Star: Angelina seduces Johnny Depp with red wine, “acting method”


Last November, Johnny Depp signed on to the film The Tourist after Sam Worthington unexpectedly dropped out. Who knew that Depp would be a director’s second choice? But anyway, Angelina Jolie was already attached to the project, and many of us were excited that Depp and Jolie would be working together at long last, although (just personally) I would like it better if they could play brother-and-sister in some kind of drama, rather than lovers in some kind of international thriller like The Tourist. Soon after Depp signed on, Life & Style had an early script preview that showed just how sexy some of Depp and Jolie’s scenes were going to get. Hot shower sex, nipple clamps (not really) and whips (no!). The whole thing screamed: “Vanessa Paradis, watch your back!” Now Star Magazine is making is even clearer: Angelina, is seems, has got her eye on Johnny.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s relationship is in full meltdown mode — and Angie’s wasting no time moving on. She has her sights already set firmly on sexy Johnny Depp, her costar in her new movie.

The serial seductress plans to snare Johnny, when thy work on The Tourist in romantic Venice, Italy, Star reports in our Feb. 15 issue. She’s already started—with the same wiles she used to lure Brad out of his marriage to Jennifer Aniston on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

While going over the script, Angie insisted that she needed to meet alone with Johnny at his LA compound to “discuss his acting method,” a friend reveals exclusively to Star.

“She’s already spent hours there drinking red wine with Johnny,” the insider tells Star. And when she’s not working her charms on Johnny in person, she’s been bombarding him with flirty e-mails and burning up the phone lines.

Angie has a reputation for falling for her costars. Both of her husbands and Brad were on movies with her when they fell in love. And she has proven she has no boundaries — she stole Billy Bob Thornton from Laura Dern and Brad from Jen.

Now she’s setting a trap for Johnny, who has two children with long-time love Vanessa Paradis. “She goes on and on about how fabulous Johnny is,” reveals the friend. “She’s intense and goes for anything and anyone she wants. She has no limits!”

Things could all come to a head when they head for Venice, Italy at the end of February. But don’t look for Brad to be there to intervene.

“Angie told Brad she’s going to Italy without him,” says the friend. “Angie knows what she wants, and she doesn’t want Brad in the way!”

How did Brad found out about Angie and Johnny? What was his reaction? And how is Vanessa dealing with it all? Pick up this week’s Star, on newsstands now, to read all about it.

[From Star Magazine]

“Discuss his acting method” is my new favorite euphemism. Oh my God, was that Angelina got Brad? She invited him over to discuss acting methods? Yeah, the acting method in his pants. So, should Vanessa Paradis worry? Eh. I think Vanessa and Johnny adore each other. And I think Angelina and Johnny can keep it in their pants for one movie.

Call me crazy, but I actually prefer the tabloid stories that feature a sexually and emotionally empowered Angelina systematically emasculating Brad. I don’t think that’s what their relationship is really like, I’m just saying that these stories are a much better read than, say, “Oh my God, Angelina is desperate to keep Brad, even though he’s still in love with Jennifer Aniston, blah blah.” Because those are the stories that paint both Angelina and Jennifer as desperate hags fighting over Brad like he’s a tube a lipstick.

Speaking of, here’s In Touch Weekly’s cover this week:


In Touch Weekly and Star Magazine covers courtesy of CoverAwards.

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  1. d says:

    the tabs are so going mental. they are desparate. johnny would never mess around on vanessa. it’s ridiculous.

  2. Alex says:

    ROTFLMFAO and of course the haters would believe this bs. The tabs are really out of this world

    • LittleMo says:

      It has nothing to do with whoever happens to hate AJ – and I do. It’s the idea that this woman has no character, no respect for anything or anybody. It wasn’t just Brad Pitt she did this with. Billy Bob T. was with Laura Dern when Angie decide she wanted him. Her first husband wasn’t unattached when, unfortunately for him, he caught Angie’s eye. AJ is an immoral skank and these men – Brad will be the next one – are finding out that what someone does with you they will do to you.

  3. Sarah says:

    Can’t they just have a Johnny/Angie/Brad threesome and make everyone happy? Especially me! 😀

  4. Tess says:

    THIS would be awesome!!!

    Hope it’s not true for the sake of all the children and spurned partners.

    But jeeze, what fun!!! Angie as the pagan goddess of the hunt. Depp, a modern Adonis, her prey.

  5. Dorothy says:

    This paragraph makes me believe this story!!!!

    Angie has a reputation for falling for her costars. Both of her husbands and Brad were on movies with her when they fell in love. And she has proven she has no boundaries — she stole Billy Bob Thornton from Laura Dern and Brad from Jen.

