Ryan Reynolds makes all other men on the planet seem unromantic

Ryan Reynolds might be known for, actually I have no idea what he is known for. Except dating Alanis Morissette, and now Scarlett Johansson, and being really cute. Really cute. He’s also out promoting a new romantic comedy, and is keen to share his romantic credentials.

Ryan said: “It was a few years ago, but I once flew all the way to London to have lunch with this girl I was dating.

“She lived in the UK and I was in the US obviously. We had just started dating and didn’t really get to see as much of each other as we would have like to because of the distance and work. So I just jumped on a plane to be with her.”

Despite his splashing out on the grand romantic gesture, Ryan refused to pick up the tab for lunch.

He added to Britain’s Heart radio station: “I had to leave the very same day so it was pretty romantic but expensive. I made her buy the sandwich though!”

Sydney Morning Herald

Aw, this is just like in the movies. Which makes me suspect that it might actually just be a clever ploy to get us thinking all lovely and romantic and in the mood to see his latest flick Definitely Maybe. Is this cynical of me? Should we just accept that Ryan Reynolds is an incurable romantic, good, kind and strong, and this is just the kind of thing he’d do? Or should we declare it a shrewd marketing ploy, like how Hollywood is forever creating fictional relationships that ours in reality can’t match?

Ryan indirectly explained how he became such a sensitive guy. He was the youngest of four brothers and empathized with his mother’s plight at dealing with a house full of testosterone:

It didn’t help that Reynolds grew up as the youngest in a family where his father and two of his three brothers are very tall policemen. Maybe they could help out if he ever gets into trouble?

“I doubt that. If I ever get into trouble I’m f—ed. Those guys will see to it. I think their dream is to arrest me. They’re my brothers – it’s their job to some degree to make my life hell. I would never give them that satisfaction.”

How did he live with all that testosterone and turn out to be such a sensitive guy? “I have no idea. I think it was having empathy for my mother, who was dealing with these five horrific ogres in our house all the time. Having that empathy for her has fostered a sensitivity in me.”

Sydney Morning Herald

Under that romantic exterior he’s got some testosterone in his system, and he probably picked up some of his brother’s naughty tricks. And like every good tough guy, he won’t stand a word against his mother.

Ryan must be doing something right. He’s going home at night to Scarlett Johansson.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Here are stills from Definitely, Maybe thanks to Allmoviephoto. Ryan’s costars Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz, Isla Fisher and Abigail Breslin are also shown. Definitely Maybe is out in US theaters on February 14. Here’s the trailer, it looks cute:

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