Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce flew to Pennsylvania to spend Easter with Jason Kelce

Taylor Swift is in an undercover era right now. Since completing the Asian leg of her Eras tour, Taylor has been based out of LA, and Travis Kelce has been staying with her in her LA home. They did have a week-long holiday in the Bahamas, and then they returned to LA. But according to the Daily Mail, they flew to Pennsylvania to celebrate the Easter holiday with Travis’s brother Jason Kelce and Jason’s family. Travis probably wanted to go on an Easter egg hunt with his nieces.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce took a cross-country hop to spend Easter Sunday with Jason and Kylie and their family at their home in Pennsylvania. And Swift took another step into the heart of the Kelce clan as, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal, Kelce’s adorable nieces, Bennie, 1, Elliotte, 3 and Wyatt, 4, were introduced to their Auntie Tay for the first time.

Kelce, also 34, and his Pennsylvania-born pop princess jetted in from Los Angeles Sunday morning for the flying visit to Jason’s home in the upscale enclave of Haverford Township just nine miles outside Philadelphia city center. Exclusive images obtained by DailyMail.com show their car parked in the driveway of Jason’s charming stone home which has a wraparound deck and is set on an acre of landscaped gardens complete with large patio and swimming pool.

Kelce and Swift no doubt took part in the family’s annual Easter egg hunt – an Easter tradition that Swift has always enthusiastically embraced.

Kelce and Swift are believed to have stayed at the Four Seasons after enjoying the day with Jason and his family. On previous visits, Swift has stayed at The Ritz Carlton and has been seen dining at the Four Season’s Jean-Georges restaurant. They flew back to the west coast Monday morning landing at Burbank airport and deplaning amid a thicket of umbrellas around 1:30pm local time.

The couple has been all but inseparable since Swift returned to the States having completed the Australia and Asia legs of her monster Eras Tour last month and recently came back from a sun-filled vacation on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera.

[From The Daily Mail]

This visit, perhaps more than anything else, has gotten me back on the “Travis and Taylor will get married” train. I hopped off the train for a month or so because it felt like the vibe was more “oh, they might break up.” But now? Get ready for Taylor Kelce, because Killa Trav is totally going to put a ring on it. She literally flew to Pennsylvania for 24 hours so she and Travis could spend Easter with Jason, Kylie and their daughters. Come on. They’re totally getting married.

Incidentally, I loved the photos from Travis and Tay’s Bahamas vacation – they both look so relaxed. Because people are ridiculous, they were criticizing Travis’s “dad-bod” though – if you think that’s a dad-bod…good lord.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Bettyrose says:

    Why is there an insert of a bikini model in Tay’s swimsuit?

    ETA: Nevermind. If you click the article h they’re trying to sell you the bikini. #capitalism

  2. BritinBoston says:

    Totally engaged already, and they will announce it after walking Red Carpet together at Met Gala!

  3. Shawna says:

    Haverford is very very nice. I could see Taylor getting ideas about a family home. Not there specifically, but the general idea.

    • lucy2 says:

      It is a very nice area. I went to a backyard wedding in that general neighborhood a few years ago, some gorgeous properties.
      I would imagine they’d stay in NYC though, but who knows. I think they will get engaged too, if they haven’t already.

  4. Sunnyday says:

    To add on even more to the engaged discourse, they actually were in Nashville with her parents Friday and Saturday and then went to Philly to be with Travis’ family. Convinced the engagement happened in the Bahamas and she is waiting to announce anything until after her album release.

    • Fortuona says:

      He spent a day last week with with his mate Tyler Parsons the Ex NBA player golfing in LA and TP want playing a Taylor Song to put him off but it did not work’

      Keileigh Teller is friends with his wife – both rich girls from LA – and he was playing with Parsons’ son who was wearing protective headgear because his head was mishaped at birth and Trav signed his headgear

      Parsons’ wife has an identical twin who was dating DBook until the day before he turned up with Kendall at that airport during Covid

  5. Michelle says:

    I agree with you about TNT getting married. They went to Nashvegas to see her family before they went to Philly. But Easter with Jason/Kylie and their adorable girls is a big tell. I think Travis will put a ring on it during the EU tour, before he heads to training camp in August.

  6. Fineapplewinner says:

    Their vibe never once felt off to me. It was clear after the Super Bowl that even though they were hugely busy, they were trying to spend time together when possible and Travis flying to the other side of the world twice proved that.

