Bower: The ‘bullying investigation’ into Duchess Meghan could get a revival!

More than a week ago, Samantha Cohen gave a couple of interviews to the Sydney Morning Herald. Cohen was a long-time aide to Queen Elizabeth II, then right as Cohen was about to leave Buckingham Palace to move into the private sector, QEII asked Cohen to stay on and work for a six-month transition period as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s private secretary. Cohen ended up staying with the Sussexes for about a year and a half. She left the Sussexes just a few months before THEY left for Canada and eventually Sussexited out of the UK. In Cohen’s April interviews, she basically left the impression that she was interviewed as part of the “bullying investigation” into Meghan’s conduct, and that the Sussexes had high staff turnover. I also got the impression that she didn’t enjoy her time working with the Sussexes but she wasn’t part of the palace-driven campaign to destroy them.

Given everything we’ve seen over the years, no one has ever provided one single piece of evidence or even an anecdotal, unverifiable story of Meghan “bullying” anyone. It’s always just vibes, racist innuendo and “she made me feel bullied” claims. No one has ever explained exactly what Meghan allegedly did or said which had posh white women sobbing hysterically or on the verge of nervous breakdowns. “She wanted a specific kind of flower at her wedding!” That’s not bullying. “She looked at me in a meeting!” Also not bullying. “She sent a 5am text to Jason Knauf while she was traveling internationally!” No mas!! Well, trust Tom Bower to try to make a meal out of Cohen’s interviews. He wrote a new screed in the Mail about how, five years after the fakakta bullying claims were created, Cohen’s interviews could breathe new life into the smear campaign:

The Duchess of Sussex’s senior royal official, Samantha Cohen, has finally broken cover on the explosive bullying claims that first rocked Kensington Palace in 2021 and still reverberate today. Ms Cohen, a loyal and longstanding former palace aide, has confirmed to an Australian newspaper that she was, indeed, among those interviewed by the Palace in the wake of complaints about the duchess’s alleged aggressive behaviour.

A small step forward, you might think, but a significant one when it comes to an episode which officials have so far swept under the carpet. Samantha Cohen is not just any courtier, after all. An intelligent, charming Australian, she had been working with the late Queen for 20 years when she was asked to undertake a challenging new assignment. In 2017, Ms Cohen agreed to help the newly engaged Meghan acclimatise to the Royal Family and life in Kensington Palace.

Her task was to persuade an ambitious, career-minded and outspoken Californian actress to embrace the Royal Family’s immutable hierarchy and rigid protocols. Perhaps it was a tall order. Certainly, I believe that Ms Cohen was soon exasperated, within six months or so, and that Meghan either disagreed with, or failed to understand, the non-negotiable elements of royalty. I also believe that members of Samantha Cohen’s team viewed this as an irresponsible self-indulgence. Both sides would blame a clash of cultures.

Could a 36-year-old with a profile adopt the British propensity for understatement? Could she ditch Hollywood’s hyperbole in favour of the Palace’s low-key, repetitive ‘no comment’? It seems not.

She doesn’t go quite so far in her conversation with the Herald Sun, but Ms Cohen does say that she stayed in her role three times as long as she had planned – because officials struggled to find a replacement for her. And that, intriguingly, when a new private secretary was eventually found, that person quit during Harry and Meghan’s tour of Africa in 2019. The Sun Herald quotes Ms Cohen as saying: ‘I was only supposed to stay for six months but stayed for 18 – we couldn’t find a replacement for me and when we did, we took them on tour to Africa with Harry and Meghan to show them the ropes but they left as well while in Africa.’

Ms Cohen also appeared to confirm that she was one of a number of courtiers who had been interviewed following a bullying complaint raised by Harry and Meghan’s communications secretary, Jason Knauf, in 2018 – and first revealed by The Times in 2020.

As I record in my book, Revenge, William told Harry that Meghan’s behaviour was unacceptable and that Ms Cohen and others had become suspicious that Meghan had never intended to give up her career and become a loyal member of the family. Did Meghan want to return to America, William wondered? As their conversation became heated, William mentioned staff complaints about being bullied by Meghan. Harry was outraged – but the accusations, whether justified or not, were a matter of fact. So was a certain level of staff turnover.

