Was Jennifer Aniston’s sexy appearance at Golden Globes all about revenge?


Boy, with all the Brangelina/Aniston stories hitting the tabs this week, you’d think it was 2005 all over again. Deja vu! We told about one silly story that claimed Jennifer modeled her sexy, thigh-high slit gown after one worn by Angelina Jolie last year. Now, new stories are coming out that say Jennifer’s entire look, from her sexy, beachy hair, ample cleavage, to her form-fitting gown and very toned body, were all part of a revenge plot to commemorate the fifth anniversary of her split from Brad Pitt.

She wasn’t nominated for a Golden Globe, but a stunning Jennifer Aniston definitely took home the award for sexiest appearance at the Jan. 17 ceremony. Wearing a black Valentino gown with a mile-high slit on the side, the screen siren took a page out of her rival Angelina Jolie’s style book. And while Angelina and Brad Pitt decided not to attend the awards, their absence actually inspired Jen. “Jennifer decided to go for black and sexy for the awards only when she discovered that Angelina wasn’t attending,” an insider tells Life & Style. “An earlier choice had been a white asymmetrical Stella McCartney, since she didn’t want to go head-to-head with Angelina and her trademark black.”

Jen, 40, has been proudly showing off some killer curves — while Angelina, 34, has looked worn out and nearly skeletal. Unlike Angelina, Jen has taken a balanced approach to maintaining — and even improving — her figure. Jen has done away with a regimented diet to maintain her fat-free form and is enjoying her food. “Jennifer was happy to emphasize her curves in direct contrast to Angie’s skeletal look,” says the insider.

Just three days before she poured her curves into a Valentino gown, Jen and five friends met at the Sunset Tower Hotel in LA, where they indulged in $30 flutes of Veuve Clicquot champagne, small plates and then a meal. “Jen joked that she didn’t want to look like a blimp on Sunday,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. But as a devout yoga fan, Jen can certainly afford to take in a few more carbs. “She’s been putting extra yoga hours in but has also upped her carb intake to create an altogether curvier look,” says the insider.

[From Life & Style]

I’m going to admit something. When I know I am going to be at an event where I might run into some of my ex-husband’s colleagues, I want to look good. I can’t say it’s for “revenge,” more like, “wow, she’s really hot, why’d he get rid of her?” But I don’t think that’s what happened here. The short answer is that Jennifer Aniston has a new movie to promote and showing up on that red carpet with Gerard Butler required her to look extra-sexy. End of story. Who wants to stand next to that morsel looking like a frump?

Meanwhile, People Magazine has a new cover story on Aniston entitled “Five Years After Brad.” Honestly, I can’t think of anything more insulting. Like I want people counting the years from when my husband publicly dumped me and took up with another woman. What the hell? I mean, the article seems to be framed as a “she’s better than ever” type of fluff piece that People excels at, but that title? Really? Is there going to be a “Life After Brad” 25th anniversary special issue, too?


Life & Style and People Magazine covers courtesy of CoverAwards.

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  1. Dingles says:

    She wore a high slit dress because her legs are amazing and she knows it.

    Her “sexy appearance at the Golden Globes” was due her BEING AT THE EFFING GOLDEN GLOBES.

    No one cares about Brad Pitt.

  2. Squirrel says:

    Right. Because with everything she does, from brushing her teeth to picking a dress, it’s all about Brad….!

    If ever in 100 years time the people are told what a ‘tabloid’ was (as they’ll be implanted with communication chips instead or whatever), it will be shown as a brightly coloured magazine with Jen and Angelina’s faces on the front.

    PS. Would not mind at all to look like that at 40! Very envious of her legs!

  3. Lem says:

    First she looks stunning!!

    second GET.OVER.IT

    mimosas today gals *pats bench* plenty of room

  4. alex says:

    stories like this is what make her look pathetic.

  5. lizzie says:

    I think she looked great. Plus I’m so over this whole Angelina vs. Jen plot line. I think they moved on so long ago but now use it just for publicity purposes because people are overly obsessed with hero vs. villain stories. Five years and we’re still on this I mean really. I’m on team who cares!

  6. LolaBella says:

    *Joins Lem on bench…places bon bons on snack table*

  7. mollyb says:

    I’m not a big fan of Jennifer Aniston–I’ve just never found her acting to be compelling or her personality that interesting. That said–I think it is insulting that the whole of her life has been reducing to Angelina-Brad. I think that would just feel so humiliating.

  8. wow says:

    Seriously. They’ve GOT to be kidding me with this PEOPLE cover. Seriously.

    JA isn’t checking for BP like that anymore. Why won’t the press let her move on? It’s so obvious they want to keep her pinning after some ghost of a former marriage when clearly she has moved on and has had other relationships after her marriage.

