Vanessa Paradis: “Johnny Depp is the love of my life”

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This is kind of a duh interview from Vanessa Paradis, the longtime girlfriend/partner/baby-mama of Johnny Depp. Vanessa spoke with the Sunday Times Magazine (via OK! Magazine) about how Johnny is the love of her life. As I’ve noted before, even Johnny’s exes are still obsessed with him (like Winona Ryder), so it makes sense that Johnny’s current love would still be crazy in love with him after 11 years. I just found this interview so sweet:

They’re the most private couple in Hollywood, but Parisian beauty Vanessa Paradis has opened up about her 11-year relationship with Johnny Depp.

“I’d wanted to be a mother for a long time, but with him I couldn’t avoid it,” she tells the UK’s Sunday Times Magazine. “He was, and still is, the love of my life.”

Vanessa, 37, who has two children with the Pirates of the Caribbean star, says, “There is a lot of friendship between us, respect and admiration.”

“We’ve understood that if we want it to carry on working, it’s essential to give each other space. You don’t eat the same food every day, you don’t read the same book or listen to the same record over and over again. You have to discover things for yourself.”

What makes Johnny, 46, such a great partner? “I could go on and on about all the things I admire in him,” the French singer and actress says.

“I like watching him when he’s thinking, when he’s talking with people, I like seeing how he handles situations. I admire him as an actor, as a father, as a man. Above all, I admire the person he is. He’s fantastic.”

[From OK! Magazine]

Something I noticed about Depp and Paradis from reading Depp’s interview in Vanity Fair last year was that they do spend significant periods of time apart. Depp goes and films his movies while Vanessa stays in France and raises the kids. Depp goes on a month-long bender on his yacht and private islands, while Vanessa is doing God knows what. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the way they have things worked out, because it obviously works for them. But I do think that if they were another couple, there would be more press about the long periods of time they’re apart.

Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp at the Oscars, on February 24, 2008, and on February 27, 2005. Credit: WENN.


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  1. mhjmc says:

    it is a sweet interview, I wish them many years of happiness.

  2. Linda says:

    Yeah, well, don’t feel like the lone ranger. He’s the love of a lot of people’s lives.

  3. lio says:

    I highly doubt that they do spend significant periods of time apart. As for the children, the strange thing is that in the States, people believe that they are educated in France, while in France we believe that they are educated in California. My guess is that they live a very normal , but private, american family life

  4. lucy2 says:

    I don’t know much about her (she/they do keep their lives very private, which I find admirable) but he seems to have matured into a really great guy. I hear nothing but good things about him these days, especially in how he treats his fans and other people in general.
    I agree that whatever they’re doing seems to work for them, so I hope it continues to and they and their kids are very happy.

  5. Firestarter says:

    He’s the imaginary love of my life. Well, along with a few others.

  6. Phowie says:

    Atta girl Vanessa, the best offense is a good defense. Angelina, be warned, hands off.

  7. Sumodo says:

    Good for them. NEXT!

  8. dude says:

    who would have thought i would have anything in common with Vanessa

  9. Samantha says:

    Sweet. I think for the most part, people are “obsessed” with who they are with, and not in love. Then eventually that obsession fades and they are left with this lesser image of a man/woman that they had hyped up in their head. Its good to see a couple who are comfortable enough with each other that they don’t have to be in constant contact. It can be rather annoying.

  10. He is the love of my life, too, Vanessa.

  11. Tazina says:

    Great to give each other space and you see the success of doing that with Depp and Vanessa.. Being with a partner can be monotonous and cloying if you have no hobbies or activities apart from each other. Everyone needs their own identity.

  12. ien says:

    they’re both so beautiful

  13. canadianchick says:

    I wonder what their kids cheekbones are like- they are both blessed with good bones. When he is well-groomed, Depp is soo hot,good for them, I hope it lasts.

  14. hank says:

    Its true lio, They live here in LA. They just have everybody thinking they don’t. Which i guess works.

  15. Kiki says:

    Vanessa you are the luckiest woman alive!

  16. LolaBella says:

    I love the fact that they keep their private lives private; I don’t think I recall seeing pap pics of them and their kids.

  17. snapdragon says:

    celeb couples like brangelina and tom & katie should take a lesson from johnny & vanessa: johnny depp is a huge, recognizable star and yet i don’t think i’ve ever seen photo of his kids. i don’t even know their names. i love that they are so private – i think it’s better for their kids, too.

  18. Madelyn Rose says:

    Love love love Vanessa and Johnny! They are discreet, humble, and always give the sweetest (and sincere sounding) interviews about each other.

