Freaky-looking Heidi Montag on GMA: triple D boobs are not enough

Heidi Montag is getting her face time in before her People Magazine “Addicted to Plastic Surgery” cover is off the stands. The 23 year-old freakishly altered reality star claimed on Good Morning America today you can see the video here) that she’s not addicted to plastic surgery or she would have had ten surgeries. When the interviewer countered that Heidi did have 10 surgeries, she said she’d had 2 surgeries, with ten procedures in her latest round. It took over ten hours to do all of Heidi’s latest work, but her surgeon says that’s not an issue because she’s 23 and healthy. Another plastic surgeon told GMA that it was irresponsible to do so many surgeries/procedures in one day. Heidi said that her main message is that beauty is within, but in the same interview she also said she hopes to get a Barbie made in her image and that she doesn’t think her triple D boobs are big enough. Here’s People magazine’s recap:

Under fire for the staggering number of cosmetic procedures she’s recently undergone, Heidi Montag now says she isn’t addicted to plastic surgery – she just wants to be as beautiful as she can be, inside and out.

Asked on Tuesday’s Good Morning America for a response to those who say she is addicted, Montag, 23, replied: “I would say that none of those people know me at all, and that’s just a judgment. I’m not addicted. If I were addicted, I would have had 10 plastic surgeries.”

What she had, actually, was 10 procedures on the same day, back in November. This followed a previous surgery three years ago. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Montag admitted she was “beyond obsessed” with having work done.

She is now backing away from that notion.

Asked why she would want to look like a Barbie doll, Montag replied: “I think I look like myself. I think I just look like a different, improved version of myself.”

Many observers are upset with the message that’s sent to young girls when an already attractive 23-year-old chooses to undergo so many alterations. But Montag says it’s her life – and in her line of work, alterations can be necessary.

“I’m in a different industry,” she said, “and I have to do things that are going to make me happy at the end of the day.”

She added: “I’m living in my skin, and I look in the mirror and it’s my career and my life, and you only have one. So, I want to take advantage of everything and be the best me, in and out, every way.”

[From People]

At the end of the interview, the interviewer tries to get Heidi to sing and she says she can’t because her face is still hurting from all the work she had done. I think it’s safe to assume she can’t sing at all and relies on auto-tune and her purchased face to sell CDs. The good news is that People magazine sounds annoyed at Heidi for backtracking on her “addicted to plastic surgery claims.” Maybe now that the circulation numbers are coming in they’re realizing that it’s foolish to put this faux star on the cover. Everything about Heidi is fake, through and through, and she’s right that triple D boobs aren’t enough for her. She can’t get enough work done to compensate for her bland personality and lack of talent.

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  1. bros says:

    she looks exactly like a youngish joan rivers in that shot. same face shape. sadly, the only thing she managed to accomplish is to buy herself the madame doll face. ironic.

  2. Firestarter says:

    I am no fan, but people shouldn’t be looking to her in the first place to set an example. She isn’t claiming to be a role model (that I am aware of) and she is not responsible for anyone other than herself.

    I do think 10 procedures at once is nuts, but it isn’t any different than getting 10 surgeries done over a period of time. She isn’t the only person to go to extremes with ruining their face, and she won’t be the last.

    She obviously is an unhappy person, who thinks that all will be well with a new face. It has been said on here many times, if you are unhappy inside, nothing you do to the outside is going to change that.

    I do feel a twinge (I said a twinge) of sympathy for her, because she is so desperate for something in her life and she is never going to find it until she sees the real problem and not what she perceives as the real problem. Her looks may change, but her mind will not, and there lies the problem.

  3. mhjmc says:

    don’t see much improvement … too bad they can’t add brains or class in a surgery.

  4. Praise St. Angie! says:

    see, for people like this, they believe that their lack of success in show biz has SOLELY to do with how they look, not their lack of talent.

    in her mind, if she’s more physically attractive (which she certainly ISN’T after all these “alterations”), her record will sell.

  5. snowball says:

    She’s completely unrecognizable now. She looks like every trampy blonde Playboy trick. If she ever has a douche-ectomy and drop kicks that tumor she’s married to, she looks just like the kind of ‘ho Hef would like in his girlfriend.

    And her hair sucks too.

  6. mojoman says:

    Apparently Wilderstein (sp?) has a protege..