    I don’t know why they are so far up in BP’s arse to think that no woman who chose to divorce him, can’t get over him. They should have sold the cover as her enjoying her single life with The Butler, and just left it at that. That alone will sell.

    I’m begining to think that maybe some of the married women writers for People and Life/Style are jealous because she does appear to be enjoying her single life and looks absolutely amazing in doing so. With or without that sexy beast Butler. 🙂

  9. ogechi says:

    Jenny dressed the way she did because she is amazingly beautiful and stunning all round. My cousin loves her like tomorrow never comes. I admire her so much that i wish i could also look as cute as she does in the next 15years ie when i shall also clock 40years.

    Bravo Jenny, you are the best.

  10. Sigh. says:

    I can’t wait for the 50th annivesary commemorative issue! I can image the beautiful layouts and never-seen-before photos.

    Dammit, can’t an old broad look good because SHE wants to look good!??!

    This line of thinking would imply that AJ and BP are systematically destroying their looks out of deep-seeded passive aggressive hate for each other.


  11. lucy2 says:

    1) Good Lord. She went to a high profile event where EVERYONE tries to look their best, is photographed and scrutinized for weeks afterward. Should she have worn jeans and a t-shirt?
    2) People mag is now officially just another sleazy tabloid.
    3) I didn’t realize that one actress could trademark the color black. I guess every other actress who showed up in black must be copying and competeing with Angelina too. And that’s to say nothing of all the men in black tuxedos!
    4) When Jen is in her 80s, will we see stories like “Jen’s Best Revenge Yet – Knee Replacement!”
    5) Move on, tabloids, come join the rest of the world in 2010.

  12. Just a Poster says:

    *bringing spinach dip and cookies*

    Can’t a girl great for an award show? Umm isn’t that what they are all about?

    Oh People magazine.. I am old enough to remember when you actually mattered, and after years of subscribing to you, I cancel!

  13. Just a Poster says:

    DOH! I meant to say.. Can’t a girl look great.

    Sorry gang

  14. hmm says:

    I think these articles are meant to be flattering but instead make her appear pathetic. It’s not empowering that a woman, after five years, would resort to such desperate and immature tactics to get back at people who aren’t even at the event. It’s sad that after all of these years she’s still defined as the woman Pitt dumped for Angelina.

  15. Kim says:

    Why not 3 years after Vince? People is too celeb friendly so her publicist approved this story. They love JA over at people she was on the year end special despite the fact that both her movies bombed .Like I said before her her publicist got her on 5 covers great job. She should be doing an interview for Bounty Hunter soon I guess that’s the W magazine interview.Gerard Butler nude cover for W 2010. John Mayer nude GQ cover 2009.

  16. Toe says:

    First of, the tabloid expected Brange to attend the GGlobes so they could get the MAJOR faceoff to write about. That didnt happen. So they have to work with what they have. Twist it, to make it interesting so all the loonies would buy the magazine. We all know those magazines sell well with either one of them on the cover. Yes, we’re that stupid.

  17. alex says:

    well since some of you people wish to have a body like Aniston, maybe you guys should get off from behind the computers and go get that body and having a 100 millions would help too…just saying

  18. Lizzard says:

    I like Brangelina but there is no way that if they were there they would have looked sexier than Jen. Unless Brad shaved off that awful facial hair. I like a guy with some scruff but his looks like it belongs on a terrorist or something.

  19. ER says:

    Has it only been 5 years? Feels like 50!

  20. juiceinla says:

    I am so over this storyline-She looks great, and I think she is over Brad too. Even if she isn’t over him -deep down- she HAS to have convinced herself that she is or she would have spent the last couple years face down at the Red Rock on Sunset drowning in tequila shots, or on her third trip to Passages. No one productive and sane would dwell that long.

    That said, does she always look fantastic when there is a possibility of crossing paths with the Pitts? Sure. but that’s just common sense.

  21. Solveig says:

    “People Magazine has a new cover story on Aniston entitled “Five Years After Brad.” Honestly, I can’t think of anything more insulting.”
    And that’s the reason why people go on saying that she is pathetic. If I were her I would probably start insulting everybody who’d said “Brad Pitt” in front of me, but she’s always been really tolerant about this bs.

  22. Lisa says:

    The dress was amazing and I don’t even like Jennifer Aniston, I think she’s one dimensional and boring, but she picked the right dress, and it looks like she ended up as the best dressed one at Golden Globes, when the rest of the Actresses decided to dress as clowns.

  23. Cheyenne says:

    OMFG. Are the tabloids (and after this issue, People is officially a member of the slag rag club) going to link Aniston to Brad Pitt every damn week? Do they have any idea how pathetic this is making her look? Aniston needs to drop her publicist. He’s making her look like an idiot.

