Tabloids agree: Brangelina split, Brad is going back to Jennifer Aniston


You knew it was coming. The Brangelina-Uncool Triangle tabloid insanity. Us Weekly screams “Brad’s Misery: Insiders Tell All” while OK! Magazine, Star and In Touch Weekly are running with “Brad going back to Jennifer Aniston when he leaves Angelina” stories. So… yeah. Those f-cking gerbils of doom haven’t shut up since they were adopted. The gerbils, much like Hillary Clinton’s elbow, are Team Aniston.

Only two of the tabloids have released anything from their cover stories. OK! Magazine’s is all about how Brad and Jennifer had a “backstage reunion” at the Help for Haiti Now event last Friday:


Leave it to sly George Clooney to play matchmaker. When the actor asked both Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston to volunteer for the Hope For Haiti Now telethon he was staging in L.A. on Jan. 22, he knew the two were bound to bump into each other. And they did just that, reuniting at an elaborate backstage buffet at the live event — while Brad’s partner, Angelina Jolie, was in NYC for a photo shoot.

Exclusively in the new issue of OK!, learn all about Jen and Brad’s backstage reunion — from Brad turning to Jen as his relationship with Angelina falls apart, to the many reasons why Jen is ready for a future with Brad.

[From OK! Magazine]

And Star Magazine has a more jacked-up version, with Aniston deciding to “forgive” Brad for spending more than four years with Angelina and having six children:


Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt shocked the world five years ago, when they ended their picture-perfect marriage. But now that Brad and Angelina Jolie have signed a breakup contract dividing their $350 million fortune, Jen is ready to forgive her ex — and take him back!

In the Feb. 8 issue of Star, we report that Brad and Angie have now accepted that it’s not a question of if they break up but when! Brad reached out to his ex for support — exchanging phone calls and text messages before an emotional face-to-face meeting at the Hope for Haiti Now benefit on Jan. 22.

“He knew she would console him, like she always did when they were together,” an insider tells Star.

And as they talked, Jen realized that she loves and misses Brad — and wants him back in her life.

“She’s never had a relationship live up to what they had, and now that things with Angie are finally ending, she’ll take him back,” says to a friend. The day after the telethon, Jennifer called Brad up and admitted the spark was still there, and she knows he felt it too. “The moment he and Angie make it official that they’ve called it quits, she’s ready to try again.”

What did Brad say when Jen declared her feelings? What’s the next step for the duo? Get the scoop — as well as all the details on Brad and Angelina’s split — in the new issue of Star today. Plus: A photo tribute to Brad and Angelina and their family: The way they were!

[From Star Magazine]

I know, I know. Some of you will take all of this as the gospel and some of you won’t. Some of you will cite all of the evidence for Brad and Angelina’s split, some will cite evidence that they’re still going strong. All of the evidence has been carefully manufactured by the gerbils, just keep that in mind. The gerbils are famewh-res.


Tabloid covers courtesy of CoverAwards.

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  1. Me says:

    Reverse Triangle! I love it.

  2. JulieNewmar says:

    HAHAHAHA … this is hilarious. The headlines are killer funny.

  3. loca says:

    We can only hope. That’d be ALMOST as good as a Nick Lachey-Jessica Simpson reunion.

  4. Sigh. says:

    Until I get an official they are or they aren’t statement from the gerbils’ rep — I reserve judgement.

  5. lucy2 says:

    That’s funny, because after the telethon, it was widely reported that they didn’t go near each other.

    I’m far more willing to believe the breakup rumors than the “back together with Jen” rumors. No woman in her right mind would take him back after all this, and why would he want to go back to someone he chose to leave years ago?

  6. Kaiser says:

    Sigh – I believe the gerbils are being rep’d by Huvane.

  7. Rosalee says:

    Wow, all this generated after a visit to a lawyer…it is amusing and does give us something to write about..I lost my job..yet somehow I forgotten about the piles of bills the fear of foreclosure and wondering if I have the courage to visit a food bank, but the tabs give us hours of speculation into the Angie, Billy goat and jenny soap opera and give me reasons to grin.

