John Mayer’s Playboy interview: love & “hood passes” (update: apology)

John Mayer Performs At The Hard Rock Cafe

You know what was rough? Getting through this morning’s Us Weekly piece on John Mayer, which was an assortment of quotes from his Playboy interview about two of the most famous women Mayer’s dated, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston. You know what sucks the big one? Having to read the whole f-cking interview in Playboy. Ugh. This douche… I have no words. Oh, and by the way – remember that whole “John Mayer is racist while he tries to do stand-up comedy” thing that most of you were like “oh, Kaiser, you’re being too sensitive, Asians love when you mangle their names on purpose and comment about how they ‘sound white’”. Well, suck it, because I was right, this guy is a f-cking racist with huge, enormous issues with race. Not to mention his issues with his own closeted homosexuality. The full Playboy piece is here, and these are some of the most disgusting highlights.

On whether he’s a douche bag: “I consider myself a good guy, with the best of intentions. Anybody who has been in a relationship with me would stand by the fact that I’ve never been callous. I’ve never been a bad boy. I may have taken someone through the wringer psychologically, but I’ve never been sinister.”

On whether masturbation is as good as sex: “Absolutely, because during sex, I’m just going to run a filmstrip. I’m still masturbating. That’s what you do when you’re 30, 31, 32. This is my problem now: Rather than meet somebody new, I would rather go home and replay the amazing experiences I’ve already had. What that explains is that I’m more comfortable in my imagination than I am in actual human discovery. The best days of my life are when I’ve dreamed about a sexual encounter with someone I’ve already been with. When that happens, I cannot lay off myself.”

On being half-Jewish: “People say, “Well, which side of your family is Jewish?” I say, “My dad’s.” And they always say it doesn’t count. But I will say I keep my pool at 92 degrees, so you do the math. I find myself relating to Judaism. One of my best friends is Jewish beyond all Jews—I went to my first Passover seder at his house—and I train in Krav Maga with a lot of Israelis.”

On the increased fame when he dated Jennifer Aniston: “I had a conversation about fame with Jen [Aniston] before we ever really stepped out in public. She said, “Do you understand what this entails?” Two weeks later I had people outside my house. I was smart enough to know it would probably make me a salable item for the paparazzi. I knew I’d have to move to a home that had a gate. But that pearl of possibility that lives in your heart when you meet somebody you want to know more about has such a different molecular density than everything else that you have to pursue it. And I wouldn’t undo it, man. Because if it had worked out, I would have reaped the benefits. I would be sitting here saying, “What I have when I go home is the thing I’ve always wanted.””

On letting Aniston listen to his new album, Battle Studies: “Look, there’s a level of honesty in that record that probably made her uncomfortable, but I couldn’t let that change the way I wrote songs. There were moments when she said, “What’s that line?” Like, “That’s not about me, is it?” While I was going out with her she was on the cover of GQ wearing nothing but a tie. These are occupational hazards. When she heard Battle Studies she just wanted to be able to say “I want to know that you hold me correctly in your heart.”

On his relationship with Aniston now: “We just have a regard for each other’s feelings that is pretty intense. It’s been a deep relationship, and it’s no longer taking place at all. Have you ever loved somebody, loved her completely, but had to end the relationship for life reasons?”

Why black people love Mayer & the “hood pass” : “My two biggest hits are “Your Body Is a Wonderland” and “Daughters.” If you think those songs are pandering, then you’ll think I’m a douche bag. It’s like I come on very strong. I am a very…I’m just very. V-E-R-Y. And if you can’t handle very, then I’m a douche bag. But I think the world needs a little very. That’s why black people love me…. Someone asked me the other day, “What does it feel like now to have a hood pass?” And by the way, it’s sort of a contradiction in terms, because if you really had a hood pass, you could call it a nigger pass. Why are you pulling a punch and calling it a hood pass if you really have a hood pass? But I said, “I can’t really have a hood pass. I’ve never walked into a restaurant, asked for a table and been told, ‘We’re full.’”

Mayer on “being black”: “What is being black? It’s making the most of your life, not taking a single moment for granted. Taking something that’s seen as a struggle and making it work for you, or you’ll die inside. Not to say that my struggle is like the collective struggle of black America. But maybe my struggle is similar to one black dude’s.”

On whether he dates black girls: “I don’t think I open myself to it. My d-ck is sort of like a white supremacist. I’ve got a Benetton heart and a f-ckin’ David Duke c-ck. I’m going to start dating separately from my d-ck.”

