Heidi Montag on People Mag: “Addicted to plastic surgery”


What the hell is going on with People Magazine? The editors seem to be at a loss for what is considered “newsworthy” in entertainment. After last week’s cover of Kate Gosselin’s “starting over” budget weave, I didn’t think it could get any worse. But I had no idea. This week we have Heidi Montag: “Addicted to Plastic Surgery”. People put up a little cover story teaser too, in which Heidi admits to having ten surgerical procedures done… in one day!

At just 23 years old, The Hills star Heidi Montag decided to go under the knife for a second time and have a staggering 10 plastic-surgery procedures in one day.

“For the past three years, I’ve thought about what to have done,” the reality star tells PEOPLE. “I’m beyond obsessed.”

And so, on Nov. 20, Montag’s total transformation began. Keeping even her family in the dark, the starlet chronicled every painful moment of recovery and her journey to become “the best me.”

To find out what surgeries Heidi underwent and what husband Spencer Pratt thinks of her new look, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

[From People]

You know why Heidi is doing this, right? I mean, besides the obvious “she’s an idiot devil woman who will do anything for attention.” She’s doing this because she’s released her “album” Superficial. Us Weekly gifted us with a little story about some of the lyrics, stuff like “I brought some treats / I know that you gon love em / Come eat my panties off of me / Do whatever you feel comes naturally”. Did anyone else dry heave? Yes, I know. Heidi also tweeted the album drop (like a turd): “The wait is over… I put every dollar I have into this album and put three years of my heart and soul into this! ENJOY!” Ugh. Every dollar? Try a money market account, honey. Thankfully, it looks like she’s changed the album cover – which previously was one of the most unflattering pictures of her ever, and made her look like a donkey. The new cover is a lot darker and shadowy, thank God. But she still looks like a donkey:


‘Superficial’ album cover courtesy of New Music Review. People cover courtesy of CoverAwards.

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  1. Annabelle says:

    Holy crap, she looks totally different! Once u get over the dramatic change though, I think she looks better…..

  2. she is beautiful but idiot.

  3. QB says:

    Getting huge implants makes you look way larger , does this stupid celebrity’s do not know this??

  4. bros says:

    whatever procedures she had done added 10 years to her face. I doubt that was the intended effect. she looks like a 35 year old ex pr0n star.

  5. Truth says:

    until they can successfully do a brain transplant, all these surgeries are a waste…she still looks like your average wanna-be. And those song lyrics? She should take her surgery fund and buy a new life. Your nose can change, but you’re still the same…

  6. andrea says:

    she is certifiable. and dumb as a rock.

  7. lucy2 says:

    I think she looks weird – when someone gets that much done to themselves, they always look plastic.
    Plus no matter what she looks like on the outside, the inner ugly comes through.
    Does anyone actually buy her music? Isn’t it pretty much just a joke?

  8. Phowie says:

    She could have at least put a few bucks into touching up those roots.

  9. embertine says:

    I resent the implication that she looks like a donkey. I am very fond of donkeys.

  10. padiddle says:

    too many nose jobs…ala Tori Spelling.
    Definitely not attractive, unfortunately for her.
    She seems to have some sort of psychological problem. I swear they should do psych screening before you can get any plastic surgery done.

  11. Sumodo says:

    I’m addicted to Philadelphia Chive & Onion Cream Cheese Spread.

  12. Asea says:

    Wowzers! I think people who are obsessed with plastic surgery are frikkin idiots who need professional help… BUT she looks good! Much better than the before pic… I hate to say it. But they don’t know when to stop! You look fine STOP NOW!!

  13. LolaBella says:

    If she’s doing this much at 23 she is well on her way to being the next Jocelyn Wildenstein.

    The procedures have aged her face about 10 years and she is unrecognizable.

    Does anyone else think she looks a bit like Daisy Fuentes in the People cover shot?

  14. Firestarter says:

    She looks better, but she also looks older. Like a well preserved woman in her mid 30′s. Not that mid-30′s are old (because I am old), but she looks more mature and attractive.

    I will give the plastic surgeon credit, he did a good job. The brows are a bit high, but other than that, she looks better.

