Is Matthew Fox cheating on his wife with a stripper?

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Do you know how much I dislike Dr. Jack Shepherd? SO MUCH. He’s the worst character on Lost, jointly with Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly). The fact that those two are supposed to be the “leads” of the show is the worst joke of all. It’s not even that Jack is a poorly drawn character (he’s not, really) or that Matthew Fox is a bad actor (he’s not the best, but not the worst), it’s just that the character is so sanctimonious, so self-righteous, so asinine, that I absolutely dread when an episode revolves around Jack. Like last night. Ugh. Anyway…

Maybe I’m reading Matthew Fox the wrong way, but he always seemed to have a touch of self-righteousness in his real life too. Which makes this story from the National Enquirer very interesting… according to their reporting, Fox has been cheating on his wife Margherita Ronchi with a 26-year-old stripper in Oregon named Stefani Talbott. Talbott tells the Enquirer that they had sex, and that she “kept the voice mails and text messages from him.” Oh, God, an electronic trail. Men are so dumb.

Matthew Fox’s squeaky-clean image as a family man could soon be “Lost” for good after he was caught up in a cheating scandal involving a tattooed stripper.

The stripper, nearly young enough to be his daughter, claims she began an affair with the 43-year-old star – who plays Dr. Jack Shephard on the hit ABC series – after meeting him at a strip club in Bend, Oregon.

Stefani Talbott, 26, who danced at the Stars Cabaret club in Bend, confessed to the ENQUIRER: “Yes, I’ve been having an affair with Matthew Fox. We had sex together. I’ve kept voice mails and text messages from him.”

Stefani has told others of her incredible boasts about her alleged sexual exploits with the actor. Yet the actor vehemently denies he had a sexual relationship with Stefani.

“Matthew’s partying is out of control. He’s boozing and carrying on with women. His carousing is at an all-time high,” a source revealed.

[From The National Enquirer]

If the Enquirer is talking to the stripper, and the stripper is claiming to have proof, we’ve been down this road before with the Enquirer. I’m not so much thinking about Tiger Woods, but Josh Duhamel and his epic pr0n-filled seduction with a stripper. We’ll see how this thing shakes out, but right now, I am going to give Fox the benefit of the doubt, just because something doesn’t seem right to this story. To me. And I’ll admit it if I’m wrong!

Meanwhile, Fox is on the cover of Emmy Magazine, talking about the end of Lost (sob!). He told the magazine, “I have a lot of mixed emotions. It’s been an incredible experience for me, and the creative part of it has been beautiful. I’m really enjoying working with this character. It’s going to be sad when it ends. But at the same time I’m looking forward to moving on.” Then why doesn’t he ask to be killed off? Right now?


UPDATE: Radar has a few more details about this alleged affair. Apparently it’s an even bigger story (in the Enquirer) and it includes an “eyewitness account” of a taxi driver who drove Fox and Talbott to Talbott‘s home: “They kissed and touched each other in the cab… [afterwards] they were more romantic than before, kissing a lot more and hugging each other.”

Matthew Fox on Emmy Magazine, courtesy of CoverAwards.

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27 Responses to “Is Matthew Fox cheating on his wife with a stripper?”

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  1. Maleficent says:

    What is it with these dumb ass men and their texts and voice mails.

    Hint to men that want to cheat: DO NOT TEXT OR LEAVE A MESSAGE!

    Texts are how I caught my cheater.

  2. Anon says:

    Ew, I hope this isn’t true.

    And they can’t kill off Jack! He’s my favorite character.

  3. lucy2 says:

    I’d be curious to know when all this supposedly happened, as he’s been in Hawaii filming Lost for a few months at least, right?
    Anyway, hope it’s not true, but who knows.

  4. Rianna says:

    he looks just like a subsitute history teacher. why the hell would you be attracted to that?
    and i agree malficent. men are so stupid with their electronic trails. if you are going to cheat at least put a little work into it. dont be lazy.

  5. Solveig says:

    I hoped he took a jump from the rocks yesterday.
    Unfortunately he didn’t.
    One of the worst Lost episodes ever.

  6. Elanenergy says:

    National Enquirer is my new go-to truth source (LOL, but hey, they are up for a pulitzer, and rightfully so, IMO, and I hold a legit journalism degree (that and $5 will get you coffee at starpukes). So, I believe. Sad, but I think this is all men. NE is just serving as society’s reality check.

  7. Kimberly says:

    he looks INCREDIBLY dull and ordinary in that header pic , what the hell happened ?