Does Mayer still love Aniston? “Yes, always. I’ll always be sorry that it didn’t last. In some ways I wish I could be with her. But I can’t change the fact that I need to be 32. Parts of me aren’t 32. My ability to go deep with somebody is old soul. My ability to commit and be faithful is old soul. But 32 just comes roaring out of me at points when I don’t see it coming. I want to dance. I want to get on an airplane and be like a ninja. I want to be an explorer. I want to be like The Bourne Identity. I don’t want to pet dogs in the kitchen.”

On the gay rumors: “The only man I’ve kissed is Perez Hilton. It was New Year’s Eve and I decided to go out and destroy myself. I was dating Jessica at the time, and I remember seeing Perez Hilton flitting about this club and acting as though he had just invented homosexuality. All of a sudden I thought, I can outgay this guy right now. I grabbed him and gave him the dirtiest, tongue-iest kiss I have ever put on anybody—almost as if I hated fags. I don’t think my mouth was even touching when I was tongue kissing him, that’s how disgusting this kiss was. I’m a little ashamed. I think it lasted about half a minute. I really think it went on too long.”

And finally, this is what John Mayer wants from a relationship: “Here’s what I really want to do at 32: f-ck a girl and then, as she’s sleeping in bed, make breakfast for her. So she’s like, “What? You gave me five vaginal orgasms last night, and you’re making me a spinach omelet? You are the sh-t!” So she says, “I love this guy.” I say, “I love this girl loving me.” And then we have a problem. Because that entails instant relationship. I’m already playing house. And when I lose interest she’s going to say, “Why would you do that if you didn’t want to stick with me? [So why do I do it?] Because I want to show her I’m not like every other guy. Because I hate other men. When I’m f-cking you, I’m trying to f-ck every man who’s ever f-cked you, but in his ass, so you’ll say “No one’s ever done that to me in bed.”

[From Playboy]

Do I really have anything else to say? Not really. I will amend my opinion of Mayer though. He’s not just a rancid misogynistic douchey psychopath. He’s also a racist self-loathing closet-case and every woman who has ever slept with him should feel deeply ashamed.

UPDATE: Oh good. Us Weekly reports that now people who work on race relations on a daily basis are chiming in about Mayer being a f-cking douchebag.

UPDATE #2: John Mayer is now apologizing for using the n-word in the Playboy interview. It’s as if he thinks that one word was the only offensive thing in there. Anyway, Mayer tweeted (via Us Weekly): “Re: using the ‘N word’ in an interview: I am sorry that I used the word. And it’s such a shame that I did because the point I was trying to make was in the exact opposite spirit of the word itself. It was arrogant of me to think I could intellectualize using it, because I realize that there’s no intellectualizing a word that is so emotionally charged.” Mayer continued a few hours later: “I think it’s time to stop trying to be so raw in interviews…it’s gotten out of hand and I’ve created somewhat of a monster. I wanted to be a blues guitar player. And a singer. And a songwriter. Not a shock jock. I don’t have the stomach for it. Again, because I don’t want anyone to think I’m equivocating: I should have never said the word and I will never say it again.” Closet-case misogynist douchebaggy psychopath.

John Mayer Performs At The Hard Rock Cafe

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  1. Sigh. says:

    If I ever meet Mayer in the street, I don’t know if I need to give him a great big ol’ hug or a kick to the teeth.

    ::practicing scissor kicks in mirror::

  2. Macheath says:


    I have no words for this cum-stain. He’s a poor excuse for a human being.

    Quick, someone castrate him!

  3. ogechi says:

    This is the last day i will ever comment on this imbecile. I have never seen a disgusting and horrible pig like him before. OMG! how could this man so disrespect women that what he thinks about is sh*t?

  4. JulieNewmar says:

    Ugh. He needs a punch in the nuts.

  5. Leticia says:

    He really wishes that he could make love to himself, his one true love. I wish all women would stand together and shun him, but there will always be those dumb women willing to be used by him, just like those nuts who marry guys on death row. I don’t know who disappoints me more, him or the women who let him use them.

  6. coucou says:

    “Because I want to show her I’m not like every other guy. Because I hate other men. When I’m f-cking you, I’m trying to f-ck every man who’s ever f-cked you, but in his ass, so you’ll say “No one’s ever done that to me in bed.” He’s like the male version of Megan Fox, but just a bit more disgusting. He toungue kissed Perez and talks about doin’ a guy in his ass…My GAWD he is so skank, he needs to STFU or I may never, ever listen to his music again.

  7. Bullett says:

    Of all the things I could say regarding the quotes you have published, the first thing that comes to mind is how self-destructive this guy is. It seems that every time he opens his mouth he gets closer to destroying his career. Interesting.