    @Lucy2: When she’s in her 80’s, Modern Maturity magazine will probably run a cover story of her looking scintillating in a muumuu and a long blonde wig, and the cover blurb will read “JEN SAYS: I’M FINALLY OVER BRAD!”

  24. ems says:

    This is making her look pathetic quite honestly.

  25. SolitaryAngel says:

    *Joins Lem and LolaBella on the bench, places chips & dip on snack table* 🙂

  26. Squirrel says:

    I suspect the magazine has someone on the payroll whose job description unfortunately is entirely limited to the perpetual love triangle between the same 3 people – now let us just hope that this employee is close to retiring age!

  27. Beth says:

    Why do this People cover now? The anniversary of their seperation was a few weeks ago and their divorce was September or October. I agree that covers like these make her look pathetic not better than ever. I’m sure by now the Jennifer’s life doesn’t revolve around the divorce.

  28. fizXgirl314 says:

    lol, I’m sure I speak for all people when I say that every step we take and every move we make is strategically planned to seek revenge for an ex… :/

    Seriously though, these stories are becoming embarrassing… no joke, I’m embarrassed to be alive during a time when tabloids like this continue to run… I want to teleport myself to a time when some semblance of sanity has overtaken the masses… and, if you heed my advice, you’d stop printing this crap… it’s EMBARRASSING!!

    If I were Aniston, at this point, I would just quit my job and start suing everybody… it kinda makes me a little bit sick thinking this might happen to me or something… Like someone bringing up an ex of mine that I was sprung on at one time who left me for another woman repeatedly throughout my life… I’d probably wanna move into a remote cave or something :/

  29. Kim says:

    This People cover looks like an OK magazine cover . People used to be step above OK and the others but after putting no talent Heidi on the cover they are just another tabloid.

  30. alex says:

    LOL!!! I see some people only way of getting some excitement in their life is to come on here and wait for the bashing and stupid comments to be posted. Kind of sad non

  31. nana says:

    shes okay during the globes and if brange was there its difficult for her to upstage angelina so get over it. shes always labeled as 2nd rate. so let her enjoy that look. she look wide with that gown anyway.

  32. Madelyn Rose says:

    Jen looked incredible at the GG! What a sexy body. I hate that these mag’s keep running the same old stories about her though. My God, just because she didn’t run right out and shack up with hubby #2 doesn’t make her pathetic!

  33. Cinderella says:

    If anyone looks pathetic, it’s People and Life and Style.

    Jen looks damn good.

  34. lilred says:

    @ Lem,Lolabella& Solitary Angel I brought some fruit & cheese.

  35. Lem says:

    *mimosas, spin dip, bonbons and cookies n chips fruit& cheese yum… we’ll have to hit yoga class after this and make sure we’re doing it cause our hot ex had a bunch of kids, certainly not because our new piece swung us from the rafters last night and we need a bum he can bounce a quarter off of 😉 pass the champagne, adding some fruit to my drink*

  36. Catherine says:

    Are you F-ing kidding me? This is the cover for People over the whole Haiti disaster? Is this a joke, it surely has to be.

  37. Dingles says:

    Anyone else find it pathetic that PEOPLE focused on this non-story while pushing their coverage on Haiti to a tiny section on top of the cover? It wasn’t so long ago that PEOPLE was actually relevant, but obviously those days are gone. The economy isn’t doing the publishing industry in, the publishing industry is doing itself in.

  38. Kim says:

    Yeah I know People put the September 11 Tsunamie,Hurricane Katrina on full cover but not Haiti w/ 200 thousand likely dead. I’m going to email them. Jen story should have been a sidebar.

  39. cee says:

    I am really thinking that aside from six beautiful kids that Angie was much better off without Brad. Her hook up with hims seems to have all the tabloids bashing Angie. Before Brad this was not the case. I for one love Angie and I am tired of it. JA is a fame whore and will never let the triangle end. Brad I don;t knw about him these days. Does he respect Angie enough to fight for her or is he too concerned about his career.

  40. d says:

    Who cares about Jen and Ange. What I want to know is where Gerard Butler’s hotness has gone. He just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Bleh. Sigh…

  41. lucy2 says:

    “If anyone looks pathetic, it’s People and Life and Style.”
    Word, Cinderella. And all the other tabloids that keep this crap going.

    UNBELIEVABLE that the Haiti story got pushed to a side story – not only for a celebrity story, but for a celebrity NON-story! I’m going to email People too.

  42. Ziad says:

    People should get over this!!!

  43. Solveig says:

    January 20th, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    I am really thinking that aside from six beautiful kids that Angie was much better off without Brad. Her hook up with hims seems to have all the tabloids bashing Angie.


    Yes, I agree with you. None of those tabloids bashed her before Brad Pitt.
    Probably because she was a nobody.
    Yes, she won an Oscar, but Marisa Tomei too won an Oscar and she’s still a nobody (for tabloids and tabloids’ readers).