[From The Daily Mail]

“So was a certain level of staff turnover.” So if we’re using “staff turnover” as evidence of the bad behavior of royals, surely that rationale should be extended to Prince William and Kate? Their senior staff come and go rapidly, and part of the reason why Kensington Palace has been such a clownshow this year is because Kate didn’t have a private secretary for more than eighteen months, and William’s private secretary left because he didn’t want to answer to as-yet-undiscovered Kensington Palace CEO. All of the major KP staffers from 2018-2019 left in the coming years after the Sussexes exited the country. The king basically assigned a Tory handler and an ex-military guy to staff Huevo and Buttons mid-crisis this year because William is too stupid and inept to keep senior staff. The past four years have been evidence enough that Kensington Palace’s staffers are incompetent fools, and that was before Simon Case tried to run “the Meghan Special” on government staffers in Downing Street. You reap what you sow, and William and Kate have been reaping for years.

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  1. Lady Esther says:

    Surely this “story” is a distraction timed for the real news, that the Sun (Murdoch) is suing other British papers over….wait for it….the garden shop video of Kate and William?

    (sips tea, waits patiently)

    • Lia says:

      For real?!?!

    • theRobinsons says:

      They are going to get sued royally if they keep going down that avenue. QE2 shelved it because there was no there there, and she did not want the BRF to get outed for their lies, after she hired Investigators. Meghan has her evidence proving otherwise. QE2 would not give Meghan a chance to prove otherwise, because she knew Meghan would win, and the palace would be found out.

      • theRobinsons says:

        But, it might be a good thing that this Cohen chick is digging up what QE2 buried… because it opens the court doors for Meghan’s team to bring a lawsuit apart from what QE2 shelved. I don’t think KC3 would actually try to help Cohen, because he knows the truth that it all was made up and he doesn’t need more egg on his face. But, it would allow Meghan to settle the score with her evidence and documentation. People forget Meghan has International foreign affairs experience working with governments and one thing you learn is to document all actions and interactions. So allow Ms. Cohen to continue talking and she’s going to get an order to appear in court.

      • BeanieBean says:

        theRobinsons: I very much agree with you. Try it, folks, just try it. Meghan is already five steps ahead.

    • goofpuff says:

      Interesting! Now that’s what I want to know more about. Murdoch (the sun) suing other British papers over the video. Are they saying they own it because they paid for it? Aka paid the photographer and actors to fake it?

      • Shawna says:

        Yeah, it’s apparently about exclusive use:

        Boy am I here for it if this video will finally get scrutiny!

      • Underhill says:

        Don’t want to get too far out over my skiis here, but: maybe it was the Sun that commissioned that little film? I do believe its a Kate Look alike whose first name is Gabrielle (not the one they interviewed who denied it was her, this lady is younger, you can find her on Insta if you search for Gabrielle Kate Look Alike) who appears in that video. The question has always been, who commissioned it? The Sun, maybe, huh?

      • Julianna says:

        I think KP commissioned the SUN to do it. The Sun editor went on the record and stated KP was in communication with them the entire time regarding that video.

    • Interested Gawker says:


      • Lorelei says:

        Even if it was commissioned by the Sun, didn’t KP confirm it or acknowledge its veracity or something? I don’t remember the exact chain of events, but if the truth comes out about that video (I don’t believe for a minute that was actually Kate), it’s very bad news for the palace as well.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Wild!!! Hang on, didn’t that video come from TMZ? How is it the Sun’s IP? Did the sun hire TMZ to produce it? Oh, this is going to be verrry interesting.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        I believe TMZ was the first to release it. The TMZ logo was smack dab in the middle of it. That being said, TMZ is owned by the Fox Corporation, which is owned by the Murdoch’s, who also, “coincidentally”, own the Sun news publications.

      • FlamingHotCheetos2021 says:

        TMZ is owned by Fox, which is ultimately owned by Murdoch’s ConglomoNews Corp thing…what’s it called…News Corp.

        SERIOUSLY?! They named the mega-conglomerate news-owning corporation…News Corporation. WHY ARE THE RICH SO UNCREATIVE WITH THEIR WEALTH!


    The timing of these allegations coming to light the first time and every time subsequent, is not lost on me. This is their last and only pathetic play against Meghan and they always wheel it out when she’s clearly on the path to success with a new endeavour. They have nothing over her because she did nothing wrong during her time in that white supremacist sunken place and ever since she left, she hasn’t looked back once.

    • nutella toast says:

      Absolutely…Also, when will the investigation into Andrew conclude? Oh yeah…never.

    • Aye lwin says:

      Yes. They’re trotting this out again. The cruelty is unbelievable. So so mean

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Those were my thoughts exactly as the IG posts had shown its light upon the closeness of M’s friends all together supporting each other. So to counter that the bring out this poor old dead horse for another beating that will need to be restored as it is used as useless fodder against Megan, again.

