Vickers: In ten years, Prince Harry will return to the UK… alone

The Sun does a weekly talk show about royals, hosted by their royal correspondent Matt Wilkinson. I’ve covered stuff from the talk show before, just because the Sun generates and runs so many stories off of the crazy sh-t said by “royal experts” on the show. It’s basically mainstreaming Deranger storylines and I feel like we should keep our eye on it, because that sh-t has a way of becoming even more mainstream and problematic. Speaking of, this past weekend, the guest on the show was Hugo Vickers and he said something WILD. As we’ve seen for close to five years now, they are still in shambles and spinning all kinds of projections and fantasies about how Prince Harry will eventually come back to them. Well, here’s their latest:

Prince Harry will return home, an expert has claimed, but without Meghan Markle. Speaking on The Sun’s Royal Exclusive show, historian and biographer Hugo Vickers suggested Prince Harry will return to the Royal Family – but alone and in 10 years time. During an exclusive conversation with The Sun’s Royal Editor, Matt Wilkinson, Hugo was asked where he thinks the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be in a decade’s time.

Hugo replied: “I think he’ll come home. If he comes home, it will be very nice for him, because he won’t particularly want to, he’s quite angry I think.”

Matt clarified: “Do you think he’ll come home alone?”

The expert confirmed: “Yes I do. The King, as I have mentioned before, has left the door wide open for him to do that. And he was doing such a good job before…he looked so happy. Usually you’re happy when you’re doing your duty, and you’re doing it for other people, and you’re putting things into life. I personally think he’s [Harry] petrified of losing her [Meghan] and looks slightly petrified of her to be honest. That’s kind of a tricky one to say. It’s a horrible syndrome to get into.”

Matt continued: “We were told last year, that he [Harry] was feeling a little homesick. And I do worry, when they were here, they were apparently so full of ideas – waking up at 5am in the morning coming up with all these ideas. I am disappointed they have gone to America, after turning on the Royal Family with all their shows…. I don’t know Harry, but I don’t think that is the life he maybe wanted.”

Hugo said: “What is terribly sad is the late Queen gave them the whole of the Commonwealth to explore. William and Catherine would do the home things and the Commonwealth – to which they were both committed [would be Harry and Meghan’s]…[But] that wasnt enough for them – which is very sad. It could’ve all been so wonderful and it’s turned out not to be.”

Matt jokingly suggested: “I’ve got an idea – if Harry comes home alone in 10 years like you suggest, he could live in Royal Lodge.” But Hugo wasn’t convinced: “Well, yes, I don’t know.”

[From The Sun]

While this is genuinely harmful and awful, it also feels close to an admission that Harry can’t be forced to come back to the UK and that he would never choose to come back to live there any time soon. The rest of it is crap though, including the dog whistles about Harry being “petrified” of Meghan and calling the Sussexes’ marriage a “syndrome.” The fact that these terrible men are basically suggesting that Harry will abandon his wife and children in the next decade… well, they’re saying the quiet part out loud. This has been their plan since 2020, to separate the Sussexes and force Harry to abandon his wife and children. The sh-t about “the late Queen gave them the whole of the Commonwealth to explore” is pretty ridiculous too. William wanted them “sent to Africa” and he didn’t want the Sussexes to move to Canada or Australia, less they overshadow him from abroad.

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121 Responses to “Vickers: In ten years, Prince Harry will return to the UK… alone”

  1. sevenblue says:

    lol. Each year they are moving the goalpost. Now, it became 10 years. Imagine thinking a man like Harry would leave his children behind to be the sacrificial lamb to his family again. Also, I don’t think Charles is gonna live another decade, he looks worse than his mother did at his age. So, he is gonna go to UK to serve his brother who tried to destroy him and his family? They are really dumbasses.

