Enquirer: Noah Wyle was cheating on his wife & his mistress

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Two weeks ago, Noah Wyle and his wife Tracy announced their split after 11 years of marriage. The couple have two children, a son and a daughter, and nothing about the initial reports indicated that anything strange, gross, weird, nasty or sexy was happening with either Noah or Tracy. The words I used were “clean as a whistle.” Guess what? Not so much, according to a report in this week’s National Enquirer. The Enquirer claims that Noah has been engaged in a year-long affair with an actress named Tanna Frederick. Here’s Frederick in November of last year:

arriving at the Peace over Violence 38th Annual Humanitarian Awards

That’s not all! It seems that the Enquirer’s sources have Noah cheating on his wife and his mistress with yet another woman! Jeez. Here’s more:

Noah Wyle has allegedly been leading a secret double life. An insider told the Enquirer that after engaging in a year-long affair with actress Tanna Frederick, Wyle is now hooking up with a theatre actress!

“Not only was Noah cheating on his wife, he was cheating on his mistress!” said an insider.

Wyle fell for redhead Tanna, 32, when they played lovers in the independent movie “Queen of the Lot” in December 2008.

“The chemistry between them was instantaneous, and they were having sex almost daily in Tanna’s dressing room,” the insider claimed. “When Tracy saw the film’s initial footage, she could sense something was going on between Tanna and Noah. Tracy called Tanna to confront her, and Tanna admitted the affair! Tracy was furious.”

Initially, Wyle and Tracy stayed together for the sake of their son and daughter, according to another source. Meanwhile, he spent nights at Tanna’s Santa Monica home, said the insider, and even escorted her to the Project Save Our Surf gala last April and the premiere of her film ‘Irene in Time’ last June.

But in late 2009, Wyle started dating a stage actress, said the source.

“Noah visited his new flame in New York while she was doing a Broadway play, and they’ve hooked up in Los Angeles numerous times,” the source revealed.

The news hit Tanna “like a ton of bricks,” said the insider. “She tried desperately to reach Noah recently, but all she got was a text saying he was with family and trying to deal with the end of his marriage.”

Now Wyle and Tracy, 42, are working out the details of their split.

“They’re living in separate homes near each other in the santa Barbara area so they can each have quality time with the kids,” said the source. “They’ve been meeting with a mediator to talk about dividing up property and custody arrangements.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, February 8, 2010]

I have three scenarios for this Enquirer report: first scenario is that this is all bullsh-t. Second scenario: it’s all true, and Noah is a major a-hole, and none of us every realized it – something akin to The Tiger Woods Syndrome. Third scenario: parts of this are true, but there are other pieces missing. Like, I could conceivably buy that Noah Wyle cheated on his wife with a costar, and they had an affair for a while. I could also buy his wife confronting the mistress. What I don’t buy is this whole “we’ll stay together for the kids” thing which Wyle seems to have (allegedly) used as an excuse to act like a single guy. I think there’s a possibility Noah and Tracy have been quietly separated for a year, and he’s been dating multiple women. That makes some kind of sense, doesn’t it?

Oh, and to add extra evidence to the Enquirer’s story, check out this photo of Noah and Tanna from June 11, 2009. I’m sorry, but you don’t pose for photos like that with a married man. That’s trashy.

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51 Responses to “Enquirer: Noah Wyle was cheating on his wife & his mistress”

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  1. Vanessa says:

    No! Say it isnt so! Not Noah too! Ugh. What a bummer.

  2. JulieNewmar says:

    Make room for another sex addict in the ward.

  3. Phowie says:

    It’s always the quiet ones. Hey Noah, if you’re going to date multiple women you better start building that ark!

  4. Kittypants says:

    Well, I scrolled downwards and found myself slightly alarmed. Tanna Frederick scares me. Those eyes just scream ‘I’m going to suck your tender, tasty soul out through your nostrils’. Yikes.

  5. Dorothy says:

    Really!!?? Are there no good men out there??? WTF!

  6. The Damn Nation says:

    You’ve got to love the “The news hit Tanna “like a ton of bricks””, because, obviously, she couldn’t have had the slightest inkling that Noah was a cheat!

  7. YeaRight! says:

    What do you call a man that would cheat on his wife and mistress?

    Seriously is there a name for it?

    Double Douchebag?

