Mickey Rourke: 24-year-old Russian girlfriend is “a gift from heaven”

FOX 2010 Golden Globes Party - Arrivals

Don’t get me wrong – I love Mickey Rourke. He’s a man who has been through some sh-t, and has come through it with a lovely, intelligent Zen-line mentality. His hell raising days are over, and he’s gotten his second chance, and he’s keeping his head down and doing the work, bless his heart. So I can forgive him his little Russian girlfriend, I really can. If he’s happy and she’s happy, I’m happy for them. While some might wonder how he can keep a pretty little Russian girl happy, I know how. The man is packing serious pipe, and my guess is that he probably treats her like gold.

The girl’s name is Anastassija Makarenko, and from what I could determine from some internet searching is that she’s maybe 24 years old. Don’t hold me to that. She looks 16 years old, and she’s probably in reality 30 years old. But I do know Mickey’s age – he’s 57 years old, and so it follows that he thinks Anastassija is a “gift from heaven.” Yes, 20-something vadge is now being classified as “heavenly”.

A year after his emotional comeback performance earned him a Golden Globe for The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke was once again on cloud nine at this year’s show, thanks to the new love he squired down the red carpet.

Rourke’s girlfriend – who has widely been misidentified on the Internet – is Russian-born model Anastassija Makarenko, Rourke reveals exclusively to PEOPLE. “She’s a gift from heaven,” says the actor, 57, who seemed smitten as he kept a tight grip the stunning blonde throughout the evening.

“Obviously she’s a very beautiful woman,” says Rourke. “But she’s got the biggest heart, she’s got a great family, she’s really close to her mother and father – they’re great people.”

The pair, who both live in New York and met at a photo shoot, have been together about six months. But it’s already serious: Rourke recently gave Makarenko a Pomeranian (named Tango), and in December he traveled to Germany to meet her parents.

Though the consummate on-screen tough guy admits he was nervous, “They loved him,” says Makarenko, adding, “He’s the most beautiful man in the world, he’s a sweetheart, and the best boyfriend.”

Rourke, whose upcoming projects include Iron Man 2 and Passion Play with Megan Fox, wouldn’t comment on whether he and Makarenko are – or will become – engaged. All he would say is: “I wouldn’t trade her in for 20 Academy Awards.”

[From People]

Well, it’s good that she’s around, just so Megan Fox won’t try to get her dirty mitts on Mickey. And this girl is very pretty, and she’s stuck around for six months, so maybe it is love. Like I said, I bet Mickey treats her like gold, and she seems to be cool with his dogs and his lifestyle, so maybe it’s a match made in “heaven”. I have to admit this though – when I saw the two of them interviewed on the Golden Globes red carpet (that’s where these photos are from), and I finally heard her speak, my first thought was “oh please, hooker.” I’m so ashamed!

Celebrities Sign Charity Car At 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards

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  1. Birdie says:

    She looks like a young Joley Richardson.

  2. Madelyn Rose says:

    She is very pretty. I remember seeing her on the red carpet and thinking she had great legs!

  3. ob says:

    she looks fantastic.

  4. Maritza says:

    He looks so happy with her, good for him!

  5. bros says:

    I hope he stays clean so he treats her like gold-he has a tendency to get out of control with his women when hes using…carre otis…

  6. Celine says:

    Isn’t his girlfriend called Elena Kuletskaya and they are rumored to be engaged?

  7. nAynAy says:

    What the heck did he do to himself? He looks awful. He used to be hot!!

  8. coucou says:

    Yeah yeah whatever, i don’t know what it is about H-Wood that keeps giving him the props. Where’s Sean Young? Get her on the comeback scene. Why is it that these pervy hasbeens show up and all is rosey just because they can attract some dipshit doll arm-candy? Ok, truth be told, haven’t seen his movie yet, cuz he skeevs me! I think it’s absolutely vomitous, when i look at these pics of the two of them, yes, granted, she is drop dead gorgeous, but come on, that could be his fukcing daughter, he was fukcing 33 when she was born…yeeeccch! Love her hair color though…

  9. Jeane says:

    I think they both look pretty happy & relaxed in these pictures.
    Even though he lost his looks, I still see the appeal in Mickey Rourke. He seems very charming and funny, and just a good guy all around (when he is sober, that is).

  10. thepickle says:

    @ NAynay…he got his face smashed in too many times as a boxer, then he tried to fix it with surgery.
    I am happy for them.

