Life & Style: “A Baby to Save Brangelina’s Love”


Apparently, for the most part the tabloids were not impressed with Brad and Angelina’s Super Bowl PDA. There was one exception, though. Life & Style’s cover story this week is all about Brangelina having a “baby to save their love”. Except not really, because Angelina’s not pregnant, and she probably won’t get pregnant while she’s filming some stunt-heavy action film in Europe over the next few months. But I guess they could adopt? Would an adopted baby “save their love” too?

Apparently when Angelina Jolie flew from LA to Miami, she ate a salad and an ice cream sundae, then watched Julie & Julia. Later she chatted up a fellow passenger and said: “I’m such a squishy mom. I really am just a squishy mom; I can’t wait to just be in bed hanging out with them.”

This anecdote, along with old quotes about “further additions” to the family, creates a “story” with the headline, “A Baby For Brad And Angelina!” The spread is illustrated with a photo of Angie, with her arms up, cheering! Of course, she is at the Super Bowl.

But since Brad recently purchased a house, the mag screams, “THEY’RE MAKING ROOM FOR MORE CHILDREN!” Was it only two weeks ago that this same mag L&S’s sister mag declared “Yes, It’s Over!”? In any case, this article notes that since Angie has to film “steamy thriller” The Tourist, which includes sex scenes with Johnny Depp, she won’t be getting pregnant right now. She might adopt, though!

Star Magazine claims in yet another story that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s kissing and hugging at the Super Bowl was “all for show.” Body-language expert Toni Coleman says: “To me this feels contrived and exaggerated. You can tell these two are actors.”

[From Jezebel’s tabloid round-up]

I really don’t know if they’re planning for another child in the immediate future. My guess is that if they are, they probably will adopt, but you never know with them. And of course, given Angelina’s trip to Haiti, you know people are like “she’s going to adopt a Haitian baby!” In reality, though, Angelina warned against Haitian adoptions, because of concerns of human trafficking.

In additional “they’re working on their relationship” news, several blogs are buzzing with the story that Angelina spent $12,000 on a fancy olive tree for Brad’s Valentine’s Day gift. Get it? Olive tree… olive branch? Oh my God!

Life & Style cover courtesy of CoverAwards.

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  1. LolaBella says:

    …let the frenzy begin!

  2. Praise St. Angie! says:

    oh, can I guess at the next L&S cover story?

    Brad refuses to get her pregnant so she turns to her co-star (Depp) to knock her up.

    this is fun! who’s next?

  3. Rosalee says:

    *sigh* an olive tree..brad will be making his own olive oil under the Brange label and using the proceeds to save the world..all rejoicing will commence shortly. In serious mode, I wrongly assumed that the lawsuit filed against the News of the World would have stopped the tabs from printing erroneous crap and the fictional headlines would stop.

  4. Essie says:

    Most of the ragmags ignored the Jolie Pitts for their main covers this week. I guess it was hard for most of them to “explain” the pic and video from the Superbowl. While one of them did say it was all a lie, the 106 million people who actually saw the game know that the cheering, clapping, hugging and kissing was what most people do while watching their team pull an upset. There was no “acting” here.

    Not to worry . . . by next week things will be back to “normal” and the ragmags will be all over that olive tree story!!!

  5. DoMaJoReMc says:

    There are so many thoughts that I have running around in my head about these two……..

    Just because you are getting along for 5 minutes, doesn’t mean that you should bring (or adopt) another baby to ‘solidify’ your warped life.

    Doesn’t Brad GET that each child is only a pawn to cement him to Holie?


  6. Jag says:

    I want to know why they say Kendra was in tears, since we all have seen the picture and read her statement about it. lol

  7. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL…an olive tree??? What will they think of next?

  8. bella says:

    Just a question: I know that a lot of very thin women cease to have periods; since Angelina is so thin, is she even able to get pregnant at this time?