  8. princess pea says:

    It would have been cool, just for a change, if at least one magazine had run with a Lonely Brad story. Like, ANGIE KICKS HIM OUT! JEN SAYS SHE’S NOT INTERESTED! BRAD RETREATS TO MAN CAVE… ALL ALONE!

    Or even just pitch a new potential lover into the mix. WE’RE IN LOVE – BRAD AND MEGAN FOX FOREVER! ANGIE DEVASTATED THAT BRAD CHOSE YOUNGER HER!


  9. Bete says:

    Please…if the relationship is in fact over, then it can only point to Brad being a total dud. As an actress, Angelina has more credibility than Brad and Jennifer put together.
    When Jennifer Aniston was so comfortable with Brad, she looked like a grunge queen and was often photographed that way. When Angelina entered the picture, Jennifer woke up and took notice of herself but the fact still remains, she is a pothead and an avid cigarette smoker, so must smell pretty gross and if Brad goes back to her, then it’s no biggie.He has become a huge slob of late and they can be slobs together.
    Angelina made changes to her life WAY BEFORE Brad entered the picture. She didn’t compromise for Billy Bob Thornton, and adopted without him and she went ahead as a UN goodwill ambassador way before she started working on Mr and Mrs Smith.
    As for Aniston, she was busy smoking her lungs out and she has the audacity to say that she wanted kids and all that and behaving like Angelina Jolie planned to be with Brad Pitt from the day she was born. More like Angelina fell into the relationship and now has realised what a dud Brad actually is. I’m sure she won’t be alone for too long.

  10. Sigh. says:

    Kaiser –
    Rep’d by Huvane
    With secret funding by The Pitt Family
    Damn those inglorious gerbil basterds!

  11. N.D. says:

    Brangelina is like Batman now. Totally fictional character in their own totaly fictional comic book world.

  12. Phowie says:

    You know, this is kind of scary how the tabloids have gone from speculating to dictating the direction of these peoples lives. It’s like they think they can effect any outcome they want if they just publish it enough. After this how long will it be before we read about Angie’s plans to reconquer the father of her children? After all, tomorrow is another day! Anywhogivesaflyingf–katarollingdonuthole, Brad, honey, just have a time out for a while, take care of the kids, see your folks, hang out with your brother and George and try and regain the hotness and get your mojo back.

  13. Sumodo says:

    Wait! The hamsters are getting jiggy with a Rihanna/Chris Brown reunion. Sounds for realz, cos I got a call from Ari Hamanuel.

  14. RobN says:

    So, Kaiser, the Aniston people are planting stories that they are getting back together so that when they don’t she can look vaguely desperate? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Because if there’s one thing a celebrity wants, it’s too have your name constantly brought up in a nasty triangle that broke your heart the first time. I’m not Team Aniston, I’m Team Let’s Try To Make Some Sense.

  15. ogechi says:

    Jennifer Aniston has moved on. Please they should allow my ‘cute’ lady be. What is the big deal with Brad? Is he d only man on earth? What was in his mind when he chose Angelina over a wife. For me, any lady that breaks another woman,s home is not worth being called a WOMAN.

    If they want, they should break up or unite…Am indifferent. Brad is the only person suffocating in that ‘tasteless’ illicit affair.

  16. heb says:

    eff that, I want to know what Britney’s new crisis is!!!

  17. Obvious says:

    I want a set of those gerbils. I have decided they are awesome. Awe-Some.

    that being said, i’m waiting for the “Angie and Brad back together, but Jen has a baby bump!” story. That one will be fun

  18. Essie says:

    These tabloids are hilarious and really great entertainment!! I look forward to Wednesdays just to see what they have come up with.

    Seriously, do these rags realize how pathetic they are making Jennifer Aniston look? Do they? I mean, no woman who was dumped FIVE YEARS AGO is willing to take back the man who dumped her. These rags are just being cruel to her and they don’t even realize it. It’s really sad.