  6. meme says:

    i hate brangelina and i don’t believe a word of this crap.

  7. Cheyenne says:

    Hot damn. Here comes the claque from the Boo-Hoo Sisterhood braying like a team of demented donkeys “SHE STOLE BRAD FROM JENNIFER! NOW SHE’S GOING TO STEAL JOHNNY FROM VANESSA!” Did it ever enter their pointy little craniums (crania?) that maybe, just maybe, it was Brad who chased Angie because he was unhappy in his marriage?

    I’m cracking up over that In Touch cover. Wonder what that “dark secret” she’s using to torment him is?

    • LittleMo says:

      A very simple reason that people who look at AJ have figured out she did the chasing is that she has a history of this. She did it with Jonny Lee Miller (don’t remember the woman’s name), Billy Bob T. was with Laura Dern and Brad was married. And even if Brad had been the one making the moves, he was a married man and AJ should have said no. Like Jen Anniston or not, as his wife she deserved the dignity and respect of the marriage ending before another pairing became public. Both angie and brad are going to find out that payback is a bitch, karma has a long memory,what someone does with you they will do to you – and they deserve every bit of it.

  8. bite me says:

    so if you steal someone, do you like go to jail or something

  9. *Lee* says:

    What I think is truly hilarious is the persisting notion that you can “steal” another person. Like a husband is happily settled with a wife, and another woman uses hypnotic, mind control methods to brainwash him into leaving his wife and being with her.

    Brad Pitt left his wife because he preferred the company of another woman. It’s been several years, and there’s been no evidence that either one has been with another person. Why still the endless speculation that Angelina will “steal” every man she works with? Funny, Brad is never accused of doing the same with women he works with.

  10. Phowie says:

    Where does this woman find the time? And Bite Me, its not stealing, its just Depplifting.

  11. Anna says:

    I seem to say this on almost every Angelina-related post these days, but: I bet none of this is true. I won’t believe it until Brad and Angie actually come out with a statement saying they have split. In fact, I actually think they are still very much ok and in love and that the tabloids are just going mental right now in an effort to sell even more copies. Gah, I keep defending that couple and I wouldn’t even consider myself a fan of any of them. I just think we really have no idea what goes on in their lives and whatever it is, it’s probably not what we think it is.

    Seeing this new, ludicrous headline, I motion that we stop with the Brad and Angelina split talk until they come out with a statement to that effect. I can’t stand to see this BS anymore.

  12. Linda says:

    There is no way that would happen!!

  13. anonymus says:

    Angelina is lesbian. All her hetersexuall relationships only serve her public image. She always prefered women.

    But that’s not what the wide audiance wants to hear.

  14. ogechi says:

    I can’t help but laugh my heart out…kai!!! Pls let no virus corrupt Johnny Depp’s home…LOL..

    Vanessa Paradis this is the time to take all your children to Venice b4 it happens LOL..

  15. Bodhi says:

    *cough cough bullshit cough cough*

  16. Cheyenne says:

    Prediction: the tabloids are going to run an Angie-Johnny-Brad cover story every single week until that movie wraps, and they don’t even start filming for another month.

  17. bite me says:

    so uhmm can i do some depplifting, i like red wine

  18. lynda says:

    Aniston, no matter how hard she tries, will always be a second rate Angelina. She has no kids, no connection with family, is in crappy movies and prefers to spend her time/money on herself and lavish vacations and parties.

  19. kermit says:

    Jolie’s not doing too well. All of these male co-stars she’s worked with, including Bandaras and Denzel Washington, and she only stole 2 or 3 of them.

    Think of Star as a creative writing example using real people.

  20. lrm says:

    okay,i don’t think brangelina is ‘okay’ and ‘fine’-they dont look happy at all,in many months of photos…and they both appear to have substance abuse issues-just from photos of course,so what do i know? but the photos of the last several months show them declining in looks-healthwise,that is.

    anyway,I am just not seeing this depp thing happening,at all!!!!
    Even if depp weren’t with vanessa,i just dont see any chemistry between he and AJ. then again,i have never seen chemistry between the brange,either. they look morelike friends.

    anyway,depp’s too much his own man to go for AJ. She’s alluring,sure,but more in a novel kind of way,for a guy who has never been there. Depp’s already who he is.
    so i doubt it. it’s kind of pathetic on the tabloids’ part,actually. b/c it just seems so surreally unlikely.