  8. Maritza says:

    JulieNewmar took the words right out of my mouth! Good Lord this guy is an idiot!

  9. andrea says:

    ok, new rule. adding mayer posts to my no-read list, along with anything lohan or gosselin. just too much destructive-ness coming out of these people. fun celebrity who’s dating who/fashion mocking/etc is one thing – people just being awful, destructive people is entirely another.

  10. Sigh. says:

    Dragging out gay Asian/African-American female best friend for explanation/apology in 3…2…

    Then again, this is John “David Duke c*ock” Mayer, so…

  11. snapdragon says:

    “Because I want to show her I’m not like every other guy. Because I hate other men. When I’m f-cking you, I’m trying to f-ck every man who’s ever f-cked you, but in his ass, so you’ll say “No one’s ever done that to me in bed.”

    umm….is it just me, or does this make no sense?

  12. Roma says:

    I think Mayer is an amalgamation of a hyper-aware, incredibly insecure man. I don’t have hatred for him; I think in general his humour is funny but he spends his life overcompensating. And yes, he is a douche but I’d rather see men like him owning up to who and what he is than the Tiger’s of the world.

    I accept all of your judgment for not hating on him, but reading the whole article made me pity him instead.

  13. Jaded says: I wish this guy would just GO AWAY and stop with the imbecilic, psuedo-psychological, stream-of-consciousness drivel of juvenile tits and bums fantasy CRAP that comes out of his mouth and what passes for his brain. There, I’ve gotten that off my chest and feel somewhat better but the guy makes me want to gag.

  14. truthSF says:

    Dear John,

    I am sooo glad you are not attracted to black women, and that you have a David Duke c*ock. It is our pleasure your royal doucheness rejects us. Please don’t ever start dating separately from my d-ck.

    Thank you with love,
    A black woman

  15. Goosie says:

    Spot on analysis. If he wasn’t such an insecure, overcompensating douche I’d think he was upping the “giant turd” level as some sort of performance art a la Joaquin, but he’s way too needy and concerned w/ appearances to be going that route. Grade A Turd-ola.

  16. Fire says:

    OK….So I have finally officially seen the light and think he is a complete douchebag. No longer do I think he is “just misunderstood.” The shit he says about f*cking Jessica Simpson alone was enough, but the rest of this…I’m done defending him. He needs to STFU!

  17. archiepelago says:

    I agree with the poster who said that he is self destructive. It smacks of Lohan – same self loathing tendencies, same inability to see the damage they are creating in their careers. There are too many emotional tangents in that interview to show someone who has self restraint and an awareness of boundaries. He might benefit from a PR intervention and a good psychiatrist.

    I met him once and he was vacant and more than a little stoned – he is an incredible talent but there is something dead about him in person – this guy above seems like an act.

  18. someone says:

    omg he is just stupid.does he not think when he talks? i don’t listen to his music.if i saw him walking down the street, I’d punch him.

  19. Iggles says:

    truthSF – Yep, I’ll co-sign!

    This guy is such a digusting human being. He totally “out Mayer-ed” himself in this interview — managing to come off even more pathetic and unlikable then he already was!

    coucou – I agree that he’s a closet case. This is the first time he mentioned doing a guy in an interview. I do not believe for a second that Perez is the first guy he kissed.

  20. Sumodo1 says:

    How stupid is heto say this about dating: “I’ve got a Benetton heart and a f-ckin’ David Duke c-ck. I’m going to start dating separately from my d-ck.”
    STFU John Mayer!

  21. Goosie says:

    and one more thing….I’m sure he is *raging* jealous about Billy Corgan, which warms the black cockles of my heart. Billy is more talented and has more industry cred and he’s schtupping Jess, who is “the one who got away” for John, apparently.

  22. anna says:

    well, he ran with David Chappelle’s posse… wonder what Mr. Chappelle would say about this interview… he’s probably laughing his ass off and telling John to watch out.He was a bit too “V-E-R-Y.”

  23. TheLightFantastic says:

    I really don’t know what Mayer’s problem is. Half of that crap he said made no sense whatsoever and the rest of it was offensive to basically everyone except white males. We ALL have preferences about what we like and who we think is attractive and that’s fine. However, comments like having a “white supremacists co*k” or whatever isn’t something everyone will laugh about.

    I honestly think he’s trying to be witty and open and show that he’s just a regular guy but he comes off as creepy, racist, misogynist and really, really insecure.

  24. javelin says:

    It is interesting to get such a detailed description of how John Mayer perceives his place in the world. By showing his cards he allows us to condemn him, and our condemnation allows him to feel validated, resolved, exhilarated– He is always cultivating his ‘struggle’, you see. It is the struggle of an artist–to embrace everything sick within yourself by bringing it to the surface and thrusting it out into the world, moving it beyond yourself. And yet if John were a real artist his art would and could speak for him.