  9. bite me says:

    bella, she was thinner when she got pregnant with the twins

  10. DoMaJoReMc says:

    When will these two learn that to have a baby to ‘save’ their relationship is wrong. This is an AWFUL burden on a child. These two are far too selfish (IMO)

  11. Beth says:

    DoMaJoReMc, they have six kids. I don’t think more cement is necessary to trap Brad. Other than the tabloids, there’s no reason to say they brokeup. They’ve been wrong for five years so I don’t see why tabs would be true now. Didn’t one or twelve of the tabs already say Angelina was 3 months pregnant two or three months ago? I remember the “Revenge Pregnancy” headline. I don’t get why people don’t notice or care that the tabs contradict their stories the following week(s).

  12. Cheyenne says:

    @DoMaJoReMc: When will YOU learn not to believe everything you read in some dumb-ass tabloid?

  13. bella says:

    Yeah, bite me, but I’m pretty sure they had “medical assistance” on that one.

    And DoMa, you are totally correct. A baby will not “save” a relationship: first of all, a baby requires A LOT of attention, and while a baby may initially bring a couple closer, the stress of a new baby and raising a child is not for those in a troubled relationship; secondly, it is a TERRIBLE burden to place on a child…just look at little Mason Dixon, responsible for “healing the rifts in the Kartrashian family.”

    Terrible, just terrible, to place that kind of responsibility on a tiny little person who is totally incapable of doing anything for themselves, let alone the “big people” responsible for the baby’s care. A certified counsellor would be a much better investment, and would certainly not increase an already HUGE carbon footprint left by an already large family.

  14. Sumodo1 says:

    What trash journalism.

  15. bite me says:

    what about nicole richie, when is got pregnant with her daughter, that girl was skinner than Jolie

    so six kids can’t save a relationship but seven can got it

  16. Phowie says:

    She chatted up a fellow passenger and said: “I’m such a squishy mom. I really am just a squishy mom.” Which is harder to believe; that she ate an ice cream sundae or chatted up a total stranger?

  17. Beth says:

    If Brad and Angelina used invitro, which I seriously doubt they did, why would that be a bad thing? A lot of people need medical help to get pregnant. It’s not something people should be attacked for. I agree that if Nicole Ritchie can get pregnant naturally, there’s no reason to say Angelina can’t. Not sure what carbon footprints have to do with anything considering there are other people, celebrities and not, who have almost as big if not bigger families than Brad and Angelina who don’t get attacked for having a large family.

  18. The Queen Bee says:

    why do some of you continue to believe these stories that are consistently and constantly WRONG?

  19. princess pea says:

    Life and Style, eh? This means the truth is probably the opposite. So…

    They’re selling all the kids and buying a private island in tropics where they will spend the rest of their days rolling around on rubber sheets having beer and vodka soaked sex. There, solved it!

  20. captain says:


  21. marynotcontrary says:

    Essie, I like your comment the best – the show must go on and Angelina is the master of deception…

  22. bella says:

    While there are many people who have large families (famous or not), I do wonder how many of them bother to consider the impact they have on the environment. It’s something my husband and I considered, and we have four children (the last of which was a BIG surprise). We don’t, however, travel by private jet or limo; jet-set all over the world; own several homes that require power, water, etc…to maintain; have several vehicles; and the list goes on. If you are concerned with the environment, it is valid to think before you breed. Mindless breeding doesn’t benefit anyone or anything. And commenting on the environmental impact of large families, and/or the burden a “relationship-saving baby” places on said baby has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not I believe the ragmags’ articles, it just means I’m a thinking woman.

  23. KIKI says:

    It is refreashing not to have to read about the stupid love triangle this week in the tab headlines. How many times have they claimed she is pregnant though? I also don’t believe that she was eating ice cream and talking to fellow passangers. LIES!

  24. Tazina says:

    They must be so sick of the nonsense printed about them. The tabs are desperate, obviously, so at this point they’ll print anything to up sales figures.

  25. lucy2 says:

    If they had another child for every time the tabloids claimed it to be so, they’d be up to a good 40 or 50 kids by now.
    Sadly there are couples who have kids in hopes of that fixing everything. Are B&A like that? Kind of doubt it.