    • Chloe says:

      These people simply don’t want to realize that even if Harry and Meghen ever divorce (and that is a very big if), Harry still won’t come back to play second fidle to his brother. He found a new life and he seems to love it. No restrictions and no ancient protocol

      • sevenblue says:

        @Chloe, yeah, that is the point they are skipping. We don’t know H&M’s marriage. Even if they have problems and decide to get divorce in 10 years, Harry isn’t kind of man who would leave his children and the life he built in order to be family scapegoat again. His own family tried to put him, Meghan and their baby in harm’s way when they leaked their location in Canada. Why would he go back to that? We know from Spare, they aren’t really family behind the scenes. They come together on holidays and for public engagements. He didn’t have a loving family in BRF, that is worth to go back to.

      • Tessa says:

        Harry is not the kind of man who would leave his wife and children. I don’t think divorce is an option or will be an option. Harry is not some one who would go back to an abusive relationship which primarily was from his brother. It’s also not that some don’t want harry married. They want him with the proverbial English rose. What a disgrace Vickers is

      • Becks1 says:

        @Chloe Bingo. We don’t know their marriage, they seem pretty solid to me, but a lot can happen in 10 years. But if they ever do get divorced for any reason, Harry isn’t going back to the UK and the royal family.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        @sevenblue they also made Harry deliberately unsafe *before he even met Meghan*. Jealous of Harry’s service that they themselves were incapable of? Was it Huevo or their father that told courtiers to tip off Australian press (so as to keep the dirty deed at a comfortable remove) about Harry’s location during his first tour of duty in Afghanistan? The result of which put his entire unit in extreme danger, forcing him to come home (which was obviously the goal of some in the palaces)…

        They think the public mind is like an etch-a-sketch they can erase and rewrite over. Nah. We lived that. We witnessed that. We have seen everything they’ve done to Harry, every denigration and insult and every time they’ve thrown him to the wolves. We remember.

        The courtiers and their principals really hate that we remember.

      • The better question is if there will even be a monarchy in 10 years.

    • Lady Esther says:

      I smell distraction. What are they trying to get out in front of? Harry’s court case decision coming up? Summer season drought of royal stories? Something new with Andrew or the Waleses? This ramping up focus on Harry and Meghan even when there’s nothing to say is notable even for the BF….

      • swaz says:


      • Yvette says:

        @Lady Esther … “…when they were here, they were apparently so full of ideas – waking up at 5am in the morning coming up with all these ideas.”

        What I find interesting is them finally admitting it wasn’t that Harry and Meghan didn’t want to work (which has been suggested over the past 4 1/2 years by the British media and derangers), it’s that they wanted to do ‘too much’ work. And the Royal Family couldn’t have them doing more than, and thereby overshadowing, lazy William and Kate.

      • StarWonderful says:

        Epstein docs have been released in the US, so perhaps that is one of the things they hope to distract from, that and W&K’s separation/divorce. Mostly, It’s projection about the state of W&K’s marriage.

      • Deering24 says:

        Yeesh. Didn’t they drag Meghan endlessly for “having ideas” at 5 am? 🙄

      • WaterDragon says:

        Isn’t it about time for the full Inquest report into Thomas Kingston’s untimely death to come out. If I remember correctly, it would take at least 6 months for a full inquest investigation. Methinks this might well have something to do with the BaRF freakout and distraction effort.

    • The Robinson Group says:

      No he won’t.

    • Ash says:

      They’re always moving the goalpost because their predictions are crap. First they claimed the Sussexes marriage wouldn’t last a year, then 3 years, then 5 years, now it’s 10. God bless the delusional frfr.

      • Tina says:

        They actually first said it wouldn’t even make it to marriage. I think it was Dick A who said it was just a fling lol.

      • HeatherC says:

        Reminds me of my parents. My mom’s mother stated their marriage wouldn’t last six months and my dad ran with it. He got my mom a happy anniversary card and flowers every six months for 43 years until he died LOL

      • Lissen says:

        @HeatherC: I LOVE your parents’ story! Made my day. Thank you.

      • Deering24 says:

        HeatherC–😂🤣😂😂 That’s a terrific story…

      • bisynaptic says:

        @HeatherC, great story! ❤️

      • Simba's Mom says:

        Love your Dad!!!