  25. Fire says:

    He comes across as some 20 year old asshole slut fratboy talking to same about his latest conquests, but unfortunately, he is a 32 year old celebrity with a twitter account who gets printed in Playboy, US Weekly, etc. etc. I would hope that 1) he would have grown out of this “nail anything that looks at him twice” stage by now, 2) he would have just an ounce of class and maybe not divulge this much information about former girlfriends, especially celebrity ones, and 3) realize that over half his fanbase is female and *might* find these comments repulsive and therefore stop coming to his concerts and buying his music. He is, in my opinion, cutting off his own “white supremacist c*ck” to spite his face.

  26. wee freckles says:

    Wow. I read his whole interview, and I don’t know what to say. Except that he is one self-destructive guy. I actually feel a little bit sorry for him, because he is doing one helluva hack job on himself.

  27. westender says:

    He will never find the right person to date, unless he can clone himself. That is the only way he can f*#k himself! What on earth did Jennifer and Jessica see in that man?

  28. lena says:

    i don’t even know what to say

  29. DoMaJoReMc says:

    I have already stopped listening to his music. Any time one of his songs comes on, I immediately change the tuner. I threw out the CD’s I had of his. He SUCKS as a person.

    He is so disgusting, and HOMELY, otherwise known as FUGLY!!

  30. Maddie says:

    I think he just freaking crazy, batz shite crazy.

    He needs a handler, that when ever he’s at an interview can either stun him with a stun gun or tazer him, when he “goes there” you know to his self destructive place, or when he opens his freaking mouth.

  31. dee says:

    He’s basically calling Jennifer old. In a nice way of course.

  32. Emily says:

    @snapdragon, I think it’s just him being closeted. That’s the only explanation I can think of: that when he’s fucking girls, he has to think about fucking guys to keep it up.

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what the fuck does “very” mean? Is this some new US slang, or Mayer being a douche? Or did the article leave out the word following “very”?

  33. Lucy says:

    He’s ugly, outside and inside. I feel sorry for whomever doesn’t despise him profoundely.
    Overrated, self-overrating plain loser at life. He just need a very bad disease to’ take him off slowly and painfully.

  34. Really says:

    I love Jennifer Anniston, but interviews like this make me think- How in the world did she date this guy long term? Seriously? What a DB!

  35. Novaraen says:

    OMG…everything he spews is verbal diarrhea.

    I think he is bisexual too. There are just too many gay things he says…and yeah..the whole frenching Perez thing. YUCK!!

  36. jeannified says:

    Man, this guy is such an egomaniac! …and if he thinks that he can convince us that he’s NOT gay (or at least bi), he’s WAY wrong! He’s definitely a closet-case…a self-loathing closet-case with SO many more isssues than just being gay! (Not that that’s an issue, if you are honest with yourself about it, but he’s totally fighting it and tearing other people down in the process!) I’ll bet Jennifer Aniston wishes she never had anything to do with him! Jerk!

  37. Juanita says:


  38. noonoo says:

    Hmmm…I actually think what he says does make sense. And I don’t think he is gay. I am perturbed as to why a 32 year old who has experienced great sucsess professionally is still engaged in an internal sexual pissing competition with every other man on the planet. But I don’t think its unusual to have conflict over the people you want to sleep with and the people you want to live with…ie Jess S. and Jen A. I have to agree he is strangely insecure, but I find his verbosity more interesting than the PR managed “magical/amazing” Cruisesque type utterances.

    His attraction to women BTW is that he still doesn’t know who he is so he becomes the perfect guy for every woman he starts to date and then freaks out because he is not being himself (as he doesn’t know how to BE himself) and dumps them. I think he needs to go volunteer in Haiti for 2 years and he’ll be a heck of a lot more psychologically healthy.

    Just my thoughts.

  39. walker says:

    He is so hot, but have you tried reading what he says in interviews? I get a headache just thinking about it!!
    I don’t get what he’s saying at all, but he’s wonderful to look at!

  40. yae says:

    Okay, so he’s Jewish.

    And he thinks White, African & Asian women are playthings to be made fun of.

    Are Jewish women on his list to degrade too?

  41. lola says:

    What a EGO MANIAC, RACIST! He, just, need to come out the CLOSET and, the sooner the better!!! Because I want to show her I’m not like every other guy. Because I hate other men. When I’m f-cking you, I’m trying to f-ck every man who’s ever f-cked you, but in his ass.

