The Tom Cruise Scientology Video (update)

Hurry up and watch it before it’s removed. It’s hard to tell what the hell Cruise is talking about, apart from the fact that in his addled mind he thinks he has the answers to everything. At one point he talks about SPs, which is Scientology-speak for suppressive people, or people who try to detract from their craziness, and how they don’t confront him.

“It’s our responsibility to educate, to create the new reality…”

A commentor on RadarOnline, which had a YouTube version which was removed, is a former Scientologist and offers some definitions for all the cult-speak.

And US Weekly has a transcript.

Thanks to reader Moogle for the heads up on this video.

Update: Gawker is personally hosting the video and they refuse to remove it. If the video is not working above, and that’s probably the case, you can view it on Gawker.

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