“New couple: January Jones & the Piven?” links


January Jones needs to run away from the Piv right now. [PopBytes]
F-ck me, I don‘t care if Viggo Mortensen looks like a Russian mobster, I‘d still do him. [Agent Bedhead]
Kendra Wilkinson is already “thinking” about having another baby. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Janet Jackson looking pretty on the cover of Gotham. [CoverAwards]
TWIHARD CODE RED: Sparkles will appear on Clooney‘s Haiti telethon. [The Superficial]
Jennifer Lopez did okay on George Lopez. [Crazy Days and Nights]
Preview of that show White Collar that my mom loves. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Rush Limbaugh: Still a racist dillweed. [Bossip]
Joshua Jackson being cute with & about Diane Kruger. [Pop Sugar]
The most hilarious thing you‘ll ever read about “Chloe ‘Oh look at me I have an UMLAUT how freaking special’ Sevigny.” [Lightly Salted]
The trailer for MacGruber. I didn‘t watch it either. [ICYDK]
T-Bone Burnett & James Cameron: separated at birth? [Moviefone]
Jeff Conway has been hospitalized. [Evil Beet]
Jessica Simpson & Billy Corgan might be just friends. [Celebnewswire]

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15 Responses to ““New couple: January Jones & the Piven?” links”

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  1. buellblaster says:

    Wonder if they go out for sushi?

  2. Ally says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwww! Run, January, run! This is just Kutcher without the looks or charm!

  3. Firestarter says:


    Random, but hey, if they like one another, more power to them.

  4. lucy2 says:

    No! She’s so pretty, and he’s so icky.

  5. LolaBella says:

    Hey, even the Mercury Poisoned among us need some lovin’; go Piv!

    Co-sign the doability of Viggo Mortensen. Long live Aragorn!

    I’m sure George personally invited RPattz, who in turn will bring in millions of the TwiHard viewers/fans who are all potential donors; it’s a strategic business move on George’s part IF it’s true.

    On Joshua Jackson – man Pacey grew up NICE!

    On Jeff Conway – Sad to hear this about Kenickie. Here’s wishing him a speedy recovery.

  6. Lem says:

    Hope not!

    Ms.Jackson, what’s with the supermodel pose?

    Dear Jeff: oh Jeff, dear Jeff. For the love of summer lovin .. someone remove Vicki from this man’s life!

  7. juiceinla says:

    Anybody besides me think its taking Clooney a long time to get this Telethon up and running?

  8. pickelhaube says:

    Piven is a douchebag and I wouldn’t touch his dick if it was made of diamonds. It always amazes me that women will date scumbags like this, but then again, she did date Kutcher who is also a frat-tard a-hole type, so maybe she LIKES guys who hate women? I think she needs to work on her self-esteem or something, i just don’t get it!

  9. princess pea says:

    @ juiceinla – I don’t think it’s that long. A week and a half is not actually a lot of time in terms of event planning. It’s no time at all, in fact.

  10. FrancescaB says:

    This photo explains the Blind Item about a Golden Globe nominated actress, exposing her boobs to a GG nominated actor.

    Gross though, January could do so much better. She has terrible taste in men.

  11. BitterBetty says:

    First kutcher now the pivert. I guess she likes the womanizing moron type? she looks drunk\ashamed in those pics.

    @ FrancescaB: I agree it’s her in the blind, which means her girls are fake.

  12. casey.in.co says:

    ditto on viggo.

    oh dear god.

  13. Catherine says:

    Not a fan of him, but hopefully he is good to her.

  14. Alexis says:

    Ew. January, just buy a dog.

  15. Ally says:

    @Alexis, LOL & good advice!

    Lindsay L, Kate H, you should listen up, too.