  42. What is this guys problem. I do like his music but I had no idea he was such a jerk.

  43. gee_gee says:

    Listen. I’m black and originally from the hood.


    1) I was unaware Mayer had a “hood pass”. I did not vote him in.

    2) He says he has not dated any black girls. Well praise Jesus. There is a section of the female population that is safe.

    3) Sorry, my white sistas, but you can keep him.

  44. lena says:

    @ noonooo, I knew someone would come in and say that there is nothing wrong with his preferences, which there isn’t, HOWEVER the way he compared his d*** to David Duke, a well known KKK member is beyond offensive. He’s pretty much saying that while he finds some black women pretty, he could never sleep with them because his d*** is repulsed by them, this goes well beyond having preferences as he’s obviously harboring preconceived notions that can’t simply be explained by having a personal preference. This is man who was part of a group that killed black americans. It’s especially disgusting relating it in terms to his feelings towards black women, white supremacists were happy to rape black women because we didn’t mean s*** to them. This is not a term/analogy that one should use to designate a “preference” for who you date/sleep with. Anyone out there defending ANY of his comments are truly idiots. As far as I’m concerned if his d*** is David Duke then my vagina is Malcolm X (towards him)

  45. dk88 says:

    javelin: good response, completely agree with that. Also he’s basically saying that he (his d*)is not attracted to black women. why not just say he’s never had the opportunity. Why dis an entire race and make it all about him? What the f* is wrong with this guy???! The other stuff is so distasteful I can’t even formulate a comment about it. The posters here are doing a good job with that though. Can’t stand him.

  46. Granger says:

    My god, I never thought I’d say this, but poor Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson. It’s gotta be pretty embarrassing to know you dated someone like that.

  47. sonola trip says:

    Yes, I now have to agree — this man is a misogynist. I usually hesitate to use the word and find it is often confused with sexism, but even I have to finally agree with Kaiser and others … Mayer has crossed that line into a deep-seated hatred of women. This isn’t just about “bias” anymore, it’s hatred. What a truly repugnant human being.

  48. ViktoryGin says:

    Oh….he tries so pitifully hard, doesn’t he?

    (I’m not even going to touch on the race element this time.)

    What I was going to say about him he summed up pretty well himself. He strikes me as seriously stunted. There are parts of him that are quite visionary and astute, but other parts of him that have the maturity of a daft teenage boy trying to exercise his arrested ego….and failing miserably.

    Okay, John you and I have similar astrological tendencies; and historically I’ve given you a pass because I feel like my vantage point is unique and I understand your self-deprecating/ aggrandizing ego vaccilations(see, there I go). I’m just tired now, however. I know that you have to speak your truth, are plagued by your need for self-expression, and are more senstive than you’d like to admit; but just shut the fuck up. Really. Go to India and figure some shit out. Continuum is going to make quite the coaster.

  49. Joan says:

    gee_gee – great post, but I don’t think your white sistas want him either.

    He keeps confirming, time after time, every time he opens his mouth, that he is genuinely stupid.

  50. kermit says:

    @Roma I love your comments. Beautifully stated. This is fascinating. He has an eloquence about him. Juvenile, some bitterness, lots of insecurity, some anger, some where do I belong I’m feeling. Utterly fascinating, even the apology.

  51. bubbs says:

    i don’t feel bad for any of the dumb bitches that fall for his shit. i can’t believe tons of dumbasses throw themselves at him. makes me embarrassed to be female sometimes. they get what they deserve.

  52. dragonlady sakura says:

    Not into black women? Black women go out and celebrate! I’ll speak for an entire race and say we don’t want you anyway.

  53. Noelle says:

    time to wrap him up and send him to the has-been funny farm…what a dick

  54. liz says:

    this is refreshing. i love an honest asshole. GO JOHN! he’s intelligent. and shallow hollywood can’t handle that. this is the kind of smart that in itself ridicules hollywood culture. this is an honest, non-showbiz-template interview. you hear about brad or george clooney being all self-righteous and messianic that it makes me want to throw the remote at the tv.

  55. archiepelago says:

    I read this again and I wonder – is he channeling a slightly more pretentious version of Courtney Love? And am I being dumb or is he allowed to say the n word because he has a hood pass?

  56. mags says:

    so wait, is he really saying that he fantasized about doing brad pitt while he was doing it with jennifer aniston??
    cause to be honest that’s about all i’m getting out of this, that and he needs to take a break from the smoking so much weed, or maybe not conduct interviews when STOOOOONED….