  21. Phowie says:

    Bite Me, I guess it all depends on what you use to bait your Depp-trap. Red wine seems to work, maybe add a little cheese, a little more red wine, some French bread and voila, the trap is sprung. Depp can check in, but he can’t check out….

  22. Toe says:

    Angie is lesbian??? I never saw her living together with a girl, or be with a girl all the time like Lohan.

  23. teri says:

    I knew the tabloids would go crazy with this smut. Why is it when a woman can’t make her man happy and he leaves it’s always the new woman’s fault? I’m sick of Angelina getting the brunt of these attacks because she’s more successful, caring and much hotter than Jen. None of this would be happening if Angelina was ugly. A woman with the same man for five years and six children will not leave a happy relationship. Here you go jen another slam dunk just for you, I hope you choke on a chicken bone.

  24. teri says:

    Yeah like the tabloids said she was having an affair with James McAvoy because she stared with him and had a kissing scene. It’s Angelina Jolie the sexiest s.x kitten of all time, she has that power to get any man she wants. I’m glad that people think she holds that power.

  25. wee freckles says:

    Just what has this story got to do with Aniston? Why drag her into it in the comments? Why does ANY story about Jolie have to devolve into a bash-fest on her? Methinks @teri might have a sensitivity to criticism of an “other woman”, hmmm…

  26. bite me says:

    now, am a little fluent in french do you think that will also impress depp

  27. Rosalee says:

    I was in France last month..I went Depp-shopping, couldn’t find one in my size.

  28. Essie says:

    First, I want to correct something Kaiser said: Johnny Depp WAS NOT a second choice of the film producers. “The Tourist” was in production limbo when the stars were going to be Charlize Theron and Sam Worthington. The producers could not get backing because these people were not considered big enough to carry a movie. First Charlize was dropped and Angelina was given the part and the producers were able to get financing immediately. Then one of the producers approached Depp with an offer, he accepted and Sam was kicked to the curb. That’s how it is in Hollywood. If the producers can’t get financial backing, they try hard to get an A-list actor/actress, or both, and the money comes pouring in. Charlize had been attached to this movie for over a year and the producers dumped her. Hollywood can be tough if your movies haven’t made money.

    I just wanted to point that out. I don’t really care about this other crap. Angelina, with her beautiful man and six babies, wants to lure Depp with his beautiful woman and two babies into her lair!! That’s going to be some crowded lair! These tabloids are starting this sh!t already and the movie hasn’t even begun filming. They really need to calm down and take it slow. I mean, the movie will be filming for about three months. They’re going to run out of lies (oops! I meant “stories”) by the time the movie wraps.

  29. SageAdvice says:

    So…we all know this is nonsense right?

  30. SageAdvice says:

    “Here you go jen another slam dunk just for you, I hope you choke on a chicken bone.”-um, what?

    Also, I don’t think a woman can “steal” another man, per se, but I am equally flabbergasted as to those of you who think that she shouldn’t be blamed at all. Brad is the gross cheater, naturally. But I believe that any woman complicit in the dissolution of a marriage is also to blame.

    I think a woman who goes after a married man or doesn’t keep her legs/mind closed to a married man is disgusting.

    Why can some of you just excuse that by saying that someone can’t steal someone else?

    Don’t you think a woman who is ok with a married man hitting on her is gross?

  31. snowball says:

    lynda, this: “Aniston, no matter how hard she tries, will always be a second rate Angelina.”

    is really reaching. Really, really reaching. I’m pretty sure Jen doesn’t spend her days thinking about ways she can be more like Angie. Second rate Angelina? Try Megan Fox or god help us all, Octo-uterus. They’ve both had plastic surgery to look more like Angie.

    Does anyone else have Hall and Oates’ “Maneater” running through their head from that idiotic line above Angie’s head?

  32. RobN says:

    I don’t believe a word of it, but if I were Vanessa I’d sure as hell take the kids and go to Italy with him.

  33. Kim says:

    If she is having an affair w/ Gaga and setting her sights on Depp than why would she care if Brad leaves her. BTW as for dating costars Brad dated Juliette, Gwenyth and AJ.The actress who has dated the most costars in Penelope Cruz- Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, Javier, Matthew Mcconaughey and one more I forgot Dang. AJ has made 40 movies and has dated 4 costars and married/partnered w/ three. Oh wasn’t she supposed to have an affair w/ Liev while making Salt? GMAFB

  34. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Damn gerbils…

    “johnny would never mess around on vanessa.”

    don’t be too sure…some of the people you’d NEVER expect to be cheaters have been exposed recently, so I don’t give any one a pass these days. sure, Depp and Paradis seem to be VERY much in love, and faithful, but then we all thought that Tiger had a great marriage, too.

    oh, and I may be wrong on this…but wasn’t BBT living with someone when he started up with Laura Dern? so, didn’t she effectively “steal” BBT from someone herself?