      Now my question to Ms. Cohen is, IF she suffered such high degrees of bullying and harassment, why she chose to stay for an additional 12 months? If I had been under such a hostile work environment, my ass would have hid that door at six months and two days maximum!!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Valentine Low came out against Bower.

        In Low’s book, he attributed words to Cohen, saying “working with them was like working with teenagers”, something like that. Which makes zero sense. We know which royal couple doesn’t have a work ethic, good ideas and organizational skills. IMO, Samantha Cohen is being thrown under the bus. We don’t know if she actually gave an interview to AUS Herald Sun(Murdoch group). It’s not as if these tabloids wouldn’t invent/create a story to deflect or rewrite history.

        Low has worked closely with William and Knauf. I also haven’t forgotten that Chuck/Will/The Firm opted to protect William’s private secretary (back then), Christian Jones, whose partner was being paid for information by the Sun-Dan Wootton. H&M’s security was being pulled because Harry wouldn’t keep Jones’s name out of his lawsuits. Just my theory. It’s interesting that these old “new” stories are coming out when it’s understood the Sun is trying to settle with Harry. There was never a bullying investigation to begin with. H&M’s evidence filled report to HR shut that down. That’s the report I want to see.

  3. PotatoPuff says:

    Thank you, Kaiser, for putting Tom Bower on blast AND for bringing continued attention to Simon Case’s awful pattern of bullying and discrediting women of color. Your excellent coverage of Case confirms at least one example of this sh*t and makes it clear that something similar happened with Meghan.

  4. Sure it will because there so much dirty nasty stuff behind the scenes that need covering up.

    • Eurydice says:

      It’s ludicrous even knowing the stuff that’s already out there. Royal tantrums are legendary.

    • Christine says:

      I would love for them to release the report that QEII covered up! There are zero thinking people who believe the cover up was to protect Meghan. BP would have gleefully shouted from the rafters if there was even a tiny bit of evidence that Meghan bullied anyone. FFS, the royal family would have become the face of every anti-bullying organization in England.

  5. Amy Bee says:

    I would love the investigation to be revived but it won’t because the evidence found that Meghan was the one being bullied.

    • goofpuff says:

      I’d like it to be revived and to see all the evidence against all the other royals we know to be bullies (Andrew, Kate, Charles, Camilla, Wills) and the coverups related to their abuse of their staff. Now that’s a story investigative journalists should love to sink their teeth into.

      • SueBarbri33 says:

        This. That’s why we will never actually see any of the “evidence” against Meghan. She wasn’t there long enough to make too many enemies, and her professional reputation was stellar before she married into the RF. Meghan isn’t the one with the rage problem, and everybody knows it.

    • Becks1 says:

      RIGHT?? I saw this headline and thought, REVIVE IT THEN!!!!

      The “investigation” no doubt showed one of several things, including that Meghan was the one being bullied, OTHER royal family members were actually bullying the staff, and that KP staff was incompetent in general and the very idea that a Black American woman expected them to work was a bridge too far.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        Haha, me too! This is like when they threaten to sue someone and I yell YES, PLEASE SUE THEM SO WE CAN SEE THE DISCOVERY DOCUMENTS.

        They won’t reopen this investigation. They won’t release the results of the original investigation. They are bone deep cowards.

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      The fact that the late Queen refused to sign the race relations act unless she was exempted, is proof enough of the attitudes pervading the firm.

      • Libra says:

        If Meghan was guilty of harassment and creating a bad work environment, which is it no one brought suit against her? Because there is no proof. Never happened.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Libra, remember when Tominey, I believe?, wrote an article about how this “bullying” by Meghan could come out again due to something, something ‘whistleblower laws’. LOL CT’s arguments didn’t qualify.

        I trust that Madame Duchess has THE RECEIPTS of all the things. I’m imagining that at least two of their 11 billion bathrooms in Montecito are being used for storage of receipts. kidding not kidding?

  6. YeahRight says:

    They wonder why Meghan doesn’t want to be anywhere near those people they had a whole “investigation” about her bullying employees. Who in their right mind would willingly put themselves back into that environment? That and the crap they put her through is why she chose not to go to Chuckles hat ceremony.

  7. Jais says:

    Why is Samantha Cohen even talking about the Sussexes? It’s weird. It feels like she wants a certain narrative out. Like what, it was challenging working for the Sussexes? I’d be curious to see what the bullying investigation revealed about her? Was she being professional or was she also playing games with Simon case and Jason Knauf? Bc dropping vague details to an Australian publication just seems like more game-playing.