    The original Heidi was not a looker, but at least she was real. This one looks like she should have a pink corvette and other parts sold seperately.

  15. Brianna says:

    She’s starting to look like Donatella Versace! Poor girl. She looks terrible.

  16. dude says:

    I really think it was a change for the worst sorry to say. I dont think she looks any better. I liked her in the 1st season of The Hills. When her hair was dirty blonde & her chest was flat as a wall. Good ol’ days

  17. Jewbitch says:

    She looked better before. Now she looks like all the other Hollywood/celeb-type women.

  18. heb says:

    Her first nose job was acceptable, but now she’s starting to look redic.

    I can’t believe that was People’s feature over Obabma’s first year…

    HEIDI MONTAG ON A PEOPLE COVER?!!?! THe world really is ending!

  19. MymaJane says:

    She looked so much better before surgery. I liked her old nose and flatter chest…now she looks like your typical blonde, overly made up, hollywood whore.

    Hope she’s happy. Also, I think her sister Holly is far prettier.

  20. susan says:

    all that work done but can’t buy a drop of talent.

  21. P U says:

    Very Sad!

  22. Frenchie says:

    she resembles more Casey Johnson now

  23. Becks says:

    Before she looked like a cute girl, stupid girl yes, but a cute girl. Now she looks like she is in her late thirties. The whole package is fake. I wonder if she is doing this for her or her nasty ass husband who reminds me of a child molester? Or an animal ass raper?

  24. mary jones says:

    Any one who thinks she looks good needs their eyes checked. She looks horrible her eyes are droopy. She looks sad.

  25. anna says:

    I thought we were BANNING these twats!!!!

  26. crazy says:


  27. Bonfire Beach says:

    She looks old. She reminds me of a blond Octomom – not good.

  28. Alarmjaguar says:

    More or less hate HM for her vapid, vapid behavior, but perhaps her issues with her looks come from people who say she looks like “a donkey.” Was that really necessary? There’s so much else that we can point to in order to make fun of her that isn’t about her looks.

  29. Green Is Good says:

    Have the editors at People mag lost their f*cking minds? The President gets stuffed in the corner for THIS she-beast?

    Glad I don’t subscribe to People, after K8te Grosslin last week and now this phony hag.

  30. IceKitty says:

    She looks a little Rose McGowen-ish in the picture. Yuck. I have never liked her, and I especially have never like Spencer Twatt… Ugg. These two just need to go away.

    @Susan – I totally agree. She can’t buy talent or CLASS.

  31. pickelhaube says:

    I feel bad for Heidi, and any woman that spends their lives vainly chasing a phony, unattainable standard of “beauty” that the fashion mags/celeb industry push on women to sell their products. It’s a billion dollar industry, and it always makes me sad to see women buy into it and mutilate themselves in pursuit of an impossible ideal. Think about it…no matter what Heidi does, she’ll never be good enough, so she’ll waste her life and money on chasing this ideal, and hate herself because she cannot ever achieve it, even though it’s all a con. I say F*CK THEM ALL, I won’t hate myself just because a magazine or celeb thinks I’m not good enough as I am….too bad Heidi and other women like her cannot break out of it. It is not easy but once you realize what’s going on, it becomes a lot easier. And you’ll be a lot happier and saner, believe me. But I don’t know if someone as braindead as Heidi CAN break out of it because usually these things require self-awareness, intellect, and strength, of which Heidi has none. Sad….

  32. Alarmjaguar says:

    pickelhaube — I don’t always agree with your opinion, but you are right on this time!

  33. Lindsay says:


  34. Lindsay says:

    WAIT on another note…EWWWW!
    why would someone do that to themselves? she was pretty and natural looking before now she looks like a wax doll of an ex porn star. so disgusting! i bet she thinks she looks hot when in reality she looks extremely fake and old.

  35. fizXgirl314 says:

    she looks like she’s got an extra chromosome or something… the eye’s just ain’t right… like that jenner kid’s ex girlfriend… the “too tight ponytail” look… gross…

    In all seriousness though… This is just such a sad and ridiculous trend… Can you imagine looking into the mirror and not recognizing yourself? It’s one thing to tweak a flaw here and there. But, to completely look like someone else seems like such a tragic decision to me…

    Pickle, you’re right on with your post. Only the weak and stupid fall for this so quickly…

  36. KelBear says:

    She looked so fresh and young when The Hills first started. She was actually pretty then.