  35. bite me says:

    serious question here… if brad had left jenny for anyone else do you think the tabloids would still care about this

  36. Maritza says:

    Vanessa needs to pack up the kids and go wherever Johnny is. Angelina may be tempting for him.

  37. Sigh. says:

    @ Kim

    Add to Pitt’s Hit List —
    Co-star from Cutting Class (to whom I believe he was engaged), Robin Givens (Head of the Class), Thandie Newton (Interview with a Vampire), and rumored with Geena Davis (Thelma & Louise), so he’s just as bad as her in dating co-stars.

  38. Cheyenne says:

    Sage says: ” I believe that any woman complicit in the dissolution of a marriage is also to blame.”

    Yessirree. And that includes the wife.

    When a marriage fails, absent gross misconduct on the part of one partner, there is usually plenty of blame to go around between both partners. Often it’s just a case of partners growing apart to the point where the marriage exists in name only. And from what Aniston has said herself on the record, her marriage was falling apart before Brad ever met Angelina.

    As for who went after whom, you don’t know that any more than I do. But as I said upthread, it’s very possible that it was Brad who went after Angie because he was not happy in his marriage.

    No, I don’t think Angie is “gross” any more than I think Joanne Woodward is “gross”. Paul Newman dumped his wife to marry Woodward, and from all accounts he and Woodward were very happily married for 50 years.

  39. Beth says:

    I don’t get the “man is a victim” mentality. If Brad was so happen with Jennifer why did he divorce her? How did Angelina steal him? If Brad and Angelina did have an affair of course she’s partly to blame but nobody thinks Brad should be accountable. I would think if you are in a committed relationship you should say no even if somebody is throwing themselves at you.

  40. Kim says:

    Yeah BBT was living w/ his 4th wife when he got w/ Laura Dern. Just like Ben Barper was married w/ 2 kids when Laura got w/ him.

  41. lucy2 says:

    This is too funny. When this casting story broke, everyone (jokingly?) said the tabloids would next be reporting this. I think we write their headlines for them.

    I don’t believe it for 2 reasons – I don’t think JD would do what BP did, and I think his relationship with Vanessa is in a totally different place than Brad’s was with Jen. And second, though I don’t really like her all that much, I don’t think Angelina is quite the same person she was back then. She has a lot more responsibility and ties to family that she didn’t before, and I don’t think she is as attractive as she was then either.
    That said…if I were Vanessa, I’d probably hang around. Just in case!

  42. Li says:

    A Johnny-Angie hookup could happen if she wants to get him.

  43. SageAdvice says:

    Cheyenne: It doesn’t matter that their marriage was falling apart. It doesn’t matter that they would probably have gotten a divorce anyway, even if Angelina hadn’t gotten her big red, inflamed baboon bottom into it.

    The point is, any woman who does not respect another person’s marriage is WRONG. Joanne Woodward was dead wrong getting involved with a married man.

    Why bother with marriage then? If anyone can just come along and begin a relationship with someone else, regardless of their status, why even bother with marriage?

    Oh right, because it’s supposed to mean something. Signing the papers, doing the church thing (if that’s your thing), wearing rings: all of that is a sign to other people that you are taken and that advances are not welcome.

    The same thing goes in the other direction. If a married man hit on me, I’d be disgusted. I wouldn’t care if his marriage was ending or on the rocks or if they were separated or whatever. As long as he has a ring on his finger and is legally married to someone else, he’s off limits.

    I’m probably biased because my parents got divorced because my father cheated on my mother. They probably would have divorced eventually anyway. But that is their business and their problem.

    I think a married couple should work out whether they want to stay together or get divorced on their own and everyone else should stay the hell out of it. If you are there providing a cushion for either partner to land on in the event of a divorce, you are a sick, twisted person. In my opinion, of course.

  44. SageAdvice says:

    Aside, I highly doubt Johnny Depp would cheat or be interested in Angelina Jolie.

  45. javelin says:

    Oh that’s a bummer Charlize was replaced– she’s one of my favorite actors, and I’d actually go see this movie if it starred her and Johnny. I just don’t think Jolie and Depp will have exciting chemistry– they’re both intense, edgy, strong-willed– and we can already picture it playing out in our heads. Bor-ing. Jolie & Depp as siblings might be very interesting, as their underlying sexual tension (which is too similar to act on) would be projected onto the viewers, and become a character in itself.