    • Bad Janet says:

      Right? Sure, I’m dead certain Harry wants to leave the peaceful life he has in California so he can go back to an abusive family and getting chased by paps all the time. Makes total sense!

    • PrincessK says:

      Exactly they keep revising it First it would not last 6 months, then 2 years then 5, now 10 years.
      Such wicked useless people they should be ashamed of themselves.
      These idiots are so desperate for Harry because no matter how hard the media tries to turn Willnot and Kannot into stars, they know they can never be.

  2. Anna says:

    Oh typical „you will see” that everyone daring to live on their own terms hears, usually from family.

    • CherHorowitz says:

      Yep, and honestly do they really think that EVEN if they divorced, that he’d just leave his kids, friends and life behind and move back to England?! Delusional

  3. Zapp Brannigan says:

    “I don’t know Harry”

    Possibly the only true statement any of the British media have ever uttered about Harry.

    • Wagiman says:

      Yes! That was the standout line. But apparently he knows Harry’s ‘petrified’ of his wife.. Dog whistles galore in that turd fest.

      • Pinkosaurus says:

        Got to keep pushing that angry black woman trope, along with the vile white supremecists wishing away the mixed race wife and children. This is so sickening.

    • sunnyside up says:

      Yesterday or the day before I did see a story in the Express that it was Kate that made Meghan cry, they even reminded us that Kate gave Meghan flowers to say sorry. That has to be a milestone.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      Totally agree with Pinkosaurus.

      This wishful erasure of Meghan, Lili and Archie is disgusting.

      • Christine says:

        It really is. I’m not religious, even a little bit, but I am fervently hoping there is a hell awaiting all of these people. You are advocating that a man, who by his own admission, is happy for the first time in his life, abandon his wife and small children because you think his “duty to the crown” is the only way he will ever feel good about himself.

        He’s never coming back, and every single day you miserable people just give him more proof that he was right to leave. This is officially the craziest thing I have witnessed in my entire lifetime, and that includes Trump. He’s just a crazy bigot, these people are lunatics that need medical intervention.

  4. Maxine Branch says:

    Wow. Those gutter rats are sitting around waiting for a man to leave his wife and kids. Guess the have never experienced true love and commitment

    • Chloe says:

      Meanwhile kate is shoved away somewhere in Norfolk while william is quite little scooting around windsor castle🙄

    • PrincessK says:

      I know and I’m truly disgusted by these people and their cruel comments.

    • K says:

      You mean like everyone here does with William and Kate?

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        K, there is no comparing the two couples. They want Harry to leave the US and return to the UK (5400 miles as the crow flies) and leave his wife and children behind. William and Kate (if they divorced) would likely be in the same place (Windsor). Try again.

  5. girl_ninja says:

    “This has been their plan since 2020, to separate the Sussexes and force Harry to abandon his wife and children.”

    Their plan? More like their wish. It’s all wishful thinking on their parts and they continually embarrass and debase themselves all for a King and his court jester son.

  6. Dee says:

    At the rate they’re going, he’ll come home alone to walk on the ashes of what’s left of the Firm and then head back to his happy life and family in California.

    • booboocita says:

      Yep. I’m calling it now: Harry will return to the UK alone in 10 years. He’ll attend the funeral of his father, and then he’ll bounce, never again to be seen on Isla Saltina.

  7. Tina says:

    This is so gross and vile. Even if Harry and Meghan divorced there is no way he would move to the other side of the world while his kids are still children and in school. He lost his mom at 12 and then spent years with an emotionally distant and absentee father. Truly even the haters must see that he wants to be the present and loving father he didn’t have. He would just buy another nice house in Montecito with 567 bathrooms and share custody with Meghan. In 10 years time William will be King and George the heir and Charlotte the spare will both be adults. The Wales family can handle the monarchy stuff while Harry lives peacefully in Cali. He isn’t coming back Hugo.