    • Shawna says:

      It looks like this “journalist” heard one half-relevant semi-remark and made a meal of it.

    • Isabella says:

      Well, it shows that Cohen was terrible at her job. The first duty of a PRIVATE secretary to be discreet and make your principals look good. Nobody wants to hire a blabbermouth.

  8. Brassy Rebel says:

    There are very good reasons why people don’t want to work for this institution. Since staffing it clearly remains a problem, especially for W&K, we can safely assume that none of them have anything to do with Meghan. Bowers thinks Meghan is a problematic American. And he kinda implies all Americans are problematic when compared to the wonderful, cool and calm, no melodrama British royals. What a crock!

  9. Water Lilly says:

    That header photo… Harry’s look says it all.

    • Kristina says:

      I know, lol. That’s always been my favorite picture of Harry because he seriously looks like he’s about to throw down, haha.

      • BeanieBean says:

        He looks like a panther about to strike & his prey is Kate; meanwhile, she’s thinking if I don’t look behind me the panther won’t be there.

    • windyriver says:

      I don’t remember ever seeing Harry look as angry in a photo as he does in the ones here. It’s hard to tell who he was looking at. I know there was a big to do about the procession walking in, something about, at the last minute, Will and Kate were prevented from being part of the procession in, because Harry and Meghan weren’t going to be in it? Not sure Harry would care about the procession, but Kate certainly would, maybe she said something?

      But also, this day was March 9, 2020, supposedly right around the time H & M found out they would lose their security protection at the end of March. Pretty sure Harry says in the doc he had three weeks to figure out security for his family. And in fact, not even a week later, March 14, they were on a plane out of Canada, headed to Tyler’s LA house. So wonder if something had gone on about that before the service.

      On the other hand, don’t think I’ve seen Meghan look quite as peaceful and Zen as she did at that service. She knew as soon as it was over, she’d be in a car on the way to the airport, back to Archie, her time as a working royal over. From her face, it looks like, in her mind, she’s already there.

      • poppedbubble says:

        Don’t forget the way W&K blatantly ignored them. H&K smiled at them and W&K showed their whole asses for all to see. Then Sophie kissed ass by talking to W&K and ignoring H&M. The only one showing decency was Edward.

      • Christine says:

        Edward really is the only one who comes out looking like a decent person. The video is awful.

  10. Lady Digby says:

    Given that staff no doubt are very stressed working for an angry and resentful boss in Will especially now when he needs to be sobered up to appear in public, this is NOT a good idea to encourage staff to talk about life BTS.

  11. Miranda says:

    Revive it…to what end? The person they were conspiring to eliminate (from the RF? From the country? From the realm of the living?) is half a world away now. Even if Meghan had bullied anyone — and no reasonable person believes she did — it’s completely moot. They are well and truly flailing at this point, desperate for anything to distract from the clusterf–k they’ve created through their incessant lying.

  12. Eurydice says:

    None of this makes sense. Now it was Cohen’s job to explain the royal hierarchy and protocol to Meghan? What happened to Sophie and Lady Susan and the only senior Black man working at BP?

    • BeanieBean says:

      ‘Cause it’s not like she was marrying someone who grew up in the royal protocol & knew the ins & outs of it! 🙄

  13. Nubia says:

    Didn’t all this bullying accusations come up as a reaction to the Oprah interview?H and M were not even slinging enough mud and largely protected the RF, I wish Meghan would spill all.

    • windyriver says:

      Yes, the accusations were preemptive. They were a reaction to the fact the interview was going to take place, an attempt to discredit Meghan from the start, and raise questions about anything critical she was likely to say to Oprah. The actual reports in the media revealing the charges were printed before the interview.

      It’s reminiscent of what Kate did around Together. She tried to steal Meghan’s thunder by making a big fuss introducing her own “Broken Britain” project – an idea that ultimately went nowhere – just a few days before the launch of the Hubb Kitchen cookbook.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Yes! The accusations/mocked up email via William via Knauff to Valentine Low days before the Oprah interview was to air was an absolute preemptive strike. I’m sure William & co. were quite nervous. Physical assault and Christian Jones. Were the big worries. Thank you SPARE.

        I will lol forever that there was a scramble for Kate’s announcing something(solo project) 2 days before the announcement of Meghan’s successful completed launch of a solo project that actually had financial, emotional and positive response. That Together cookbook is beautiful and a joy to look through. Great recipes too.