  37. Solveig says:

    I’m not against plastic surgery as soon as it does not make you look like a mask or Jocelyn Wildenstein.
    And I find quiet significant that Heidi confesses that she has had plastic surgery (it’s obvious though).
    I really hate those women that deny the obvious stating that their beauty is natural. Ask yourself why so many girls grew up with a distorted and unattainable idea of what beauty is.

  38. snapdragon says:

    she is dumber than a box of hair.

  39. Leek says:

    I think all this plastic surgery is fantastic. These chicks all look so fucking weird that every time I accidentally look at one I feel that much better about being natural. I might not be hot or even beautiful but I don’t look like there is an industrial strength vacuum attached to the back of my head.

    Keep it up, ladies!

  40. bella says:

    Heidi is getting all the plastic surgery done for Spencer. It came out in an article quite some time ago, that she got the boobs and nose done (the first time) to fit his “ideal” of what a woman should look like. How sad to be so insecure that you must surgically alter yourself to appeal to someone who (supposedly) loves you.

  41. snowball says:

    What she really needs is a Spencerectomy. She’s vapid, vain and delusional, but he’s gag-reflex hitting, turd under your nose repulsive.

    I think he’s behind 90% of their famewhoring and probably, her plastic surgery. I can see a nosejob and maybe the chin thing, but the boobs and all the rest are just stupid.

  42. Novaraen says:

    I figured she had been up to something like this….we hadn’t seen pics of Twit and Twat for weeks. No wonder.

    I think having her chin done was the best thing she did…but honestly she didn’t need her nose, eyes and boobs done…honestly…she really does look older. And why make yourself look like a porn star??? Carbon copy…

    she’s so dumb…

  43. vacalvr says:

    I agree, she looks MUCH older.

  44. Kiki says:

    She and Spencer make me sick. She will look like the Cat Lady someday if she’s not careful.

  45. jayem says:

    LOL that her “album” is called Superficial. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    And since they’re making comparisons, why didn’t People use an older picture, pre-ALL surgeries?? That would have really shown the difference.

    She really does look older and weirdly plasticky. I can’t wait to see her in 10 years. She’s gonna look like she’s melting! Which is exactly what her dumb a$$ deserves.

  46. lilred says:

    With an album titled “Superficial” should we really be shocked that she has had so much plastic surgery?Seriously?

  47. Roma says:

    When I was 15 I got a tattoo of an elephant on my ass. At the time, it was the best idea I ever had! Almost 15 years later I still have it, reminding me not to make impulsive changes to who I am. It also gives men something to laugh at the first time they get a direct look at the tush.

    What’s sad is that Heidi’s young and at some point she’s really going to regret completely changing the essence of who she is.

  48. Maritza says:

    She looks much older and like a porn star, not a good look. I totally agree with Kiki!

  49. Eileen Yover says:

    She looks like a cheap version of a cross between Daryl Hannah and Rose McGowan. Barf.

  50. Marie says:

    She looks away older than she really is.. DUMBASS!!!

  51. Persistent Cat says:

    Regarding her **sigh** song lyrics, has she given up the whole Christian thing? Because I don’t think Jesus approves of inviting men over to eat your panties off.

  52. katyusha says:

    @ Roma

    That’s one of the best stories I’ve heard in awhile. Thanks for the laugh.

  53. LolaBella says:

    LOL@ Persistent Cat.

  54. Birdie says:


    She looks like Holly Madison, or any other generic Playboy model type.

    I truly thought she was beautiful the first season of the hills when she was flat chested and her face was unique.

    I wonder if she has to pay for any of these procedures, or if she gets them all for free.

  55. Ruffian9 says:

    God, I actually feel sorry for her.

  56. doni says:

    Woah! She considers turning herself into a 45 year old tranny the best version of herself?? She should have tried changing what wrong inside of her head and heart first. Jeez..she is such a mess. I’m sure her husband doesn’t mind though, since he’s too busy looking at other men to notice what she looks like now..

