Josh Duhamel admits he “literally stalked Fergie for weeks”


How are we feeling about Josh Duhamel these days? Like he’s one of the lucky bastards whose wife “forgave” him for his affair with a $10 stripper? That Fergie should have kicked him to the curb for his epic, pr0n-filled seduction? Yeah, that’s how I feel. But Fergie forgave him and they renewed their vows and so everything is okay, right? And so no one even has to ask Josh about the stripper, right? Why would we need that? Thus, Josh Duhamel’s interview in Parade Magazine this week. There are only quotes about how he fell in love with Fergie and how he “stalked” her. What a prize! Although I do think the Parade interviewer came close to asking about the stripper with the subheadline “Acting advice from a pro”.

At least we think he’s kidding.
“The joke in When in Rome is that all these guys are stalking Kristen Bell’s character because she grabbed the coins they threw into a fountain in Rome. I could relate. That’s how I got my wife. I literally stalked her for weeks until she said yes. They say it’s not stalking if she says yes.”

But seriously, did he and Fergie have instant chemistry?
“I’m not a huge believer in love at first sight, but I think that when it is right, often it’s somebody that you had that feeling about when you first met them. I think anytime you get into a relationship, you think ‘This is the one.’ But it’s good to wait it out, dig a little bit deeper, and over time you find out if you’re with the person that’s right, the one you really love.”

Playing the romantic leading man.
“I’ll tell you the truth: More than the good-looking guy, I had to be the straight man. They decided it would be funny if I took some pratfalls and bumped into things. You see me doing a lot of that in the movie.”

And let’s not forget his big stunt.
“When I was doing Transformers, Michael Bay, the director, was like ‘Good God, Duhamel, do I need to get you some macho juice or something? I’m trying to make you look cool here.’ So, now, maybe that’s why I try to do my own stunts. There was a scene in When in Rome where I was supposed to run into this car. On the first take, I literally went right over the car and fell on my neck. They almost stopped it right there. On the take that they used I actually broke the windshield. That was really me, folks, not some stunt guy.”

Acting advice from a pro.
“I did a scene in Las Vegas where I had to kick the crap out of this guy. So I went to Jimmy Caan, who was playing my dad, and said, ‘Do you have any suggestions?’ He went into this whole thing like, ‘Don’t be afraid to just kick him below the belt. This is the guy who killed your best friend, so don’t be afraid to punch him, choke him, do whatever you have to do.’ I said, ‘So should I take a garbage can lid and beat him over the head with it?’ He goes, ‘Yeah, if you can find one.'”

Playing the fame game.
“There’s a lot more focus on celebrities and it takes an incredible amount of moral strength to persevere through all the attention. There’s a few stars I kind of aspire to be like. Tom Hanks, for instance, is somebody who’s really been able to stand his ground. And Paul Newman was a guy who was married since he was in his 20s. And, of course, there’s Jimmy Stewart. Those are stars that have been able to sort of be professionally successful and still maintain their private lives.”

His game plan.
“It sounds cliche to say, but I just try to stay exactly who I am. If you don’t try to pretend and you don’t try to please everybody and say exactly what you’re thinking — as long as it isn’t too offensive — you’ll be fine. If they don’t like you, it’s not your fault. At least you weren’t pretending to be something different.”

[From Parade]

Before the cheating scandal, I used to think Duhamel was a pretty inoffensive, unobtrusive guy. Maybe that’s what he’s trying to get back to. I’m not sure how claiming to be a stalker helps, but maybe he’s trying to convince us that he really does love Fergie…? Maybe? I do know that being game enough to wear a pretty tiara certainly helps. Maybe I see why Fergie forgave him.

Josh Duhamel on the set of ‘Good Morning America’ on January 26, 2010. Credit: Pacific Coast News.


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20 Responses to “Josh Duhamel admits he “literally stalked Fergie for weeks””

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  1. princess pea says:

    I have a small problem.

    I have been increasingly attracted to Duhamel lately. He’s getting really, really hot in my eyes. What do I do?!?

  2. Ellen says:

    Wow, it’s comments like the one in your headline that usually come back to haunt someone. You know, after a couple years and a messy divorce, when all humorous context has been lost.

  3. JulieNewmar says:

    @ Princess Pea.. a sure cure for your ‘small’ problem, google Josh’s ‘nude’ pics.

  4. Obvious says:

    I tihnk he’ adorable. And I don’t know who that little girl is in the header picture but she’s the cutest!

    as far as the Josh-cheating thing was it ever proven? i don’t remember. until it’s proven i’d have to say innocent until proven guilty.

    besides i loved him in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton.