  7. lindsay says:

    she would look okay with only the nose job, and people wouldnt critisize her for one procedure. but now she looks like an old porn star who piled on makeuup to look young again. its not about the public dissing her just cuz everyone hates her, she was genuinely really pretty and natural before, now she looks so fake and gross. ugh. ew. kudos heidi for ruining your beautiful face and body for something ull never achieve, which is fame for something other than being annoying.

  8. L says:

    Speaking as a person with natural DDD boobs, let me assure you heidi-they are enough. Good luck finding tops that fit, and if you ever get off your lazy butt and work out-have fun wearing two sports bras since even the best ones won’t give you enough support.

    Not to mention trying to find bras that fit, victoria’s secret doesn’t make em that big-OR you have to get ones that are matronly. And a bikini that fits?-forget about it.

    Of course, since yours are silicone and forever perky, you might not need a bra. Plus you put yours all out on display and have someone else paying the bills, so the $ and decent covering suit aren’t an issue for you.

  9. Lizzard says:

    I thought she looked much better before this latest round of procedures. I mean the before and after she you can’t even tell she had some of the work done. Lipo on the neck? Come on can anyone tell the difference in her neck? Of course not they are looking at her freakish face now. And her DDDs aren’t big enough? Is she on crack? They look like a permanent floatation device is embedded into her skin. They are way to big for her frame to begin with. She will have THE WORST back problems believe me! I’ve had big boobs my whole life- I guess she won’t need a bra which is good cuz not many places carry bras that large.

  10. princess pea says:

    It makes me sad that her delusions are being validated by these media outlets. I honestly think this is a reaction to not being in the public eye the way she used to be… and it worked. Interviews, magazine covers, the whole nine yards. Her “addiction” is to attention, and this ploy (however expensive and taxing to the body, it’s still a ploy) totally worked for her. So what did we learn, children?

  11. Sigh. says:

    She is DELUSIONAL if she thinks the reason no one bought her music is because her phony breasts weren’t phony enough.

    Dolly Parton, patron saint of bodacious boobs, CAN ACTUALLY SING AND HAS A PERSONALITY. A personality bigger than her fun bags.

    This girl has turned herself into a freak show.

  12. bros says:

    I think its established she is delusional. there was recently a newsweek article about her and the top 10 reasons why her surgery was so disturbing.

    she thinks her album (self-financed) could be the biggest of the year and puts it in the same class as michael jackson’s thriller. no joke. she’s a wackjob and should be in an asylum.

  13. la chica says:

    one way or another she was going to get people to start talking about her again.

    my theory is that Spencer barely touches her and she is doing this to get his attention. did anyone see the video where she danced for him? she looked pathetic and he looked very uncomfortable. you would swear it was a stranger hitting on him, not his wife. i think she is to him just a commodity and she is looking for a real relationship. low self-esteem very much?

  14. embertine says:

    Is it me, or is her nose veering into Michael Jackson territory, with the skinny, unnaturally straight bridge and the pointy tip like it’s made of Lego™?

    Christ on a cracker she’s a freak. Pity, she used to be a pretty girl and actually recognisable.

  15. Kitten says:

    is it me, or does she look like a man to woman transexual?

  16. KelBear says:

    I agree with Firestarter in the sense that she seems so desperate to have something in her life that must be missing. I truly think she wishes she had her life before she met Spencer. Like when she was best friends with Lauren and was carefree and happy and actually looked fresh and young.

    After everything she has been through, she can’t go back to her before Spencer days and I think its killing her on the inside.

  17. Isabela says:

    Does anyone else see the resemblance in her and the cat lady?!?! That’s the first person who I thought of when I saw her…sooo sooo sad!!!

  18. leshie says:

    OMG she looks so horrible. She looked good BEFORE all the work. I hate when people take it too far! she has taken it too far for sure! HEIDI YOU’RE GROSS! You’re eyes look like you’re on crack and you shouldn’t have touched your nose. Now it’s totally fake looking. She didn’t look AS fake before. Oh well i guess. She’s a loser anyway!

  19. justme says:

    she went from 23 to 43! She just aged 20 years in a few months, amazing! Lol!

  20. bella says:

    Well, her new album IS called “Superficial” so maybe she’s trying to live up to the title. Which seems redundant to me, but then, I know what “redundant” means.

    And thank you to those other posters, my bodacious sisters, who point out the obvious (and obviously never thought of) points re: bras that fit large tah-tahs (and cost $50 a pop), and running bras that, if they do come in our size, don’t work. Let us not forget the back, neck, and shoulder pain, as well as the damage to our connective tissue from our large chests.