    I’ll be so happy when Angelina and Brad go to Europe next month for Angelina to begin filming “The Tourist.” Things should calm down a little then.

  19. Fire says:

    That’s hilarious, Bete!

  20. Sigh. says:

    RobN –
    I’m pretty sure Kaiser was being facetious. I know I was.

  21. Miss says:

    Amen Ogechi!

  22. Bek says:

    I’m with princess pea. So long as this is going in the direction of fever pitch, let’s throw some new headlines into the mix!






    Oh princess pea. Thanks for the laughs.

  23. alex says:

    OMFG they make Aniston sounds so desperate and pathetic lol. Since her and her rep. always so quick to debunk tab stories, they should be quick to do this one as well, cause homegirl they make you out to sound like a desperate, pathetic woman. And one tab have her even meeting the kids, like angie would ever let that happen. If Angie and Brad split, I seriously doubt Brad would go back to Aniston or even she would go back to him and I am not a fan of her, but me like to think the woman have more self respect than that

    Tabloid Wednesday is funny though lol

  24. Cheyenne says:

    Tune in next week for the next exciting episode. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

  25. alex says:

    ogechi: Oh poor you, who left you from another woman lol. Oh darn Angelina you are not a woman according to the wise one ogechi lol

  26. Enonymous says:

    Oh God, I really hope this break-up will turn out to be true just for the sole reason that everyone then will get sick of the three of them and they will finally fade into obscurity where they belonged all along, especially that imbecile Brad Pitt and the ugly ass Jennifer Aniston.

    I can see it now, Pitt withdraws and hides in his bat cave where he can drink and pot smoke himself silly to his heart’s content, Jolie decides to go native and lives the rest of her life in some third world country with no cameras around, where she can ‘help’ people and Aniston finally gets the message that she is not wanted by ANYONE and f*cks off to some remote village in Greece and marries some Greek fisherman and be done with it and all three of them will never appear in public again. The end.

  27. N.D. says:


    😀 this!

  28. mila says:

    LOl @Bek and princess pea!

    tHE whole situation is just ludicrous; why is even Jen in the picture?can’t they find someone else to be part of the triangle? Like Megan Fox for example?Funny how tabloid always have to put a label on women- (desperate, pathetic) victim vs. cunning, unstable villainess, while Brad comes up smelling like a rose.

  29. Jaki says:

    This screams mental illness after 5 years. I believe this is a Huvane funded site. I think it’s sad that Jen and every one around her will not let go of the past and move on. Seems Jen have no other marketable talents they can use. Only this dreadful triangle. That’s a slap in the face to Jen no matter how you look at it. Every other story that comes up on this site is a bash to Brad and Angie lately. Must be getting really desperate for them to break up.

  30. Huh? says:

    Bete, how is smoking pot worse than mainlining heroin?

  31. Beth says:

    The tabloids are funny. A week ago they all said Jennifer and Gerard Butler were happy and in love. Now all of the sudden she can’t live without Brad. Also Star has been saying that Brad and Jennifer have been having talking, texting, meeting, for months. Now their stories read like the met/spoke at the telethon for the first time.

  32. Sigh. says:

    Princess —

    Why bother with NEW covers?
    If you switch the women’s names on these covers, they are the same ones since this crap fest began.

    Now Angie is the “jilted” one, and Jen is the “homewrecker.” HA!

    And Brad…well, Brad is still…just…Brad.
    Poor, pathetic, hapless farm boy Brad.
    It’s playing out like a custody battle over a 46 year old.

  33. ogechi says:

    @Alex: I still maintain that you do not need anybody to dump you before you know what is right or wrong….I cant be dumped.

  34. Eileen Yover says:

    Princess Pea: I do believe you have quite a bright future in gossip mags! DO IT DO IT!

  35. Eileen Yover says:

    Kaiser: Hey when are you guys going to get an iPhone App?? Me needs updates whilst in carpool, Zaxby’s, and dry cleaners line!!