    And I just luuurrrvve how these mistresses get their panties in a wad, when they find out that their married lover is cheating on them also.

    Well DUH!!

  8. snowball says:

    If true – yep, another successful story about staying together for the kids. Elin, I’m giving you the stinkeye on this.

    I have my doubts about the “having sex almost daily” in the rabbit-boiler’s trailer though. Would he be that stupid?

  9. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I don’t think it’s really possible to “cheat” on a mistress.

    if you’re “the other woman”, or ONE of the other women, the only person being cheated on is the wife.

  10. Danielle says:

    If he cheats WITH you, he’ll cheat ON you!!!! You are not that special…

    this is a recording…

  11. flutters says:


    Hopefully not true or at least heavily distorted. Sad for the kids.

  12. Stephie says:

    Oh no! Not Noah!!

  13. wif says:

    “I’m sorry, but you don’t pose for photos like that with a married man.” You do if you’re trying to send a message, loud and clear, to his wife.

  14. harwig says:

    Tanna Frederick was posing like that with everybody that day! (google Lanre Idewu & Tanna…)

    If part of it might be true, some things sound very made up. Noah’s wife seeing from early footage that he’s having an affair and calling the actress? Doesn’t sound true at all…

    It’s clear we are far from getting the full picture here.

  15. Maritza says:

    Well the mistress got what she deserved! At least if he was going to stray he should of upgraded no downgraded, she is fugly.

  16. lucy2 says:

    I hope this isn’t true, but I agree with wif, that photo says a lot.
    IF it does all turn out to be true, I bet we see another one off to “rehab” in hopes of salvaging his rep.

  17. Fire says:

    you are right, harwig. here’s one of the pics with another costar. she’s all over him too.


  18. Sudini says:

    If I never hear the following two sentences again, I’ll be a happy, happy girl:

    1. “The wife stayed with him after his affair(s) for the sake of the kids” (barf)
    2. “The mistress was shocked/heartbroken that he cheated on her” (epic stupidity)

  19. Groucho says:

    Besides the “insider”, who obviously needs money, do we have “real proofs”?

  20. Phowie says:

    Well, let’s look at it this way, a man who leaves his wife for his mistress creates a job vacancy. In Noah’s case, he was just ahead of the curve on trying to fill it.

  21. Andrea says:

    “you are right, harwig. here’s one of the pics with another costar. she’s all over him too.”

    Maybe she was sleeping with all of them. Anyway, I hope this is a lesson to everyone that you don’t put celebrities on pedestals, including the seemingly nice ones. It’s time that fans grow up and stop acting like star-struck kids.

  22. MymaJane says:

    Holy crap, that chick looks like a tranny!

  23. Obvious says:

    i’m going with Kaiser’s theory that he has been separated and they were trying to figure things out. That was Noah doesn’t come off too horribly-but that’s just because i like him.

    however i have no sympathy for his mistress. it would be one thing if he told them he wasn’t married, and there was no way (he’s a star and there is internet) to find out and then they find out later that he is married. In that situation i feel bad because they didn’t know they were the other woman. but when you know it, shut up. no one cares.

  24. Groucho says:

    Let me know when people who think crappy tabloids are their bibble learn the lesson that 99% of what they wrote is crap and 99% of their insiders got a lot of money just to do this.

  25. Just a Poster says:

    *wails* Noah… why oh why did you have to pop the fantasy I had of you.. *sobs*

    Now that I have pulled myself together (barely).. he certainly has a “type” doestn’t he.

  26. Codzilla says:


  27. Sumodo says:

    Kibble. What Tanna eats. What a dog, compared to Tracy. From now on, every man I look at–I’m going to think, he cheats. They all cheat. Either emotional cheating or physical cheating. I think it will save time and effort.

  28. girl says:

    I think that “staying together for the kids” might be a plausible explaination. I remember in a hypnobirthing class I took a few years ago, our instructor popped in a DVD on parenting by a group (no need for us, this was our number #5). Noah and his wife were spokespeople for an organization, I can’t remember the name, that advocated gentle parenting.

  29. Zelda says:

    Why is anyone ever surprised at this news?
    So many normal, ordinary people cheat. Why does it shock you that people who are exceptionally good-looking, rich, and surrounded by sycophants would cheat?
    I assume they’re all cheating.

  30. Stella says:

    Is there really anyone left on the planet that doesn’t realize MEN ARE CHEATERS?!? Next!

