Miley Cyrus: ‘They say that the creative adult is the child who survived’

Of all the personas Miley Cyrus has tried on over the past twelve years, I think the 2023-24 version is probably closest to her most authentic self. Lowkey at times, aggressively try-hard, wannabe Cher at times. Her whole look has changed, although Miley gets a makeover for every new persona, but this one feels like she’s leaving some space to change it up within this persona. Miley covers the Pop Issue of W Magazine, celebrating her creative high of the past year or so. Her album Endless Summer Vacation was successful and the song “Flowers” was a hit. Personally, my favorite song on ESV is “Used To Be Young” – she’s earned the right to sing that song and her voice works so well with the lyrics. Anyway, Miley chatted about winning her first Grammy and being friends with Beyonce:

Winning her first Grammy: “No shade, but I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and this is my first time actually being taken seriously at the Grammys? I’ve had a hard time figuring out what the measurement is there, because if we want to talk stats and numbers, then where the f–k was I? And if you want to talk, like, impact on culture, then where the f–k was I? This is not about arrogance. I am proud of myself.”

She has a clean lifestyle: “My lifestyle is extremely clean. Sobriety is a big part of it. My mantra is, like any athlete, “Practice how you perform.” So that’s why I practice in my heels. The gym looks really tough, but then I’ve got my ivory Gucci slingbacks because they remind me of Marilyn ­Monroe. I train in heels, mostly. I’m interested in feminizing the workout space, because so much of the workout equipment is ugly.

Miley on her different personas: “I’m fully out of drag today. I definitely have a persona—an expanded, fully realized version of myself that I tap into as a performer. But then there’s a level of my life that’s super intimate, sacred, and secret. Sometimes I forget to talk about things that are a ­normal part of my day-to-day, like texting with Beyoncé. I think it’s a really cute part of our relationship, because over the past couple of years I’ve really locked down on my privacy and on what I share with the public. She’s the same way. Part of our relationship is the safety between us.

Working with Beyonce on “II Most Wanted” for ‘Cowboy Carter’: “I wrote that song, like, two and a half years ago. My mom would always go, “I love that song so much.” So when Beyoncé reached out to me about music, I thought of it right away because it really encompasses our relationship. I told her, “We don’t have to get ­country; we are country. We’ve been country.” I said, “You know, between you being from Texas and me being from Tennessee, so much of us is going to be in this song.” Getting to write a song, not just sing, for Beyoncé was a dream come true.

She met Beyonce when she was 14: “We performed together when I was really young, probably 14, at the Stand Up to Cancer benefit. I was ­sandwiched between Beyoncé and Rihanna, who were, you know, five feet ten inches and in heels. Their hips were, like, up to my shoulders. They were these powerful, fully realized, grown women, and I’m pretty sure I had braces on the back of my teeth. They were protective of me….That Christmas, Beyoncé sent me a House of Deréon jacket that said Miley on the back in gold studs, which is my favorite, and some jeans with my name on it. In one of my songs, “­Cattitude,” I say, “And for my 16th birthday, I got Deréon from the house of the queen.”

Being honored at Disney Legends Awards Ceremony: “I’m down. It’s a place to celebrate the journey of both being on and graduating from Disney. It was a great, safe experience overall. People have 50- or 60-year-long careers, but mine has been close to 20 years, and I’m 31. I have been in the public for more of my life than I haven’t. They say that the creative adult is the child who survived. I worked really hard as a child. I didn’t go to prom. I didn’t go to dances. I didn’t have so much of that social experience or time for friends. Disney, they were doing very well off of the amount of work that I was putting in as a child. I don’t have any bad feelings about that. It’s just the truth. And so I think they have to give me this award. I’m excited to celebrate that with the fans. Something I wanted to talk about with you is celebration versus competition, because competition is really of no interest to me. I don’t think of other artists as opponents. Artists are not the same as athletes, playing a zero-sum game and keeping a score. There isn’t a score in art.

[From W Magazine]

“They say that the creative adult is the child who survived.” That’s a really profound statement, but it’s not true in every case! It’s true in Miley’s case and it’s true in most child actors’ cases if they transition into adult artists. I’m fascinated by the Beyonce stuff… Beyonce has a real soft spot for certain younger artists and I guess I didn’t realize that Miley is one of them. Miley says she wrote “II Most Wanted,” but the songwriting credits went to Miley, Beyonce, Ryan Tedder and Michael Pollack. Just FYI. Still, I have to admit… that song is one of my favorites on Cowboy Carter. Their harmony is beautiful and you can tell that Miley is super-proud to work with Beyonce. She wanted to brag about it so much! I get that. If I Beyonce called me, I would send a mass email and buy a billboard.