  44. boo says:

    Thank you for the mimosa.

    I think everybody at People Magazine should be fired for lack of imagination. There are talented people begging for jobs out there yet People Magazine has a bunch of lame ass writers that can’t make up something fresh and – oh I don’t know maybe something more 21st century! than this same old jealous Jen crap. Like she gives a $hit about an ex from 5 years ago..

  45. mae says:

    Why don’t they just leave Jennifer alone already. Personally I think shes too good for him. He looks scuzzy.I never thought he was hot anyway now he looks haggard. Never thought Angelina was nice looking either. It’s like someone started a rumor that she was hot & everyone just went w/ it.

  46. DrM says:

    HELLO! Divorced for FIVE years People!!! She doesn’t gives a sh**…move the f on! Seriously…I have not bought a magazine that has had any story on it relating to JA and BP for years. Its just ridiculous rubbish

  47. akira says:

    I can’t believe the tabloids are STILL recycling this tired old story for 5+ years now. It’s ridiculous. The only one benefiting is Aniston, in my opinion. Acc. to Showbiz Tonight, anytime she releases a movie, she does 3 things: 1) Date some hot new guy 2) Do a nude, sexy spread and 3) mention the ex. They called it Aniston’s well-documented Pr strategy. I think they are right about her.

  48. Wee Freckles (Lee) says:

    Man, I can buy not getting over Johnny Depp after 5 years, or even 10, but Brad Pitt? Uh, no. How ’bout being sexy just because you can?

  49. snowball says:

    Slide a mimosa my way, I brought some mini florentine quiche thingies. Extra for you, Alex, to enjoy in front of the computer along with us, since you’re here too.

    JA looked great. I like her beachy hair, the dress, that slit, those shoes, her glowing makeup job – not so hot on that dark fingernail polish, I wish that trend would go bye.

    I don’t believe all the stories about Brad and Angie breaking up, but can you imagine if they did? Would Angie get the same, “oh look how pathetic she is without Braaaaaad,” garbage?

    I know she’s got a movie to sell, but I wish JA would just give rags like People the finger. Who’d have thought People would turn out so scuzzy?

  50. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    This is a very sad cover. Whoever her handlers are should not have allowed this to go to print. Because if it’s the truth she’s pretty pathetic. And if it’s not the truth they needed to made sure that if we’re going to be subjected to yet another round of how wonderful Jen’s doing,they at least left Brad out of it. Because it’s making her look like she is not relevant unless Brad Pitt is somehow mentioned in the same breath. Oh wait…

  51. Brooke says:

    haha I agree with LaineyGossip – she has no relevance outside Brad.

  52. bigelle says:

    She’s a good looking gal. She has it, she flaunts it. End of. Why has her life to be entirely focused around her ex-husband? C’mon in this day and age aren’t we beyond that type of thing? Can we please just let this whole non-saga go?

  53. la chica says:

    she’s put on some pounds. i’m shocked cuz i read somewhere that she is working with Madonna’s former trainer.

  54. Camille says:

    I feel sorry for both AJ and JA with these covers, both are awful/mean and in the People one, it is also utterly ridculous and embarrassing. I feel sorry for them both (in regards to the tabloids) at this point and I wish the tabs would leave this stupid ‘triangle’ alone. Its a non-story and has been so for years.

    I didn’t like JA’s GG dress all that much (it made her boobs/chest look weird), and something about it made her arms look bigger than normal (unless she had gained a few pounds and it went straight to her arms? Weird). Didn’t like her shoes either. However I really liked the softer, sexy hair style on her, I liked that it wasn’t parted in the middle (that just doesn’t suit her at all), and I liked the sort of fringe she had, it made her face look softer and pretty/feminine. And I also liked her eye makeup/makeup, it looked sexy and worked for her, and was a little different than usual, which was lovely to see.

    And I’ll repost what I said on another post about BP, that I think applies here as well:

    Imagine if/when Brangelina split up, the haters will have a massive field day/party, and both the haters and the loonies heads will explode – one group in utter joy and the other in sadness, and the tabloids will spend another 5+ years going on about them.

    Its never going to end is it :(.

  55. andrea says:

    i just dont get her “sexy beachy hair”. its SO OLD. and boring.

    dear rachel from friends, i mean jen,

    dye your hair strawberry blonde. or full-on red. wear something other than peachy makeup. wear a red lip. cut a bob. wear something cobalt blue. get some enormous, gaudy earrings. hook up with, i dunno, steven tyler. or a rapper. usher, maybe. buy some liquid eyeliner. go to lunch with latoya jackson. or ivana trump. *something* interesting. ANYTHING.

    (p.s. if you establish an actual personality of your own, maybe the constant brangelina comparisons will ease – get a SELF, girl!)