  8. Tursitops says:

    If you are so sure of the accuracy of your predictions, then would you kindly shut the hell up until they come to fruition?

  9. Chantal1 says:

    They’re really trying to keep hope alive. But they’re admitting they only want H, not M nor their children and and too insulated and bigoted to see how racist and ridiculous their comments sound. H is afraid of M, the scary and controlling Black woman? No acknowledgement of their small minor children (what a-holes!). Yet he frequently travels without her. H has been back to the UK plenty of times and never stayed longer than necessary.

    And is the offer of Royal Lodge meant to be enticing bc it sounds nightmarish – H is to wander the halls of that massive property alone? What an awful future to wish upon someone who has a wife and kids he loves and that love is reciprocated. It actually wouldn’t surprise me if these hateful people were practicing witchcraft and voodoo in an effort to get H back (well maybe not voodoo…). I keep wondering if there is a shortage of psychotropic meds in the UK bc these people seriously need psychiatric help.

    • booboocita says:

      Not voodoo? Because I can well believe that Willy is kicking an effigy of Harry around Kensington or Anmer or Adelaide or wherever he’s hiding out, punching and scratching and screaming at it, “Die! Just f’n die!”

      Poor Willy. Guess no one’s ever told him that whatever vibe you put out in the universe comes back to you threefold. He’d better pick up his Harry dolly and start hugging and loving on it … real soon.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      “ And is the offer of Royal Lodge meant to be enticing bc it sounds nightmarish – H is to wander the halls of that massive property alone?”

      That is exactly what they want; for Harry to be miserable as a penance for daring to try to have a happy, successful life.

      • Deering24 says:

        Shoot, to these guys, the Royal Lodge is where every royal should aspire to live. They think this is sweetening the pot of viper stew…🤮

      • Berkeleyfarm says:

        Royal Lodge is going to be that continuously offered carrot, I see!

        (I saw that and thought “I guess they want Harry to spend his Netflix money fixing THAT place up without recompensation”. )

  10. Amy Bee says:

    Absolutely no thought about Harry and Meghan’s children. So is Hugo Vickers expecting Harry to leave his children in the US?

    • Tessa says:

      Harry won’t leave his wife and their children. Why would there be the remotest chance of a divorce. After all the negativity they are together

      • Berkeleyfarm says:

        Even if there were, he’d stick around to co-parent his children.

      • Tessa says:

        Harry and Meghan have managed so far. If anybody co parents not being under the same roof it is william.

  11. TheFarmer'sWife says:

    The next time Harry is in the UK will be for a court date or his father’s funeral. Even if Harry and Meghan were to divorce, I doubt he’d return to the UK. Why? What’s there for him? A dodgy family attempting and failing to use the now-popular DARVO strategy? God, what a terrible lot of people the royal family are. I’m happy the Sussexfuls got out when they did. Meghan, please make an apricot jam; it’s my favourite.

  12. Cersi says:

    Most important statement in that article…..”I don’t know Harry”.

  13. Brassy Rebel says:

    I wonder if Hugo Vickers, once a “respected” royal historian, got this news flash from a crystal ball or a ouija board. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

    • Mslove says:

      That’s how the excerpt read to me, like Vickers is a part time astrologer giving a reading to the desperadoes at the Sun.

    • Kingston says:

      The only thing I’m sorry about, regarding hugo vickers et al (i:e all the rotarats and adjacents that prey on H&M and their family) is that we’re unable to see the full effects of their Karma as it bites them in the arse of their lives.

      As you all perhaps know, many of our nasty deeds are done in secret or at least, out of the public eye:……many people walking around in suits and ties/driving big fancy cars/living seemingly successful lives, are also grappling with personal demons that we dont usually get to see. Thats them reaping the consequences of their actions.

      But it seems to me that Natural Justice demands that folks like vikers and other online trolls (and those who spur them on – see: the BRF; see: the shitmedia) who make a big public spectacle of their hate, anger, envy, jealousy and harm for H&M, should be served with their Karma in the same big, public, spectacular fashion so that we all can see it and enjoy the Schadenfreude of it all.