    My guess now is they probably hit a little rough patch, a minor thing got blown way out of proportion by the media, and they’ve worked it out. The PDA at the Superbowl seems like an oversell though, only because it’s kind of out of character for them.

    I can’t see her describing herself as “squishy” to a stranger on a plane. That’s pretty funny.

  26. Rita says:

    There have been non tabloid sightings of them being very affectionate when with friends. Maybe being with Paul Allen and Doug Brinkley and their families in a box at the Super Bowl was them just being how they really are, happy with each other and enjoying the game. That just might be the truth. Not anything tabloids will pick up on as they are too busy manufacturing new lies and repeating old ones.

    They will not be adopting from Haiti at this time but urge support for SOS Children’s Villages where kids are supported in their own countries in a family like atmosphere.

  27. Kim says:

    Star magazine had a Baby # 7 headline twice in 2009. Lies and Style had an headline 2 babies in 2009 1 adopted and 1 bio. In touchweekly claimed she was drinking water about a month ago therefore she was pregnant.

  28. teri says:

    It really is sad that people question Angelina’s weight. It’s so uncalled for and she looks healthy and beautiful regardless. Did it ever occur to any of you naysayers how people in Ethiopia and Africa have children considering they are very malnutrition ed, sick and simply bones? Angelina looks amazing and she isn’t that skinny, no Nicole Ritchie here. She even breast fed her twins and they weighed well for being twins.

  29. teri says:

    I think some expect them to hump and make out all the time regardless who sees them. Some prefere to keep the PDA for private moments, they have nothing to prove. How many times have we seen jen dry hump, lust in pools, and do doggie and it never worked out? And to think some of her fans said it would last a lifetime. That’s just desperation at it’s worst. Kissing and hugging is very normal and not overdoing it or putting on a show.

  30. Whatever says:

    Blah, more of the same old, same old cycle. They are together, splitting, he’s running back to Jennifer, they are having another baby, no they are splitting, no they are adopting! They don’t know anything.

  31. nnn says:

    Why bringing Ethiopia ?

    Jolie’s physique is in par with European standards. Many women have her physique. Only in the US she is anorexic. Actually she looks slavic to me. She looks like she come from Czeck Republic or Slovaquia (Check Adriana Karembeu), same body type as many women from there you see on the streets.

    Just because she doesn’t fit the american standard of what is consider ‘healthy’ doesn’t mean she isn’t. Just like some ‘healthy’ americans are considered fat in Europe. Doesn’t mean they are.

    Different body types, different cultural perceptions.

    Hell Gisèle Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrioso and Adriana Lima are ALL skinnier and ALL had a baby.

    So was Kate Moss when she had her first baby, so is Victoria Beckham who is the mother of three children.

  32. Maritza says:

    I thought the tabloids had said that one of the arguments Brad and Angelina had was because she wanted to adopt again and he didn’t! So maybe she convinced him? Like another baby is going to solve the problem… all the chaos they have is because they have so many kids. 6 is enough, it makes no sense to keep adding more kids.

  33. Kim says:

    Maritza, Maritza and her Bible the tabloids.

  34. teri says:

    Maritza, Are you saying that you believe the tabloids? Bwahahaha

  35. nexgoo says:

    Ohohhhh Brad,
    she has you by the balls.

    Or better: you have no eggs.
    You’re a p*ssy, a wimp, a wash rag!

  36. dee says:

    How was the PDA an over sell when we’ve seen Brad jump Angelina in a car in the past? There are pictures of them being all over each other at so many events. It’s almost a given by now that there will always be one person who will say they are surprised to see them act like a couple, when history has shown, they’ve always been that way with each other.

  37. nnn says:

    Well i wouldn’t worry about the state of a couple who has been together for the past 5 years and i would certainly not worry about never proven problems in their couple because of the so called number of kids they have when other actors and actresses with no child involved hook up and break up at a higher rate. Maybe the absence of children is the problem then if i use the same logic in reverse (sarcasm)

    I think it’s appalling for anyone to suggest that the number of children as the reason why a couple, any couple has problems or on the verge of breaking up.