  21. BitterBetty says:


  22. Tammy K/ says:

    She’s going to end up looking like the “cat woman” if she isn’t careful.

  23. Eileen Yover says:

    She’s getting exactly what she wanted by having People Magazine and an interview on Good Morning America. She seems desperate to be famous one way or another. Next she’ll probably create a drug problem or send her husband to sex rehab for more rounds of press. Sad sad sad.

  24. Solveig says:

    She wasn’t a beauty before plastic surgery, but at least she was fresh-faced (which IMO is a merit).

  25. Fifthpocket says:

    I honestly thought that she looked great after the first nosejob, and now I feel oddly terribly about what she’s done to her face. Can’t explain it, but this really feels like a shame.

  26. Maria says:

    very, very sad. some day, she will wake up and be very upset with what she has done, when her face is crumbling and now requiring surgeries to maintain it, while if she would have left it alone, it never would have. I feel very bad for her, it’s irreversible.

  27. Anastasia says:

    I thought she looked ok before. Forgettable, generic, but just ok. Not ugly.

    Now? She’s venturing into freak territory, if not already there. The nose is too thin, the chin work was too drastic, the lips were plumped too much (that looks ridiculous), and she looks like no one.

    Plus yeah, she looks much older than 23. I already thought she looked in her early 30s before, but if she gets any more plastic surgery, she’ll easily look older than that. Again, if she doesn’t already.

    And amen to those who said it’s too bad she can’t get a personality or brain implant.

  28. annerox says:

    I think that she made the mistake of getting surgery and realized that she now looks like and idiot and needed to find a way to capatolize on it and get the sympothy vote… so they came up with the “addicted to plastic surgery” scheme to keep on self promoting.

  29. padiddle says:

    I watched the interview, it was truly disturbing her level of delusion and the apparent lack of self esteem.
    She claims that she is not addicted because she only had TWO surgeries and that she is not addicted because now she won’t have to do it again…except for touch ups every three years.
    They had her slimy doctor on there, you could practically see the dollar signs in his eyes.
    I believe her dead eyes reflect her inner soul, which has been crushed by Hollywood life. Maybe she used to be a sweet girl, but she is nothing inside now. I think that’s why so many people perceive her as “ugly” in the first place.

  30. Kerri says:

    For a person with such small features, that doctor sure did find a way to make her face look really big. She should have realised that with her bone structure getting all that done to your face would not have been an improvement, but then again that requires having a brain to think about that.

    Just a thought though, if the “procedures” were done in November, how is her face still hurting?

    @L – you are completely on point with your comments, and as you rightly said, hers are forever perky and she doesn’t have to find clothes to fit her as opposed to fitting herself into whatever she wants now. She will never have to worry about her boobs falling to the side when she sleeps, or bouncy boobs when she runs or works out and i am not sure how heavy silicone is, but i doubt she will be enduring the same back and neck pain that comes with natural big boobs.

    By the way, isn’t it uncomfortable or at least weird to lay on the bed and have your boobs pointing to the sky and not moving naturally with the rest of your body? That has to be freaky.

  31. anna says:


  32. dee says:

    lol@this chick thinking any amount of surgeries will make her more likable or a bigger star…I literally lmao off when i read she thought she was competing w/celebs like Brittany any others that have actually ‘made it’ in that world. she should have altered her personality instead.

  33. lucy2 says:

    @princess pea, I’m in agreement that the real addiction is to attention and her version of “fame”. It’s really pretty disturbing that she would do anything, including mutilating herself with so much surgery, to get it. She really needs professional help.
    People mag is annoyed? Well, that’s what you get for putting this crap on your cover.

  34. Kathryn says:

    I pity this poor girl. She must be very insecure.

    I´m sorry to say this, but I have never understood American celebrity industry and culture where these young, beautiful girls start to alter themselves to look like a barbie. And she is only 23 years old!

    I guess here in Europe we don´t have a culture like that.

  35. alibeebee says:

    I have to words DUMB COW – and obviously she cant sing because she declined even brit brit would have sung for the camera…

    ha ha ha ha ha

  36. emma says:

    perhaps she’s trying to look different, so that she can escape spencer.

  37. Jaded says:

    It’s absolutely unconscionable that there are plastic surgeons who will gladly perform this type of totally unnecessary surgery. Why don’t they use their skills somewhere in the world where young children who are horribly disfigured from war or disease or birth defects NEED plastic surgery to get through their lives. I saw a great special on TV about one group of doctors who work with underprivileged children needing facial reconstruction for hairlips and cleft palates. Honestly, what this bl**dy “Hollywood” world is coming to…..makes me sick.