      Perhaps thats just me.

      • Deering24 says:

        Kingston, nope, it’s not just you. It’s hilarious that whenever the RR folks dissing H&M have personal disasters, they get covered in their own media. And they’ve had a surprising amount of those troubles lately…

    • PrincessK says:

      The truth is that these so called royal expert idiots have nothing to write about that can make them money except Harry and Meghan.

  14. Miranda says:

    Nah. Talk like this is exactly why Harry will never go back. Even if he and Meghan ever split up (God forbid), he won’t forget this ominous shit. Nor will he forget the way that both the BRF and the BM disparaged his unborn son, and barely acknowledged his daughter’s existence. His home country rashly torched every bridge the moment he and Meghan left.

    • Pebbles says:

      He also won’t forget how at the beginning of the year they weaponized his dead grandmother against his daughter’s name. Dragging that poor child in their nasty media blitz for Hardmans biography of Charles which was authorized by him! They even came out and said the seniors in the palace were glad that that story about her hating the name was told.

      But sure Hugo, I’m sure Harry is eager to come play nice with such delightful people and invite them into his children’s lives. These royal sycophants are the worst pr for the palace ever.

  15. Jay says:

    If course this is just a desperate attempt to get clicks, but if I were a royal commentator, given the king’s current health and the lack of effort from W and K, I think I would avoid projecting 10 years into the future. Harry has two young children – in ten years, even if he and Meghan were no longer together, he would still be their father and spending time with them! He would still have his own business interests! He and his children would likely not be safe in the UK. It tells us more about these royalist sources that they think it would be reasonable for Harry to leave his young children behind if he gets to live in royal lodge! He will not suddenly revert back to 25-year-old single Harry, eager to tag along with his brother and travel the world doing the work that his brother refuses to do.

    I believe the kids call this “delulu”.

    • Tessa says:

      I don’t think harry and Meghan divorcing will happen. I don’t think there is an even if. Their children will have parents committed to each other and to their children.

  16. DancingCorgi says:

    I for one hope Charles lives for many years and not because I love and respect the man. Can you imagine the pressure from the BM for Harry to return after his father’s death and help his brother? It wouldn’t take very long under King William’s rule for the absolute panic to set in and the frantic yammering for Harry to ‘come to his senses’ to increase exponentially.

    • Tessa says:

      Harry won’t go back to abuse from his brother

    • Jais says:

      That’s what makes hugo vicker’s prediction so unbelievable. In 10 years time, there’s a chance it will be William in charge of everything. Harry has seen how William operates and there is just no way that he will go to work under that toxicity. Talk about potential financial abuse. Not to mention the media smears and game-playing. And William would not have Harry back unless he could dictate every minute detail of Harry’s life. Harry knows this. There’s no way in hell he would return to that. Honestly, I don’t even think Matt Wilkinson of the Sun was believing what Hugo Vickers was saying. There’s very little chance of Harry and William working together again. The rota may wish for Harry to return but I don’t think even they can see it happening under William’s reign.

  17. Eurydice says:

    “I think he’ll come home. If he comes home, it will be very nice for him, because he won’t particularly want to, he’s quite angry I think.” What is this word salad?

    And does this mean we’ll be hearing this crap for another 10 years?

  18. Cathy says:

    Vickers has been around long enough to see that William NEEDS Harry, possibly more than Harry wants to go home?

  19. Pix says:

    Revisionist history. These people forget how awful they made the daily lives of these two. They forget that they could have had it all—but squandered it.

  20. Lau says:

    Clearly they are not used to see loving families. They got so used to Charles treating Diana like absolute crap until the very end and then being a terrible father as well that they feel like it’s the norm and that surely Harry wants to abandon his wife and children. These people are just gross, there are no other words.

  21. Jaded says:

    “The late Queen gave them the whole of the Commonwealth to explore.”