  19. Ogechi says:

    “I like watching him when he’s thinking, when he’s talking with people, I like seeing how he handles situations. I admire him as an actor, as a father, as a man. Above all, I admire the person he is. He’s fantastic.”

    i am full of envy..I have to invite my guy to come and read this…I love it when ladies/women are happy in their rltnships. All the best dear.

  20. Solveig says:

    He’s the love of my life too and I’m obsessed with him even though I’m not an ex…
    There’s something wrong.

  21. Goddess711 says:

    She looks better brunette and dragged out. They look good together, I love him dorked out in glasses. Groovacious couple – it’s nice to hear ANYONE much less the famous and beautiful say good things about their significant others.

  22. nona says:

    I’ve never seen pictures of their kids but, with those genes, they must be gorgeous!

  23. Green is Good says:

    They live in LA, yet they manage to fly below the radar. Good for them.

  24. Victoria says:

    True we never see pics of the kids. I know the little girls name Lily Rose because of her getting sick there was a lot of press about it. However they dont trot the kids out in front of the paps the way Brad, Angie, Tom and Katie do. Am I leaving anyone out? Who else “whores out” their own kids?

  25. Kim says:

    Well I”ve seen photos of their kids they put them in several magazine shoot, one w/ Vanessa breastfeeding and the other with both kids posing. The pics are similar to Brad’s pics in W magazine. Some of the pics are at search Johnny and Vanessa family photos.Brad and Angie and Tom and Katie were followed by the paps before they even had kids together . Vanessa is not well known in America so less interest and coverage by the paps. Besides at the Awards show I have never seen a pic of her and Johnnyn in public nor their kids.

  26. wow says:

    I’m always amazed that this is the same little girl I remember seeing in a fashion magazine when she first came out on the scene as a french singer. I remember when the press first came about that Depp was dating her, she was so young. And she still look great now.

    As far as their relationship goes, I think this type of relationship works for a lot of couples. They aren’t legally married but they are still just as devoted to each other and their family as they would be with the whole marriage hoopla.

  27. Anaïs says:

    You don’t know everything about them, I live in switzerland, and I see pics of their children in tabloid, french and italian website.
    They also do photoshoot with their children, so please stop acting like if they were saints.

    Here you can see pics of Vanessa breastfeeding, and pics of the children too:

  28. Beth says:

    I see more pictures of Violet Affleck, Kingston Rosdale, and others than any of the Jolie-Pitts combined. If you look at the archives of most celeb sites, there are a lot kids that are photographed everyday. The Jolie-Pitts can go weeks even months without being photographed. Because tabloids and blogs insist on doing fake and insignificant stories on them, people think they are photographed all of the time.

  29. andrea says:

    so funny – i saw the headline and was immediately getting ready to comment “yeah, he’s the love of my life too!” and then i get on here and about a million others have already said exactly that! we loooooooves us some johnny. whatever he’s got, they should bottle it and sell it – men would pay a fortune for it! 🙂

    snapdragon: amen.

  30. crash2GO2 says:

    @Anaïs: Thanks for the links. The photos in the first are simply amazing. I guess we Americans aren’t so interested in them as a couple because they are drama-less. Beautiful family. I wish them all the best.

  31. Tazina says:

    Brad and Angelina don’t pimp their children out. You rarely see the older four and when’s the last time you saw a photo of the twins? I’ve also seen photos of Depp’s kids in various publications.

  32. Amoosed says:

    Doesn’t Vanessa look so much better now than she did a few years back. Anyone old enough to remember her “Joe Le Taxi” when she was in her early teens, it was a big hit in Britain (and I am fairly sure it was in French, which was a tad unusual for a Brit Hit!) Ah, found the clip

    BTW: Johnny has to be the most busy guy in Hollywood. I had a look at IMDB and he has about half a dozen films coming out this year and another dozen in the works!

  33. Kim says:

    Anais, thanks for posting the links to the pics. As I stated earlier there is less interest in Vanessa and her kids in America therefore less coverage.There are celebs popular in Europe who would be ignored in Europe. Others like Brad and Angie and Tom and Katie that are popular worldwide. I remember during the last Olympics they showed people in Beijeng pics of celeb and the only one most of them knew was Angelina Jolie because of the internet I guess

  34. Anonymous says:

    If I’m not mistaken, she was voted as the most successful woman in France last year. They mostly travel with private plane and Vanessa told in a tv interview in France that she consider Johnny as her best friend. It seems that treating your better half as best friend is the only recipe for successful marriage.

  35. lio says:

    Thanks for the link. Those photos were never published in France. The law forbidde to publish the face of children unless they are blurred

  36. tammy says:

    You guys aren’t looking very hard, I’ve seen many pictures of the kids. Lily Rose and Jack who is 7 years old. He looks more like Johnny and Lily looks like her mama.