  57. ien says:

    is it strange that i feel a tinge of sorrow for him. he’s rich, he’s talented (even if you don’t like his music he’s incredible at guitar), & he’s famous, but it seems like he’s very very sad with himself and tries to compensate through skeezy interviews, sex and false self-worship.

    i used to love him, i have all of his cd’s and i’ve seen him in concert so as a former fan (who is black)i find this particular interview very offensive not only because of him using the n-word (which really just shows his ignorance NO MATTER WHAT sense he was trying to use it in…i’m black and i don’t use that word and don’t let people call me that even if they’re black) but also because of the blatant lack of human decency & respect to not broadcast details about those he sleeps with.

  58. Emily says:

    @liz: he’s smart? For real? Are you posting on an entirely different topic than the rest of us??

  59. MsTriste says:

    LOL: “Closet-case misogynist douchebaggy psychopath”. Add crappy musician to your list.

  60. CB Rawks says:

    “But that pearl of possibility that lives in your heart when you meet somebody you want to know more about has such a different molecular density than everything else that you have to pursue it.”

    *Head-desk*. Just shuuut uuuup. DOUCHE.

  61. Daniel says:

    wow, I’m speechless, is somebody really that stupid out there. I think at this point he is the epitome of “douche”

  62. someguy says:

    mayer is now my hero. and he shouldn’t apologize for telling people that ‘hood card’ is just as bigoted a term as using the N word. but people can’t handle that word, like it’s some infectious disease and if we stop using it suddenly we’re not racist. and i think it’s clear he doesn’t hate women, he just has a detached view on sex in terms of relationships.

    BUT NOBODY IS ACTUALLY READING THE INTERVIEW, ARE THEY? you’re all just parroting the insinuations of a retarded person who comments on other high-status Hollywood retards’ lives, furthering the redundancy and pointlessness of it all. Congratulations.

  63. ViktoryGin says:


    He does not get to use the n-word unless we wants to invite a figurative beatdown (which he has), and most definitely DOES NOT have a “hood pass”, whatever the hell that is. *Whispers to John*: non-black with these so-called “hood passes” usually exhibit a little more discretion and don’t have to admit it.

  64. JaneLane says:

    He also used the term fag. He is disgusting.

  65. Laura says:

    @gee-gee and truthSF

    Completely agree. We don’t want him. He reminds me of white guys who come up to me at clubs and think saying “you know, I’ve never hooked up with a black girl before” is going to make me like them. Bitch, please.

    He is misogynistic, racist, pathetic and a douchebag. Hopefully, Taylor Swift’s team can convince her to break up with his ass….

  66. San says:

    Shocked and surprise at the people that still accept this db. I wonder about the people who sit in his concerts night after night.
    There should be a massive dumping of his concert tickets. That’s the only language narcissistic db’s like this understand. I can picture it now concert seats full of David Dukes types in his audiences which include Taylor Swift. How can she spend time with this db jerk?

  67. SisterAgnes says:

    The women who have dated him need some serious self-examination. The man oozes arrogance and misogyny from every pore.How could they have allowed themselves to be with this boy? He clearly does not respect them as evidenced by his loose lips on matters best kept private. And he probably never did. What a sorry, sorry lad.

  68. imo says:

    As misguided as his statements are, I don’t believe he is a racist. I do believe that he’s screwing himself royally. Whatever his issues are, I definitely feel that it’s way bigger than him being a douche or an asshole. Someone needs counseling ASAP. He’s on a self-destructive path.

  69. me says:

    nice try…he apologizes for the n* word but not for saying fag uh? what an adorable…..piece of scum he is…as much as i cant stand perez hilton, still he said fag not referring to him in particular, so what are the glbt associations waiting for to say something??? sorry but calling gays Fags does show you do hate them idiot!

    sorry but i cant stand this piece of junk

  70. ann says:

    Hey we just discovered Jon Gosselin’s twin brother. Same looks, attitude and both treat women like sh**.

  71. lambchops says:

    This is so embarrassing I can’t stand reading it. He is so ridiculous. He tries too hard to be deep and intellectual, but is neither, just a screwed up wanker. He’s that cheeseball guy who wrote a ridiculous song called “Your Body is a Wonderland” He makes James Blunt look like a serious musician. If he wanted to be a blues man so bad, he should have gone and stayed in Memphis, but instead he lives in L.A. because he loves being famous more than being a blues man. Shut up, dude, please, we all beg of you.

  72. Jazz says:

    This guy is a pathetic disgusting piece of shit!

  73. kermit says:

    @someguy Point taken, but not all of us are parroting.

  74. KLO says:

    Reading this interview and the comments made my day. Come on! J.M. is a village idiot, something to take our minds off serious issues for 10 minutes. I don’t mind that.

  75. Aspie says:

    Screw you, JM! You just lost another (former) fan!

