Hanes drops Charlie Sheen ads as tagline becomes ironic

Hanes’ famous 1990s tagline “Wait till we get our Hanes on you” takes on new meaning when it’s applied to alleged abuser and Hanes spokesperson Charlie Sheen. Hanes has since moved on from the slogan most of us remember and it doesn’t appear in Charlies’ ad, but I can’t help chuckle inappropriately when I think of it. As a result of Sheen’s Christmas morning domestic abuse incident, Hanes has dropped the troubled TV star from its commercials. The underwear giant issued a statement about it and they don’t mince words that they’re no longer using Charlie due to the charges against him:

In the wake of Charlie Sheen’s domestic woes, underwear powerhouse Hanes immediately pulled the actor’s advertisements from on-air rotation.

“Hanes is not running the television commercials featuring Charlie Sheen, and those commercials will not run again,” company spokesman Matt Hall tells E! News. “The commercials were suspended effective Dec. 28, the first date possible after Mr. Sheen’s Christmas Day arrest.”

Fortunately for Two and a Half Men’s embattled star, we haven’t seen the last of his face rocking the casual duds—on paper, at least.

“There are a few trade advertisements featuring Mr. Sheen scheduled to run this spring. Unfortunately, the production schedule of those publications does not allow us to pull those ads.”

[From E! Online]

While Hanes may be quick to distance itself from Charlie, CBS, the network that airs his hit show Two and a Half Men, isn’t about to cut a high-paid actor who brings in the ratings. Sheen was seen back at work on Monday. A rerun of Two and a Half Men was the fourth highest rated show last week if you don’t count football.

We’ve been hearing all sorts of defamatory stories about Charlie’s wife, Brooke Mueller lately and you can bet that they’ve been leaked by Charlie’s people to make his victim look bad. Brooke is reportedly standing by Charlie and trying to make it work, but that might just be her public stance so that his people stop harassing her. Reports have come out claiming she went to rehab while pregnant, a charge she denies. We also saw her mugshot from a 2001 arrest for cocaine possession. I would guess that Charlie and Brooke aren’t reconciling and that she’s just trying to protect herself from both harassment and more of her past being drudged up. At least that’s what I hope is going on.

Actor Charlie Sheen arrested for domestic violence in Aspen, Colorado


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  1. BitterBetty says:

    He looks like my aunt Flo. I mean I don’t have an aunt Flo but if I did, and she was on hardcore estrogen treatments, she would look like Charlie Sheen.

  2. bella says:

    What a mess. On a snarkier note, how about the “collar that lays flat” on the print ad? “Collar” being an arrestee and all…

  3. Kevin says:

    Is this what it takes to get annoying spokespeople off the air with super repetitive commercials? I hope that stupid lizard from gieco gets caught cracked out with a hooker and that annoying chick from progressive gets caught with underage kids. unfortunately that would only be the tip of the iceberg in the world of annoying commercials.

  4. lucy2 says:

    Finally – sponsors and advertisers have dropped people over a lot less. Considering his drugs & hookers past and pretty continuous stories about his bad behavior over the years, I don’t know why they ever hired him as a spokesperson to begin with. Are the pickings THAT slim that they couldn’t find someone else?

  5. CandyKay says:

    Hanes was apparently willing to accept all of Charlie’s previous arrests, plus his nutty political conspiracy theories.

    I see Michael Jordan is still their other spokesmodel – he’s also a man with a very busy p*nis. Maybe they like to hire celebrities who spend a lot of time running around in their underwear.

    At least Tiger Woods’ sponsors didn’t know he was a jerk when they hired him.

  6. Bonfire Beach says:

    @Bitter Betty & Kevin:

  7. coconut says:

    “A collar that lays flat”?? Lays flat what? Flat eggs?

    It should be “a collar that *lies* flat.” Though many people say “lays,” the only time to use “lays” is when you’re talking about laying *something* such as eggs.

    I understand taking some liberties with grammar but that is too far.

  8. Firestarter says:

    LOL@Kevin, although I do hope the Geico gekko keeps it together!

    As for Sheen, for all the years he has skated by with his abuses of everything and everyone, I hope the sick bastard loses everything as time goes on.

  9. Rosalee says:

    There is nothing for me to add other than I agree with all of you.

  10. yae says:

    Actually there isnt anything “nutty” about Charlie Sheen’s “conspiracy” theories, CandyKay.

    Those same theories Charlie Sheen spoke about are being discussed in MANY political and major University platforms.

    FYI – You know what people with Phd’s, JDs, MDs. etc do when they see people form a big ole opinion about some info they got off a major news station on TV (which is all commercial-corporate owned & slanted garbage)?

    They laugh at you.

  11. Firestarter says:

    @Yae- Just because they are discussed at university and political platforms doesn’t make them any more legitimate.

    Not everyone with a PhD behind their name is a genius, nor are they always right.

  12. Ruffian9 says:

    Neeeever saw the ad. Maybe it’s my good fortune being in Canada? BitterBetty & Coconut? ROTFLMAO.

  13. Ruffian9 says:

    Betty…Maybe it’s the ‘hair blowing in the wind’ bit that does it? Either way… HA.

  14. snapdragon says:

    he always looks like he smells bad. plus he is a bad actor who is working because his last name is sheen… can he please go away now?