    As for the rumours, it’s possible Angelina wants a piece of him, but she can’t “trap” him– he knows all her moves, and vice versa. There’s no illusion to fall in love with.

  46. teri says:

    Nobody talks about Sienna, LeAnne or even Abby C. It’s all talk about how Brad left Jen. These women all wrecked havoc on marriages with children, yet they don’t get targeted like Angelina. I’m pretty sure little Norman wasn’t as devestated as you think.

  47. alex says:

    Sageadvice, just like you are so sure that JD would not be interested in AJ. I am sure she feels the same way about him.

    There are some really bitter women in here.

    I love how some of them think they know these people personally and know what they will do or not do. Talk about obsess much. I bet JD and AJ along with their partners are laughing their asses off at these bs stories, that is if they even pay any mind to them, cause unlike some people they have their lives to live; while some people believe it like it is the gospel truth. Very sad

  48. juiceinla says:

    Hey- once a husband stealer-always a cheater. I say. Sorry- never liked her I think she gives insecure, overly self important, bitchy maneaters a bad name, and her acting skills seem to only light a spark when she is playing a psychotic individual. Method acting in deed. Don’t like her. Never have never will.

    Hopefully Johnny can’t be lured by such needy pathetic neurotic behavior, if its going down..

  49. SageAdvice says:

    So I’m bitter because I respect other people’s marriages?

    Right. Remind me never to get my (future) husband near you.

  50. hatsumomo says:

    Essie, really? I like Worthington, I’d go see a movie with him in it. I didnt like him at first, but with all the films he’s done lately and I’m seeing ’em, I guess he’s growing on me…

  51. TG says:

    I don’t think SageAdvice is bitter at all. I agree with most of it. I have been cracking up reading most of these comments. That’s why I love reading everyones comments most people on here don’t get mean with one another and some of these about Depping are just hilareous.

    I think Vanessa is too confident of a woman to be showing up on set all the time. That’s probably why they have lasted so long.

  52. lucy2 says:

    @teri – plenty of people talk about Sienna, Leanne, and to a lesser extent Abby. They just aren’t as famous, don’t have as much written and posted about them, but when they do, there are plenty of people who feel negatively about them.

  53. TaylorB says:

    Snowball wrote: “Does anyone else have Hall and Oates’ “Maneater” running through their head from that idiotic line above Angie’s head?:

    Well NOW I do! Of all the horrid earworms to plant in someones head ‘Maneater’ is up there with the worst of them. Thanks a ton…

    Ohhhhohhh here she comes
    Watch out boys she’ll chew you up

    *bangs head on desk*


  54. alex says:

    SageAdvice,honey I don’t want your future husband and good luck in finding one lol

  55. alex says:

    Teri, the reasons they don’t talk about Sienna, LeAnn, Abby Julia Roberts(yes her her husband was married at the time) etc is because they don’t feel threaten by them. It seems that AJ for some reason bug the hell out of some women. It is like AJ did something personal to these women, which is kind of sad and pathetic cause she don’t know them personally nor do they know her, but oh yes they think they know her by reading the tabs like the gospel truth.

    Brad left his marriage long before AJ came into the picture but don’t tell these women that cause AJ is the evil devil who “stole” the golden boy from America’s Sweetheart and these women were living their lives through the golden couple so when they broke up, it was easy to put the blame on the evil devil aka AJ instead of thinking that a marriage could actually break up because both parties don’t want to be in it anymore you know like 50% of marriages that ended in divorce all the time. No, it is easy to blame Jolie cause she took away their perfect fantasy lol. Even some of these women want Brad and Aniston to get back together. Pathetic

  56. juiceinla says:

    Javlin- didn’t you see that awesome movie charlize and Depp made together in the 1990’s- (and I honestly hope you didn’t): The Astronauts Wife?

    I think after that movie they were officially banned from every starring together again.

  57. alex says:

    I find it hilarious on here that all these people are hating on Angie actually think she would give a damn about what you all think about her. If she or Brad cares about what people think, they would be issuing statements every when the tabs come out since they are on there every week. But hate carryon the hate especially if it makes some of you all feel good and mushy inside lol

    back to work, some of us do have a job

  58. DD says:

    okay there are 3 brangelaniston stories in the same day. Is that even legal?

  59. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “I find it hilarious on here that all these people are hating on Angie actually think she would give a damn about what you all think about her.”

    funny, you could say the same thing about aniston, and yet it doesn’t stop you and others from doing the same thing.

    what gives you the impression that either “side” actually thinks that Jolie OR Aniston gives a damn what we think of them?

    of course they don’t give a damn, and I’ve seen no indication that any poster on here (save a few nutbars that act like they know these people personally) thinks that they give a damn.

