps but I put away my small “close up” mirrors for a while and will now stand no closer than 1m/3ft from a mirror (yes, even for makeup) so I have more of a grip on what other people are seeing. No one else sees our pores, scars, facial hair from inches away so I don’t need to see that stuff either!

  9. Glamarazzi says:

    I do wonder what the surgery-that-shall-not-be-named was, and why that surgery cannot be named while she lists all the others?

    I’d love to get tons of plastic surgery but am also terrified of surgery so sadly will have to live with my imperfect aging face forever.

    • angie_o717 says:

      Definitely a vaginoplasty.

      • Sandra says:

        ^^^ my guess, too. Three kids, I could see that causing an insecurity. I know at least one of her children was born via non-surgical delivery

        I had a friend who was actually excited to have to get a c-section because she was convinced it was going to “ruin” her.

      • io says:

        she said it wasn’t a “known plastic surgery”. a vaginoplasty is pretty well known

    • Dahlia says:

      Rumour has it it was an eyebrow hair transplant.

  10. Notjust says:

    Her breasts look incredibly fake and painful and it saddens me that for many people she is an example of how a woman should look and age.

  11. Andrea says:

    I’m looking forward to the trend of looking as plastic as possible coming to an end and the trend is to look as natural as possible. Please tell me this is where Hollywood is heading. I actually feel uncomfortable for these stars. Perfectly beautiful men and women messing with their face and bodies. Ouch.

  12. FancyPants says:

    I don’t care whether anybody wants to get plastic surgery- you do you, and if somebody would give me money for a blepharoplasty, I’ll do me. What bothers me is when someone turns up with an obviously different face and tries to deny it or tell me it came from eating certain potatoes.