Details of Tiger Woods’ daily grind in a Mississippi sex rehab

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The National Enquirer has obtained the first photos of Tiger Woods since the incredibly tawdry sex scandal broke in late November. Tiger is attending a $10,000 a week sex rehab facility in Mississippi, according to various reports, and he was photographed there wearing shorts, a hoodie, and carrying a cup of coffee. It’s hard to tell for sure if it’s Tiger as the pictures are far away, but it looks just like him and several local Mississippi news stations have confirmed the story.

Hollywood Life has details of Tiger’s stay and it sounds like a typical rehab facility, except the security sounds pretty tight and might be harder to keep the addicts away from their triggers. They also have photos inside the place, which looks like a mid-level hotel room with a kitchenette, similar to an extended stay hotel. Every hour of Tiger’s day is filled with activities, and he’s closely monitored. He’s not even supposed to masturbate, although there’s really no way to enforce that rule.

Tiger Woods has been found after 54 days! He has just been spotted at the Gentle Path sex addiction treatment program at Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services Center in Hattiesburg, Miss., according to the National Enquirer!

The report claims that Elin Nordegren threatened to take their children Sam Alexis, 2, and Charlie Axel, 11 months, to Sweden unless he “vowed to stop cheating and enter sex rehab.” Tiger “tearfully agreed” to go to Pine Grove to save his marriage. He’s going to have to go through a tough “Disclosure Day,” when he’ll have to face up to Elin and admit every single one of his affairs — looks like they could be there a while.

We have an inside source who has been inside the facility many times and is very knowledgeable and familiar with the sex addiction treatment program. Our source told us exactly what Tiger’s day has been like for the course of his treatment.

The Gentle Path center, surrounded by a fence which is locked at night and described by an inside source as a “concrete prison,” is a no-frills far cry from Tiger’s usual luxury surroundings. Gentle Path is specifically for sex addiction patients ad is about 4 miles from the main campus. Tiger’s daily routine will consist of group therapy sessions, doctor evaluations, and psychological analysis.

According to a recovering sex addict, who is familiar with the day-to-day life of a Pine Grove patient, admits it’s “intense” for the addicts who are there. “Every hour of your day is filled.”

Our source says that Tiger is most likely be in contact with Dr. Patrick Carnes, the Executive Director of the Gentle Path program, on a daily basis. Patients will have work book sessions and read books written by Dr. Carnes like: Don’t Call It Love, The Clinical Management of Sex Addiction, Open Hearts, and Facing The Shadows.

The typical length of a sex addict’s stay in rehab is approximately six weeks. There are between 18-24 individuals enrolled in Gentle Path at any given time. Our source tells us, “The Pine Grove patients attend Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings twice a week. They also have free supervised time get to go to Wal-Mart twice a week.”

Upon entering the facility one must sign a celibacy contracting banning them from sexual encounters with other individuals including masturbation. Our source tells us that patients have developed relationships with other members while in treatment, “There have been a few instances where people have engaged in sexual conduct with other members. But then they get kicked out of the program. The program is based on the honor code — no one is watching you to make sure you don’t masturbate.”

While staying at Gentle Path, Tiger is just fine in his golf garb. “The dress code is modest. He can’t be showing body parts that might evoke desire,” such as tight jeans or a muscle shirt,” said our source. Men and women are not separated, however, the program at Pine Grove is predominately male.

Our source says, “Patients live in a refurbished motel once called the Alamo. There is a big fence around it … it sort of resembles a prison.” The huge fence is locked at night so if someone wanted to leave, our source says, “they would have to climb the fence.”

Technology, as well as any triggers that might make someone relapse, are forbidden at Pine Grove.

As far as meals go, Tiger can forget about the private chef he had at home. “They have a set menu at Pine Grove where they serve ‘typical hospital food.’ Eggs and bacon for breakfast, and at dinner, patients can choose a meat and five vegetables.” And no more late ragers for Tiger either! “It’s lights out at 10:30 pm and up again by 6:30 am the next day.”

[From Hollywood Life]

I think that Tiger has been partying on his yacht with his buddies for weeks. Supplies were seen being taken there and I doubt he’s been in rehab this entire time. This rehab bid is a last ditch effort for him to salvage what’s left of his image. He’ll be able to return to playing golf because he’s still the best in his field. He won’t retain many sponsors, though, and life will never quite be the same for Tiger. That’s only fitting given how many people he’s hurt with his actions.

Tiger Woods announces he will take an indefinite break from golf

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  1. Bete says:

    In other words, he’s attending rehab and she’ll stay for the money.
    Another lovely relationship.

  2. Lantana says:

    Why is he bothering? Does anyone really think he’ll “change”? I truly don’t get any of this. Divorce, pay up, be done with it and go on with your slut-way life style.

  3. myself says:

    What’s the big deal men cheat all the time. Ellen is a golddiger and was a nobody before she met him, he supported her she is a millionaire by now don’t you think? She knew exactly what was she marrying into, she isn’t hurt trust me.

  4. canadianchick says:

    Disclosure week is more like it. If it is him I’m glad he’s getting help. There is a high rate of relapse and with him tons of triggers and ho’s everywhere-hope he can stick with recovery for the sake of his family. And if he blows it-Elin just kick him to the curb!!!!

  5. myself says:

    I wonder why is Ellen sti $$$taing with him?