  76. HateTribe says:

    Your career is over, bud. Let me introduce you to Mr. Jesse Jackson…

  77. Kim says:

    there is an interview on youtube where Perez claims JM contacted him 6 months ago and they have had a phone/ email / relationship in which Jm admitted he has given a BJ and enjoys gay porn .Maybe JM is bi( not there is anything wrong w/ that smile seinfield line)

  78. JoGirl310 says:

    Also, has it not occurred to him that all of these women that he thinks he’s giving “five vaginal orgasms” in a single night are *faking* it? Most women can’t even have a vaginal orgasm, and this guy thinks he’s the king of them! How pathetic.

  79. 4444731 says:

    @JoGirl310: Of ALL the things wrong in this interview you comment about the 5 vaginal orgasm comment LOLOLOLOL

    Please don’t be bitter becuase you “can’t have a vaginal orgasm”

  80. the truth says:

    There are soooo many things wrong with this interview. I mean does he not hear himself when he speaks?! I’ve never read a more classless, crass interview in my life. I’m not even gonna get into the racist thing…. I’m still stuck on his comments toward his exs. And what was with that comment about Kerry Washington. For someone that doesn’t “do” black woman he sure had a lot to say there. I’d be sooo embarrassed right now if I was Jess or Jen. You dated this douche. Thats not saying great things about you right about now.

  81. sowhat! says:

    he might have said some things he didn’t mean (who hasn’t done this before), but at least he has the balls to realize that he was WRONG, thats bigger than most people! It doesn’t change the fact that he is still very talented. I won’t hold it against him. I’d tell him no mans done it like you, and eat his breakfast too! 🙂 lol

  82. CB Rawks says:

    “Anybody who has been in a relationship with me would stand by the fact that I’ve never been callous.”

    He spills to the media about the girls he breaks up with! He badmouths them and humiliates them, but he’s not callous.
    He is a douchetool, but not a crusty one?
    Yes he is, a scabby rancid douchetool.

  83. Squirtle says:

    @4444731: “Please don’t be bitter becuase you “can’t have a vaginal orgasm”

    So it’s a common thing for you to have 5 orgasms every time you have sex? I think @JoGirl310 is absolutely right! If you are have 5 orgasms during every intercourse, they obviously aren’t very satisfying ones…I never read posts about JM before because I really don’t care for his music but after reading this, I think I’m going to start outright boycotting! This guy is a total asshole! Everything about his narcissism insults me; he’s going to outgay Perez Hilton PUH-LEEZE! “Almost as if he hated fags” Well it certainly sounds like you love them much more than you secretly “hate” them. I agree with mags too, I think he is fantasizing about Brad Pitt and he’s just too much of a self-loathing hypocrite to admit it.

  84. Ashuhhlee says:

    John Mayer is the fucking shit. Oh my god get over what he said. He can say whatever the fuck he wants. It doesn’t make him fucking racist. You should ALL get a life and get over yourself.

  85. reeree says:

    What The hell is this guy crazy he is an ASS talking about f*cking men i pity for him he has to grow up what a gay 32 year old loser

  86. Cheyenne says:

    JoGirl310: “Most women” can’t have a vaginal orgasm? Sez who?

    I think “most women” manage very well, thank you.

    Althought I have to admit that five-in-one-night is pure bullshit.

  87. JohnMayerforlife says:

    hahahahahah he is hilarious

  88. corine says:

    Ugh, I hate him so much. What was Aniston thinking dating him? She must’ve been as desperate as hell to chase after him after he dumped her. The things he says about her are pretty funny. “I want to know that you hold me correctly in your heart”? Who talks like that? She sounds like one of those crazy, therapy-obsessed girls. She has more money than brains . . .

  89. insidescoop says:

    I’ve never felt very strongly about John Mayer before, he’s always produced a “meh” reaction from me.

    But after reading this, wow,


  90. t ro says:

    he is obviously a coke head

  91. Miz Moxie says:

    @ gee_gee.
    Im black too But Im not really that offended.

    Oh, snap! theres a creepy biexual popstarman who has okay music whose d*k has no interest in me? waaah, just waah.

    He does massive amounts of blow too. Its obvious & you can really tell when he starts talking about Perez.
    Because people who dont do blow have a stop sign in between theyre brain & their mouth.

    & as for the 5 vaginal orgasms? Yeah right! in a land called EVERY MANS FANTASY.

    Sorry Jen, but you LIKED the ABUSE.

    I think that comment was directed at a specific person.