  5. Leek says:

    Princess Pea,I think if you love Josh Duhamel, you should look into Timothy Olyphant. He always reminded me of a grittier, sexier JD.

    I also “heard” years ago when Josh Duhamel was engaged to his non-famous sweetheart that he said Fergie was his celeb crush…or something like that. For someone in a small town that will never know fame to say that is one thing, but I think he knew exactly what he was doing by making that statement. He was probably “stalking” Fergie when he was still with his fiancee. (Who was really beautiful, by the way. I mean really pretty, not just butter-face pretty.)

  6. annie says:

    He is entirely doable which is probably the problem. And that little girl in the photo is too cute for words

  7. JulieNewmar says:

    @ Leek … YES Timothy Olyphant !!!

  8. Sigh. says:

    Yeah, I remember him saying she was his celeb crush, too. And ITA that his usual “inoffensiveness” (and the total lack of SUBSTANTIAL proof) saved him SOME grief with that cheating scandal. Much more offensive people’s public behavior since sort of pushed it to the side.

    It’s a “War of The Too Cute” in that first pic, and baby girl is almost “out cute-ing” him. I am admittedly a sucker for curly locks and big smiles on the lil’ childrenz.

  9. Chicken Tetrazzini says:

    I guess there really is someone for everyone. I think Fergie is a butterface, but she could be marginally pretty if she didn’t have that caveman hairline. I wonder if there’s anything they can do for that? Not saying she SHOULD fix it if she thinks she looks good, but just wondering.

    And I don’t think Duhamel is attractive AT ALL. I guess I can see why others think he is, but I don’t.

  10. Eileen Yover says:

    Yeah he gave an interview while he was engaged to another chick saying he had a crush on Fergie, then two months broke off engagement, then started dating Fergie. Hmmmmmmm…

  11. MymaJane says:

    Yeah, it was an InStyle article that he mentioned his celeb crush was Fergie.

  12. andrea says:

    “jimmy caan”? what a tool.

  13. snowball says:

    @andrea – well in his defense on that one, friends do call him Jimmy.

    I liked him on All My Children, mostly because Cameron (ah, forgot his last name) was sort of playing opposite him and I thought he was a total douche.

    Fergie needs some pretty, sweeping bangs.

  14. Shannon says:

    I swear he could stalk me and I’d be happy to be his 10$ stripper.

    Good LAWD! That man is fine!!!!!!

  15. Cinderella says:

    I’m sure his ex-fiancee appreciates his thoughtful revelation. Hot or not, I don’t like him, and I think Fergie hasn’t seen the last of his cheating ways.

    But then again, maybe they have an understanding. You just never know with those Hollywood types.

  16. pnw girl says:

    he’s always been creepy to me. Like one of those guys that tries to get with a 15 year old that you’d see on “to catch a predator”

  17. irishserra says:

    [“I think anytime you get into a relationship, you think ‘This is the one.’ But it’s good to wait it out, dig a little bit deeper, and over time you find out if you’re with the person that’s right, the one you really love.”]

    ROTFLMAO!!! Is that what he was doing? “Digging deeper” until he found out if Fergie was the right one for him after all??

  18. NicoleB says:

    I remember reading that aricle awhile back where he mentioned that he had a crush on Fergie and I thought, “Really?!” they sooo don’t go together for me..for one thing she is not cute AT ALL and they just seem to be into different things like I could never imagine him being into the Black Eyed Peas..but maybe opposites attract…but here is my theory…I don’t think he ever really liked Fergie I think in the great land of Hollywood this was all some elaborate scheme…but the Josh could stay faithful to the deal b/c Fergie is def a butta face chick with tranny qualities…so he cheated and of course she’s not leaving b/c how in the world would she cover up her love for the ladies!!!

  19. Shannon says:

    I’m starting to think folks don’t like Duhamel because he’s with Fergie. It’s like folks are just hating because…I don’t know! She’s not that cute and she pissed herself…ONCE. And, Josh is so incredibly fine that it’s painful because he NOT with you!

    Get over it. Fergie and Josh are a love match!

    I remember this picture they showed of them when they first starting dating and she was so shy around all the cameras. He kept kissing her and it was SOOOOO cute.

    Hell! I don’t think Fergie ever thought she’d get someone like him and she is just as surprised as the rest of us!

    Anyways, stop drinking the haterade! Like I said…they are love match!!!!

  20. Ana says:

    I have been screaming it for a while now- laser hair removal for the hair line!
    Supposedly, Jennifer Aniston had it done early in her career.
    I would love to have it done to get rid of some baby hair that sticks straight up….ugh. Drives me crazy.

    Although, I think Fergie would look great with some bangs as well!