    Excuse me?!?!?! The Commonwealth isn’t anyone’s to *give*. Nor is Africa. As a Canadian and member of said Commonwealth I really REALLY resent that. As if we’re just a nation of serfs worshiping the monarchy FFS. The arrogance of these UCBTs (Upper Class British Twits) is truly astonishing. Canada gives you the middle finger Vickers.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      Good catch, Jaded.

      The colonizer mentality is well and truly still alive.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “William wanted them “sent to Africa” and he didn’t want the Sussexes to move to Canada or Australia, less they overshadow him from abroad.”

      It was QEII’s idea for Harry & Meghan to do a “two year residency” in Africa with South Africa as their base. However, the Foreign Office could not work anything out as South Africa refused to absorb any cost whatsoever or provide any type of funding whatsoever.

      • sevenblue says:

        @BayTampaBay, that is not what happened. H&M were discussing different countries they can move to and work for the firm. Each plan was leaked by the royals to the tabloids and so, they had to be cancelled because of the leak. You are believing the words of the tabloids instead of Harry.

      • Kingston says:


        Wow. This is definitely someone’s fantasy. No basis in reality whatsoever. LOL

        If youre genuinely interested in the truth and the facts regarding H&M’s attempts to carve out a different way of living & working within the BRFirm, then you really should read Spare. It is literally spelt out by Harry in Harry’s book. No need to come on the internet and spread propaganda.

    • Meghan says:

      My thought was- the Queen “gave” Harry the Commonwealth but Meghan gave him the WORLD.

    • Christine says:

      Harry already addressed this in Harry & Meghan. Africa was quickly yanked off the table by the Windsors. It was so fast, I don’t know if it even made it to the table. This is all so dumb.

    • Oh come on. says:

      Co-sign, Jaded. The Commonwealth isn’t the British Queen’s to “give”. Canadians overwhelmingly dgaf about the monarchy, and vaguely dislike Charles. I wish we had the guts the Bajans and Jamaicans had, to give the royals their walking papers.

  22. Kingston says:

    Heres my prediction:
    none of the fuckers over on Shithole Isle who hv been making nasty predictions about H&M will be around in 10 years’ time;
    none of their nasty predictions about H&M will come to pass;
    so everything is moot.

  23. Lili says:

    I spoke to my sister this morning, she has Just moved to another country,She is giving herself 5 years to settle in and learn the lay of the land. if i project that on to Harry, he’s got a year left to get fully settled in. he will want to be around for the Major milestones in his kids life, Grilling Lilbets first boyfriend, i dont think the crown’s pull is going to be greater than that.

  24. Cj says:

    “He looked happy here” so we just pretend not to have heard any of his own words about how miserable he really was or how he needed therapy? And I guess he looks miserable at invictus. News flash, he’s still serving others and “doing his duty” fam, you just can’t bear he’s doing that and you can’t make a dime off him

    Or they’re all just genuinely terrified for king William.

    • Christine says:

      It’s so insulting. They simultaneously want to claim Harry burned every bridge he had in the U.K. by writing Spare and refuse to actually pay attention to his words. He has been very thoughtful and deliberate, your hysterics about it is sinking the Little Britain of your dreams, and the whole world can see you.

      I legitimately am starting to believe they think they live in a vacuum.

  25. JENNIFER says:

    To be a monarchist or royal expert or royal historian only require two things, ignoring a royal’s lived experience and being racist.
    Because Harry has told them numerous times that he wasn’t happy being a working royal. They still insist he was!
    And then, claim that Meghan is controlling, violent, angry, you know just a “typical” black woman. Which is very interesting considering Britain claims to not be as racist as the US. So where did they learn these racist tropes?
    Could it be, they actually taught them to the US?