  57. Kylie says:

    pickelhaube – Very well said. :)

    Birdie – I have been thinking for a while now that Heidi is trying to turn herself into Holly. Watch out Hef!

  58. lola lola says:

    She looks so OLD. Ugh.

  59. oh hey says:

    anyone who’s saying she looks good on that cover. Don’t forget that with even all that plastic surgery, they probably photoshopped the hell out of her.

    I’m sure when she and Spencer divorce, she’ll be one of the new replacement girlfriends for Hef.

  60. Aspie says:

    She’s still funny looking to me. Not a huge improvement by any stretch. I can’t believe she actually said that she wants to be the next Mother Teresa. Um, really???

    And by the way, I’m addicted to Barefoot Moscato wine.

  61. Shay says:

    Someone should tell her that no matter what she does to her face if she’s still ugly on the inside.

  62. Jillian says:

    Um, Heidi, your best self is the one you had before you started cutting it up and sticking wierd stuff in it.

    Juuuuuust sayin’.

  63. Kat says:

    Has it ever occured to anyone that calling these young women horrible names all over the internet can contribute to the kind of insecurity that would make her want to change her whole face? Its disgusting how cruel people can be. I truly feel sorry for her.

  64. Nicole says:

    It’s probably weird that I notice such a small detail, but something looks strange about her left eye. It looks blank and lifeless, and the eyelid appears to be drooping a little. Whatever she did to herself, it gave her a wonky eye and brows that are arched too high.

    I also think that her nose doesn’t fit in with the rest of her face anymore. It’s like somebody took a different nose and photoshopped it over hers. Just look at the profile of her face on the CD cover. The nose somehow became more prominent to me.

  65. DrM says:

    @ Kat I wholeheartedly agree. Its interesting that no one talks about your ‘best self’ being your ‘authentic self’ inside and out…flaws and all.

  66. NicoleAM says:

    Hmmm, maybe she’d be happier and not worry about her looks so much if she focused on the things that really counted. I almost feel sorry for her. She has no talent as an actress or singer and one day soon she’s be nothing more than a once briefly famous reality star (if she isn’t already). She should go back to school and learn something. Maybe she’d discover an actual talent for a real profession.
    I think she does look older, but she doesn’t look bad in the photos. She looks almost too good. As in, plastic. I thought the whole goal of good plastic surgery was that it wasn’t supposed to look so obvious. It’s never a job well done if people look at you and immediately know you’ve had work done. And yea, she needs to divorce her loser husband. Heidi, honey, if a man truly loved you, he would be telling you how beautiful you are being you and not standing by, or encouraging, you to mutilate your body.

  67. GatsbyGal says:

    She’s just getting uglier and uglier. She tried to fix what wasn’t broken, and now look at her…she looks like she used to be a man. I can’t believe she’s actually a year younger than me. Makes me feel like a different species. Here I am sitting at my computer in a Batman hoodie, a long pajama shirt, and fuzzy aloe socks…and Heidi Montag probably spent her night in a ritzy club wearing a $10,000 dress and contemplating getting her boobs and nose done again.

    …I win, though, because I have a juice box.


  68. Mikunda says:

    Def looking at least 10 years older. The lack of chin does not become her. She was so cute before, now she is no longer, just… artificial-looking. Jeez, what will she do when she gets to be 40 and has to deal with real age-related problems (wrinkles, sagging skin, clown lines)?
    Poor girl!

  69. Bianca says:

    omg, poor thing. I honesly feel so sorry for her she has serious psychological problems!!! and she looks older now than she did before!!! ye and alot of the celebrities do get surgery but its called subtlety!!!!

  70. NicoleB says:

    There was NOTHING wrong with Heidi before…I remember when The Hills first aired and thinking how adorable Heidi was then…she wasn’t perfect but then again no one is (except Halle Barry, lol)…And no she doesn’t look bad after the sugery…but she looks generic…like another blonde chic from L.A….that’s the thing about all this plastic surgery, we’re not all supposed to look the same…I would hate to see a pic of her 10 years from now…she is sooo gonna regret doing all this to herself.

  71. xxx says:

    I am disappointed a md would do so many procedures like that on her, she clearly has emotional issues. She doens’t look very good, to put it nicely.