Pete Doherty To Be A Daddy Again

Pete Doherty might be very talented and handsome (well, to some people he may appear that way) but the man who moved on from his drug addiction to an infatuation with pies should probably get better control of himself before he procreates.

Lola McLaughlin, 20, has been accepted into Harvard University to study law. She hasn’t told her parents about her pregnancy, I guess they’ll be reading about it in News of the World, the newspaper which bought her story.

She said: “I met Peter through mutual friends about a year ago.

He has always been overly tactile with me, kissing my neck and inviting me home with him.

“He did not know I was a virgin, and I certainly didn’t tell him. I think he just thought I was an inexperienced lover and he told me ‘purity’ was a real turn-on for him.

“He was a very laid-back lover and very gentle with me. He wasn’t into anything kinky or strenuous and that suited me down to the ground seeing as it was my first time having sex.”

Lola claims on her final night with Kate Moss’s ex a condom split.

She said: “We continued to have sex regardless as it was the last condom we had.

“But our weekend together wasn’t just about sex. We cuddled up to watch the movie Dirty Dancing together and we had many deep and meaningful conversations. It felt like Peter was my boyfriend.

“He told me he liked me because I was intelligent and straightforward as well as sweet and innocent. He said I was the opposite of Kate Moss. He led me to believe when we parted on the Sunday night, things weren’t going to end there. But they did.”

You know, it’s just occurred to me that the last thing I would ever want to know from my parents would be a detailed account of my conception. Particularly one my school friends could Google.

Pete has apparently denied the baby is his, his rep saying “Pete says he doesn’t know who this girl is.” Which could mean anything really, as I doubt Pete can recognize his own face in the mirror most mornings.

I suspect that Lola, a straight-A student who is the daughter of millionaires, is very smart at the book learning but not too street smart. Sure, Pete led her to believe that their affair would continue beyond one night, but guys will say anything to get a girl in the sack (okay, I’m generalizing., but you know what I mean). They have only had phone contact since she discovered her pregnancy in late December.

Lola also happens to be the Goddaughter of Sir Alex Ferguson, the boss of Manchester United soccer club. I guess Pete can give up his dream – if he ever had one – of playing for Man U.

Pete also has a four-year-old son with ex-girlfriend Lisa Moorish.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Doherty is shown on 12/4/07 leaving Amy Winehouse’s place, thanks to Splash News. Photo below is from News of The World. That girl looks so young!


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