  36. Bam Bam says:

    It would be a shame if the gerbils got what they wanted, we all know they’ve been pushing for this break up from the start years ago and now they’ve worked themselves into a feeding frenzy. I get that people didn’t like Angie stealing Brad from Jennifer, but the gerbils still pursue this offense with such zeal after all this time. They need to get over it. I feel bad for all three involved that this never ends for them.

  37. Cheyenne says:

    Essie: Seriously, do these rags realize how pathetic they are making Jennifer Aniston look?

    Of course they know; they simply don’t care. Whatever sells their magazines is what they are going to print. Her hard-core fans have been dreaming that she and Brad will reunite ever since he left her.

  38. Kim says:

    Well good so Jen can help potty train the twins. I wonder if the girls will be jr brides in Brad and Jen’s wedding GMAFB. Brad’s segment on the telethon was pretaped that’s why there are no pics of him w/ the other celebs.I noticed when I was watching the word “LIVE ” wasn’t on his segment. I see some gossip sites mention that “bachelor pad” Brad bought but they fail to mention it was purchased 08/09 and is next door to their compound.The compound that includes 2 other neighboring properties he has purchased to enlarge the compound. ITs mentioned in the Parade magazine article from last year

  39. ElizabethM says:

    To add to the delicious bit o’ madness:




  40. Bodhi says:

    “Franken-Heidi”? OMG thats hilarious!

    Anhoo… those nefarious gerbils are as bad as Pinky & the Brain

  41. ridiculous says:

    if i was any one of these three people, i would sue the shit out of the tabloids – this is just obnoxious! when will they stop?

  42. mel says:

    The only way they can sell magazines is to tell lies, lies, lies. Besides who cares, I am sick of hearing about Brangelina drama.

  43. dk says:

    “with Aniston deciding to “forgive” Brad for spending more than four years with Angelina and having six children” omg that’s hilarious and made me laugh out loud!

  44. Leek says:

    I think they are only making these phony articles for the sake of watching people rage on each other in the comment section of blogs.

  45. KIm says:

    I’m a fan of Brad and Angie but I don’t believe JA’s people are behind the tabloid stories because they make her look like desperate and pathetic. The tabloids create roles and Jen’s role is the desperate victim underdog because it sells.I think the Outatouch weekly line “Jen has met the kids” is hilarious. I guess he piled all 6 in the minivan and took them to Jen’s house.

  46. lilred says:

    Ahhhh, my head is going to explode…I’d like to lob a bomb in and break up that damn triangle.

  47. Cheyenne says:


    ROTFLMBAO!! Thanks for the best laugh I’ve had all week.

  48. alex says:

    ogechi: Good for you, now do you need a lollipop lol

  49. andrea says:

    i love how it’s always about who BRAD will or won’t be with, like he’s some kind of prize. this supposed love triangle business has got mr. goaty beard WAAAYYY overrated.

    that said, if the brange did split and brad did want JA back, given her track record with mayer, she might just be dumb enough to take him. good times!

  50. Catherine says:

    This whole issue is beyond dumb at this point.

  51. mila says:

    I think they should just have a threesome and make everyone happy!BranJenlina!

  52. KIm says:

    US weekly is being passive aggresive again inside the article they say 3 times they are not breaking up.They did the same thing when that book came out they wrote Angelina Cruel lies on the cover but on the inside debunked all the authors lies.They are worse than Star and IT at least they are consistent with the the lies on cover and the articles.

  53. Anna says:

    Jen’s fug face makes Brad’s beard look good.

  54. kiki says:

    I saw Access Hollywood last night, where they asked about the Brad/Ang split. People emailed to say things like “Team Aniston: she’ll take him back!” or “I’m so happy to see them split!” Billy Bush called these people pathetic and twisted. WHY would they get back together? They aren’t compatible, obviously. It just seems so silly. People need to move on.