  38. snapdragon says:

    she must be very unhappy & insecure to have so much done at such a young age. sadly, she still looks hideous.

  39. wow says:

    Yes, Heidi spare us of an impromptu sing a long. Her face is still hurting and my ears are still hurting from hearing a piece of the last crap record she put out.

    I disagree with the People article though. She is not addicted to plastic surgery, she is addicted to Hollywood and “fame”.

    I’ll admit that I loathe them because they have managed to be smart enough to make millionaires out of themselves from being “reality stars” who basically live fake lives.

  40. pickelhaube says:

    I feel bad for Heidi. She is obviously not happy with who she is, and I imagine that must be extremely hard to deal with, especially in such a superficial and vain place like Hollywood. I wish she would realize that she can be more than just a body, that she can be more than looks, but I don’t hold out much hope for her. It’s sad, but people have to figure this out for themselves, and I don’t think she has the depth to make any deeper discoveries or do any soul searching.

    Also, ITA with the bigger chested women here…having big boobs is NOT fun. I saw my DD mother in excruciating pain from her chest, and when she finally got a reduction it completely improved her life. So I don’t really understand why anyone would get implants, I have spent my whole life terrified that I would inherit the massive chest from my mom (thank the Lord I haven’t yet), so to see women willingly do this to themselves is puzzling. But to each their own I suppose….

  41. Jessica says:

    YES!! I do see the Michael Jackson style nose coming in to play!! OMG!

  42. Leek says:

    I think the message little girls should take from Heidi is that this is what happens when you fail to get a lithium prescription for your mental illness.

    Don’t grow up aspiring to be the butt of a joke. There is no liposuction for that.

  43. anon says:

    god i really feel sorry for her. she’s truely pathetic. and i don’t mean in a sarky way. she’s just a sad figure. and as someone with very large natural breasts and a small body i cannot FATHOM why girls opt for it. it’s a nightmare, it hurts your back and everyone looks at you like you’re a bimbo or a slut

  44. gg says:

    Totally nonrecognizable now. She’s going to be real sorry with the giant ta-tas when she gets arthritis in her painful back.

    The reason piling on more procedures in one sitting is more dangerous is all the incisions pile more risk in surgery and much more risk of infection.

    She’s demonstrated she’s not very bright long before this though.

  45. KittensMcGee says:

    I’m with L, DDD is definitely enough. More than enough. I’d be fine with a good old fashioned D, personally.

  46. Eileen Yover says:

    I went from a C to an E while breastfeeding and it was hell on earth. I actually tore my rotator cuff and had to have physical therapy for having too big a rack! Now they are D’s and I still wish I could have a big B or C. You always have to wear a bra or they will turn into National Geographics! Blech! =(

  47. Tracy says:

    One thing people fail to realize about enormous boobs (fake or not) is that THEY ALL EVENTUALLY SAG down to your waist! I was born a DD and had them reduced to a C because I’m a small person, and by the time I was 25 they were headed south. Everyone sees the Kim Kardashians of the world when they’re wearing a bra, so I’m here to tell you that it’s whole other world without that bra!

  48. Lisa says:

    I prefer not to sing since I had surgery. LMFAO!!!!!! Nice way to cover up the fact that you can’t sing Heidi, too bad it’s too late. We all know you can’t sing not even to save yourself.

  49. pickelhaube says:


    I am a proud American and even I don’t understand our celebtard “culture”. I think that’s why I spend so much time reading about these unimportant people, because I am determined to try and figure out what makes these people tick. It’s fascinating, depressing and akin to watching a trainwreck, which is why I cannot look away! I just wish they could figure out that happiness comes from within yourself, not by altering and otherwise f*cking with what God gave you. If Heidi maybe tried to help those less fortunate and spent some time dealing with those who have real problems, maybe she could gain some perspective and not feel the need to mutilate herself to try and obtain an impossible beauty standard. She cannot possibly win this game, and it’s so sad to see her try, and mutilate her pretty face in the process.

  50. katie says:

    i would consider “jordan” aka katie price to be of something similar in europe, right? i know she is based in the uk, but that is considered europe.

  51. Betty says:

    Is she doing it for the pain pills?

  52. H says:

    L, KittensMcGee and Tracy, ITA with all of your posts. The only cosmetic surgery I would ever consider is a reduction and lift. I started out with D’s and after 2 kids they are some crazy letter like F or G. Any top that I like doesn’t fit correctly or makes me look like a hooker,which isn’t a look that I am after.

    oh and anon too I missed your post my first read through.