  56. NicoleB says:

    Here is what I think Jen should do…She should just leave the entertainment guys ALONE. Jen is cute and ANY non famous man from the east coast would LOVE to be with her. Stop with the dating of the guys in the industry moreso Jen should date an exec but not another star in their own right…I think it’s sad that the only way Jen is allowed to move is if she finds another man…as if to say that if she doesn’t find another man she hasn’t moved on….Jen’s BEST revenge is that she NEVER let her looks go she only got better…and while I totally agree with Andrea that she should move out from the Rachel mode (looks wise and acting wise)…She looks great for Jen…just leave the actors and musicians alone…girl go get a movie exec and be happy!

  57. QB says:

    This shit is ridiculous , I’m waiting for the cover of how this is all act and Angelina & Jennifer are using Brad to cover their Lesbian love affair and how they are planning to get marry. Just wait for it , I know is coming soon this story.

  58. WendyB says:

    I SO move on from exes. They mean nothing to me after a little while. I can’t believe she’d still be dwelling on it…unless all the stupid magazine stories force her to. What’s so surprising about looking awesome for YOURSELF?

  59. SageAdvice says:

    andrea I disagree. I think if she did something drastically different, i.e. cut her hair or dyed it some dramatically different color or went with a totally different look, the Loonies would be shouting that she’s “desperately and pathetically trying to be different but she’s the same old boring, pathetic, tired, jealous, desperate Jen”.

  60. Emma says:

    I didn’t read all 50+ comments but so far have not seen one replying to the fact that skin-and-bones Jennifer Aniston was referred to as CURVY!! Are you kidding me?! If she’s curvy than I must be a regular full figured gal at 5’3 and 120lbs. Good lord. I’m not trying to hate on the Aniston (OK, I find her incredibly boring both as an actress and celebrity), but she does not have anything close to curves.

  61. Munkey says:

    alex: You’ve posted more comments on this thread than anyone else, so your “pathetic life in front of the computer” accusations are laughable and downright ridiculous. Face it: You’re right down in the muck with everyone else, so stop embarrassing yourself by trying to pretend otherwise.

  62. Essie says:

    None of you mentioned that the pic of Angelina where she is called “skin and bones” is from two years ago when she was grieving for her mother!! She is still slim but not as skinny as she was then.

    And, of course Jennifer Aniston has the time for yoga and tanning . . . she doesn’t have a man and SIX babies to care for. And her body is hot because she can do these things PLUS she has never been pregnant. Looking good all the time is easy when you have nothing else to distract you. Even so, I believe Angelina would have still looked better and gotten more attention on the red carpet, just as she did at the Oscars last year.

    This is all so pathetic and I’m really surprised at the People cover. I always gave them some slack when it came to gossip but that fake Heidi and now Jennifer on the cover, both over the tragedy in Haiti, well, I’ve had about enough of People.

    P.S.: I don’t think Jennifer posed for that picture or gave an interview. I think People just used a photo and wrote a story.

  63. Green Is Good says:

    Why don’t they have Billy-Goat Braaad plastered on the cover with a “5 years after Jen” line?
    It’s so sexist.

  64. WTF?!? says:

    “Whoever her handlers are should not have allowed this to go to print.”

    Unless her handlers are also the editors of Life & Style, they have absolutely no control over what goes to print.

    @Essie– AJ’s as thin now as she’s ever been, can’t blame her mom’s death for that.


  65. Josephina says:

    Green is god-

    Because Brad does not refer to her in any of his post-divorce interviews of 5 years and counting, other than saying he left her because the marriage was a deadend. Brad has no comment on her current life and does not offer opinion in interview.

    On the other hand… Aniston has not shut up about airing snarky opinions on current events with Pitt, or past opinions about his behavior, her feelings, his conduct, Angie’s conduct, her feeling of loss, etc. And this is EXACTLY why she does not fit the description of classy.

    I am disgusted with the cover of People. Aniston has dated quite a few men since her shamble of a marriage to Pitt. And still, it reads “Five Years After…” After what?!?!? As IF she survived a natural disaster. OH, shoot!! A natural disaster really DID occur and over 200,000 people are dead and counting.

    But, no. America would rather focus on Aniston’s legs, a nonexistent face-off, and a resurrection of the throne of a former most beautiful status person rather than focus on real matters of the heart, like decency and humanity for some of the world’s poorest people struggling to stay alive from a devastating earthquake. Way to go, people. You know class when you see it, huh?

    And this is the same woman who also has NOT DONATED any of her money to help the people of Haiti. And she has the money. It is not her thing, remember?

  66. Anastasia says:

    I’m not even a Jennifer Aniston fan (and to the person above who called her Jenny repeatedly like she’s her best friend–I believe she goes by Jennifer), but this is tres insulting.