  60. corine says:

    I think there were problems with their marriage before the split. I don’t think either party is to blame, but rather, they are two different people.

    Oh sure, on the carpet, it was all smiles, but behind closed doors, it seemed like there was a lot of tension. Fact is they both said they wanted different things in life: he said in several interviews that he wanted a big family, and she said he’d be lucky to get one kid. She forgot to thank him when she won her award. There were pics of them fighting, and he spent his 40th birthday alone in LA. She even admitted they spent a lot of time apart. So, it seemed like there were issues.

    Did he cheat? I don’t know. Most people think they do and are forever holding a nasty grudge because of it. It’s been what–five years?

    Finally, maybe he fell in love with someone he felt was better for him? It’s his right to do so. He can leave his relationship for someone else. It happens all the time in America. People fall out of love and they leave. Even in the Vanity Fair Interview, Courtney Cox said he was honest about his attraction to Angelina.

    In any case, he started a family with Angelina and they seem to enjoy their kids. I wish them the best of luck because I hate seeing families split up.

    I think holding a grudge forever against some celeb is silly . . . but whatever.

  61. SageAdvice says:

    Alex: the reason why no one talks about them is because they are BORING and live their lives pretty quietly, especially Julia Roberts nowadays.

    Angelina is one of the most tabloid famous women in the world. The others aren’t nearly as famous as she is nor as visible.

    And I’ll reiterate my point for corine here:

    It doesn’t matter how long a marriage has been figuratively “over”. As long as two people are legally married, a third party should stay out of it. In my opinion, of course. It’s fine if you want to leave a relationship for whatever reason. I just think it’s a foul, low thing to help someone leave their spouse.

  62. fee says:

    Well, that didn’t take long did it?

  63. javelin says:

    that movie doesn’t count because they look like twins in it (UGH)!

  64. Camille says:

    Well said corine! Couldn’t have said it better myself. I completely agree with you :).

  65. You Go Girl says:

    Johnny has more class.
    He has it all.
    Why throw it away on an insane, crazy wench like that.
    Nothing beats the family bliss and loyalty he and Vanessa have created.
    He can get hot sex from any whore in town, if he were that way inclined.
    Close your venus fly trap legs Angie, cos this time there is a happy family involved!

  66. rraven says:

    I have never been married though of course have been in relationships where there was always some girl hanging around trying to get involved in our “business” claiming to be just his friend etc etc and it sucked big time and pissed me off…but, my boyfriend as much as he often seemed conflicted by the attention he was getting didn’t cheat on me..after a while he realised what he wanted and did the right thing…to sageadvice and all the others who dislike angie for the role she may have played in the break up I think it is possible, especially based on Brad’s history that something went wrong and he left his wife…true in the shittiest and worst way..but I don’t think angie ever had that much power.

  67. Xena says:

    Angelina and Brad got together when Brad was separated from his wife. That doesn’t mean that it was an affair. They should have waited, yes. But even Jen said there was no affair. It’s an affair when the man is sneaking behind the woman’s back to see someone else. Sometimes a separation is a preface to a divorce or a reconciliation. Unfortunately, Brad met someone more compatible with him during their separation and from there a divorce was inevitable. I understand that he tried to make it work with Jen ( counseling) and it didn’t work and he thought he could pursue happiness with Angelina. Will this sell copies? No. A sensationalist headline where the sexy vixen is painted as a homewrecker (even though the home was already wrecked and childless)will sell more and anger the suburban mom fan base who feel threatened by Angelina’s sexuality. Calling a person sick or twisted because they fell in love with a man in an unhappy marriage is extreme. A rapist or a serial killer could legitimately be called that. Angelina? I don’t think so. Life is a lot more nuanced than that. Love and shit happens. It is how we handle it that determines our character.

  68. snapdragon says:

    something tells me vanessa paradis would knock angie into next week if she made moves on johnny. i have no proof for this statement, just a feeling. as for the tabloids they always have to talk up some “relationship” because it helps sell the magazine as well as the movie. i doubt this is true.

  69. Cheyenne says:

    Sage: It must be painful to watch your parents’ marriage break up, especially, as you said, if your dad left your mom for another woman. But you saying you’re biased against Angelina for this sounds like typical Loonifer logic. What did she have to do with it?

  70. lolo says:

    @ SageAdvice who said:”It doesn’t matter how long a marriage has been figuratively “over”. As long as two people are legally married, a third party should stay out of it.”

