Katie Holmes is less robotic at Sundance

2010 Sundance Film Festival - The Extra Man Premiere

Did you know that Katie Holmes has two films opening at Sundance? Yeah, I didn’t either. But according to People Magazine, Katie’s arrival was “much-anticipated”. Sure, okay. She’s promoting The Extra Man (which I don’t even remember her filming) and The Romantics, that one that she just completed a few months ago. People claims that Katie arrived without bodyguards and without husband Tom Cruise, and that she’s been “really comfortable and really calm”. I guess they were expecting her to be distraught without Tom there? Or for her to just wander around muttering “It’s so amazing… it’s so magical.”

The much-anticipated arrival of Katie Holmes at the Sundance Film Festival took place Monday night amid a flurry of flashbulbs and friends.

The actress – who’s at the Utah fest with two movies, The Extra Man and The Romantics – arrived looking cute and cozy in the snow but without hubby Tom Cruise.

Holmes, 31, started her evening by heading to the Hotel Park City for dinner with pals before her The Extra Man premiere. “Katie arrived at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse,” says a onlooker, “with five people – three girls and two guys.

“She sat a real great table in the middle of the restaurant. A lot of people knew who she was but no one really approached her. She seemed really comfortable and really calm – really seemed content,” adds the eyewitness.

Per the Sundance style, Holmes kept the vibe cool. “She got up and walked around the restaurant by herself, no security or anything,” says the onlooker. “The table shared a bottle of red wine. When she left they went out to the car they had waiting.”

Also dining together in the steakhouse were Kerry Washington and Naomi Watts, stars of Mother and Child.

Following dinner, Holmes hit the red carpet for her premiere. In a white beanie and scarf combo she fit in perfectly with the causal festival look, and she posed for photographers along with costars Kevin Kline, Paul Dano and John C. Reilly.

On Tuesday, Holmes is expected to attend her second premiere, for The Romantics. The romantic comedy, which focuses on a group of college friends who reunite after 6 years for a wedding, features an all-star ensemble that also includes Josh Duhamel, Anna Paquin and Adam Brody.

[From People]

Yeah, this was kind of a meh story, but I just liked the photos of Katie in Sundance, and I also wanted to point out that while everyone is “Oh My GOD Brad and Angelina are going to break up because they are never seen with each other, for like weeks!” it seems like Katie and Tom go off and do their own things too. There was actually a blind item possibly about Katie and Tom’s living situation from Blind Gossip (via D-Listed): “Far more complex and interesting is the ongoing saga of Chip and Grin, who are now living completely apart with a new agreement signed and sealed. She has the kid/s full time, which was a major triumph for her. Where did she get so much leverage? She found out that her marriage isn’t valid in the US and that Grin is planning on abetting a criminal pal (and alleged lover) of his out of the country and into a private love shack.” Tom and Katie, yes? He’s Grin because of that maniac grin of his, and she’s Chip because… she’s a robot and she needs computer chips?

By the way, look at what Tom was doing yesterday:


Katie at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25, 2010. Also pictured: Tom Cruise doing stunts on the LA set of ‘Knight & Day’ on the same day, credit: Pacific Coast News.

2010 Sundance Film Festival - The Extra Man Premiere

2010 Sundance Film Festival - The Extra Man Premiere

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12 Responses to “Katie Holmes is less robotic at Sundance”

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  1. Kevin says:

    I suspected Tommy Girl was light in the loafers, but now there is photographic proof.

  2. Risa says:

    ROTFL… that picture of Tom… so brilliantly hilarious!!! It’s a definite pick-me-up at work today!

  3. Just a Poster says:

    I can’t tell.. is Tom about to go “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” or is he stifling a scream?

  4. bella says:

    Well, at least they didn’t describe her as being “lucid.” Honestly, don’t the paps think maybe Katie was dazzled by the Tomness and the lifestyle, and that maybe by now the brainwashing she got from Xenu is wearing off? Really, they don’t need to be so cruel to Katie. She isn’t THAT bad, she just seems so unhappy sometimes, in a quiet, keeping-her-own-cousel kind of way.

  5. Gemini says:

    My question is…who’s watching Suri?!

  6. CT says:

    Related only to that group photo: When did Kevin Kline get so old?!?!?!

  7. Sandra says:

    Chip and Grin = Chris and Gwyn, no?

  8. Chicken Tetrazzini says:

    I just know that Tom and Katie are Chip and Grin. I bet the lover that Tom is sneaking out of the country is David Miscavige…or it will be, because he’s probably going to get busted soon for his $cieno activities. He cannot get off scot-free forever, so if we see a big takedown of $cientology and Miscavige mysteriously disappears, we’ll know for sure. Those two are supposedly very, VERY close….

    And YAY John C. Reilly! He is hilarious and I just love him! Dr. Steve Bruhle LOL!

  9. andrea says:

    sandra – hmm, i didnt think of chris and gwyn – it makes sense from a rhyme-y standpoint – the only thing is the “the grin” seems sooo evocative of cruise and also the blind item hints at the woman usually having less leverage than the dude, which doesnt say gwyn to me as much as it does katiebot. but “chip” is odd. i was thinking i guess the computer chip thing makes sense for katie? does she have a chipped tooth or something?

    how do these blind items work? it seems like they are taken as basically true – is that b/c they are “blind”? im seriously asking b/c im clueless.

  10. princess pea says:

    @ Gemini – A babysitter/nanny? Her big sister? Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure that Katie didn’t just tie her to the bed and leave her.

  11. serena says:

    I supporte this couple. I don’t know why people continue to blab about them, well yes maybe they were having a bad time before but now only coz they’re happy people go around saying: It’s because they’re apart. I don’t think so. I believe it’s because they got various jobs and they’re happy to do them. normal life..

  12. Seer says:

    @ CT

    “When did Kevin Kline get so old?!?!?!”

    I wasn’t even sure if it was Kevin Kline. I like him though.

    The Chip and Grin “partnership” seems to work for both of them, although I don’t know who they’re convincing. No intelligent person in their right mind seems to be falling for this obviously arranged partnership. I don’t know how they can stand the constant criticism. But what do they expect, when they’re playing people for fools? If someone was trying to manipulate you into buying their product (in this case themselves), and you knew they were not representing themselves honestly, wouldn’t you feel upset? It’s never a good feeling to be misled or to be made a fool of.

    That’s my only gripe with these two. Maybe as people they’re wonderful and generous and kind. Or maybe not. Who knows? But I do know I don’t appreciate being misled, and I think they’re misleading the public for a profit.