Heather Mills: I’m not a golddigging fantastist


The Daily Mail had a lengthy interview with Heather Mills over the weekend, most likely to promote her appearance on Britain’s “Dancing on Ice” reality show, which I believe aired last night (Sunday night). I read the interview and decided to cover it because Heather is her usual martyred “there but for the grace of God go I” self, but she actually sounds a little less delusional than usual. Could it be Heather is maturing a tad? She’s got a new boyfriend, you know. She doesn’t talk about him that much in the interview, but I feel for that poor bastard. Here are some of the highlights from the interview (complete piece here):

On competing on “Dancing on Ice” when she‘s already injured herself in rehearsals: “My chiropractor thinks I am completely insane….It was my ribs. My chiropractor examined me, getting a finger under the eighth and ninth ribs and, to his horror, the end of the 11th was jammed between them and had just popped out. He pulled it out, but I was flat on my back for eight days.’ Yeah. Actually, I’d fractured another rib too.”

On her pain tolerance: “I think, after losing my leg, puncturing my lung, crushing my pelvis and splitting my head open [in a road accident in 1993, when she was knocked down by a police motorcycle answering an emergency call], I have a very high tolerance to pain. I have metal plates in my pelvis, which I’d already snapped after giving birth to Beatrice [in 2003], but a bad fall shifted the pelvis out of place, so I had a week on my back and then I could skate again. The ribs weren’t going to stop me either. I just took arnica [a herbal remedy used for pain relief] and got straight back into training as soon as I could.’

On her competitive streak: “With every sport I’ve ever tried, there have been amputees who’ve done it before me, from whom I could take advice. In skiing, for instance, there are people I could talk to about the best legs to use, or the correct alignment. With ice-skating, though, I couldn’t find anyone – which made me even more determined to have a shot myself.”

Why she’s going to suck at ice-skating: “The ankle on my leg can’t bend, so when you try it you just go flying. I had to work out a compromise, though it still means I fall 50 per cent of the time – but I’m fine with that. I’ll probably be the worst skater there, but at least I’ll have given it a whirl. And, obviously, if I get really injured I will bow out.”

Why Heather knows she’s a saint: “I have counseled people from around the world who have lost limbs. I want to show them that they don’t have to limit their choices in life. [I want to inspire those] who might be sitting staring at the telly, afraid to go out and face the world, never mind do anything more challenging.”

On how criticizing Heather equals stupidity: “We shall see just how dumbed down the nation has become, whether they have been able to see through all the negative press about me.”

More Saint Heather stuff: “I speak from the heart and I’m not afraid to get my campaigns noticed by telling it like it is.”

On her relationship to her ex-husband, Paul McCartney: “[We] have worked it out. Everything is amicable. We handle it because we have to. We talk about Beatrice; we go to school plays together. These things are never easy, but we’ve done a great job of keeping Beatrice in a bubble. She does get upset when we get hounded by the press, though. Once, at Heathrow Airport, she went up to one photographer and said, ‘Do you know how disgusting you are upsetting a young child like me?’”

On having a boyfriend, a “former DJ” named Jamie Walker, for 19 months: “I was totally open to it. I stayed single for two years because I didn’t want to bring anyone into my mess.” She won’t talk at length about Jamie Walker, a former DJ, saying she respects his privacy and wants to protect him. All she will say is, “I’m really happy and I don’t want to jinx it.”

On the f-word… “F” for “fantasist”: “Do you know where that word first came from? It was from my mum’s old boyfriend, who was paid to say that about me. It was all lies. I didn’t make up stuff about my childhood. My brother and sister know the truth. If anything, I played it down.”

Is she a golddigger? “It was easy for the media to describe me as a gold-digger, but this is so far removed from who I really am.”

[From The Daily Mail]

For me, the best part was this quote: “We shall see just how dumbed down the nation has become, whether they have been able to see through all the negative press about me.” Where to start with that one, eh? So, only dumb people think Heather is a crazy gold digging liar, while only smart people will accept every word that comes out of Heather’s mouth as the gospel? Or how about this – Heather is appearing on a dumb reality show in which she’s going to attempt to ice skate with her prosthetic leg, all because she wants to see how dumb or smart the British people are? Ugh. Here’s the thing – if Heather were really doing all of this stuff as a way to encourage and inspire other amputees, I would think she was wonderful. But she just likes attention, she likes to put on the martyr act, she loves when people call her names because then she gets to play the victim.

Promotional images of Heather Mills for “Dancing on Ice” courtesy of The London Evening Standard and The Metro.


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  1. Jill says:

    I think in this case you’re right about her, since we’ve lots of evidence that she loves attention and can’t control her temper.
    But I know firsthand how a family or group of people can conspire to discredit and denigrate a person and cause massive, long lasting damage to his life. That’s why I withheld judgment about her until her nude pics and water-dumping tipped the scale for me.

  2. Dorothy says:

    WOW there is a lot of boobies in that first picture!

