Lindsay Lohan: I’d rather raise money for Haiti than be at fashion week


It was just yesterday that Gatecrasher had an interesting report claiming that New York designers had banned or disinvited Lindsay Lohan from their fashion shows because she was deemed a “brand-damager”. Lindsay had a lot to deny about that story, as evidenced by her crack tweets:


Whether or not the “brand-damager” was true, Lindsay was already in London, partying her ass off and preparing for a charity event for Haiti, which was held last night. The Daily Mail put up a snarky piece about the event, basically saying that only the Z-list of England showed up, and those are the only people who will associate with Lindsay now. In the red carpet photos (above) Lindsay actually looks half-way decent, which makes me wonder if London agrees with her, and if she might be inclined to stay:

There was a time when Lindsay Lohan only mingled with Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars. But my, how things change. The troubled Mean Girls actress spent last night rubbing shoulders with washed up reality TV stars at a Brit Awards screening party held at London’s Altitude bar.

It wasn’t exactly the hottest ticket in town – all the biggest names, including Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga, were celebrating across town at the live ceremony in Earls Court. But those not lucky enough to score an official invite to the awards settled for a the next best thing.

A roll call of Z-listers turned out for the occasion, including Celebrity Big Brother rejects Katia Ivanova and Lady Sovereign and former I’m A Celebrity campmate Janice Dickinson. Callum Best and Bianca Gascoigne, both former Celebrity Love Island contestants, rounded out the unspectacular array of guests.

At least it was all for a good cause – the iRock4Haiti event was raising money for the Red Cross.

Lindsay, 23, who was accompanied by her 16-year-old sister Ali, has kept herself busy since arriving in London over the weekend. She has partied at Bungalow 8, her favourite London nightclub, and spent a day shopping at Westfield Centre where she picked up 10 bags from Kurt Geiger.

She also attended a party to launch the new Playstation 3 video game ‘Heavy Rain’ at the Electric Cinema Theatre in Notting Hill.

Lindsay took to Twitter today to deny claims she’s only decided to come to London after being kept off the invite list at New York Fashion Week.

The former front row ‘It Girl’ is now considered a ‘brand damager’ by some designers.

But she told her followers: ‘I’d rather be raising money for those that need it in Haiti than be at fashion week.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I think it’s a little harsh to rag on Lindsay when she actually is trying to contribute something to a cause larger than, say, her drug habit. For choosing to go to a budget charity event, and highlight the issue, I do congratulate Lindsay. But I still think it’s a little funny that the whole trip to London wasn’t about just attending a charity event. She’s spent the past four days partying her ass off, clubbing, shopping, and doing God knows what or who. So, one step forward and two steps back.

Sidenote: Calum Best was there! Remember when he and Lindsay had a thing? Rumor was that they had a sex tape. Gee, I wonder if they reconnected?

Lindsay Lohan at the ‘Brit Celebration in aid of Haiti’ benefit on February 16, 2010. Credit: Bauer-Griffin & WENN. Screencap of Lindsay‘s tweets via her Twitter.

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  1. happymom says:

    “Half way decent”-seriously?! She looks god-awful. That red lipstick just screams: “Look at me-I had my lips done.”

  2. Maleficent says:

    God she looks horrid!

  3. qb says:

    Why is Ali in London with Lindsay she is suppose to be home school?? I hate people that don’t take home schooling seriously and use as a excuse to do nothing. Ali haves no carreer and in only 2 years all of the kids her age are going to be taking SAT and going to college and she is going to be doing nothing with her life.

  4. trollydolly says:

    Her makeup! Those stoned eyes!

  5. Jane says:

    ok the moment i saw the pic I think “wow, she has duck’s lips”

  6. meme says:

    Halfway decent? She’s looks like a 40 year old who’s lived a very rough life.

  7. Raccoon Princess says:

    Going to a party that raises an undescribed amount for charity doesn’t seem the same as, say, visiting people in the hospital or answering phones. Wouldn’t she have been more impressive to make it to her faux date in Austria and donate that entire $150,000 to charity?
    And by “half-way decent” are you setting the bar lohan-low? She looks like a gin-soaked old fortune teller from a sideshow who scares away the little kids.

  8. ogechi says:

    OK? really? Haiti? but in a party??? My colleague just reminded me about lunch time.

  9. Kaiser says:

    I was trying to be generous with the “half-way decent” comment! I like the darker hair, and I sometimes get tired of endlessly bashing her.

    You know what cracks me up though? She would be so much prettier if she relaxed her crackface and stopped scowling.

  10. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I would also disagree with the “halfway decent” label.

    she looks terrible, mostly because of that horrid lipstick color. but also, her dress is ugly, her boobs are saggy, and her expression looks like she’s smelling something bad.

    and gmafb on those tweets. she’d be at fashion week in a NY minute if she had been invited.

    EDIT: Kaiser, good on you for trying to be nice even if none of us agreed…

  11. Icecat says:

    She looks absolutely HORRID!!

    And, I really believe that the only reason she is in London and not NY, IS because she is not welcome. She is only using the Haiti excuse to make herself look better.

    What a waste!

  12. Cea says:

    Yeah right. She really cares..She’s out partying like usual. She’s the absolute worst.