  31. staciastacia says:

    He didn’t cheat. SHE did and has been for a while. They have been living apart for about a year after he found out. He has probably moved on now. But HE isn’t the asshole the NE is saying.

  32. slymm27 says:

    ah girls…wake up…..pls!! EVERY MAN CHEATS!!! evry one of them..your dad is cheating on your mum, and your brother is cheating on his wife, and your nephew is cheating on his girlfriend, and your hubby.. oh yes, that oh too good hubby of yours is cheating on you too.Stop acting shocked and better believe it!………There is not a single man born of a woman who isnt cheating on his significant other, that is just the way they were wired!! GET OVER IT!!!!,

  33. harwig says:

    I’ve heard the same stacia. He did actually buy a second house in the Santa Ynez Valley in October 2007.

  34. Kat says:

    I agree entirely with @kittypants. that chick looks WAY TOOO HAPPY and it scares me (and small children everywhere, no doubt).

  35. lilred says:

    slymm27,you must be psychic to know every man, and better yet that they cheat. Get a grip please.

  36. slymm27 says:

    @lil….., i am not psychic honey, just realistic, and the sooner all girls stay real, then they wont end up crying over a cheating man.!!!! dont be mad at me, it wasnt me who wired them that way… Dont you believe any man who tells you he isnt cheating!!! THey are all sugar coated lairs!

  37. annie says:

    Tanna looks like Carrot Top.

  38. annie says:

    Doctors without borders = marriages without borders?

  39. Sincerity says:

    Unless another source instead of the Enquirer confirms these details, it just makes more sense to disregard them. They may have been separated much longer and the both of them may have decided to pursue other relationships. No one really knows what goes on behind closed doors within anyone’s marriage unless for some reason they decide to “spill their guts”.

  40. birdgherl says:

    So if this guy is cheating then no one is safe, right?

  41. Cinderella says:

    Aren’t mistresses supposed to be hotter than the wife? What happened here?

  42. lilred says:

    @slymm27 Holy cow you must have been burned bad, to not be able to trust men like that.
    I prefer to trust until given reason not to.

  43. Jules says:

    For a guy who I always had a Hollywood crush on, he has totally disappointed me. Mostly because he has such lousy taste in women!

  44. slymm27 says:

    @Lired….hey hun…i think trusting men is just a waste of emotional energy!. Best to just enjoy the relationship, if he respects you and loves you!!…no need thinking trust should be part of it, because as a man, he is surely screwing around

  45. monsley says:

    He has craaaazy eyes… Matching the mistresses’.

  46. Rosanna says:

    what on Earth is trashy in that pic????????????????????????????????????

  47. Princess says:

    It’s disappointing only because we put them on a pedestal. But in the end, they’re human and there’s always another side of the story and things we will never know. Maybe they were already separated and pursuing other interests – for the benefit of the doubt for Noah.

  48. Orbit says:

    Tanna does seem strange, gross, weird, and nasty. Sexy, not so much.

  49. check12 says:

    wow. sounds like tanna rained on a lot of you ladies fantasy parade of prince noah. i think tanna looks REAL. there’s no fake smile, glassed over eyes, or pretentiousness about this indie actress (go imbd her).
    true or not, i’m glad she’s not just another blonde bimbo!

  50. Passingby says:

    Ladies, I have been married 20 years. Never cheated. Not even close.

    I make good money as a professional, 31″ waist, 42″ jacket, 6′ tall, and a butt that still looks like it did when I played football. I was homecoming court in high school, and my teeth are still ortho-perfect.

    I suppose I could if I wanted to. But I don’t; I like being married to my wife.

    Just saying, ladies, we are out there.

  51. Carole Barnett says:

    Thank you Passingby. I believe you. I don’t believe this crap about Noah Wyle and Tanna Frederick. I think it’s all just made up crap that the press puts out. I’m sure Wyle has women throwing themselves at him all the time but I don’t want to believe that he’s the type to screw around. I also don’t think Tanna Frederick would mess around with a married man. She’s too smart for that. Besides, she’s probable got a cadre of men following her around like hungry puppies. The smear campaigns that the press does really bug me. They don’t want to believe that anybody can be good so they fabricate dirt or bring up something from the person’s past. I think we whould start investigating “journalists” and “reporting” what we find out about them. Maybe that’ll change their tune.