  3. LolaBella says:

    Well not ANYMORE she isn’t! 🙂

  4. Roma says:

    Ugh. Her ladies are making me want to throw up my breakfast. Why do women think hiking their fake boobies up to their chin make them look attractive?

  5. pickelhaube says:

    Heather looks like that woman from that dumb George Clooney movie about airports or whatever it was about (I didn’t see it, I hate Clooney). Whoever that woman is, I feel bad for her. Can you imagine looking like Heather Mills? She’s a nut and poor Paul for ever getting mixed up with her. And I’m sick of her going on about her leg. I’m sorry it happened and all but STFU about it already please.

  6. Bete says:

    She should just use her divorce settlement, stay out of the media (at least until her ex husband reaches his use by date) and just shut up. However, like most egomaniacs (95% of all celebrity types: a-z grade), she won’t.

  7. bella says:

    Well, I don’t know about her being a gold-digging fantasist, but I do believe she’s a gold-digging, fame-seeking bitch.

  8. canadianchick says:

    I think her bad boob job may be what actually has thrown her back out. Glad for Bea her parents are amicable now-looks like Bea has mum’s feist if she’s telling off paps.

  9. Kaboom says:

    I guess she was threatened with a lawsuit by the Golddigging Fascist Association unless she distanced herself from them.

  10. gg says:

    Heather Mills: I’m not a gold-digging fantasist, I’m a mold-digging fanny.

    Her chiro is right – she is stupid for continuing to injure her ribs and pelvis doing stunts.

  11. oxa says:

    She is now known as “Lying Cow On Skates” and wouldnt know the truth if it bit her on the arse.

  12. snowball says:

    She seems inordinately obsessed with herself.

    Does anyone actually believe Beatrice said what Heather claims?

    Yeah, I pretty much have the same opinion of her that I did before. She’s a fantasist.

  13. crash2GO2 says:

    She is very stupid to continue injuring herself and encouraging people to do things that might simply be beyond their physical capacity as amputees.

    She is just a stupid woman with poor impulse control. I really wish people would stop paying attention to her.

  14. QB says:

    Did this B#tch , finally pay for the protesis she promised that girl when she went to her house to get good press? or she just ignored it.

  15. Goddess711 says:

    Are those her real boobs?
    Meh – if Paul and Linda didn’t spend more then 2 days in their entire marriage apart, no wonder he married this twit fast. Gotta beware of men who can’t be by themselves and the losers who marry them.
    Paul’s kind of a whack-job too. They suited each other.

  16. Kiki says:

    I can’t stand her.

  17. Ogechi says:

    i am really touched and motivated reading this interview.. May God bless and protect her.

  18. Firestarter says:

    @Ogechi- I wish I could be as nice as you. Seriously. You always wish everyone well. It warms my black heart!

    I am not being sarcastic either.

  19. moo says:

    @ Roma: so it takes your eyes away from her ugly face?

    And, yes! You are a gold-digging attention whore, Heather!!

  20. GatsbyGal says:

    If she really wanted to inspire other amputees, she should probably do something else that isn’t ice skating. Because picturing her stupid ass falling half the time because of her fake leg that won’t bend at the ankle…it’s pretty much the most hillarious thing ever. Seriously. Ice skating. Great choice.

    Also, her daughter sounds like such a cunt-in-training…poor thing.

  21. Ruffian9 says:

    That taste in my mouth? Oh, that’s bile.

  22. WTF?!? says:

    While I find her odious, my total potential animus for her is tempered by the old saying, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean everyone isn’t out to get you.”
    As long as she stays on British TV and media and off of our airways, I wish her well, for Beatrice, if for no other reason.
    I guess it was worth busting a metal pelvic plate to birth a McCartney cash machine.

  23. Kathie says:

    Serously she is hustling for a buck on reality TV? If HM wants any cred or sympathy from people she should do the following: take the huge fortune you just got to support yourself, stay home, raise your child, inspire other amputee’s by providing state of the art replacement limbs for the ones who can’t afford, become the spokesperson for Brit soldiers returning from Iraq/Afghanistan to raise awareness and collect money to help with their rehabili…aw never mind, famewh**es never listen.

  24. andrea says:

    snowball – yeah, agreed. that “quote” from the kid hardly sounds like something a kid would actually say. also, continuing in physical activities that are injuring the hell out of you – not “brave” or whatever, just stupid. and yeah, holy martyr complex.

    also, she is busted in the face.

  25. Ogechi says:

    I find it difficult to judge people bcos life isn’t what it seems. People have passed thru good and worst stages in life. We are all not perfect; I really find it difficult to judge or condemn pple, judgment is for God Almighty. In life we all need somebody to encourage us, so do others need us. A word can heal or kill a soul, am always careful at what I say to pple nmata d circumstances.

  26. Joy says:

    Fake. Gold Digger. Pathetic.

  27. amanda says:

    what a pig!

  28. amanda says:

    don’t care for her at all