  55. lizzieb says:

    I would be horrified if Jen and Brad got back together – it’d be a cold day in hell if they did. I like Jen, and I would NEVER want to see that happen. It’s really bizarre that people want to see that. Why do they have to bring her up anyways? She has nothing to do with the Brange breakup (if they do).

  56. Popcorny says:

    How you guys doing in here?
    I got some hot toddies, water bottles and flannel wraps for you all while you hold vigil in this latest (and probably final) Brangelina crisis, I’ll come around with the soup cart later, same for the porta-potties and fresh keyboards for those wearing theirs out.
    You’re all putting on strong faces and brave fronts -and that’s commendable (somewhere).
    Also, I think the reason Brad escapes a lot of the discourse is because the overwhelming majority of folks concerned about any of this are women.
    Further (digging my hole) is that women are identifying/wanting to be identified by/with the “heroine” of their choice -and not identifying with Brad so much. Brad becomes a mere trophy, an object to tout as a “win”, a thing. It’s along the lines of “women dress for women”, it’s competition pure and simple. Because, really, c’mon, Brad is a cad, you shouldn’t want him for your gal-in-the-race. If you really loved your gal, you’d want her with better.

  57. Granger says:

    I’m not a big fan of Jen’s, but puh-lease, no woman in her right mind would take back the man who left her for another and proceeded to have six kids in five years (or whatever number we’re at now). Ridiculous.

  58. Rosalee says:

    LOL @Popcorny, do you have any Jack? Could you slip an oz or two in my mug..and pass the cheese plate. You guys rock..

  59. snowball says:

    Popcorny, what would we do without you? 😀

    And I agree with the other things you said. Brad gets to sit on the sidelines because it’s way more interesting to have two beautiful women fighting over his scraggly butt.

    On the plus side, if they ever do break up, we can be treated to a tabloid avalanche of stories about how she still loves Brad, can’t move on with her life, she’s so skinny because she’s pining..blah blah.

  60. Seer says:

    I don’t know if this triangle story is true, but if it is, then Jennifer Aniston must be on her knees thanking Almighty God for the chance to have effortless fame thrust upon her once again. Of course she would take him back! The work that had to do to remain in the public eye has been phenomenal.

    PR stunts, arranged fake relationships, etc. are really scams. When I think of the word “scam”, I think of something sleazy and low life. When she appears to play this game with the public and creates these lies, she comes across not only as a cute all-American sugar pie, but also as someone who could be a sleazy scam artist. When she was married to Pitt, she was also suing a lot people. She even sued her jeweler, because he had made a copy of their wedding ring. Can you imagine what she put those people through? It seems ruthless somehow. While she comes across as a ruthless, sleazy scam artist sometimes, I think she also comes across as someone who‘s fresh, stylish, funny, outgoing, and friendly.

    She’s nowhere NEARLY as beautiful as Angelina Jolie, but she does have a better looking body than Jolie. Also, her body isn’t permanently labeled with bizarre tattoos. Somehow the idea of tattoos and breast feeding seem strange to me. But Angeline comes across as more nurturing and genuine.

  61. RAMONA says:

    Angelina has always exploited her relationships with her men and she takes pride at rubbing it in the faces of the other women. The same way she did when she stole Billy Bob Thornton away from Laura Dern. It seems as though she only falls for a guy that is in a relationship with with a beautiful woman. I don’t think she really loves the guy, she just wants to prove how powerful she is to other women, its like a sick game with her.

  62. lucy2 says:

    What is this I hear about a cheese plate…I never turn down cheese!

    Actually, Popcorny, I think your post is very insightful about women identifying with one or the other. Not all, but many of the people who discuss this situation have strong opinions about it one way or the other, so it’s quite possible that’s part of it. And it does seem like Brad becomes the trophy, which is kind of funny to me because I don’t find him all that appealing these days.
    @Seer, the lawsuit against the jeweler was filed by both Jen AND Brad. I don’t recall either of them having any other lawsuits at that time.