  11. Jeane says:

    Yeah, but Coucou, could you really see Mickey Rourke with someone his own age?

    I’m not saying he’s too good for older women, just can’t imagine a 50 year old woman actually falling for this guy. He is still very childlike in a way. I get why he would be with someone younger. And I get why a 24 year old model would fall for him.

  12. MaiGirl says:

    Not to be harsh, but isn’t being childlike part of the problem? We kind of support men who never want to grow up in this society. We just accept that men will try to get as young a woman as possible, and as long as she’s legal, we just say “boys will be boys.” Seriously, and age difference of 33 years is pretty weird. I can see what she sees in him in some ways (and I followed that link to the pipe-packin’ picture—HELLLLOOOOO!!!), but he is soooo much older than her. Really, they might be sweet together, but they are such a cliche.

  13. Big Mama says:

    She looks like an “old” Dakota Fanning… Just saying.

  14. Goosie says:

    I love that he flew out to meet her parents! If it was just sexy times between them, I would think that he wouldn’t care a whit about meeting her mom & pops.

  15. Who Cares says:

    I absolutely adore Mickey Rourke and wish him nothing but happiness. That said, I sure hope she’s in this for the right reasons. If she’s a struggling model (I’ve never heard of her before him) then he’s her ticket to the A-list crowd.

    And someone above mentioned a woman his own age. I don’t ever see that happening. Mickey’s a phenomenal actor but I think having girls half his age is his way of boosting his own morale. I don’t see him as very secure in himself. It’s all show.

  16. coucou says:

    @Jeane – depends on the definition of “falling” for him i guess!

    Ewww. I’d have to be on heavy doses of percocet to see that train wreck coming at me for a fuel up. And, nah, i don’t see him with a woman his age, that was NEVER the point dear, just a woman perhaps, who, you know, he wasn’t old enough to change her diapers when she was friggin’ born ya know? Maybe a chica in her 40’s? But i guess you think that’s too decrepit for the ol’ geezer. Good thing he’s got fans like you out there to give him the ol’ high five, woo hoo! Boost the ol’ flagging penile morale, whatever…ewww…beurk…

  17. EMV says:

    Not my life. They look genuinely happy so I don’t see a problem. Who cares? I don’t support Peter Pan men but then again the woman in Hollywood are the same way.

  18. MaiGirl says:

    Who? Demi Moore? Cher? Let’s not forget how much flak they took and still take for going out with younger men. It’s still a double-standard, pure and simple, and when we take a 33-year age difference with a grain of salt, we keep that double-standard alive and well.

  19. Hm says:

    I can see the appeal for her in feeling like someone’s ministering angel, his lucky break, and he may make her feel cherished and adored. She may feel safe from competition with other women over him, even if it isn’t true.

    Or, she’s a hooker. Could go either way.

  20. CC says:

    She’s 24? Guessing by the pics, especially the first one, I’d place her age at around early to mid thirties. She’s definitely shaving off a few years. She is pretty though. He on the other hand– uggh , I guess she just has to look at an old photo of him during sex.

  21. Jeane says:

    Wow, Coucou, you really misunderstood what I was trying to say!

    I definitely did NOT mean that an older woman would be “too decripit” for Mickey Rourke. I meant to say that I cannot imagine a mature, grown woman (generally meaning, older than 35) being attracted to a guy who still hasn’t really grown up, let alone be in a relationship with him! Which is why I get that he would be with someone younger, as he may be 57, but is still very boyish.
    And if a 40/50/60 year old woman IS looking for someone boyish to have fun with and not be too serious, she would want to date a 24 year old boy and not a 57 year old boy.

    And I’m not a fan or anything (NOR would I hit that, personally), but I think Mickey Rourke comes across as funny and charming, and I can see why a younger woman would find him attractive.
    Seems to me they are on the same page, maturity wise. Only problem is if she wants to have a family, since he is definately too old to have kids imo.

    Oh and for the record, I’m all against the double standard. Women want to date younger men, they should be able to without getting scorned.

  22. coucou says:

    @Jeane – yeah, you’re right…it’s all just a matter of perspective, and i’m sorry if my own personal distaste colored my responses, please know they were not at all directed at you in particular, just the general “grain of salt” opinion that MaiGirl mentioned.