    Must be true love

  6. bella says:

    Loving the “disclosure week” – looks like they may be there awhile comment! And I’d love to see Tiger at the local Wal-Mart on his twice-weekly shopping trip.

  7. Just a Poster says:

    Nobody knows what is actually going on.. or what Elin is doing or if she is staying. I think she is keeping her cards close to the vest for the moment.

    As far as Tiger, I have a feeling that his “handlers” pushed for rehab hoping to quiet the masses and make him look like a “good guy”. I don’t think he went in seeking treatment, just doing face time. And we all know until he wants help, this is only a bandaide for his image.

  8. bo says:

    @myself: It’s a big deal because just as willingly as someone cheats, they willingly enter into a committed relationship. It’s a big deal and whether or not it keeps happening, it will continue to be a big deal until the earth stops spinning.

  9. lastwordlinda says:

    Unless this ” inside source who has been inside the facility many times and is very knowledgeable and familiar with the sex addiction treatment program” is a worker or a visitor, I guess the treatment doesn’t work if they have been there so many times.

  10. lucy2 says:

    As far as I know, Elin has never once commented on any of this, so who knows what she knew or didn’t know, if she’s staying, etc. We’ll just have to wait and see. For her sake, I think she should divorce and move on, but it would be good if they could come to some level of civility so the kids can have relationships with both parents.

    Good thing he can’t be showing “body parts that might evoke desire”! I guess that means he didn’t bring his wallet.

    I don’t buy that he actually wants to stop his screw around lifestyle, I agree that this is more image and damage control than anything else.

  11. Cinderella says:

    When you put the words grind, sex and Tiger Woods in the same sentence, it evokes a nasty image. Yuck.

  12. Lenore says:

    Cinderella – beat me to it! “Daily grind” indeed. Would daily even be enough for Tiger anyway?

  13. scrappy says:

    maybe because she has two kids with this man. how do you know she’s a golddigger? i bet she can spell though.(it’s staying)

  14. Alex says:

    @myself – she was a nobody before she met him?? Maybe she was a ‘nobody’ in the States but it doesn’t mean she’s a nobody in the REST of the frickin’ world.

    Considering her Mom is a politician, her Dad is a radio journalist and she is a model I’m going to assume she’s probably ‘somebody’ in Sweden at the very least and likely comes from a fairly well off family.

  15. Ally says:

    Is there a single photo of these two where he’s looking at HER? I will dislike this egomaniac forever.

  16. Jill says:

    I always thought he’d go straight to rehab so we’ll see who’s right about this. I think he’s wise enough to know he’d better take strong steps to mitigate the damage he’s done, or lose his credibility forever.

  17. d says:

    Was he really a sex addict? I mean, being rich and famous, it was there for him to take and he took advantage of it, tried to get away with it for a long time because he could, his ego figured he could, but sex addict? Meh. If he was poor and unknown, would he have had all that sex? It just seems kind of spurious.

  18. Tazina says:

    I don’t think she’s a gold digger at all. She hasn’t filed for divorce but is carrying on looking after her children. She has said she loves Tiger and was very hurt by his affairs. She is a beautiful person from what I’ve seen and he will be very fortunate if she does decide to take him back.

  19. lin234 says:

    @ myself = the same person defending Octopsycho.

    Enough said.

  20. gg says:

    myself, you are completely clueless.

  21. myself says:

    gg plz clarify how am I being completely clueless?!
    As if you don’t know that the more powerful the man is the more sex he wants to get, unfortunately Woods is not the only one , same goes with bankers, businessman etc. Either Elin was completely naive which I doubt or she knew about it.

  22. Kathie says:

    Good thing he can’t be showing “body parts that might evoke desire”! I guess that means he didn’t bring his wallet.

    Thanks Lucy2 that was so funny!!!

  23. coucou says:

    @Lucy2 “Good thing he can’t be showing ‘body parts that might evoke desire’! I guess that means he didn’t bring his wallet.”

    EFFING BRILLIANT! Right on! ;-P

  24. ogechi says:

    .” Tiger “tearfully agreed”

    After a hectic week, this news made my day…. All the best to Tiger.

  25. Todsa says:

    I stayed there for 45 days and the ignorance around this place and other places like it is really fun too watch. There were newspaper reports from the 1930s that describe alchohol adiction exactly the same way… Frivolous. Women are angry and men laugh about it because many of them have secrets about sex that they don’t want anyone to know about. Its not 2% of the population that is keeping eBay/Amazon from being the largest internet business!!!

    Gentle Path is a treatment facility to help people deal with Truama in their lives. Whether Tiger gets anything out of it only Tiger will know (and his Primary therapists). He probably will not have daily contact with Patrick Carnes as he is a pretty busy researcher and author and not one to get on that bandwagon about Sex Addiction.

  26. Stan says:

    Christ why would the poor slob put himself through this charade?

    News flash: ALL MEN are sex addicts! All men love to bang a myriad of beautiful women and would jump at the chance if they could. 3.5 billion years of evolution screams in a man’s ears to screw every young attractive thing he can get his hands on from the time he hits puberty to the age of 97. This is something about men that I’ve found women simply cannot understand at a gut level. They just can’t fathom the overwhelming sexual drive men have to spread their seed far and wide no matter the consequences.

    Chris Rock’s line, “A man is only as faithful as his options,” is not a joke!