  63. Beachbum says:

    Think about it… Someone has to be leaking all kinds of info from both of them. Where there is Smoke there is DEFINITELY FIRE. Why use Aniston now? She has nothing to do with either of them, or so it seems. PR keeps these two relevant. No Awards..PR..No amount of PR swing can convince me of these two. It wont change my mind. Most of the general public is too smart at this point. Run Jennifer run.. Just my opinion.

  64. Shannon says:

    I don’t believe everything the tabloids print, but I do think there is a grain of truth to be had in the stories. Maybe it’s a tiny grain, but I think there may be something to all theses rumors. Plus, I actually believe Aniston is still loopy over Brad. Yet, seriously, I hope Brad and Angie stick it out for the kid’s sake and work through whatever problems they may or may not have.

  65. moo says:

    Oh Bete…… I’m sure she won’t be alone for long either!!!! (wink-wink)

    Because she’s a f*cking SLUT!

  66. haribo says:

    men are quite simple and tick differently. they often don’t know what hit them when another woman comes into the scene. they don’t see the tricks and are flattered by the extra attention. i wouldn’t say that the man is a trophy at all. he’s really only a small part of the game.

  67. asiont says:

    after those years with angelina he would die of boredom if he was back with aniston

  68. Cinderella says:

    I agree the focus is always on Brad and who he’ll run to after the breakup. My bet has always been on Diane Krueger. If I were Joshua Jackson, I’d be worrying.

    As far as Angelina, I really have no clue who she’d go for next. Maybe it will be a woman, except if she tries to bust up a lesbian union, she will certainly get her ass kicked. A jilted partner will not go down Aniston style. No way, sister.

  69. NicoleB says:

    So let me get this straight Jen is soooo desperate and in love with Brad Pitt that she is willing to look over the fact that he fell in love with another woman while they were married, then had SIX kids with her!!!!

    GTFOH…I am not the biggest Jen Aniston fan but give me a break…THERE is no woman alive desperate enuf to take Brad back I don’t care how fine he is….there is just no way…I refuse to believe it.

  70. YeaRight! says:

    Brad is going back to Jennifer?

    Did anyone alert Jennifer??

    RUN JEN RUN!!!

  71. Cheyenne says:

    @Lucy2: I’m sure a lot of women do identify with one or the other, but IMO you have to be a spiteful, vindictive bitch to hope that a family of six children will break up. JMO.

    Peace out.

  72. Mairead says:

    January 27th, 2010 at 2:52 pm
    i love how it’s always about who BRAD will or won’t be with, like he’s some kind of prize. this supposed love triangle business has got mr. goaty beard WAAAYYY overrated.

    that said, if the brange did split and brad did want JA back, given her track record with mayer, she might just be dumb enough to take him. good times!


    I think we may need to start dealing with those gerbils. hamsters are tenacious but not quite devious enough, guinea pigs aren’t decisive enough. I think we may need to turn to squirrels. If things get much worse, we may even need to employ the grey squirrel – tough, mean and competitive. I fear they may be the only creatures who could deal with the Gerbils of Doooooooooom!

  73. archiepelago says:

    This just in!

    In other fake news, all of the tabloids had a secret meeting in their evil lair and decided that they will donate every red cent of their magazine profits for the month of February to charity. The American Society for Brain Cells are calling this a victory for all those who have lost so many over the years ingesting their ‘news’.

  74. lastwordlinda says:

    The tabs are all over this story because few hollywood relationships make it past the 6 year mark. You can almost set your watch to it. Madly in love the first year. Matching tats in the second year. Babies in the third year. The rumors start in the fourth year. Appearances together lessen in the fifth year. And then the split in the sixth year. It’s getting kind of boring.

  75. Maritza says:

    Well if it were true, Jennifer shouldn’t trust Brad again, he just might go for his next co-star. She’ll get her feeling hurt all over again. Angelina will find a new guy within a month or so, she won’t waste her time crying for Brad.