    So everything she does, everything she puts on, even down to her workout and what she eats is about getting revenge on her ex and his partner what, five or seven years after the fact? How long has it been anyway? Are we going on a decade?

    Geez. This whole need to forever connect these three people was ridiculous years ago but now it’s just past ridiculous.

    Nothing she ever does will be able to get her out from under the shadow of poor poor dumped Jennifer Aniston. I would HATE that.

  67. Caribbean says:

    Why can’t ANYONE see how manipulative this woman is?!!
    It was not a coincident that she wore that dress!!!
    She has stylist and PR people who know exactly what is going on.
    Everyone that she has befriended in the last 5 years have become nasty to Angelina (when before that they had nothing but love and praise for her)
    She is not a victim….She absolutely thought that they would be another Benifer, so she could have had the last laugh.
    She acted like she was much better that AJ with all her shanky comments, until her house of card started tumbling.
    BTW…when she had clout and star power, what the f*ck did she do with it?????
    She wants press and will do anything to get it and what better way than coat-tailing

  68. thepickle says:

    No, it is not. That is just People BS.

  69. andrea says:

    sage advice – i’m sure you’re right! that’s totally what people would say! poor thing can’t do a damn thing w/o it being seen as about BP. altho one does wonder how much she perpetuates it herself. for me, i love fashion and experimenting with stuff – i cant fathom having all the money and access these ladies have and sticking to the same ol’ all the time. seems a shame. but i guess if she’s just being true to her personality with the boring style, then good on her.

  70. The problem for her is that she does nothing different so why would the rags think that she has moved on? And maybe it is superficial but everything about her is the same as ten years ago. The same hair. The same denim cutoffs. The same vacation. The same people. The same films with the same plot lines. The same recycled stories in interviews spouting off her self help book garbage. And maybe there is nothing wrong with that in general but it appears that her life has stagnated. Where is the excitement? The adventure? The maturity? The challenges? The willingness to help others? She seems shallow and boring. She happily fuels the fire of the triangle for the past 5 years, as it is the only thing that has kept her relevant. Hell, she admitted that she is happy to be viewed as the “lonely girl”. Anyone with self-respect would have stopped that story in its tracks years ago. She has bought into the PR image of what her life should be, not who she really is and therefore she comes across pathetic. I mean she has the money, the looks and the connections to do most anything and this life is it? When I look at her all I see is wasted potential.

  71. andrea says:

    bored at work – yes, stagnant, that is the word. and NOT because she’s not married and having babies or whatever. where is the CHANGE, growth, experimentation, whatever? she seems very “one note” as they’d say on project runway. 🙂 and, i totally agree, regardless of the tabloids, just out of self respect and/or sheer indignation, most people would sooner or later FIND a way to put a stop to that love triangle crap. there is something, i dunno, self-defeating and not entirely genuine there?

  72. lucy2 says:

    @Josephina – how does anyone know whether she donated to Haiti or not? Only a few celebs have let their donations be made public. I have not seen anything about Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, etc. Does not mean they did not donate. Just that if they did, it was not made public. Not sure why Jen would be considered any differently.
    (And had she made an announcement, you know there would have been comments about her trying to compete with/copy the Brange).

    Let’s face it, people simply disagree when it comes to the three of them and see what they want to see. Neither Brad, Jen, or Ang will make everyone happy all the time.

    @Green is Good – I think you’re right. I don’t think we’d ever see a cover like that about a man.

  73. karie says:

    @Andrea, I also think she’s rather annoying + superficial. Her interviews are filled with lame-brain cliches. I don’t think she’s very talented.

    I can’t believe so many women identify w/her. Maybe, they’ve had their hearts broken? Or, the Rachel/Friends image (it’s called acting). Or, the fact that she’s not threatening? Either way, it’s really kinda strange if you ask me.

    I personally prefer women with more substance and talent to admire. And, that doesn’t mean I like her tabloid nemesis either.

  74. nana says:

    I cant wait for her to date John Gosselin!

  75. Karie – I think you are on point with the general public identifying her with the Rachel character. Much like Clooney and his ER Doug Ross character. Womanizer with an easy smile but when push comes to shove, he steps up and does the right thing. And ultimately for him to find true happiness, all it takes is the love and patience of a good woman.

  76. WTF?!? says:

    Josephina, chances are JA has donated to the efforts in Haiti, she just didn’t feel the need to announce it to the press (or adopt a child from there).

  77. Ana says:

    It’s difficult to feel sorry for her past relationship being brought up constantly when she USES her relationships to get press and promote her movies.
    It would have been better revenge to look great AND be nominated.
    Anyway, her dress reminded me more of the red one Megan Fox wore last year. Maybe that is why I prefer it in a better color….because Megan did it better.

