John Mayer thanks fans: “there are plenty of a-holes” who think like me


What’s it been, two weeks? You know John “Summer’s Eve” Mayer couldn’t keep his f-cking douche mouth shut. He couldn’t just keep his head down, take his lumps and disappear for several months. Of course not! He’s in the douche-selling business, and sales might have taken a drop, but Mayer’s still got to sell, sell, sell. So John performed in New York last night, and he just had to reference his epic, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, crude, nasty Playboy interview. But it’s not like he’s apologizing again – at least, I don’t think so. I can’t really tell from Summer’s Eve’s comments:

Weeks after his controversial Playboy interview (during which he used the N-word and referred to ex Jessica Simpson as sexual “crack cocaine”), John Mayer is continuing to insist he is a different person these days.

“I hate to come off like an a–hole ever, and thank you guys for believing that I am not an a–hole,” the singer, 32, told the crowd at his sold-out Madison Square Garden show in NYC, according to MTV News. “Never, ever in my entire life did I ever think that it would be a good idea to be an a–hole. But you know what? There’s plenty of a–holes who think the same thing, so I have to thank you.”

He added, “It’s a clean me now, people, clean me.”

After his show, he thanked fans again – via Twitter – for braving a snow storm to see him live. “MSG crowd, will you tweet me when you get home safe? It’s bad out,” he wrote. “Oh and HOLY SHNIKES. You were unreal tonight.”

[From Us Weekly]

What the f-ck? “There’s plenty of a–holes who think the same thing, so I have to thank you.” So… he’s thanking his fans for supporting his “white supremacist d-ck”? Because they all have “hood passes” like him? See, this makes me think that Mayer learned the wrong lesson from this tragic event – instead of thinking something along the lines of “I was such a douche, I should apologize and never say any of those words again, and I’ll never reference this terrible thing that I did again,” Mayer instead has a train of thought along the lines of “People still come out to see me, therefore I’m not an a–hole, and I can continue to say douchey things whenever I want.” And you know he will. The douche is in his blood. It’s infected him, like going to the dark side and following the Man In Black on Lost.

John Mayer performing at Madison Square Garden on February 25, 2010. Credit, WENN.


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26 Responses to “John Mayer thanks fans: “there are plenty of a-holes” who think like me”

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  1. Rianna says:

    there are plenty of assholes who think like him… they all attend eminem concerts…

  2. gg says:

    Yeah, but many of those a-holes are smart enough to keep their stupid mouths shut! STFU John!

  3. Cheyenne says:

    Well that oughta make him feel better…

  4. Baghag says:

    I’m not excusing his behavior or his ridiculous comments but I think he just means that an a-hole never thinks he’s being an a-hole until someone calls him on it….but he still just needs to shut the hell up! 🙂

  5. Azurea says:

    I think he’s saying that a- holes never think that they, themselves, are a-holes…thereby admitting that he HAS been an a- hole. Whether or not he actually truly accepts being an a- hole is another matter!

  6. bellaluna says:

    Yes, douchebag, but those plenty of other assholes know when to keep their mouths shut. Big diff!

  7. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    What’s his point?

  8. snapdragon says:

    so i guess the hood was giving out lots of passes for christmas? shut up, john mayer.

  9. buckley says:

    Sorry John, not buying it.
    Calling yourself an asshole is simply a tactic to come out looking self aware and therefore more likeable.
    I don’t believe for a second that you believe that, you are simply playing the victim which is sooo much easier than manning up.

  10. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Poor guy, just doesn’t know how to express himself without sounding like a D-Bag. I do think it was nice he asked his NYC audience to check up with him Via Twitter so he would know they were alright. lol

  11. LindyLou says:

    He really needs to get over himself but I don’t think I’ll hold my breath waiting for him to stop making douchey comments.

  12. I Choose Me says:

    “Never, ever in my entire life did I ever think that it would be a good idea to be an a–hole. But you know what? There’s plenty of a–holes who think the same thing, so I have to thank you.”

    I think he’s saying that plenty of assholes don’t think they’re assholes. He’s right. As to whether or not he’s ‘clean’ now. Guess we’ll have to see. Or not, for those who don’t give a f-ck.

  13. ohsofabulous says:

    I’m confused about this hood pass. How is this related to john Mayer?

  14. Granger says:

    Not a fan of Meyer’s (the guy’s an immature idiot), but I agree with I Choose Me (and others). Go back and read his quote again, Kaiser — you can’t miss his meaning.

  15. ann says:

    Don’t know why I thought I had heard the last of this idiot. He just need to keep it shut.

  16. Sarah says:

    “Summer’s Eve” — LOL, Kaiser, I love you!!!

  17. Mingo says:

    Unfortunately he’s right. There are plenty of poor unfortunates who think and act like John Mayer, ie many 13 year old boys.

  18. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Do these folks also attend Celine Dion concerts?

  19. ThunderC*nt says:

    No, Celine Dion is ugly and her behaviour is an embarassement

  20. connie says:

    “Calling yourself an asshole is simply a tactic to come out looking self aware and therefore more likeable.”

    this is sooo true, reminds me of a certain ‘asshole’ i know. Agree with other posters that assholes may not know their assholes, but playing devils advocate for a minute…. I do think other guys (and people in general) probably do think/speak/act in the way he did/does. the only difference? their not getting interviewed by playboy. (This applies to the misogynistic/womanizing comments only. bigotry aside)

  21. scandoll says:

    Who the eff says “HOLY SHNIKES”…what a effing tard!

  22. lucy2 says:

    I see personality rehab in Mr. Mayer’s future, because not many people are buying his crap anymore.

  23. Mouthbreava says:

    Connie – Well said!
    I think your reading it wrong Kaiser.
    Sorry babe!

  24. nnn says:

    I always wondered if his ex girlfriends are part of this equation, if they also knew those thoughts of his and if they shared them.

    There is no way they didn’t know at least part of it. In a relationship you exchange personal thoughts on different subjects, you are exposed to your companion’s personality, morals, racist or/and mysoginistic words he utterd, his expressions, stereotypes, ect.

    Staying with such a prick is like adhering to who he is.

  25. OJ's Wife says:

    I know for a fact that there are plenty of A-holes that don’t know they’re A-holes but they are aware that what they do and say is not popular but b/c they feel that they’re right, no body else’s feelings matter. John knows what the hell he’s doing. I live with a notorious A-hole. He does A-hole things but at the time he’s doing it, he doesn’t think he’s being an A-hole until someone tells him that he is. That’s a prime characteristic of a top A-hole. They do before they think. I’m sad to say, I had no idea this jerk of a husband could be so cruel, heartless, and insensitive until years later into our relationship; therefore, I’m guessing it was possible for him to hide his true colors from Jenn and Jess in the beginning but believe me, they eventually saw him for the A-hole that he truly is. A bitter stinkin A-hole with no soul. He behaves like an A-hole b/c he’s so miserable and he acts like he feels inside. We all know A-holes, but the difference is, this A-hole has talent and ppl don’t mind accepting A-holes with talent…I guess he does get a ” hood pass” after all