    When is she going to go on Dr Drew Celebrity rehab? She’s going to end up like the female version of Danny Bonaduce.

  13. Erin says:

    DAMN her face is looking rough. Puffiness like that is from alcohol, coke or bulimia and with her i’d say all 3 are likely. This girl needs serious help.

  14. bros says:

    haHAH raccoon princess, indeed she does. that or a cracky flamenco dancer fresh off a 3 day bender.

  15. dee says:

    oh my @ those lips…what a mess.
    There’s nothing decent about those fake, red, ballooned lips.

  16. boo says:

    I think she looks good but in a plastic surgery kind of way. She’s too young for all the juvederm, botox and fat injections that are cooking up that look.

  17. Novaraen says:

    She’s put on weight….or is that just pill/coke bloat?

    Kinda cute dress…but her makeup and dazed almost irritated look is gawdawful!!

  18. Novaraen says:

    Oh I will say one thing in her favor….at least she isn’t ORANGE anymore.

  19. Goosie says:

    You know, I really really liked this girl once upon a time. Remember the time when she was so fresh-faced and talented and it seemed like wonderful big things were hers for the grasping?

    I am so effing done with her. She actually makes me angry, all the entitlement and selfishness and total dumbass cluelessness. She has shat on every opportunity that was granted her, and she will never ever learn to be different or better. And yes, she looks like wasted, worn-out hooker trash in that picture.

  20. snapdragon says:

    maybe she could stop tweeting for 3 seconds, take some of the money she’s snorting up her nose and send that to haiti. stupid twat.

  21. Jessica says:

    her fingernails are awful!

  22. Susette says:

    “@OhFerris that cucumber really filled me…I mean the salad.”

    That tweet amuses me so much, I can’t get past it to the rest of the article. So many possibilities. So many bad jokes.

  23. rtms says:

    So all she’s done is party it up and yet don’t try to call her out for it or ms_firecrotch will zing you. Got mauled by them on LJ for pointing out the first thing she did was head for the shopping malls, etc. LOL they are so delusional about her they actually said Cokehan was a great person for doing charity work.

  24. Nicky says:

    @rtms, she has the most deluded stanbase over at LJ. They actually believe that she’s some sort of philanthropist who has chosen to give up her riches to dedicate her life to charity! This whole event including her expenses probably cost more than it raised. Not one person other than those who stan for her are actually convinced by this act. They’re in a constant state of denial, much like Lohan – oh hey, now they have something in common!

  25. clare says:

    Kaiser, I agree she looks half-way decent in these photos. If she’d let her lips go back to natural, she’d look great here. The dress is really cute.
    I don’t think she looks “on drugs” in the pictures.
    Ali should be back home in school. That Dina Lohan is no mother to any of her kids.

  26. Bodhi says:

    What is “LJ”?

  27. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Haha – celebrity BB rejects – even I didn’t realise she had fallen that low…

    She really needs a reality check, but sadly I feel that it is far too late for her

    also thinking Ali may be heading in the same direction, as a poster has pointed out, no school & no career, just hanging out with her substance abuser elder sis and hoping the Lohan name will get her somewhere…

  28. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Kaiser – why do all of my comments await moderation?????

  29. Nicky says:

    @Bodhi – Live Journal or more specifically ‘ONTD’ (it’s the first site that comes up when you type it into Google). I don’t post there, just lurk. It’s alright but it can turn into a bear pit sometimes.

  30. Jen says:

    @Goosie – I was just watching “Freaky Friday” the other day, and was shocked at how different LL used to look. I had forgotten that fresh-faced look she used to have. She’s come a long way in a short time, and not in a good way at all.

  31. Zebra Hat says:

    Haha, props to whoever it was who called this on the other Lohan thread! It’s no surprise that she’d say something so stupid, she doesn’t care about anyone but herself and never will. Who does she think she’s fooling (besides those idiots at ONTD)? LAME.

  32. Bodhi says:

    Cool, thanks!

  33. Sami says:

    The thing is,

    Is her outfit horrible? Mm yes. Is she crazy on drugs and headed down an ever-shortening path? Definitely.


    if some good could have come from her attending the party, and if someone donated money more to the funds for Haiti because of her being there,

    then I’m okay with that. Lindsay gets a pass today, regardless of whether she attended the event for selfish motives or not.

  34. GatsbyGal says:

    To think that she was at that charity party because she cares about Haiti and wanted to bring attention to the issue is just stupid.

  35. ThunderC*nt says:

    Doesn’t have the bone structure to pull off the Megan Fox look. Also, her eyes are really brown, like Ali’s.

  36. Jazz says:

    Do not tell me they love her over on ONTD?! WTF!

  37. isabelle says:

    I’m sorry, I’m just SHOCKED every time I see photos of that girl. She looks like a washed up hooker. Tragic really.

  38. Nicky says:

    @ Jazz – Don’t worry, the vast majority of ONTD are under no illusions about LL however, there are a few of her stans permanently residing over there.

  39. skeptical says:

    actually when i saw those big red lips the first thing that hit my mind was “OMG she is actively TRYING to look like Marilyn Monroe”

    but the megan fox comparison is easier for me to see now.. just i know lindsay’s obsessed with MM.

  40. NicoleAM says:

    I really love the color of her lipstick…there that was my nice comment.