    But, you can’t prove when the marriage was over, and when the relationship started, can you? It’s all gossip . . . And people separate all the time, dating others, until the legal papers are finalized. It’s too bad people don’t live according to these standards, it would be so much easier, wouldn’t it?

  71. Kim says:

    I dont think Johhny would have her. He has a WAY hotter wife who isnt into drama and i think he abhores Hollywood drama.

  72. Kim says:

    Brad WAS NOT seperated from Jennifer when him and Angie first hooked up. Theyhooked uplong before the public knew about it. He WAS married, not seperated, not divorced – 100% legally married. Sure maybe mentally he had noved on but techically he WAS NOT seperated and certianly didnt tell Jenn hey lets separate because i want to sleep with my costar (or already have was probably more like it).

  73. Kim says:

    Angelina seems to have a history of hooking up with men currently in marriages or relationships. This wasnt a 1 time thing, its a pattern which leads me to believe she has serious issues.

  74. Kim says:

    Has anyone ever wondered if this whole thing wasnt concocted by Angie and Jenn to keep them famous for years/on tabloi covers? Wouldnt that be funny. I dont think they HATE the tabloid attention – just the opposite. I think they secretly like it because it keeps them in the limelight and gets them jobs.

  75. Essie says:

    Yes, it’s true Hat, Sam W. was penciled in to star with Charlize. Unfortunately, producers couldn’t get backing because (1) Charlize had not had a hit movie in like EVER, where she was the star; and (2) nobody knew who Sam was. These days, of course, Sam is well known but Johnny Depp is far better known so I doubt the producers are crying because they dumped him.

    Kim, I understand what you and Sage are saying about someone hooking up with a man who is still legally married but all of the people involved were adults and knew what they were doing. Who knows what Brad told Angelina about his marriage; who really knows if they “hooked up” sexually before the divorce. All three have said there was no hooking up until after the divorce was filed. Why would they say that if it wasn’t true?

  76. Jenna says:

    Can we all just go Depp-shopping?

  77. Amy says:

    I sense from the way this story is written that the writer is not a fan of Jolie. so Touche.

  78. oh hey says:

    Not to defend Angelina, but weren’t Brad and Jen separated around the time they hooked up?

    As my mother would say, if a woman “stole” your man, you never had him in the first place.

  79. Rianna says:

    This is totally off topic but seriously… how is it that this post got 75 comments but the post with the sexy men in underwear only got 25? What is wrong with you people lol???

  80. noonoo says:

    I disagree. I think Brad loved Jen. I think what happened to them happens to lots of couples: miscarriage. I suspect 2 of them. I think their grief / different coping styles wedged them apart and yes, meeting a hot MOTHER who tretaed him like gold and was not dealing with any complex grief issues.

    Just my thoughts.

    I think he was a bit of a cad but I couldn’t care less about the triangle personally.

  81. noonoo says:

    and i think has why Jen was so gutted by the VF article

  82. fee says:

    I like the idea of depp-shopping? Are the only locations in France though? Cause that might be a problem… 😀

  83. Ursula says:

    She’s a man eater, man eater man eater….. sing along.

    Kaiser, Depp is not the director’s second choice, he is doing the director a favor. He said in his vanity fair interview. He must regret though. He is going to be dragged into this triangle and at least he is one star you know is not a fame ho.

  84. funny says:

    Snowball, yes and it’s a pretty catchy song.

    I don’t really believe this article but I sort of think that she and Brad Pitt have split. It’s been talked about religiously on tv, in the mags like a plague, and even mentioned on the radio quite a lot, too. Plus the fact that Angelina Jolie was in LA without Brad Pitt recently, AND both didn’t show up at the Golden Globes (like they did in the past in ’09, ’08, ’07, etc.,) kind of gives the notion that maybe they DID split up. Who knows though, right? Only pictures can be proof. I’ll take the split rumors with a grain of salt, but her and Johnny Depp? Kind of seems a bit far-fetched. And as far as mostly everyone knows, he’s devoted to Vanessa Paradis and their two children.

  85. SageAdvice says:

    Chey: Naturally, Angelina had nothing to do with my parent’s divorce. Duh. I never said she did, nor will I ever even hint that she did.

    My point in saying that was that I think of all women who do such things as gross, insensitive and quite frankly, rude.

    I am not “threatened” by Angelina Jolie or her sexuality. I don’t know her. And I will probably never meet or know her. And I am quite comfortable in my sexuality and the way I go about doing things in that department.

    That said, I have zero respect for her because she got involved with a married man. It has nothing to do with being threatened. It has everything to do with wondering how someone would be so disrespectful of someone else’s vows and someone else’s marriage.