  76. Anastasia says:

    First, I still see no official confirmation of any split. Until that time, it’s all rumors, baby.

    Secondly, the Brad going back to Jennifer/Jennifer taking Brad back stuff is so asinine, I don’t even know where to start.

    For Jennifer lovers, they should feel insulted on her behalf because they’ve spent the last five years bashing the guy, calling him every name in the book. It also makes Jennifer look desperate, pathetic and sad. “Oh, you left me for her and had SIX children with her, but hey yeah, I’ll totally take you back!” Oh my GOD. And when this turns out not to be true (and it will), she looks MORE pathetic.

    But for Brad, why in the world would he go back to a marriage they both admitted was dead before it was over?

    Seriously, the tabs need to chill out. They’re looking like crazed, rabid fools with all these stories.

  77. Jill says:

    I believe whatever they print. After all, I wouldn’t know anything about the Martians among us if they hadn’t had the nerve to publish ‘first hand’ testimonials about them!

  78. Kim says:

    If there is any truth to Jenn going back to Brad she should be blackballed from Hollywood for being a terrible role model to women and a complete idiot. If she thinks she is a joke now wait until she takes him back – she will be the laughing stock of the entire world!

    I think this is bogus anyhow. Brangelina may be splitting but i dont think Jennifer Aniston would take Brad back (she wouldnt dare be so pathetic would she)?

  79. I Choose Me says:

    And popcorny has got her finger on the underlying reason for this whole insane triangle that has persisted for far too freaking long. Oh have you got cookies?




    That was awesomesauce. I laffed, hard. 😀

  80. Josephina says:


    Well, Kim, she did allow herself to be on the cover of People magazine with the catchy phrase “Fiver years after Brad…”

    The jury is still out on her.

  81. bite me says:

    funny how jolie is slut, but jenny poo is just fun and flirst and fab at 40, GTFO

  82. Eden says:

    Popcorny you make a great point. They are like the modern day version of Betty and Veronica from the Archie comics. So much projection about dark and light, for the people who get so invested in who Brad loves( not just the light speculators like all of us.:)!)He strikes me as not the strongest of characters. I feel like he morphs into the image that fits with the woman he is currently with. Like the woman is the dominant force in the relationship. Just an impression. He used to be so beautiful and magnetic it was exciting to watch him think between words and now…not so much. To say the least. Still hot just cuz he’s him, but his vibe is weak.

  83. I love it – they go to a lawyer and therefore, they must be splitting. There are many reasons why they could be at a lawyer’s office:
    · Maybe they are adopting again and doing the appropriate paperwork
    · New year, new wills being drawn up
    · Signing a pre-nup because they actually plan to wed this year
    · Paperwork in respect of their charity

    There are a million reasons but this is what the tabloids want to run with to sell copies. 5 years on and it can still get this level of coverage. It will never stop.

  84. CB Rawks says:

    She would take him back?! As if! Ridiculous.

  85. For Sooth? says:

    How is smoking pot worse than mainlining heroin, cutting, or being into knives in general, or wearing an amulet of your husband’s blood, or macking on your own brother or wearing black, black, black, and black and looking like a walking toothpick?!

  86. Ursula says:

    If I was Jen, I would take Brad back for just a few months, just for the heck of it. Oh and because it would teach Angiejo a lesson. Then I would dump him. Then again, I think Jen is nicer than me.

  87. truthSF says:

    CB Rawks:

    She would take him back?! As if! Ridiculous.


    Hey, she did take Mayer back after he held a press conference claiming he dumped her. I guess she liked how “he thinks thoughts” (her words). Sooo, taking Brad back couldn’t be any more ridiculous, that’s for sure.

  88. joe says:

    I don’t think so. I think they are both long over each other. But it must be hard for all three to have this in the papers all the time. I know that the fans think that Angie is strong – but really to be compared to Jen all the time and have votes and all that stuff must get on nerves – and please don’t pretend she ignores it.