Cover courtesy of W Magazine, additional photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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17 Responses to “Miley Cyrus: ‘They say that the creative adult is the child who survived’”

  1. It Really Is You, Not Me says:

    I kinda like this version of Miley, a little wiser but still gonna say what she wants to say and think what she wants to think.

  2. Jillian says:

    The buccal fat removal looks awful (on everyone that does it)

    • Yonati says:

      @Jillian, hard agree. She kind of looks like she’s starving (in the face, I mean). Maybe it’s photoshop?

    • AD says:

      Her parents or Disney started messing up her face by not doing proper orthodontic work and forcing veneers on her. You can see the tension in her chin where she uses those muscles incorrectly to try to compensate. That just accentuates the poor results from the buccal fat removal. I remember watching when she showed up with veneers, and I felt so sad for her. They were all making money off of her, and they couldn’t be bothered to give her actual orthodontic care.

  3. girl_ninja says:

    Remember her Bangerz era and how she dissed hip-hop after she’d used it to break out of her “survived” childhood.

    She’s still youngish and may still be trying to find herself, but I think she is just so full of shit.

    And her comment: “I’m interested in feminizing the workout space, because so much of the workout equipment is ugly.”

    That’s just gibberish. Limp word salad.

    • sevenblue says:

      I am horrified at the idea of training in heels. They are gonna destroy her feet. I hate that the heels are seen as the peak femininity.

    • Tash says:

      Oddly, I think I understand exactly what she’s saying about the gym. I think gyms are ugly and uninviting and it makes me not want to go. I recently created my own work out space in soft feminine colors w beautiful art and a thick floral rug. It’s the first time I’m happy to step into an exercise room. I don’t work out in heels bc I have no need to but I can understand why she’d want to feminize the work out space.

  4. ElleE says:

    Britney spilled that Miley was also under a conservatorship when Miley presented an award at the VMAs whilst kite flying.

    Did we ever hear more about that? It was not a big story like the Spears family conservatorship.

    • otaku fairy says:

      She didn’t say Miley was actually under a conservatorship, she asked why Miley wasn’t under one because she got high.

  5. sevenblue says:

    “Disney, they were doing very well off of the amount of work that I was putting in as a child.”

    That is really sad. I saw some pics of Miley, she gave a concert on Disneyland for her birthday when she was a child. It was marketed like Miley celebrating her birthday with her fans, but actually she was working on her birthday as a child. So, I understand her rebellion as a young adult better. She could easily be another Britney Spears, even South Park was making jokes that she was gonna be sacrificed next after Britney. I am happy she survived that time.

    Also, I love how we learn things about Beyonce like that. I had no idea she had some kind of relationship with Miley. She really has her privacy on lock. For “II Most Wanted”, Beyonce probably contributed to the melody, that is part of songwriting and you get songwriting credit for that.

  6. Bumblebee says:

    There is something troubled about the entire Cyrus family. Miley always sounds angry in every interview.

  7. mmm says:

    I can’t stop noticing her cold, empty eyes. She’s always had some tendencies to either gape, pout or stick out her tongue in photos(which I always found annoying), but the last few years she just exude coldness. No “there” there.

    • mmm says:

      And after reading a bit closer… Her statements on expecting a Grammy and talking about her “impact on culture”. Ugh. There would probably be excuses made for her, as usual, but I can’t with her attitude.

      The “creative adult” statement is obviously not originally by Miley(not sure if people are attributing it to her), many sources attribute it to Ursula le Guin.

      • sevenblue says:

        What is wrong with her Grammy statement? We know Grammys depends more on popularity (among Grammy voters) than the music itself. Miley had a kind of wilding out during her early 20’s, but she released good and popular music. She received her very first Grammy for Flowers. She is right that her earlier works should have been awarded too. It isn’t like that song was her first good work, she has been in the industry since she was a child.

  8. JFerber says:

    I didn’t think the Flowers song was that great. Whatever.

  9. Call_me_AL says:

    No one is owed a Grammy or any other award.

    Can’t you just be happy with your hundreds of millions?

    Complaining about not winning Grammys and then saying you’re not competitive is just stupid.

    I really am sorry her family sucks, though.

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