    This is nasty and childish rhetoric any sane adult would never uttered especially when it is a common knowledge that children wrongly always feel like they are the reason why their parents break up/divorce and often are checked in psychological program because of that guilt they feel as being the reason why their parents break up, guilt reinforced when irresponsible adults who are not even in the couple entourage, already assume that with no shame.

  38. Super Mustache says:

    LOL nexgoo, she does! I don’t know how someone like her could be with such a wimpy man. I know how it is to be a strong woman and weak men make me sick to my stomach. I need a man who is a MAN, not a wimpy pussy with more estrogen than me, and I would have imagined she’d be the same. That is why I think this relationship won’t last too much longer, she’ll get sick of him being a wimp and move on and try to find a real man. Too bad there are so few left nowadays (and none in Hollywood). I am not a fan of her or Brad, but I do want those kids to be happy and healthy.

  39. Cheyenne says:

    @Beth: As far as I know, fertility docs will do invitro only if you have tried and failed for two years to get pregnant. Let’s do some math. Shiloh was born May 2006. The twins were born July 2008 which means they were conceived October or November of 2007. Since that is only 17 or 18 months after Shiloh was born I don’t think they had invitro.

    Some folks just don’t want to believe that Brad and Angie do the nasty like any other couple.

  40. Bek says:

    @nnn: cultural perceptions don’t have anything to do with actual “health”. There are some groups in the Middle East who think all women should be incredibly obese. They have required amounts for girls to eat, and they don’t stop until the girl looks ready to explode from fat. While they think it’s beautiful (and they’re allowed. It’s their prerogative), and while Europeans may or may not feel anorexia and extreme weight loss are beautiful, it doesn’t mean it’s “healthy”. That argument is invalid. That being said, Angie seems extremely underweight to me, but not necessarily to a point where it could damage her health–for right now anyway.

  41. Rita says:

    super mustache, how do you know what type of man Brad is? Angelina seems quite happy with Brad, has been with him much longer than with anyone else in her life, to me that says something about the great strength of their relationship. She has given birth to 3 kids by him in a little over 2 years, and adopted 3 kids with him.

    Angelina herself said, “I know if I ever see a man be great with my child(Maddox) then that would be it for me”,(VF 2005) and “The kind of man I could be with one day would have to be an amazing father, a compassionate, strong, independent individual.”(RD 2004).

    Sounds like that man is Brad to Angelina.

  42. Rita says:

    bek, I was jut watching old films from the 30′s and if the camera adds 10 pounds then all those women weighed under 100 pounds, they were tiny tiny tiny. I see no problem with Angelina’s weight, she is always described by those who actually see her as petite and tiny in person. This weight criticism is hooey, a nonissue, drummed up by tabloids. She is healthy enough to have given birth to 3 kids within a litle over 3 years and easily carry her kids around also. Her Mom was also tiny.

  43. Kim says:

    Yeah I read an article In Marie Claire where there is a country where mothers force feed their daughters several times a day to fatten them up so they will be marriage material

  44. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Cheyenne:

    Hey, hold on! I didn’t say I believe what the tabloids say. I am stating what are my opinions. C’mon, Cheyenne, if I REALLY believed everything the tabloids say, I would be on the moon with Elvis, having his 2-headed green babies! Anyhow…have a great day! *grin!*

  45. Essie says:

    Rita, those women from the 30′s were skinny and flat chested with zero hips. Angelina is far from that. She is naturally slim and she looks perfectly healthy. It makes me angry when people say she is too skinny. She looks like every other actress in Hollywood who wants to keep acting.

    True, Chey, there is no way a doctor would give in vitro to a woman who had given birth to a healthy baby mere months before. Plus, people seem to forget that Brad’s sister has twins and Angelina has uncles who are twins. So giving birth to twins was not an anomaly for Angelina at all since twins run in both families.

    People need to stop believing these ragmags. Seriously.

  46. nnn says:


    I don’t agree with you AT ALL in many aspects.

    Jolie is not underweight per se in european standards and east afrian standards, even for west african countries like Senegal.