  53. EMV says:

    oh geez…She is sick and it is so sad. She will end up like Joan Rivers…but at least Joan knows she has had too much done. Heidi is so desperate for attention.

  54. Maritza says:

    I agree, that’s exactly who she will end up looking like, Joan Rivers. How sad, she is too young to be getting plastic surgery! What an idiot!

  55. Jo says:

    I truly thought several people responding to a previous article had it right – the after photo was photo-shopped. She looks so unnatural and its sad. What is she going to do after she discovers this ‘now perfect’ look doesn’t change her life?

  56. Milla says:

    wow you can totally tell what shes done. i never really liked her, but always thought she was beautiful. i dont think its good for her to be doing this to herself :( its a realy shame. because if she truly believed in inner beauty than she wouldnt of even thought of plastic surgery.

  57. Sally says:

    @L: Also a natural DDD here, but believe me, there are sports bras out there that fit and are supportive! And cute normal bras etc :) Not all hope is lost!

  58. jul says:

    What’s really interesting to me is that when I read the People article, she said something along the lines about how she read how people thought she was ugly and it upset her.
    So she’s saying that she’s so beautiful after this round, what will she think when she reads what people think about her now?

  59. kellogg says:

    She now looks like a Real Doll-you know, those 5k replicas of actual women that one could buy for…companionship. If you have ever seen the indie movie w/ Ryan Gosling, “Lars and the Real Girl” you’ll know what I mean.

    She has said that she also got the plastic surgery to be competitive in the music industry–no offense, but if she had superior talent and the kind of drive necessary she probably would have been performing in her late teens.

    I thought she was way cuter before. Fresh and natural all the way. I thought she was a bad role model before–wow.

    Oh and also, in the People interview she credits the decision for surgery to be God’s will for her or some such. ?!?!

  60. sasa says:

    I find this so bizarre that I can’t even comment on her looks. It just goes through my head what she has to think and feel to do this to herself. I can’t figure it out but I cannot stop wondering, which leaves me totally incapable of any other comment. If I would have to say at gunpoint, I would probably say that, with all the major changes, she ends up looking exactly the same. What she “improved” objectively she also destroyed subjectively by being so extreme in her change. And I find it even worse that she did it (almost) all at once, rather then through the years. That’s also bad by itself but at least you can understand, especially if you lean towards addictive personality, that once you start you want to go on. But this reinvention is just freakish.

  61. Ruffian9 says:

    No one with even an ounce of self love does this to themselves. I see a future drug overdose/suicide attempt from this girl. This is one sad, sad girl.

  62. bella says:

    And what’s even more sad is Heidi saying she fully intends to have EVEN MORE surgery as she ages. Since she’s only 23, we’re talking A LOT more surgery. I’m afraid she’s going to end up being told she cannot have more surgery, and when that happens, I fear she will go to even further extremes and find uncertified or out-of-country surgeons who will do her bidding. Sad, sad, sad.

  63. bubbles says:

    I think she definitely qualifies for a labatomy, which will make her “beautiful” on the inside as well.

  64. Catherine says:

    It makes me wonder what is fundamentally wrong with a girl so young to do this to herself. It is sad when you think about it as there was no need for the surgeries.

  65. bo says:

    Spencer is what’s wrong. Maybe I am going to hell for blaming a person when I don’t know but… come on. Spencer’s fault. And since I’m already going to hell I’ll add… I think she looks wonderful now. Not as beautiful as she was before all the surgery started but I’m impressed. (I do see the problems with it etc. I’m just saying.)

  66. Essie says:

    If she looks like this at 23, what will she look like at 43? I don’t think we have to worry about that since she will be totally a has-been within five years, at the most!!

    To the girls with large tatas . . . I’m a 42DDD and I buy my bras at Lane Bryant!! I know that store is for “large size” women but their bras are wonderful and they fit beautifully. Plus they are pretty (lacy and colorful, if you want). I swear by them. Give them a try. They are on sale often at buy one, get one 1/2 price.

  67. paranel says:

    She looks like Madonna a little, sorry. What is wrong with this girl? She really looked good before. She needed councelling not plastic surgery.

  68. nana says:

    i thought she already chopped off that chin..?

    anyways, she wanted to be a popstar and she forgot that what she need to implant is talent and not silicon.

