Bono slammed by AC/DC front man for his charity, attitude


Brian Johnson (above), the lead singer of AC/DC, has a bone to pick with Bono. He thinks Bono is a big fat jerk. Because Bono tries to get people to donate to charity. I think. Johnson gave an interview to the Herald Sun (story via HuffPo), and Johnson described his animosity towards Bono “some bastard” who “talks down to me that I should be thinking of some kid in Africa.” Here’s more:

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson is taking on Bono and Bob Geldof for their public displays of charity work.

“When I was a working man I didn’t want to go to a concert for some bastard to talk down to me that I should be thinking of some kid in Africa,” he told Melbourne’s Herald Sun.

“I’m sorry mate, do it yourself, spend some of your own money and get it done. It just makes me angry. I become all tyrannical.”

Johnson said that his own band prefers to make their charitable contributions in private.
“Do a charity gig, fair enough, but not on worldwide television,” he said.

AC/DC turned down a slot at Live Aid in 1985.

“I do it myself, I don’t tell everybody I’m doing it,” Johnson said. “I don’t tell everybody they should give money – they can’t afford it.”

[From Huffington Post]

Now, here’s the thing: I do think Bono is rather douchey, and I don’t like the way he refuses to put his own money where his mouth is. His non-profit in Washington doesn’t send money to Africa – they simply take donations to further their own lobbying efforts, without Bono contributing to the upkeep. Bono also set up a tax shelter in the Netherlands - so, while he’s asking the governments of the world to contribute a percentage of their GDP to altruistic solutions for Africa, he’s taking away a substantial taxable revenue stream. I also hate the way he’s constantly taking credit for the larger solutions being worked on in Africa (debt relief, malaria, AIDS, TB, micro-financing) in interview after interview, while he should be using his advocacy to pay it forward, so to speak, and give away credit to those governments and corporations who do sign on with billions of dollars.

All that being said, I don’t really think that was the point Brian Johnson was trying to make. I think Johnson is one of those people who doesn’t think charitable contributions should ever discussed, ever? Something like that. I don’t know. As far as the whole “just shut up” argument goes, it’s weak. If you’re whole deal is donating quietly without a press release, why give an interview about how you’re donating quietly?

Brian Johnson performing on April 14, 2009 in London. Bono in London on November 30, 2009. Credit: WENN.


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  1. Ben says:

    And saying the working man pays for everything that is simply bullshit.

    Taken from wikipedia regarding wealth distribution
    In 2003, the 1% with the highest income paid more than 34% of the nation’s federal income tax; the 10% with the highest income paid nearly 66% of the total income tax; the top 25% paid 84% of the income taxes; and the upper 50% accounted for nearly 97% of US income tax revenue.[15]
    In 2007 the top 1% paid 40% of feral income tax.
    And before you criticise me for wikipedia, that fact has a a footnote which can take you the the organisations website with the chart so it isn’t made-up rubbish as you like to sprout (it seems at least).

    I’m not saying the rich don’t get off too easy, but take your working class blues to the Bruce Springstein fan site.

  2. Jon says:

    Get off your high horse, Bono. Team AC/DC!

  3. LostOcean says:

    I HATE AC/DC, first off.

    but Brian Johnson is so damn right about this. I could go on and on about this, but I won’t. All I’ll say for now is that I totally and whole-heartedly agree with him.

  4. MooMoo says:

    Ben, isn’t that relative though? Say Angelina Jolie gave her entire paycheck from 4 months work on a movie, ($24,000,000), that would be many times what I, (most bloody likely), will ever see in this lifetime! And she’s only loaded in terms of her profession.

    Anyway, I don’t care what celebs do as long as they’re honest and put their money where their mouth is, but how can you know really apart from trying to be a good judge of character. I think they’re all sincere enough but some are unwilling to part with their yachts.

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