  89. Seer says:

    I had this funny thought: what if Jolie and Pitt (or their reps) planted the story as a PR move just to call attention to themselves? Like saying: “Yeap. it’s time to plant another stink bomb. Business has been a little slow this year.” Of course, who knows? I’m just toying with the idea, but I also wonder if these two would be capable of doing something like that. I suppose some people feel the end justifies the means.

  90. V says:

    “Seriously, do these rags realize how pathetic they are making Jennifer Aniston look? Do they? I mean, no woman who was dumped FIVE YEARS AGO is willing to take back the man who dumped her. These rags are just being cruel to her and they don’t even realize it. It’s really sad.”

    i thought the media had taken it upon themselves to make themselves her saviour. she gives interviews where she has to say at least a paragraph about brangelina.
    i’m pretty sure that she could say “no questions about my ex and his partner”, but do you suppose she does ???
    why would she anyway, that’s how she’s been relevant for all these years. before the “un-cool” saga, it was her hair and tits on “friends”. never mind that she has the personality of a straw.
    the only reason she looks pathetic, is because somehow, women out there see themselves in her, the “wronged” woman, but really, do a survey, how many women would actually want to take back a man who publically humiliated her ???
    only jennifer aniston.

  91. p3rp3tu4 says:

    This is crazy why am I singing “BORN FREE” lol.

  92. wilson says:

    Such a sad day in Loonyville. 🙁

  93. DD says:

    And the recycled tackiness continues…

  94. Jazz says:

    I look forward to the next cover. “JEN PREGNANT! SHE FINALLY GETS TO HAVE BRAD’S BABY!”

  95. serena says:

    What a crap they’re doing.. -_- OK, let’s think that Jen and Brad have met up and talk..SO WHATT???? They were husband and wife, maybe they tried to talk like normal people does instead of avoiding each other or so. Only ’cause the two were talking someone came up with this shit, and now BANG they’re lovers again. wtf

  96. Fidelity says:

    Why would Jen want to go back to her own vomit. Brad is an idiot and needs to go find himself and get rid of that goat beard.

  97. Randy says:

    Of course we don’t want them to break up because it’s ‘for the kids sake’. This is exactly what Angelina orchestrated – that Brad dare not leave her because of the kids. She got pregnant 3 months into the relationship and adopted/birthed kids every year since. Clever move Angelina!

  98. Angelica says:

    I want to be seated in a sconce at their next
    3-some party… The smack talk about how they’ve
    turned the public onto their money-making
    fait accompli menage is most like a real toe
    curler without even creating their own lines…

    You could not write this endless commentary!

  99. Kim says:

    Randy Projecting again Did some woman trap you. Don’t have unprotected sex if you don’t want to be a father. People Please use another example of a wronged woman than Laura Dern who had an affair w/ BBT when he was married to his 4th wife and an affair w/ Ben Harper when he was married w/ 2 kids.As for Brad and Angie planting the story to call attention to themselves GMAFB they are in the tabloids every week, there is another story about them daily on the internet. They don’t need attention.

  100. Cheyenne says:

    Oy-vay. Will-they-won’t-they-will-they-won’t-they… I’m almost past caring at this point. Everybody needs to back off and get a life.

    One thing that the tabloids thinks is proof that “they will” makes me suspect they won’t, and that is that so-called “bachelor pad” that Brad bought right next to their home in LA. I like Brad but I never thought he was the sharpest knife in the drawer and I think Angie is probably a lot smarter than he is. But come on, people, would any guy, no matter how dumb, buy a bachelor pad right next door to his family’s house?? Hell to the no. He’d buy a place clear across town or out of town but he’d never buy a bachelor pad next door. Which makes me think that house is most likely an addition to the family compound, meant to insure the family having peace and quiet from intruding neighbors and paparazzi, and discourage over-the-hedge snoopers.

    Meanwhile, never mind what the tabloids say, everybody has their own opinion and nobody knows zip. I’m starting to wonder if Brad and Angie aren’t having a good laugh at all the hysterics.