  26. equality says:

    “He looked so happy.” Well, hopefully, PH has found some happiness at all points of his life. This is stupid thinking anyway. Because you “looked” happy while living one way doesn’t mean you can’t be happy with a different life. “Looking” happy doesn’t mean you are. Most people doing a job can pretend good will (except PW if Kate is with him). Meghan “looked” happy at many of the events she did in the UK when she was suicidal (as many other people have managed to put a good face on things and then people are shocked by a suicide). It also goes against PH’s own words about his “happiness” while being a “working” royal and while in the UK. This guy is a nasty, superficial moron.

    • Proud Mary says:

      They know he was miserable. He hated his life, and his “job.” He said as much in Spare. But even before he met Meghan, Harry was hinting at how he wanted to leave royal life. When you would rather go the the frontlines in a war, than stay with your family that’s all the world needs to know about how much you hated being around them

  27. Tessa says:

    Vickers should be ashamed of himself rooting for a couple to break up. He must read deranger comments those who wished divorce even before Meghan and harry got married. And the spin of harry being petrified of his own wife is so anti I women. And as good as calls out men who live their wives weak. Charles treated his first wife terribly .

  28. Tessa says:

    Edit men who love their wives

  29. Nerd says:

    I swear the latest articles since the announcement of Harry’s ESPYs award initially evoke laughter from me because they are so desperate and nonsensical. This just reminds me of when they first declared that Harry and Meghan’s relationship was just a fling and then once they married they kept adjusting how long their marriage would last each time they surpassed their predictions. This just looks like they have become tired of being laughed at each time Harry and Meghan celebrate another wedding anniversary so they have decided to make a prediction so far out there that they can keep making this claim without being embarrassed each year. You have to have a very miserable life that you want a man to go against his vows, responsibilities and happiness to fulfill your sick obsession of hating his biracial wife and children.

  30. Tessa says:

    So harry will go back to family members who were abusive to him and his family. Vickers is telling harry to leave his family and go back to his brother. Vickers needs to stop just stop.

  31. Noor says:

    Dream on Hugo. We won’t hold our breath. In 10 years time Hugo will be aged 83 ,so perhaps it is a good time to retire now instead of joining the toxic line of royalists forever thrashing Harry and Meghan.

  32. Saucy&Sassy says:

    The bm never passes up an opportunity to show how racist they are. They’re very consistent.

  33. Tessa says:

    That s why mr markle was found to try to stop the wedding. The ruthlessness by the media is off the charts.

  34. Hummingbird says:

    First thing I woke up to on X this morning was a Fox News headline stating Harry had filed for divorce. It disappeared a few minutes later and I haven’t seen it on Fox website.
    It’s one thing to put rumours around but surely this is actionable.

    • Tessa says:

      Imagine a couple constantly having divorce wished on them. In other words some media people are trying to be homewreck ers

      • PrincessK says:

        It is so disgusting.

      • Christine says:

        The scary part is the ones who are desperate for a divorce look quaint and charming next to all of the truly vile people wishing death and dismemberment to Meghan and the kids.

    • Cali says:

      I saw that too but it was written by a deranger and not by Fox News though it was presented to look that way.

      • Hummingbird says:

        Thank you @Cali. I didn’t click on it and you’re right, it did look as though it was from Fox.
        I honestly don’t know how Harry and Meghan survive the relentless attacks on their characters, their marriage and their popularity. It would finish a weaker couple.

      • Anna says:

        I agree. I am not sure I would stay as long as Meg in the UK, especially pregnant. But, both H&M know how therapy works and it looks like they reached out for help pretty soon in the US. I am very sure they have a system on using social media and internet in general (most probably they avoid it like a plague) and their team is responsible to check and alert them if sth needs action. I cannot see another way.

  35. Ohwell says:

    1, 3, 5, now 10. Lol

    In 10 years Harry will be 50 and settled in the US. His father may be dead, his brother may be king. Bills kids will be teenagers and the media will be all terrorizing them.
    He’s going to return to stand on a balcony? 🤣

  36. Tessa says:

    There are imo many red flags for William and kates marriage but Vickers and others won’t go there and they are the bestest couple ever. Even that one photo at the trooping shows how much in live they are. I think also this doubling down on harry and Meghan is being used as a distraction. A senior royal not being seen for months is responded to by some ai message.