  37. Moe says:

    Yeah, there may be some online pics of Johnny’s family, but you’ve never seen them “pimp” out their kids on the cover of People magazine for 20 million dollars (Ahem Brad & Angie). Charity or no charity, that’s selling your kids out.

  38. WTF?!? says:

    While they may stay in LA part of the time, they are hardly “the most private couple in Hollywood”, as they live the majority of the year in the south of France.
    I’m always somewhat suspect of usually private people who suddenly and publicly wax poetic about their “one and only”.

  39. Sincerity says:

    Johnny Depp is “the bomb” and I’m very happy for Vanessa. Not all couples, married or otherwise, can say that they are very good friends after being together for awhile. When the initial passion wanes, friendship and respect will usually reignite it.

    The way they conduct their relationship seems to be “very real” because most of us learn our most profound lessons apart and not always as a couple. May they continue to have a wonderful relationship together.

    Peace Be With Them!

  40. Lita says:

    You’re right, he’s not a saint. He’s just .. yummy :o)

    We have this general collective view of him I think
    – hot
    – interesting
    – nice
    – cool
    – family love
    – good actor
    – low key
    – smart
    – fun

    Ahh, Johnny. Did I miss anything?

  41. Mireille says:

    “…while Vanessa is doing God knows what”

    That made me laugh a bit. Vanessa is still one of the most famous musicians and actresses in France. Her last album came out a year or so ago and was critically acclaimed and successful here. French things just don’t carry over to the US, I suppose.

  42. gee_gee says:

    Sweet. I do like her & Johnny D.

  43. WTF?!? says:

    @ Anaïs: I will never understand why women (*especially* famous women) put breastfeeding pictures out there for general consumption. Taking them for personal mementos, okay, I get that, but making public one of the most intimate, intensely private interactions one can share with another human being (and SELLING them, no less) just reeks of blech.
    They must really get into the Mother Earth, I-Am-the-Madonna complex to the detriment/demolition of their good senses and any semblance of taste or decorum.

  44. maria says:

    Johnny and Vanessa don’t spend “significant amount of time apart” and I have never read where he goes to his island for a month. Also, the children are not being raised in France, they are being raised and go to school in LA.

  45. hank says:

    i had never seen those photos, wow, lily is absolutly breathtaking!! and yeah, lil jack looks like daddy.

    they’ll both be little heartbreakers i’m sure.

  46. Leek says:

    That was really nice. I hope Johnny and Angelina can make the movie they signed on for without screwing each other.

  47. Bek says:

    Interesting timing on this interview, methinks. She sounds almost like she’s staking her claim as he’s about to go off and film with Angie. I could be wrong, and, no doubt, will attract some fierce aggression (where’s Cheyenne?) for saying so, but I just think it’s odd. They never really say a whole lot for the public, concerning their relationship I mean. Just sharing my impression…

  48. MooMooMooMooMoo. says:

    I love these two, they make such a great couple and Vanessa is so cute when she speaks.

    Brad & Angelina bring out their kids strategically for their benefit & whatever agenda they have. I believe they could disappear if they wanted to. fame hos

  49. javelin says:

    Anaïs, wow– thanks!! what a treat to see their family in vivid, expressive photographs.
    (much better than the scads of ho-hum Brang ‘candids’ we’re forced to tolerate)

  50. NicoleAM says:

    I first “fell in love” with him when I saw him on 21 Jump St and in Crybaby. Great bone structure indeed. They make a nice couple. 🙂

  51. Ursula says:

    He is the love of my life too. Has been for a long long time. Vanessa is very lucky. Depp is one of the very few intelligent celebs. Most of them are so dumb they make me cry.

  52. Michele says:

    Francois Mitterand’s funeral was attended by both his wife and mistress. In fact they sat close to eachother. It’s not so unusual in France that married couples have romantic relationships outside of the primary family relationship.
    I wonder if she gives him the same latitude. “You don’t want to eat the same food everyday.”

  53. Loo says:

    1. No one’s love is that perfect. She herself has said they fight and he has a bad temper.

    2. Why would they let it out if they were having problems? So the reporters can get in on it. Infact it is more likely that when Celebrities are having problems they publish stories to cover it up.

    3. In 2001 _i think was the year_ Depp stated in an interview..
    “I don’t know if she is the one. We met at a party and I don’t remember the end of the night. # months later I got a call saying she was pregnant so I asked her what she wanted to do. So we decided to work it out.

    4. Their story keeps changing. He walked up to her in a lobby. The, it changed to she walked up to him in a lobby. Then, It was we met at a party.

    Nothing adds up. I hope they do make it but something is very very fishy. The only way for a couple to be this stupidly happy is if one of them has no mind of their own.