  92. kim says:

    I appreciate Johns honesty. He doesn’t hold back. He is comfortable enough with himself that he can say what he wants. A white guy that scrawny would never say the N or F@$$*t word if they were really a homophobe or racist. Read the context. Hes a guy who enjoys sex, hasnt explored it with black woman, but it open to. He basically was saying being gay is no big deal, which is why he kissed Hilton. He knows himself well enough to speak his mind. In my opinion nothing offensive here.

  93. lovejohnny(: says:

    i am a true john mayer fan. and i understand he did say some crappy things, but guys, give him a break.its not his fault other celebrities arent as gut honest during interviews as he is. he’s seriously getting insulted over his opinions. either way. im still and will forever be a john mayer fan.

  94. Jason says:

    He’s just trying to be funny and outrageous like Howard stern and get attention. He also knows that women like guys who treat them like shit! He wants the bad boy image and you all are feeding into it

  95. stilllovehim says:

    Yes, he may have crossed the line, but to say he is like this horrible guy, and blah blah blah. He is just like every other guy. I’m sure every girl on here has dated a guy or knows a guy just like him, but he gets way more crap for thinking and speaking like every other guy, because he is a celebrity. Stupid, if you ask me. And he also never said anything insulting about African Americans, except that he is not sexually attracted to them. I’m sure if any African American celebrity said that he wasn’t sexually attracted to white girls, it wouldn’t be a big deal at all, so why should it matter in this case?

  96. kt says:

    He sounds like alot of young men in their twenties and thirties. Dumb stuff just comes out of their mouths and you see their brains/hearts aren’t working – but their egos are.

  97. callista says:

    chill the hell out. john is an honest guy who apparently isn’t afraid to say whatever he wants. he’s independent and is comfortable with himself. you over analyze everything he said and hold it against him. what he said is his opinion, and he has the guts to tell everyone about it. even if you are offended (I dont know why you would be) you have to admit he’s an incredible musician. ive been a loyal fan and after this interview, i have more respect for him. I actually just went to his concert yesterday. he was amazing. rappers can say the n word whenever they want, and sing about sex, money and hoes but since he’s white he can’t? maybe you’re the racist ones. he apologized, he’s sorry, everythings cool. stop looking for all his flaws.
    just chill the hell out about the damn interview.
    and he is intelligent. you’re all haters.

  98. Jen Neifer says:

    Awesome post and everybody should should totally comply with the writer with this view right here. Its insane, that is what i can say concerning this post. Because this should be what this whole internet is about or am i wrong? Keep it up!

  99. mark says:

    everyone needs to relax…bottom line is his music is unreal and that is all that matters. media kills artists

  100. Greg says:

    Dear John

    You are a FUCKING GOD! and your my idol everyone else who has a problem with him you have no reason to insult him cause you guys are just as human as he is

  101. My 20 year old son came home from college for the weekend and brought me the new John Douche Bag Mayer CD. I listened to about two songs and laughed all the way through. What an ass! As my husband once said to a whiner, “Wahh, wahh, wahh! Shut the F*** up!”

  102. callista says:

    this is still going on? wtf get a life. JOHNS AWESOME AND YOU SUCK.

  103. SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny, u guys are to serious

  104. Canucklehead says:

    What a colossal a-hole..

    “If you can’t handle very…”


    what part of him was ever cool?

  105. Hikkilove says:

    “Because I want to show her I’m not like every other guy. Because I hate other men. When I’m f-cking you, I’m trying to f-ck every man who’s ever f-cked you, but in his ass, so you’ll say “No one’s ever done that to me in bed.”

    Does this guy hate himself? And why is it that nothing he says makes sense? Your junk isnt racist, youre racist. And the part where he says he isnt a bad guy he just puts women through the wringer psychologically….? WTF does he think a douche is?

  106. I get it says:

    He’s an artist, not a moral leader. I get it. He wants to have time to be young and reckless. He has found someone that he believes he could settle down with, but he is not ready. If women don’t want to become the victims of womanizing then they need to be more careful about falling into bed before they have a ring on their finger. He is a typical man. Just enjoy his music already.

  107. Kelly says:

    I think people take him far more seriously than he takes himself, who cares what he says, if you don’t like it don’t read it, it certainly doesn’t detract from the fact he’s an amazing artist , I love his kooky ways! I totally get John Mayer. Why people feel the need to take offence at things that don’t even concern them il never know, that’s the real insanity here.

  108. jtd says:

    everyone needs to relax. if you saw him on the street you would not “punch him in the face.” Also, most of these posts are probably from chicks who spread their legs and got screwed over. Don’t take out your shame from a bad experience with a douche on John Mayer.

  109. jlm says:

    Well thats five minutes ill never get back. Like his music, but he is a fool.