  78. Tammy K says:

    I know these magazines are celebrity tabloids, but People usually covers more serious issues. I am just shocked that with all of the tragedy going on in Haiti they are running cover stories like Jen 5 years after Brad, Heidi Montag hooked on plastic surgery, Kate Gosslin get’s hair extensions. WTF?

  79. Orbit says:

    I also have done away with a regimented diet. Well, in the sense that I wasn’t on one and won’t get on one.

  80. Ursula says:

    My mother says, ‘the revenge of a good man is getting on with your life and living well’

    I am getting suspicious, why is people magazine being nice to Jen? They are a Brange forte.

  81. Jazz says:

    Five years after Brad?! It’s not like he died. People get divorced every day, it’s not like she went through something really terrible. Being constantly linked to your ex and the woman he left you for, I would absolutely despise that. She can’t possibly think this makes her look good.

  82. lisa says:

    ITAWY Jazz,

    I know women and men who survived a divorce. They survived because they were left with children and bills. They don’t get support and are struggling. That to me is surviving. Jen and Brad had no children. They got a divorce. He moved on first. People felt sorry for her. and she liked it. Most people would. But how insulting is that cover. How pathetic is it that her life is measured on her well being after a divorce. She and Brad are not the only celeb divorce to happen. Nicole and Tom divorced. yet Nicole is not pitied. Could you imagine her on a cover with that heading. NOPE. Reese and Ryan divorced with 2 small children. Where is the pity for her. DID she survive too. I agree with one of the comments in that Brad nor his friends discuss this woman. SHE is not a part of his life and no mention of her in his interviews to promote his movies. He talks about his family.. his present.. not the past. YET when an interview is done on her; Brad or Angie are mention in some reference. HOW is that moving on. I am not a fan, but don’t see how Jennifer or anyone who is a fan can see this cover as anything other then insulting. So after 5 years your life is measured only on how far you have moved from you ex-husband. And why all the comments from her friend saying she never talks about Brad.. (see a mention without a mention)

    Maybe we should revisit the Woman’s Rights movement. Because if Jennifer is an example of what women are holding up as independent and strong; a surviver..

    We have not come as far as My mother and other women during that time would have hoped. Really Sad.

    @WTF… there are over a dozen families in the US who have and are adopting children from Haiti.. We know this because they did interviews. Sad that you and others have made adoption an ugly thing because of you need to take a jab at Angelina. Opening your home to a child in need should never be a punch line to a stupid joke.

  83. spacey says:

    “Aniston has not shut up about airing snarky opinions on current events with Pitt”

    That’s not true, though. She doesn’t say that much. Remember when she said Angelina admitting she and Brad had an affair before he left Jen was “uncool”? That was over a year ago, and since then there has hardly been anything from Aniston about either Brad or Ange.

    But I do agree that if she didn’t want this triangle stuff to keep going, she’d have found a way to stop it by now. That goes for all of them, though. Brad, Angelina, Jennifer, they ALL could have stopped this but they haven’t yet.

  84. Kitty2000 says:

    All I can say is if I know the ex is going to be there/see photos, it’s not that I want him or his friends to just die thinking I’m so hot (he’s an ex for a reason), I just don’t want him thinking “Phew, dodged a bullet there.” And that’s why I’d make the extra effort. Human nature.

  85. Maritza says:

    It’s the Golden Globes awards of course she’s going to want to look her best!

  86. Anna says:

    She’s so unsexy that Tiger wouldn’t touch her.

  87. Cheyenne says:

    Beth: Why do this People cover now? The anniversary of their seperation was a few weeks ago and their divorce was September or October.

    Duh. Because she’s got a movie coming out in March. CNN called her on it. From Lainey:

    [CNN’s Showbiz Tonight] discussed her “attention-seeking antics” on the heels of her Golden Globes “flirtation” with Spittle Gerard Butler to promote The Bounty Hunter, comparing it to her convenient Oscar date with John Mayer last year for the release of He’s Just Not That Into You. Then they introduced what they christened the Jennifer Aniston Pre-Movie Checklist noting 3 patented plays that Team Aniston always puts on the field when she wants you to see her at the movies. These plays are as follows:

    1. Date a famous guy.
    2. Racy magazine photos.
    3. Tell-all interview about Brad Pitt

    The formula rarely if ever changes.

  88. Lem says:

    dude, y’all made a mess in here! *steps over empty bottles* shame, good comments get overlooked by the end of the night. *slides drink over @Kitty & @Cheyenne* shh don’t spill the formula 😉
    I’ll stick around and clean up the empties while you go fight it out over AJ’s parenting skills *somebody hand me a trash bag*

  89. SageAdvice says:

    Ha-I love that Cheyenne says that “CNN” called her on it when really it’s CNN’s crapfest celebrity gossip show.