    Your point is very valid, and it’s my problem if i cannot for the life of me imagine meeting him when i was her age and thinking “yeah, this guy is golden.” He looks like her messed-up pervert uncle or inbred 2nd cousin or something who just happens to be over 3 decades older than she…it just boggles my mind. Whenever old dudes hit on me, I just think it’s so gross and pathetic, especially if they’re rich or packin’ pipe.

    Mostly i just think these kinds of men have serious issues with who they are as individuals, and that they can’t handle being with a woman who might not only be equal to them, but more likely smarter than they are. As for double standards, you don’t see many women out their dating guys 33 years younger than they are. Thank God! The whole Oedipal complex, which seems to be denied when dealing with idiot ex-actors-turned-boxers-turned-actors, comes out into the forefront, and it’s Mommy dearest taking sonny boy out for a ride. No one wants to see that, so why is it even slightly acceptable for this old punk?

    Anyway, can’t fight city hall, but at least i can bitch about it! Thanks to CeleBitchy…

  23. Stan says:

    Wow, no “gay” comments for the Mickster eh? So if a guy is all beaten up and scarred and old, then he’s fer sure straight. But if not, then he’s gay. I see, I see.

    As far as the girl goes, what a knockout. Tall, skinny, beautiful, probably doesn’t talk too much. A+ I’m surprised even the Rourkester could get that one.

  24. Anj says:


    what is she doing with a man the age of her grandpa?

  25. Moomoomoo. says:

    He strikes me as super pervy, i’ve seen so many pictures of him with his arm around women practically groping their tits as if they won’t notice. On the other hand, he’s really touchy with dudes too, it’s funny.

    I’m sure he’s a lovely, lovely perv.

  26. filthycute says:


  27. Seer says:

    I think he’s being used and played by that dazzling young blonde, and that he’s loving EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of it!!! : D

    I hope they’re having a wonderful time!

  28. Russian says:

    Why don’t you get a life, loser? If a girl is a Russian pretty blonde and she doesn’t act or speak like an American – she is a hooker now? He says she comes from a good family, means she’s got the money alright and has class, is you don’t know what that means or can’t imagine this is possible in Russia. Rourke would never date hookers or anyone low-class. I am blonde, I’m pretty and I’m Russian and I “come from a good family”, but no matter how tactfully I deliver myself in this country people still call me a hooker behind my back (or openly). I can’t help it I’m different, but since when this is called a hooker? Mickey Rourke is considered THE smartest American in Russia and THE man, I can understand why she’s with him, not like you, proper clean cut male pussies.

  29. angelika says:

    Russian..Very well said,cant agree more

  30. Mr. Clean says:

    Ya know, they are both of age. Either has been forced on the other. Either one could just walk away at any time, and be just fine. I really don’t see the problem here.. In fact, I think I will go and worry about something else..

  31. Aceus says:

    I personally think that a man and woman should be able to choose their own partners free of anyone’s judgement outside their own commitment to one another. No one has the right to judge them or criticize them for their own happiness. We all incase a free will spirit inside of a shell of a body in which we receive when life is put into us. The only thing that is truly sad about age difference between partners is that the youngest of the couple usually ends up grieving in the end because the spouse or partner will probably pass on-move on to the spirit world before their loved one. But if they are content in their love, devotion and passion together and it is enough… than let them love live and learn… and who the hell cares because it is not really yours or my business who- who is fucking, dating, loving on… Life is a gift and every morning they breathe, you breathe and I breathe it is going to bring with it all the beauties,scorns, pains, sacrifices,trial and errors, successes and pleasures. What ever you put out in this world.. Karma and the power of 3 times 3… I bless that is be good things so people don’t fear to live in the shadows… Share your love and affection all… I think it is beautiful that Mickey has found someone who seems to be a special girl who is in love with him too… Let the shit die and let the man be happy… xoxoxo Mickey fans

  32. LupE says:

    why is everyone so worked up about the fact that Mickey finally found a girl to love? Mickey has been to hell and back in his life. If anyone deserves to be charished and loved, it is him. And what about all that bitching about the age difference? Ok, he is 57 but he obviously doesn’t FEEL 57. Am I sensing jealousy by a lot of guys? Shame on you. I’m very happy for Mickey to finally have found love again. Truely hope that she loves him as well. Buy the way, it is well known, that russian women are very, very beautyful. But that is absolutely NO reason to call them hookers. That is respectless and an insult!!! And I am a 51 year old woman and yes, I would fall for him. Why? It’s much more important what’s in his heart and whether he is a good person, than what he looks like. LupE