US Weekly prints fawning interview with Sam Lutfi just because it’s an exclusive

I’m outraged at the way that US Weekly is handling the Sam Lutfi case now that the news is out about how much of a twisted manipulative person he is. They’ve just posted an article about how Lutfi’s side of the story is going to be the main focus of their cover story all about Britney’s problems. Lutfi repeatedly uses examples and stories to make himself seem like Britney’s savior and like he’s the only one who can help her, when in fact he’s been emotionally abusing her and cutting her off from her friends and family. He disabled all her cars, threw away her cell phone chargers, and admitted to her mother than he routinely mashes up medication and slips it into her food without her knowledge! This man made Britney a prisoner in her own home, and now US Weekly is all too willing to make him out to be the good guy because he’s willing to talk to them. The very serious and seemingly supported allegations against Lutfi are relegated to one sentence in parentheses by US. They barely question him or his motives, and their print article is sure to be as one-sided and idiotically fawning over the man who abused Britney as their Internet version.

Sam Lutfi, who is now on the receiving end of a restraining order imposed by Britney Spears’ parents, was the one person by her side as she unraveled over the past six months.

In the latest issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now, Spears’ de facto manager and confidant opens up about her bipolar disorder, how he medicated her, what happened the night she was hospitalized, and how her parents reacted.

“In the depressive episodes, it’s all crying,” Lutfi tells Us. “But in the manic episode, there’s very little crying or sympathy or compassion. She becomes another person. She becomes somebody that just doesn’t care about anybody or anything.”

“The British accent is part of the mania,” he adds. “She’ll stick to the British accent because she becomes comfortable with it… But you know, when the pink wig comes on, it’s getting bad.”

Lutfi says that when Spears was involuntarily committed to treatment at UCLA Medical Center on January 31, her mom, Lynne Spears, arrived and tried to remove her daughter from his guidance. “Well, he is better family than you guys will ever be,” Spears responded, according to Lutfi.

Lutfi tells Us that he gave Britney “a handful of pills” before her parents arrived. “I said these pills are working wonders, they are miracle pills,” he recalls. Spears, Lutfi says, agreed that the meds were helping her sleep.

(In their restraining order against Lutfi filed yesterday, Spears’ parents accuse him of drugging their daughter and being verbally abusive. Jamie, who has been named as his daughter’s conservator, “is doing what he has to do to save Britney,” a source tells Us.)

Spears is one of nearly six million American adults suffering from bipolar disorder, a mental illness consisting of extreme shifts in mood, thought, energy, and behavior patterns.

Lutfi, 33, tells Us only he, Spears, and her psychiatrist know what brought on her bipolar disorder “roughly five years ago.”

[From Us Weekly]

Lutfi tells a story about how Britney wrote him a little note when she was taken away, as if that justifies the way he’s tried to keep Britney captive and has been drugging her for months.

I made an anonymous comment on this article, something I rarely bother to do, but there are many more that are much better than mine and people are outraged. One of my favorites is from Michelle, she says:

US Weekly – Stop giving this sick man a voice. Stop letting him speak through your magazine. He is a sick, twisted individual. A liar. Nothing he can say will validate what he’s done. He deserves to be jailed or sued or even better yet killed, and you let him continue spreading his malicious lies. He should have tried to help her, he should be grateful she is getting help if he truly cares about her. Instead he is like a 2 year old who’s angry their toy got taken away. Of course Britney was asking for him, etc. He made her completely dependent on him. He brainwashed her, drugged her, insulted her, encouraged her insanity. She has no idea what she needs or probably even what she’s thinking or saying half the time. And that is his defense? That Britney wants him in her life? And that she hates her parents? Please! She can’t even think straight, he’s made sure of that. I say hang the f*cker in a public place.

What’s more is that one of Britney’s friends, Ken Dungey, commented on the article and mentioned the bragging text messages Sam sent him about how he has total control over Britney, which are now available at Bitten and Bound. Dungey said he had over an hour long telephone interview with a source at US:


You can read Dungey’s full story online. He’s a friend of the guy who was harassed mercilessly by Lutfi, who ultimately ended up taking out a restraining order on him. He also knows another woman who Lutfi was sending threatening text messages to.

So US had both sides of the story, but they chose to go with Lutfi’s despite the overwhelming evidence against him. People are calling for criminal charges against this guy. Instead all we get from US is an article about the supposed insider who knows about Britney’s mental illness – a weakness he exploited every way possible to gain control over her and plaster his name all over the media. Shame on you, US. Change your story before it goes to print.

Lutfi is also trying to shop around a high-paid television interview where “he is expected to reveal the star’s darkest secrets.” The only people that should be hearing about Britney’s secrets are his fellow inmates.

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