    An “unhappy marriage” is still a marriage. I have an uber crush on my boss who is married. He, to be totally honest, seems like he’s too young to be married and talks about feeling trapped and all that kind of crap. Do I think they’ll divorce? Maybe. But if he ever hit on me, regardless of the fact that I am totally into him, I’d be thoroughly disgusted and tell him to f*ck off.

    In my opinion, that is the proper course of action when dealing with a married man. Opening yourself up to loving a married person and even really allowing that to happen is wrong.

    I get the feeling that some of you are justifying your own actions when you are talking about this in such a blase manner. No wonder the divorce rate is so high. No wonder people enter into marriages that fail within the first 7 years. And really, no wonder so many people don’t want to get married, or don’t believe in marriage.

    You have a bunch of people running around who don’t take it seriously or don’t care about other people’s marriages.

  86. Lia says:

    Depp and Paradis never married. This says a lot, as far as I’m concerned. It leaves the door open for one of them to walk. They are devoted to each other according to the rag mags, yet they are not devoted quite enough to sign a legal document committing themselves to each other. Many Hollywood-ites have married and cheated, but at least in the beginning, they did vow, legally, to be true to each other. Hopefully, the devotion Depp professed towards his girlfriend and their children was true, and not some attempt to put forth an image.

  87. Phowie says:

    Mai oui Bite Moi, la conversation du français ne peut pas endommager.

    Rosalee, when you go Depp-shopping you have to remember, the sizes in France run a bit smaller than in other countries. Just ask for hlep at the Depp-artment store.

  88. Lway says:

    Brad allows these women to fight over him like he is a tube of lipstick…..

    Angelina is seductive – she did throw herself at Brad and it worked – who’s to say that it can’t or won’t happen again? She seems to enjoy breaking up (happy) homes

    They really fucked themselves adopting so many children – all good and well that they gave orphan’s a home and had their gorgeous kids – but what now?

  89. Camille says:

    @#86, maybe thats part of the problem, some people are too busy worrying about other peoples lives and marriages and should be just focusing on their own. Food for thought non?

  90. Blint says:

    I heard Theron bailed because of scheduling conflicts, NOT that she was dropped. I think she’s a better actress than Jolie and I hope Johnny bails. The project sounds like a mess anyway, they’ve even changed directors. Theron was in talks to replace Jolie in “Atlas Shrugged” however. No mention on my part of the Enquirer story because let’s face it, they’re rarely relevant to anything.

    Lia lot’s of people don’t get married anymore. It’s been that way for a while. And lot’s of marriages don’t last anyway, or are dampened with infidelity.

    btw tabloids don’t talk much of JD’s marriage or any other aspect of his life at all. What little is known is known mainly though him and he’s fairly private. So I think it IS telling, don’t you think, that as soon as Depp is rumored to be in a project with Jolie, he gets saddled with dumb-dumb tabloid stories and petty chatter.

  91. NN says:

    Ok, first was marion and now… angelina?? Come on people!! these magazines are pure!! Johnny will not leave vanessa!! get over!! He won’t be so a..hole to ruin almost 12 years of sweet and more than anything, true love that he feels for vanessa. I love them! 🙂 I hope they have more babies!

  92. shelly says:

    I doubt they’ll have any more kids. I too also find that since Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis haven’t married that it does leave a door open just like Lia said. Kurt Russell cheated on Goldie Hawn back in the late 90s/early 00’s and fortunately they’re still together but it didn’t work the also-not-married-but-once-a-couple Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, and they’ve also been together for, what, two decades? Who knows? As for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, if she did split with Brad Pitt and, well, *hypothetically* did try to go after Johnny Depp, that would look VERY bad since she has so many kids and disturbing psychological problems (remember her wearing a vial of Billy Bob’s blood around her neck?). Let’s all hope that these are just rumors.

  93. SageAdvice says:

    #90: Maybe I worry about other people’s marriages and lives because I care about other people and their lives. Maybe I’m not selfish or self-serving.

    Maybe I don’t want people to get divorced and maybe I don’t want to be a part of someone’s divorce.

  94. alegra says:

    I want see angelina jolie and johnny depp!!!

  95. Peri says:

    Ok, NO WAY would Johnny Depp leave his private, peaceful life for Angelina’s messed up situation. Would he sleep with her? He is a man right? Maybe, but it would not be anything serious. Angelina has way too much drama for him. They are polar opposites. Johnny is way too smart to fall for her. He has his own children. What man would want her with all the children, Brad, Jen, and her unstable mentality.