  14. GDubslady says:

    The House of Windsor is in free-fall.

    • Proud Mary says:

      Desperate times calls for desperate actions. They know the Sussexes will fight back, though . They won’t dare revive that failed “investigation.”

  15. Cessily says:

    I feel like Tom Bower and Angela Levin have a delusional and demented competition going on and getting to witness the vile behavior in real time what I can’t understand is why there opinions are even presented, since they are always so blatantly biased and never verified as factual. If I am remembering correctly Bower is the author who’s book was pulled from shelves for printing lies, not exactly a reliable source.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Bower is a lying nutjob with an unhinged obsession about Meghan.

      And I think it was his book about Jeremy Corbyn that got pulled. They might even have been a lawsuit.

      He is just as nuts as Angela Levin.

      They only get column inches and screen time because they shit on Meghan. But they come across as increasingly crazy so maybe they will be dropped in the future.

  16. KT says:

    The Royals can’t keep new staff because they don’t pay enough for the seniority and experience they need.

    There is a generational difference in expectations – this is noticeable to anyone who has been working anywhere for 20 years! The youngsters expect more, and are more prepared to move rather than suck it up if they don’t get it.
    So the old guard may have been willing to work for peanuts to get close to Royalty and a chance of retirement in a Grace-and-favour property with some honours to show off at the end of it, but the younger generation will bank the experience and move on to a higher paid role with better work-life balance.

    That goes for Will and Kate’s staff as well as Harry and Meghan’s.

    There are people around who can handle these kind of demanding roles and are willing to put their lives on hold – but they’ll expect to be paid properly.

    I would be very willing to bet the ‘bullying investigation’ found that they paid peanuts and got monkeys. And there probably was an old-guard/new-guard culture clash, but the old guard are going to be the ones out of step with the modern workplace.

    • Agnes says:

      There’s probably a good reason why they don’t release the bullying results. Remember when M’s dog had its leg broken? WTAF? Or when Archie’s room caught fire when they were on tour? Meghan’s been surrounded by people who know how to hustle and get stuff done since she first entered show biz, the people who “worked” for her were total deadbeats in comparison, I’m sure. Calling out bad behavior is not the same as bullying.

      • windyriver says:

        @Agnes – IIRC, the news at the time made it sound like something mysterious had happened to her dog after she was in England. But from what Harry said in Spare, they know what happened to Guy:

        “Days before Meg left Canada, Guy had run away from his minder. (Meg was at work.). He’d been found miles from Meg’s house, unable to walk. His legs were now in casts.”

        If they suspected/believed something more nefarious, I don’t think Harry would’ve written something so benign (or mentioned it at all). He also talked about her other dog Bogart – at the time, people here were upset Meghan left him behind. But Harry said he was so traumatized by the activities of the paps around her Toronto home he became an unacceptably aggressive guard dog around Meghan, and it was best for him to be adopted by some kind neighbors.

      • Square2 says:

        @WINDYRIVER Since Guy was so affected by the paps’ antics, who was to say that paps didn’t do something to made Bogart run away from its minder& the paps didn’t do sth nefarious to Bogard when he disappeared?

      • windyriver says:

        @Square2 – I suppose anything’s possible; I’m just pointing out what Harry specifically said about it in Spare, in contrast to the rumors and speculation discussed here at the time. He’d certainly be in a better position to know the details than we would.

    • Blithe says:

      These are great points. The Boss has also changed. People could anticipate having a comfortable, and even somewhat privileged retirement as long as the Queen was in charge. After seeing Harry and Meghan tossed from the home that they paid to renovate, it’s asking a lot to trust the stability of one’s future to Charles and William’s good graces and favors after spending a lifetime in poorly paid service jobs.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Yep. Charles has showed on more than one occasion after he became King that his word cannot be trusted! Because he valued short-term “victories” over long,-term gain.

        That is one of the problems about both Charles and William. They cannot see beyond their own immediate satisfaction. All their strategies fail long-term. That has resulted in a slow erosion of trust.

    • Steph says:

      @kt, I agree that the culture clash was a workroom clash rather than American vs. British. I think bc Meghan was with Harry she had the wrong impression of what royal work entails. Harry probably mostly talked about his unofficial work. The stuff that actually got results and did real good when courting her so that’s what she expected of her staff. I think her staff was completely unequipped to do what needed to be done for her projects. The Together cookbook, Smart works, Vogue, two tours all within the 18months she was there. Plus the regular royal “work.” Plus Will and Kate who as bosses were above H&M doing their best to undermine work. I wouldn’t be in the least but surprised that staff was stressed (but not bullied) and didn’t think they were paid enough for it.