  69. Sara says:

    To my other large-breasted sisters — oh yes, her phony silicone orbs will stay round, but the skin will keep on aging. Eventually they’ll look like two globes in leather sacks.

  70. Kylie says:

    I honestly thing she looked better before. They are getting what they wanted… More publicity!
    I wish they sould go away!

  71. sfbaylady says:

    the first picture I saw of her – I thought it was Holly Madison….then I read the article and was appalled!

  72. NicoleAM says:

    I knew right away the People cover was seriously airbrushed, I was curious to see how she looked live and when she spoke. Sweet Jesus, her face doesn’t move! Her eyes/brows are immobile.
    What’s sad is one day she may fully realize what she did to her face, only now there is no way to undo the damage.

  73. For Sooth? says:

    From pretty to freak in two short months.


    She doesn’t like herself one teeny bit, does she?

  74. Annabelle says:

    I do think that spencer is a horrible influence on her, however you gotta be kind of weak [4 lack of a better word] in the first place to let someone do that to you. I agree that she is sick sick sick… and she doesn’t look that different. just a bit older. There’s no life in her face, you can see she is not truly happy & if she has gotten to 23 and not figured out how this happiness thing works, i’m not sure if she ever will.

  75. DANMOR9 says:

    Her 15 minutes should be up by now.

  76. sickofit says:

    OMG she needs counceling soo much, and IS probably addicted to pain killers and drugs a long time already. Your liver has to be “trained” to go through a ten hours surgery. Honestly i think Spencer is an a**hole and a bad character, but she must have had such persons in her live before. Otherwise she would turn away from Spenc in a minute. But she doesnt. All of her behavior screams “Abuse” in some kind of way. This is simply sad.

  77. eternalcanadian says:

    wow, she’s totally whacko. and spencer is whacko for supporting her. she must have such low self-esteem to do things like that to herself.

  78. mamaj says:

    some of that money could have gone to surgery for Haitian quake victims. before u call me a bleeding heart liberal tree-hugger, i said some. shallow peeps like her and the rest of that Hollywood set should tour places like that, it might change their lives. i would change mine…..

  79. Jazz says:

    Who are their publicists sleeping with to get this irrelevant talentless piece of trash that no one cares about on the cover?! She doesn’t even look like herself anymore. Surely her 15 minutes are up by now?

  80. Kat says:

    There should be rules in surgery. 1.If you look good and have no deformities then no you can not shave off your face. 2. Liposuction should only be for mothers who gave birth and actually have fat around their bellies that they can’t get rid of with exercise. Not for 105 pound girls. This doctor in my opinion should be held accountable. They should have sent her to therapy or anyone to therapy who wants such extreme procedures that doesn’t need them. It’s obviously a psychological issue. He looks like a creep though.

  81. Nicole says:

    What I’m wondering about is what her family thinks of the situation. I read in her People interview that even THEY had no idea that she was going under the knife again. She lied and told them that she was “sick”, because they disapproved of her previous procedures.
    After reading that, I believe that she suffers from low self-esteem, shame and even guilt. Why would anybody hide such a huge decision? I’m really curious to see if her family releases a statement or appears on TV/magazines.

    And to all the natural DDDs out there, I don’t envy you! I have natural big Cs/small Ds that fluctuate with my weight, and I would never make them bigger! I’ve already got enough back pain as it is! Sometimes, when I pass by creepy men who stare too much, I wish I could shrink them and hide them away LOL. But I bet it’s that much harder for you ladies. Stay strong!

  82. Barbly says:

    I think she’s beautiful and the PS did a fantastic job. Especially on her chin and cheeks. As for 10 procedures I believe she had a couple and then had “skin” or topical procedures done such as fat transferance, ie, on her cheeks etc. Yes, she does look like a different person, a little older perhaps, but why should anyone care? I think she does need to STOP now though. Bigger boobs, why? She was always small chested and then had some put in but wants to go bigger…well, who knows why. I think partly it has to do with she’s very young and hasn’t been able to find a sense of her self without that guy she married. If you recall before they became an item she was one of the most googled “hotties” in hollywood.

  83. Barbly says:

    A couple of other things… I think it’s sad that people make fun of others who get plastic surgery because yes while there may be some emotional issues relative to it Heidi does look good. Remember when Ashley Simpson had some work done? She got trashed for it and clearly she looked prettier after the surgery. She had her nose done and her chin shaved down. It made her happier. I think when the outcome is good, we should say so. My only negative in regard to Heidi’s surgery is that I don’t think ANYONE should be under anesthesia that long.