    Most women i see in the Paris metro have her proportions and the overwhelming girls in the Netherlands, Sweden, Czeq Republic, Slovaquia, Romania are like her (note that Jolie has slovaquian blood through her father, again while some people find her exotic she has many typical straight up slavic traits in the face as well as in the body).

    And again cultural perception does exist. In Europe, You will find many more people saying that X or Y american star has fat legs or is fat than in the US whose general perception of healthy looking body is heavier, meatier ones compared to Europe and vice versa.

    The same way that you will hear more in Europe that the American male is obsessesd with breasts and the American woman usually indulge herself in plastic surgeries for breats enlargement. Plenty of french actresses are flat chested. In the US the typical starlet always go for a breats enlargement and rhynoplasty.

    Also i found it weird and suspected that Jolie is always perceived as underweight when women skinnier than her are never criticized for their weight or never questionned about their pregnancies even when skinnier.

    I have given a couple of names but lets add Thandie newton (extremely skinny), at some point, Nicole Kidman, Whitney Houston,Gwyneth at some point…all those women were/are skinnier than Jolie who is ironically BUSTY for a so called underweight person…when you know that anorexia or straight up skinniness severly strike the fat tissues before anything else and Jolie is the bustier woman from all of them.

  47. Cheyenne says:

    The Queen Bee: why do some of you continue to believe these stories that are consistently and constantly WRONG?

    Because that’s what they want to believe and they think if they repeat it often enough it will come true. Sort of like Linus and the Great Pumpkin.

  48. lrm4joy says:

    Um,it’s not how many children a family has,but the lifestyle…consumer lifestyles always use more resources than subsistence.

    And,free,clean energy is possible,but the powers that be have always supressed this.

    That said,advances in healthcare have impacted mortality and life exptectancy rates. But it’s still how we live our lives,not how many of us do so,that really counts.

    And I would prefer to focus on developing technologies that offer sound and sustainable options for our lives,not pacts,treaties and taxes that further control our behavior in the name of ‘the earth’.

    However,if any industrial corporations out there,world wide,wish to curb their emissions,I’m all for it. I’d rather focus on industry than individual behavior,b/c at this point,it’s becoming a scam to see how much control and money can be had from this ‘green movement’.


  49. Bek says:

    How is naming a million other underweight bitties considered a valid argument? Case in point:

    casual observer: “That man is drinking”.
    obsessed observer: “It doesn’t count if the bottle isn’t directly over his head! Furthermore, those other guys are drinking! Over there! Or…over there! See? See!?! See??!!??!!”

    Angelina IS underweight. Doesn’t matter if she hails from Europe, Africa or the Antarctic. It’s just an observation. Not an attack on cultural perception of “beauty”. It’s irrelevant in that respect. Settle.

  50. Bek says:

    Essie: a lot of those “other actresses” are too thin as well. Nobody is playing “respecter of persons”. And it’s not a crime, its just what it IS. There is no conspiracy against Jolie. It’s simply an observation made. There’s a reason people gasp at individuals who are unhealthy in terms of weight. Just like it’s intrinsic to fear the sight of blood; it means general bad news for said person. It’s part of our psychology.

  51. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    I don’t get this ‘Brad and Angie are normally not affectionate so the kissing at the superbowl was put on/a show/forced/publicity stunt
    rhetoric that’s floating around. If anything, this is a couple that more often than not are all over each other! The SAGS the year she was pregnant with the twins? Every pic had them nuzzling, kissing, groping each other. The Critics Choice awards? Same thing. What about Cannes 07? Brad pratically jumped Angie the second they were in the car. All the numerous premieres where his hand is perpetually on her ass? The list goes on.

    They are very affectionate and very much a PDA couple. They’ve even been criticised for it on numerous occasions. It’s bizarre that people are questioning this now, all these years later.

  52. crash2GO2 says:

    @Zzzzzzzzzzzz: I’ve never seen photos of PDA or criticism of such. Please provide links. Thanks!

  53. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    crash2GO2 – just Google it! There are plenty of sites out there with pics of numerous pda action between Brangelina. As for the criticisms, just read some of the comments on those sites. These two simply can’t catch a break.