Is Miley Cyrus’s mom Tish getting it on with Bret Michaels?

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This story is from Star Magazine, so there’s a good chance it’s crap, of course. But I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’s a little bit true, just because it’s funny. So, do you remember how Miley Cyrus actually went into the studio and recorded her version of Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”? Yeah. That happened. And it happened because Miley and Bret Michaels met and liked each other, and Bret was “honored” for Miley to cover the song or whatever. For shame! Anyway, it looks like there might be another Cyrus-Michaels collaboration happening, only this one involves Miley’s mom Tish Finley-Cyrus, and Bret Michaels’ wang. Oh, yes.

Miley’s mom Tish’s extremely close friendship with rocker Bret Michaels is raising eyebrows, just as the 42-year-old blonde’s marriage to Billy Ray Cyrus is reaching its breaking point.

“Billy Ray and Tish are spending more and more time apart,” says an insider. “They have a lot of major issues.”

The couple’s 16-year union has grown increasingly tense since the family relocated from Tennessee to Hollywood for Miley’s show Hannah Montana in 2005. Billy Ray “has become this creature of Hollywood… and Tish is always the one who’s left to pick up the pieces when there’s a crisis among the kids. There’s lots of pent-up frustration on her part, and it’s been coming out more and more lately.”

Meanwhile, the mom of five and Bret, who has two kids, hit it off in a big way when he and Miley recorded a cover of “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” in December.

“Tish and Bret spend a lot of time in the studio together,” says Bret’s rep, who insists that two have a “strictly business” relationship. “They talk all the time.”

“Billy Ray and Tish are trying to work through their problems,” says a source. “But it looks like the marriage is in serious trouble.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, February 22 2010]

Um… if Miley and Bret just recorded that one song together, why is Tish still hanging out in the studio with Bret? That doesn’t make any sense, unless you put it in the context of “they’re probably bangin’”. Now, the question does need to be asked: would Tish ruin her marriage just to have a fling with Bret? And I think I can safely answer “Yes.” What do we know about Tish other than what her children are like? Yeah. Miley isn’t just a fluke. Look at Noah. Tish is exactly the kind of woman who would cheat on The Mullet with Bret Michaels.


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35 Responses to “Is Miley Cyrus’s mom Tish getting it on with Bret Michaels?”

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  1. Jazz says:

    Ewwwww. Bret Michaels how could you!

  2. Molly says:

    Does she honestly think if she does have a relationship with Bret it will last? The man even keep a lady from one of those reality shows he had on MTV. Then she’d have all of those girls hanging around in some capacity in his background. Ugghh! Dont be so desperate lady!

  3. Maleficent says:

    She is gross and Bret is gross and a has-been. Perfect match.

  4. Stacey says:

    Why the hell would Miley’s mum be going with Bret Michaels? She has a husband, children and she’s really lucky for her life to be like that! This story is pathetic!

  5. AlaskaJoey says:

    I say Bret is an upgrade from Billy Ray.

  6. Popcorny says:

    I suspect Billy’s been running around with the teeny-boppers -and not just of the female pesuasion either.

  7. Kevin says:

    Poor Billy Ray’s heart. His achey breaky heart.

  8. LolaBella says:

    LMAO@Kevin: Dude, somebody had to say it!

    That picture of Brett and Miley is uh…interesting.

    Maybe Tish wants to get into the music business and Brett, who is more current that BRC, was just giving her pointers…yah, I got nothing; they’re probably bangin’.

  9. lucy2 says:

    From Billy Ray to Bret Michaels…yeah that sounds about right. One more loser has been desperately clinging to fame and it’ll be the white trash triple play!

  10. Taya says:

    Tish has screwed every other rock star and roady, so Bret would be no big deal. It has been known for years that Tish slept with many band members hoping to get pregnant (she already has two from guys she barely knew)and she hit the jackpot when she got knocked up by Billy Ray. Tish is the poster skank for whoring and abandoning her children to travel around North America bedding anything that looks twice at her.Even her own family had to take care of her older kids for years because she was to busy partying to care. This woman is disgusting.

  11. Tia C says:

    Well, if this is true, she’s consistent with her white trash tastes, I’ll give her that. And something in that Star article caught my eye – she’s a mom of FIVE? Good grief. I just looked on wikipedia and (of course) they are not all with BRC. She’s been a busy girl.