  8. Green Is Good says:

    My take on men who text, email, leave voice-mails is that they want to get caught. They want out of their marriages, but they’re too wussy to file for divorce themselves.

  9. gloaming says:

    I read a blind item about a ‘Lost’ actor cheating on his wife recently, must have been this wet blanket.

    He gets way too much screen time on Lost imo.

  10. Kaiser says:

    Lucy – allegedly, it happened in late December, as he was filming a movie in Orgeon. I think.

  11. t says:

    Kaiser, I agree with your take on the character, Jack and the actor, Fox. I’ve always wondered if the writers intended Jack to be self-righteous and sanctimonious or if it is Matthew Fox’s real personality bleeding through to the character and distorting the writer’s vision for Jack.

    Give me an episode that revolves around Hurley or Sawyer any day!

  12. Snarf says:

    You know these greedy whores that keep coming forward are going to be the best thing to happen for monogamy.

  13. AlaskaJoey says:

    I love the word carousing.

    I can see him cheating. In interviews he seems to be intimating he’s too good for television and only wants to do movies, so someone who can’t appreciate that a paycheck is a paycheck and that a lot of TV shows are better than the movies coming out now – would probably also be dumb enough to cheat on his wife with a stripper and leave electronic evidence.

  14. Meanie says:

    Matthew Fox carries his sanctimony into every role. And it would not surprise me if he was the missionary only type, having sex on schedule, set to specific music, with the same cornball dialogue each and every time. Maybe his wife paid the stripper so she could avoid the drone.

  15. Susan says:

    I love Jack – he is my favorite character. Fox is a GREAT actor. I hope he’s not cheating. I thought they divorced?

  16. canadianchick says:

    @ meanie, hilarious.

    I heard he’s a jerk in real life, so as his show and his career go down the toilet, so does his marriage-what a weeny.Hope his wife takes all of his severance money from Lost.

  17. bellaluna says:

    I don’t buy it. I think these strippers and whores have just realised that claiming an affair (true or not) with a married famous man is more lucrative than being a stripper or a whore.

  18. Bella Bella says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Not my Foxey!!! First Ewan now Matthew Fox… damn.

  19. buckley says:

    I can do without ever seeing this guy act again.
    He’s a good cryer though…:)

  20. Victoria says:

    I watch Lost and I dont like Jack. I have never gotten why women think Matthew Fox is SOOOO HOT. I NEVER watched that Party of Five crap fest.

  21. sam says:

    I have to defend this guy (atleast in terms of acting).

    The producers of the show obviously picked him for the role, and kept him. You don’t have to like the character, but personally I do. He’s a tortured and conflicted guy, who is in an impossible situation – and all he has to go on is his past experience as a rich doctor. Maybe the character isn’t as likeable as some of the others, but maybe he’s not meant to be.

    That said everyone is entitled to an opinion 🙂

  22. lolo says:

    @Rianna, I love your picture!

    Matthew Fox is a very attractive guy. Right? He is way hotter then his wife but that is no excuse for cheating you sleezy bastard. Oh nooo he didn’t! Or did he?

  23. lucy2 says:

    Just looked it up, according to imdb, the last movie he did was Speed Racer and it filmed in Germany in 2008. So if he was in Oregon boinking strippers, it wasn’t during a filming.

    The Jack character can be brutally self righteous, but I do think Fox mostly does a good job with the character. Hard to compete with Terry O’Quinn, and this season especially, Josh Holloway.

  24. omg says:

    MF is moving to Bend, Oregon…where the stripper lives! Or lived. She’s probably moved to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune.

    His house is under construction, you can see pictures of it on the architect’s website:

  25. Slymm27 says:

    OMG! Y is dis cheatin thing such news everytime? I have said it a million times b4, ALL MEN CHEAT! each and every1 of them, its just a matter of when they are caught. Pls let these stars be.

  26. MINA says:

    Jack is the best character of LOST!

    And Matt is a nice person I think, I don´t believe that story about him cheating his wife.

  27. bmis86 says:

    Imo.. he is in a open relationship with his wife, and thats why there is so many stories and why his wife is still there anyway.

    I assume they share love and their kids together – and thats what is their main priority – BUT, after 23years of marriage, living in the high class societiy, him being a big tv star…they combined their love with realism and found a way they could stay together in an honest way. I think thats what he means when he says “fidelity is a very personal issue for me”… hence their marriage may be a tad unconventional, but apparenty it works for them..