  17. L84Tea says:

    That poor horse. It’s been beaten to death how many times now?? Please, somebody put it out of its misery.

  18. Blithe says:

    Great. IIRC, there was an actual investigation of the accusations— that was never publicly released. So: release it, and thank Tom Bower for bringing it up again — at a time when the general public is at least slightly more aware of how Meghan and Harry were viewed and treated within the Firm. Now that questions have been raised — even about the veracity of family photographs, maybe people reading and sharing these whispers about Meghan will at least want to know exactly what Meghan supposedly did — with supporting proof and receipts.

    Racism, mean-girling, and hunger for power are all insidious— and possibly features within the Firm rather than “bugs”. While they’re at it, maybe look at hiring practices overall.

    My impression of Cohen had been that she seemed to be a straightforward professional. That she did this interview is…interesting.

    • Jaded says:

      And let’s not forget the staffers who claimed Meghan bullied them retracted their bullying allegations. Word was the staffers backtracked on their accusations when they found out Jason Knauf had reported the alleged incidents without their permission.

      • Square2 says:

        It’s JK who claimed those staff being bullied by Meg & reported it to HR. We did not know if they ever said Meghan bullied them in the first place, but we did know after JK’s action they asked HR to retract the claims.

        Sometimes people was just ranting in the workplace, like, “Why is she (who I don’t consider to be my boss but actually is) expecting me to do my job? The other bosses never ask me to work hard?”

  19. MsIam says:

    The fact that the main instigators of this “bullying” claim both have claims about their own sketchy behavior needs to be shouted far and wide. Especially Simon Case.

    • Shawna says:

      Hmmm, Simon Case is in hot water right now for making a racist environment in the Cabinet, yes? So this might explain the timing.

  20. Joantastic says:

    They never mention William’s “terrible” temper when they talk about all this bullying around in the palaces. They never mention Charles shouting and chastizing aides. They never talk about nonce Andrew stepping toe to toe with a staffer and threatening him. They never talk about him demanding someone run up to change the curtains he was sitting right next to. But there’s all this talk about tiny Meghan turning people into puddles by merely looking at them. Yeah right.

    Let’s see what comes out (nothing will), and see if Tom Bunny Boiler ever addresses the fact that his salivating hopes of Meghan’s comedown and destruction are dashed AGAIN.

  21. Talie says:

    I thought it was weird at the time that Samantha was even interviewed for anything. Yeah, of course, right before Meghan’s launch, they are stirring it up. They want to bait Harry & Meghan to do or say something so they can all start talking.

  22. Bad Janet says:

    In other words. They’re continuing to bully Meg with this claim four years after she left forever. Cool story.

  23. Joantastic says:

    Also, they are dredging up a trove of old Sussex “news” to distract from the fact that the half the royals are out sick or very old, and the other half are lazy and basically on work strike. There is nearly nothing else to report on. If they weren’t creating filler about the Sussexes, the Royal “news” pages would be completely empty, and most of these writers and “experts” would be unemployed.

  24. s808 says:

    The findings will never be revealed. If there was credible evidence against Meghan they would’ve released at the time as they needed to discredit her any way possible before the Oprah interview. Just like the Saudi earrings, the “bullying” accusations were spoken of once and then never again cause it would’ve opened up the other royals to speculation and in the case of bullying accusations, it would’ve revealed that the more senior royals who were actually terrible. RRs can dream but that report won’t be seeing the light of day.

  25. Amy Bee says:

    Valentine Low is on twitter refuting Tom Bowers’ story. He’s saying Samantha Cohen never said she was treated harshly by Meghan but some staff felt they were treated harshly by Meghan. This seems very different to what was originally reported by Low and isbprobably why the report was never released. They couldn’t find actual evidence of bullying by Meghan.

    • MsIam says:

      “Some staff felt they were treated harshly by Meghan” is no doubt that Melissa woman. I think she was crying to Valentine Low about “Mean Meghan” giving her @ss the boot. I’m sure she more than deserved it, not for the least being she was probably Jason the Knife’s spy.

  26. Sunday says:

    This entire revival of the Meghan harassment campaign – meaning, the campaign in which the palace harasses Meghan via the media – is so, so pathetic and only reveals how right Harry was when he said that the so-called indepedence of the rota (the whole royal expert ecosystem, really) is a farce and they’re all literally a part of the palace’s comms. An ailing monarch, a missing heir and his wife, a pedo, a bankruptcy, and yet all the British media can talk about are smears, both of the character and strawberry-lemon variety.