  37. Lulu says:

    In 10 years, this person’s name won’t be remembered. If anyone comes across his name, they will find he was trashy tabloid hack, nothing more. In 10 years, Harry will be cemented in people worldwide hearts for his work with IG.

  38. aquarius64 says:

    Vickers the Vile is no better than the white supermacists that marched in Nashville TN on the 4th of July.

  39. Moniquep says:

    What Harry has said repeatedly:
    I have a wonderful life, with two beautiful children and an AMAZING wife. I am very happy living in America, which is a wonderful place to live.

    What the BM and ” royal experts ” hear:
    Harry is bored and miserable with his life, misses life as part of the royal viper pit, and desperately want to come back.

    As the saying goes, you can’t fix “stupid “

  40. Jks says:

    I don’t know Hugo Vickers but I predict he’ll end up like Eamonn Holmes, with his ill wishes coming back to bite his arse. And he won’t have to wait ten years.

  41. Hypocrisy says:

    I agree this show and others like it are very dangerous, it is a hate show targeting mainly Meghan from what I’ve seen and spewing Royal propaganda. All I can say is I hope in ten years none of these people have a platform to spread hate like they do now. It is disturbing to watch people dissect someone they have never had a conversation with and gleefully route for their family to break apart. What is wrong with them?

  42. HeatherC says:

    It’s 10 years now? How many PhDs is Harry going to get in this “degree marriage” lol

  43. Proud Mary says:

    10 years from now, Harry will have been married to Meghan for more than 15 years. So, I guess for the derangers (yes, he is now officially a member) that’s progress, considering they used to call Meghan the “degree wife”, presumably because her marriage to Harry was supposed to last only 3 years. Serious, what kind of sick person sits around fantasizing about the break up of a family? A man who married his cousin, that is. Make no mistake, he is speaking for William and Charles. What a couple of useless miserable losers.

  44. Tessa says:

    And the derangers were hoping they would divorce and have no children. Charles wanted Meghan to work preferably overseas so they would drift apart. Such awful people hoping a marriage breaks up. It’s like stories of in laws who attend a wedding and dress in mourning to show disapproval.

  45. bisynaptic says:

    These people are really the bottom of the barrel.

  46. Beverley says:

    Wow! They really want Harry to abandon his mixed-race children. These people feel some type of way about that Black blood of theirs. It really upsets a lot of people that Harry’s children aren’t lily white. They want him back “home” and without those pesky biracial people. Jeez!

  47. Margaret A. Shannon says:

    I used to respect Hugo Vickers. I’m so disappointed in him. I suppose he is spouting this nonsense in order to preserve access.

    • Noor says:

      In advancing the anti Harry agenda, Hugo has damaged his own objectivity and reputation as a historian and a biographer. His writings would be a suspect.

  48. martha says:

    Throughout the world, many people leave their homeland for good – choice and opportunity, or by being driven out, – a mixture of reasons. There is hope, but, also a sadness and homesickness that never quite leaves you.

    I feel for Harry and hope he takes as many opportunities as possible to normalize returning for visits to friends, places, foods, culture, he loves. (something like his recent return for the Invictus Anniversary) – while, absolutely ignoring the shit that drove him out. Otherwise, I’m afraid, all the hopeful newness of his life in America will eventually wear off and he’ll be left with an awful lot of homesickness and sadness. The man from nowhere. It’s a blessing that his kids will be in school by then because that will give him another anchor here in America.

    • Rnot says:

      I see this as a stage of acceptance. “Ten years” sounds specific but it’s really shorthand for ‘a long time from now.’ They’re saying it’ll be a long time before Harry returns to the UK.

  49. Well Wisher says:

    There is a feeling of Meghan being marginalised by shallow minds, for some in the UK the shallow minds belong to the opinion shapers?/or not…..
    Note that the worship of amateurs continues unabated…

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