    By the way, she’s NOT dating Gerard Butler. So that first one is out. The “racy” photos haven’t come out yet but I doubt they will be any more racy than anything else out there as it is W magazine.

    And what interview did she do last year where she “told all” about Brad? She mentioned that she likes to keep tapes from old tape recorders (which, by the way, my mom did as well so-is she a pathetic freak too?) and some of the tapes have Brad’s voice on them.

    Interviewers and magazines always mention the two. Have you ever heard her mention them when not prompted to do so? Point me in the right direction because I cannot remember a single instance in which she brought them up without being asked.

  90. Liz says:

    Angelina nor Brad has ever admitted having an affair. Angelina mentioned in a Jan 2007 Vogue conducted in Oct 06 interview about,I’m paraprasing ,looking forward or excited about going to the set Of MMS. The Vogue interviewer asked Jen in Sept 2008 for the DEC 2008 Vogue about that 2006 interview and she said the statement was uncool.Both Brad in Rolling Stone and Angie in NYT stated that they fell in love on the set. Angie stated it would be cool for her kids to one day see the movie where their parents met and fell in love.Brad and Angie’s interviews were done after Jen’s Vogue interview. In Jen’s GQ interview done end of 2008 she makes a joke about hanging out with them and Knox and Zahara.In 5 years AJ has only made 1 comment about JA in Vogue that she briefly met JA in the studio parking lot and that she would be willing to meet W/ her again. She was asked had she ever met JA that was in OCT 2006

  91. corine says:

    I find it SO insulting that People magazine puts Aniston: “Five Years After Brad!” on their front cover with exclusive interviews from Aniston’s friends on how she’s doing! THIS over Haiti? Talk about having your priorities straight. 200,000 people may be dead in Haiti–but it’s all about this poor woman with 110 million who went through a divorce 5 yrs ago? SAD!

  92. Cheyenne says:

    nana: I cant wait for her to date John Gosselin!

    Oh no you didn’t. ROTFLMBAO!!!

  93. shay te says:

    i think that if these are really jen’s “friends,” then she needs to tell them to shut up and stop making her sound pathetic.

    or she could hire a PR person to screen her “friends” who make unnecessary comments that lead to her pathetic state.

    all that dressing up just to end up being compared to AJ, tsk tsk. poor kid.

  94. pumak says:

    she is simply gorgeous …

  95. just my opinion says:

    The whole thing with People magazine is obvious PR manipulation. They had an interview with her friend? Who–her publicist? People magazine isn’t like the other tabloids–they get the stars on board with their stories. AND, E! online had the same talk with her friend (mentioning Brad). Coincidence? I think not. Her fans love to buy the sweet Jen act but that’s just her movie roles and not real. Of course, Aniston wanted her friends to talk about her and Brad–this is what gets her mega attention. AFTER 5 yrs–that’s just sad. I don’t know of any other movie star who went through a divorce (Nicole Kidman, Uma thurman, Reese Witherspoon, etc) who STILL use their famous ex for PR. Seriously–Jen doesn’t have the talent like other actresses, so she uses her connections and her body to get her attention. HOW CAN ANYONE ADMIRE THAT? I think her behavior sets women back quite a bit. What happened to talent and integrity?

  96. kiki says:

    People magazine is pure trash! WHY would you put JEN ANISTON on your cover over HAITI? Do people really need to know how she’s doing 5 years after Brad OVER Haiti? Talk about having warped priorities! If they wanted to stick to celebs, they could have done a “Hollywood helps Haiti” issue, but Aniston “fun, flirty and 40?”
    How mindless and shallow can you be?

  97. Kim says:

    Golden Globe Winners should be on the cover like Sandra and Monique as side bar Haiti should be the main cover

  98. linda says:

    Put aside the fact that People Mag made the selfish choice to run JA as their cover story intead of Haiti, a choice I am sure will bite them in the ass. People mag was always consider(until now) a more credible read. Having said that I am sure JA was well aware of the “title” if not having final say on how it would print.There is no way that got by her.
    I think it goes like this, back in the day when she was with Brad, she had the Racehl role, people adore her on that. They adored her and Brad as acouple. Life was wonderful. 5 years is not a long time in the scheme of things and I think she still misses that life she once had. It was all about them, sweeter and more exciting time. Anyone would miss all that attention.The only way keep a glimmer of that life is to never ever let us FORGET any of it!! Not only did she loose Brad and “Friends” she has lost the ability to have class.This cover speaks volumes about that. Brangelina fell in love, have kids, love having kids, love this time in their lives. JA marriages was over before AJ came into the picture, don’t kid yourself about that. Brange have enormous class and respect they never have one bad thing to say about JA, they are above that. JA if you are really really over that time in your life, it’s time to start giving us a new story line. Babysteps, you can do it.

  99. Peter says:

    No, it is not. That is just People BS