Drag Race All Stars season 9 will have no eliminations until the finale

The old saying used to go, the sun never sets on the British empire. Between regular seasons, all star seasons, spin-offs, and licensing for global iterations, today it can be said that the sun never sets on RuPaul’s Drag Race empire. Things have improved. Barely have we had time to catch our breath since Nymphia Wind edged out Sapphira Cristál for the season 16 crown, and now the premiere of All Stars season 9 is upon us! And there are twists! (Because there always are; at least it’s not the return of the golden chocolate bar.) Echoing back to All Stars season 7, season 9 will have a cast of eight and no eliminations until the finale. Furthermore, each queen is playing for the $200K grand prize that will be awarded to a charity of their choice. Entertainment Weekly got the tea straight from the grateful eight:

The queens of All Stars season 9: Representing one of the smallest casts of queens to ever sashay into the Werk Room, the stakes still couldn’t be bigger for Angeria Paris VanMichaels (season 14), Gottmik (season 13), Jorgeous (season 14), Nina West (season 11), Plastique Tiara (season 11), Roxxxy Andrews (season 5, All Stars 2), Shannel (season 1, All Stars 1), and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo (season 10, season 11). Not only are the queens competing for a spot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame, they’re also vying for a $200,000 investment in one queen’s charity of choice.

Gottmik got good vibes this time: “This one was really happy and chill. It was just different,” Gottmik recalls of the dynamic of the season, which includes no eliminations, similar to the All Stars 7 edition that featured a cast of all prior winners. “Literally we’d be in Untucked and [we’d] get heated up, and they’d be like, ‘Time for a game!’ And I’d be like, ‘Can I say one mean thing?’”

RuPaul’s Best Friends Race: Season 1 OG Shannel also confirms “there really isn’t a lot of drama” this season — and it’s all for the better in a season that’s all about using drag superpowers for good, not evil. “In fact, at one point in time throughout the season, we had said this is the very first season of RuPaul’s Best Friends Race,” Shannel continues. “Granted, there has to be pieces of drama, and of course there is, but for the most part, everybody got along kind of well.”

The inimitable Miss Vanjie: One thing Vanjie certainly isn’t giving any attention on All Stars 9 is romance, after she let herself fall wig-over-heels during her playful on-set romance with season 11’s Brooke Lynn Hytes: “I feel like I should’ve won one or two [challenges]. That’s why I came back; I need to win some,” she says. “The first time, I was trying to be all cute and find some d-ck and, you know, have fun. This time, I said I’m not going to get no d-ck. I’ll get the d-ck later.”

Drag Race launched a dream career for Nina West: I have lived the most amazing life since my time on Drag Race. I’ve performed with Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and the entire Muppets. I’ve worked for Disney, proudly. I’ve worked with Weird Al Yankovic. But, all these things have come from my time on the show and having the opportunity to meet people and people seeing me in my most vulnerable [state].”

[From Entertainment Weekly]

I am so glad they’re bringing back the eight queen, no elimination format. For anyone who hasn’t treated themselves yet, All Stars season 7 was sensational. It was the all stars all winners year, and those ladies really were the cream of the crop. Jinkx Monsoon killing at Snatch Game with her Judy Garland will go down in herstory as the greatest snatch ever to play the game. And having a small group who are all there for the whole competition fostered a genuinely supportive atmosphere.

As for this cast in particular, I’m calling it now: Gottmik and Vanjie for the top two. Gottmik was runner up in her season, and she was fantastic. Versatile, always willing to make a fool of herself, and won Snatch Game doing a hilarious take on Paris Hilton. And Miss Vanjie, well… She’s Vanjie! How many of us can make the act of walking backwards while repeating our name into an epic meme-worthy moment?! And though obvious, it must be said: she delivered the best quote of the article. “The first time, I was trying to be all cute and find some d-ck and, you know, have fun. This time, I said I’m not going to get no d-ck. I’ll get the d-ck later.” That’s a queen who knows herself, has ambition, and discipline! It’s the gay Godfather equivalent of “Leave the gun, take the cannoli,” right? “Leave the d-ck, take the crown.” Words to live by.

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  1. DeeSea says:

    I adore them all, but I’ll be rooting for Gottmik. I’m intrigued by the no-elimination switch-up. This’ll be fun!

  2. Flamingo says:

    I love the non-elimination format. It is so much more fun. And RP always puts some kind of bump of the road. So, it’s not easy for the Queens to win.

    I really don’t care for drama and fighting. I think that time and come and gone. Also, with how rabid the fanbase is. Queens are wary of eliminating a Queen for fear of backlash. Cue Kandy Muse / Jimbo. Which is now an issue with how the game is played. Honestly, they need to eliminate that in All Stars either Ru does it or keep it as non-elimination. Let all the Queens shine all season.

    Love this show and it’s so refreshing to see new stories here.

  3. CommentingBunny says:

    I love the non-elimination format! Previous All-Star rules where they eliminated each other was not my cup of tea.

    This way it’s just weeks and weeks of drag excellence and Jorgeous.

    I kid, I love Jorgeous. I’m just not over her winning the design challenge with a scrap of fabric and cookie cutters 🤣

    Wouldn’t an actual Best Friends season be fun? They could compete in teams: Trixie and Katya, Bob and Monet, Jinkx and Dela … who else? Manila and Latrice?

    • Lexilla says:

      All-Stars Season 1 teamed up the queens in pairs and it didn’t go so well. Was never attempted again. But All-Stars Season 7 was indeed glorious! My favorite season of any Drag Race ever.

  4. DeluxeDuckling says:

    SANDWIDGE 😆 Ugh Jinx has truly the greatest snatch game. I loved Yvie’s Boogieman too!
    Excited for this season.