    @LolaBella – yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the pic of Bret and Miley – they look comfortable, one might even say intimate, with each other. Maybe he’s banging them both – eeeuuuww!

  12. gg says:

    I hope not – he’s a skank on wheels.

  13. Katija says:

    LMAO @ that photo of Miley and Brett.

    Oh, man! As Britney hast taught us before, you can take the girl out of the trailer park…

  14. sasha says:

    She produces such plain children (though I’ve only seen three of them), I wonder if Bret’s would be an improvement or not.

    And LOL @ Kevin!

  15. anne says:

    is Tish orange or is it just me?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Oh, how can all this trash talk be? Isn’t this family (Cyrus) holier than a cow? They go to church, carry a Bible in their Gucci purses, preach to all of us oh how we are sinners, and they know the truth. Us mortals cannot believe such morbid innuendos. However, wasn’t there a Star in the Bible. 3 wise men too, hmmm, I wonder if they were named Jonas? Real question is would I trade all the crap doled out about these people for millions of dollars? Yep! In a minute. I know how to invest. Experienced. Lost my shirt over the last two years. Qualifies me to issue investment advice or government work I think. But first a bonus! Oh, wait, I feel depressed; time to buy another mutt and Liam Cyrus walk it and clean up its poop. Yooo hooo, oh, Liam, put that sheep away and do your chores.

  17. Cinderella says:

    I agree with Popcorny 100%.

    Tish and Brett actually look like a match made in washed-up white-trash heaven.

  18. daisyfly says:

    This story needs a baby wipe, man. The whole Cyrus clan is poo.

  19. Lway says:

    @ Katija: LOL! So true. My first thought was .. Hillbillies….

    Miley looks like something that crawled out from under a trailer. I cannot stand her! ugh!

  20. MooMooMoo says:

    hells yes Bret would seduce her, ewey!!

  21. stephen says:


  22. snapdragon says:

    i suspect bret’s “hair” is actually a series of wigs attached to hats and bandanas.

  23. Lisa says:

    I am sooo sad that Miley had no time to grow up, but were thrown into a career by her parents.
    I used to adore Billy Cyrus, several yrs. ago; but watching what he and her mom is doing to their child is appalling.

    She is a sweet girl, but she is only a girl. Her parents allowed the boyfriends to move into their home, allowing her to do everything she wanted

    What a shame and what a waste of a former innocent gorgeous girl.

  24. Lisa says:



  25. Lisa says:

    So sorry – Isee you did submit


  26. leah says:

    well miley cyrus’s mom i wanna chat with u i am 10 years old and i stopped loving miley cyrus because she is taking pics of her in her underware and all that stuff and u dont judge her about that well my 6 year old sister hates her now because of mileys act so we stopped listening to her music and stopped watching her videos and everything else she just wants to get enough attention i hope ur happy about u miley dumb cyrus and mileys stupid mom for not judgeing her

  27. Enjay says:

    What comes around….well you know the rest. It’s basically carma that returns to bite you real hard in your inconsiderate ass when you selfishly screw up to this extent and your children end up carying the burden of your stupidity. One thing that you can count on is that THEY WILL NEVER FORGET! Grow up beotch and show a little responsability for the younger people to which you are supposedly setting an important example. Remember that it was your choice not theirs to share a place with you in this world.

  28. Shannon says:

    WOW well i can see where Miley got her slutty behavior from. Her mom is a disgusting whore. I firmly believe that she is using miley’s fame as her one way ticket to meet guys. Someone needs to tell tish to grow up and stop sleeping around with players.

    Tish and brett look absolutely disgusting. And miley looks like an oompa lumpa.

  29. Vinsent says:

    Could be BS, BUT with Tish’s past its highly probable. 2-points here if true: she better hope she doesn’t get an STD from Brett as the guy is known for doing as many women as he can & #2 – its been a rumor for awhile that Brett has lost most of his hair & the reason for the hat & bandana at all times [remember when Brett was in the hospital & still wore his bandana to cover his head?? Who on earth wears a bandana in a hospital bed?? Bald guys that’s who..

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  31. Andrea says:

    Well, thats 17 years of marriage gone out the window… 🙁 Tish looks like a hoe.

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