  27. Jay says:

    It wouldn’t be the first time the Windsors have put out something that ends up being a massive self- own! They might think that accusing Meghan of having her own voice, being 36 and used to getting things done, and being successful and influential are all terrible, but most of the world disagrees. Being competent, having ambitions, and wanting to accomplish something with her privilege? Clearly, that’s not something the left behind royals value, but they don’t have a good handle on what the rest of the world thinks. It would be a mistake to release this report – so I hope they do!

  28. Louise177 says:

    I think it’s obvious that Meghan didn’t bully anyone. The report would have been released immediately if she was a problem. It’s likely more of the same 5am emails and getting yelled out for not doing tasks type of thing.

  29. Digital Unicorn says:

    Given the Sussex’s were still part of KP at the time its interesting that they are being blamed for the historical high turnover of staff that’s been going on for years, since W&K married – since Peggy can keep his staff that only leaves one other person (and their interfering family) as the culprits.

    The reason the report was buried as it likely revealed a nest of vipers – it sounds like a stressful place to have worked.

  30. Hail says:

    How could the “bullying investigation” get a revival when the “victims” in question rescinded their names from Knauf’s report? There were no “victims” to investigate which is why it wasn’t released. Bower, a proven liar and fantasist regurgitating lies from another proven liar is exactly why Spare needed to be written. Sam Cohen stayed longer than she had to and Melissa Toubati, the staff that was “bullied” by Meghan was actually fired for using Meghan to get freebies. Also, Simon Case, one of the ppl who approved the bullying report being sent to HR was just outed for bullying another black female government worker. But why let facts get in the way when we can continue to use the angry black woman narrative to demonize the actual victim.

  31. Tessa says:

    It is a shame that the queen and Charles have William free rein to deploy knaufe to do a fake investigation with Will shamelessly giving knauf an award.

  32. amy says:

    The British tabloids really are struggling without Kate & Co. aren’t they? There’s nothing to write about and they can’t get hysterical about Kate anymore because that would be poor form. It’s going to be an awfully long year with a lot lower website traffic for them, I’m afraid.

  33. MaryContrary says:

    So translated into real life speak: they’re trying to distract from actual things like why is William MIA and refusing to attend things that as POW should absolutely be attending, like the ANZAC ceremony?

  34. VoominVava says:

    “Her task was to persuade an ambitious, career-minded and outspoken Californian actress to embrace the Royal Family’s immutable hierarchy and rigid protocols. Perhaps it was a tall order. Certainly, I believe that Ms Cohen was soon exasperated, within six months or so, and that Meghan either disagreed with, or failed to understand, the non-negotiable elements of royalty.”

    GAWD I’m so glad she got out!! She was perfect for the monarchy, yet it was not perfect for her. She may have been a working princess for the ages, but they were never going to change. Harry did the right thing for her, himself and his family. 🙂

  35. QuiteContrary says:

    Everyone who’s ever worked with Meghan in the U.S. and Canada praise her as kind, smart, caring and generous … and yet the royal family and rota have made her out to be the opposite.

    Gee, what could be the difference?

    Hint: It’s racism!

    (For anyone who wants to understand the many, many ways — subtle and glaring — that Black women encounter racism in the workplace, I suggest reading the book that comedian and writer Amber Ruffin wrote with her sister Lacey Lamar: “You’ll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey: Crazy Stories about Racism.” It’s funny and maddening and heartbreaking. Women of color must be exhausted, all the time.)

  36. Just Jade says:

    I am sick and tired of hearing about that make believe bullying claim. Meghan’s lawyer should just ask them to release the report.

    • olivia says:

      Because the royal family is exempt from legal “bothers” like that. They can ask, nothing will come of it. It would be like burning money for sh1ts and g1ggles.

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      I wonder if he could make them do it.

      • Just Jade says:

        The rats and company are truly mental vampires. There are no reports to release because they know Meghan was being bullied by them and since there isn’t any evidence to support what they say whether the accusations were true or not they will continue to repeat the bullying nonsense every time they run every time Meghan is something good.

    • Square2 says:

      Her lawyer DID ask to see the final investigation report & wished it published, but the Palace refused to do either.

      • Jais says:

        So did they give the final report to the sussex lawyer so at least Meghan could see it even if it wasn’t publicized? That’s what I’m curious about.