    Anyway, they’ve been inseparable since Taylor finished her Asia leg – i believe they’ve been staying together in LA. I won’t join others on the engagement train – i still think it’s too early. But they’re definitely very serious and very in love.

    • Callie says:

      Yes, I was surprised by that comment, but I think it’s because Travis/his PR team didn’t want to publicize his schedule after the Super Bowl – which is 100% his right but it fed some misperceptions. Like, the whole idea that Travis abandoned Taylor in Australia “to go party” was far from the truth. Anyone who follows sports interviews knows that Patrick Mahomes promised the Chiefs offensive line that if they treated LV like a business trip during the SB, he’d pay for them to return for a celebration. But a lot of people don’t follow sports interviews that closely, and some thought Travis was being flakey or immature. In reality, he was a captain obligated to be with his team, and they had to celebrate then because free agency was starting and players would be leaving the team (and because Travis probably won’t be playing much longer). Not to mention Taylor herself is working on her tour. The fact that he went to Australia at all, for such a short time, showed how much he and Taylor love each other.
      Now that I’ve got that out of the way, LOL, I do think an engagement is more likely than not this year. But obviously they are the only ones who know. If I had to guess, it wouldn’t be until summer but before the football season starts. It’s typically considered bad luck to get engaged during the season. Regardless, I wish nothing but the best for them!

  7. Miss617 says:

    Now that Taylor’s met Jason and Kylie’s girls, the next step should be to bring in Haim to mentor them as they grow up to be America’s next great sister band.

    • Kris says:

      Perfect! This will have me laughing for days.

    • Truthiness says:

      Or professional athletes since Jason and Kylie are both athletes. They are already just 2 shy of a basketball team with two tall parents. I don’t envy any kids playing against those girls, Wyatt can already plow through anything and Ellie is fearless.

  8. ariel says:

    I hope they are happy and having a wonderful time.
    But also, they have known each other less than a year still. And i’m glad they got private courtship time for several months. But still, they have both been crazy busy.

    Though, as an aside, i think one of the things that makes it work is that they are both busy, in demand, and very supportive of one another.

    But knowing people takes a while. Romance is great- but marriage is a whole different animal.
    There are layers to people and their plans, desires and values.
    I hope they take their time.

    It is lovely to see her with someone who seems to get her, cherish her, and appreciate her.

  9. crazyoldlady says:

    agree – and no – that is not a Dad bod. I spend a lot of time around national team athletes – rowers – what might look like a small pot belly is actually a solid block of ab muscles that are so big the abs look like a belly. Travis is a solid block of muscle. Weight on professional athletes moves up and down in days, if not hours and all depends on where they are in their training cycle…… food the same. It’s all structured. Even when it’s the off season and it’s unstructured.

    • Miss617 says:

      The superhero movie craze has shifted our view on “fit” male body standards so much. People need to realize the actors are taking steroids and HGH to achieve their superhero bodies, something that athletes can’t do to preserve the integrity of sport.

  10. K says:

    They both look hot. When I go to the beach for a week I know my belly puffs out from vacation day drinks etc. They work hard and deserve to relax (as do we all)

    • Smart&Messy says:

      They both look hot yess! I never followed Taylor and her lovelife but I’m rooting for them for some reason. This whole relationship brings me joy, inexplicably. My only issue is still her hair. I’ve loved the color recently and her glammed up hair style has been great, but her free time hair is still annoying.

  11. QuiteContrary says:

    I envy Taylor for one thing: getting to hang with Jason and Kylie and their kids. They are the cutest family. And Kylie is hilarious.

    I hope Taylor and Travis marry — they seem perfect for each other, and their families seem to jell, too. Also, Haverford Township isn’t too far from where Taylor grew up. Suburban Philly would be like home for her.

  12. Flamingo says:

    If Travis and Taylor stick it out Jason and Kylie’s girls are going to be the head Heathers in the school yard.

  13. Agatha Tatiana says:

    My husband teases me because I compare our relationship to them. I think they know in that when you know you know but I don’t think they are rushing. The only thing that would speed up this timeline in my mind is them wanting kids but I think she’s smart enough to have frozen her egg. Or as my husband put it over the weekend ivf was our craziest egg hunt ever. I love watching their relationship but equally love that they have had some private time the past few weeks