  37. Localady says:

    why they tryna stand on her neck from across the pond, STILL. Like, step offa bitch, why don’tcha, fam. Smdh

  38. Pork Belly says:

    All that Jam talk must’ve really triggered them.

  39. Saucy&Sassy says:

    In ‘Spare’, Harry said that Meghan’s attorneys sent a TWENTY-FIVE PAGE statement in response to the bullying claims. What I want to know: Can the attorney send that statement to the LA Times? Doesn’t the attorney own the copywrite? I suggest the LA Times because they tend to report in a more balanced way. Just wondering.

    I suspect just the threat of giving that statement to a US newspaper would calm this all the way down.

    • Jais says:

      I know they sent that report but I’ve always wondered if they ever saw what else came from the investigation. Were Harry and Meghan allowed to see what else was discovered in the investigation from the staff members claiming she was a bully. Or do they remain as in the dark as everyone else?

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Jais, no I don’t think they were ever given any type of report. Instead, it suddenly became an investigation into the process of reporting such behavior at the palace. Cute, huh? They get to continue to accuse Meghan of being a bully and she’s left with no way to fight that. That’s why I wonder about the ability of the attorney being able to do something about his copyrighted statement.

      • Jais says:

        Yeah, I remember it being about the process. And yeah so cute🙄 ugh these people. But as Meghan was the focus of that process, it would’ve been nice for her to find out the results of the investigation even if it wasn’t made public. Like if someone smeared me as a bully, I’d want to get to the bottom of it. And I bet Meghan and Harry did as well. And I bet the palace stonewalled any information. At this point, the sussex statement would be interesting but it would also become fodder for the press and they’d dine out on it. And maybe the investigation had its own NDA? I have no idea how that works so I might just be spinning.

  40. Vanessa says:

    I Believe the Report show bullying but it done to Meghan by the staff and William and Kate Kensington palace we’re hostile towards Meghan . That why the report was buried because Meghan was a victim Meghan had a stellar reputation in entertainment industry the British tabloids went digging for dirty on Meghan since day one the only people who talked crap about Meghan were people who were no longer in her life .

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Vanessa, in addition, it probably showed that other brf members were doing the bullying.

  41. Karma D says:

    Sabotage! Now that there is all this excitement over Meghan’s new business – this zombie “investigation” is dragged up again. Never mind that the RF members are notorious for terrorizing the staff – even to the point of Charles nearly choking a butler to death. To say nothing of Andrew’s sexual assault allegations. Harry and Meghan left four years ago. But the smear campaign goes on and on.

  42. ennie says:

    Of course, anything to deflect, deflect deflect from their lazy a** royals, and they were told to back off their sweet catherine with a C, so it’s back to the long gone Sussexes, they have to sell something.
    Where is the investigation over the tightgate crying lies “Catherine” instigated and kept quiet about

  43. vpd4 says:

    This is going to keep happening. BM and others don’t even care that they’re outright lying because nobody holds them accountable.

  44. Nerd says:

    They as of yet have failed to give one example of anything Meghan has done or said that would be seen as bullying to anyone who is being honest. They have however given multiple examples of the staff, media and even royals who have bullied Meghan even before the engagement. They made it clear (even in this article) that they saw (see) her as below them as ambitious, career oriented American Actress that the media from the staff from the start said they refused to take orders from. Conveniently they show the utmost respect for white Samantha who would they paint with the same brush as ambitious and career oriented. They even go as far as to call her Samantha the Panther, yet a biracial American actress to them was a step too far even before she married into that family. Before Meghan even entered that family she was already outshining them and showing that she was better at being royal than they are. There were no protocols being broken from her because everyone they claimed she broke has been done by other married ins even before she met Harry. I would think having a duchess (Kate) who’s dress always flies above her head would be seen as a more pressing matter than Meghan closing her own car door. Meghan gave up everything of her previous life yet they want us to believe that she wasn’t interested in following fake protocols that even Harry has said are fake. The only bullies have been the royals, trolls and media who have not only bullied Meghan, Harry and Doria but Archie and Lilibet as well.

  45. MikeB says:

    Tom Bower and others will not stop trying to destroy Meghan even though she no longer lives in the UK. The bullying allegations was just one of the many attempts to blacken Meghan’s name. Bower knows nothing about the backdrop to the story other than palace tittle tattle.

  46. bisynaptic says:

    Meghan had never intended to give up her career? Isn’t that exactly what Chuck demanded of her? Pick your story. 🙄