Kardashians sisters are “humiliated” by Scott “STD” Disick

*Sidenote: the “mystery cellulite” is Kesha!* Whoops… it’s Rihanna, my bad.

Star Magazine and In Touch Weekly seem to have very similar cover stories this week, both about how the Kardashian sisters have “toxic love” with their men, because their men are “humiliating!” them. My favorite is the Star Magazine cover, just because I’m loving the insets of the men. Khloe’s husband Lamar gets the note: “Divorce!” Scott Disick gets “Duped!” and Reggie Bush gets “Dumped!”. In Touch looks pretty good too – the main gist of their story seems to be that Scott Disick is a douche. Oh, and his initials are STD. Which… I mean… his parents are insane.

“Scott had a couple of nicknames in high school. One was Number One Scum, and the other was STD,” Scott’s former classmate Jason Green tells In Touch.

Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend, Scott Disick, tries to portray himself as a loving, responsible dad who’s just misunderstood.

“I can’t really pinpoint why people want to push me as the bad guy,” he tells In Touch. “But that’s a part of life — people enjoy putting other people down.”

Sadly, there seems to be a lot more basis than that for Scott’s bad reputation. Long before he gained fame on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott was known as a hard partier, a serial cheater and, as one high school acquaintance puts it, “a tool.”

And as more and more information surfaces about Scott’s shady past, Kourtney wonders how long she’ll be able to put up with him. Jason Green, one of Scott’s former classmates from Long Island, N.Y.’s Ross School, agrees that Scott was bad news in high school.

“There were just as many rumors about him then as there are now,” Jason tells In Touch. “Scott had a couple of nicknames in high school. One was Number One Scum, and the other was STD.”

A lot of guys might be embarrassed to have the initials “STD,” but Scott thought they enhanced his reputation as a ladies’ man! According to Jason, Scott was so proud to have the same initials as “sexually transmitted disease” that “he wore dog tags with ‘STD’ printed on them.” Classy!

[From In Touch Weekly]

Seriously, what’s worse? Having the initials STD or being proud of those initials? Oh, Lord. And you know Scott is the kind of guy to get everything monogrammed too. Now I really feel for Kourtney. She doesn’t seem like a horrible person, and she deserves so much better than Scott. Where’s Premo Stallion when you need him?


Star courtesy of CoverAwards. In Touch Weekly cover courtesy of ITW online.

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  1. ogechi says:

    I really feel bad for these ladies because they have actually worked hard to be here today, i think they should be left alone with all these manufactured malicious stories.

  2. Sumodo1 says:

    I won’t buy a rag with the KKK sisters on it.

  3. Mrs. Kalifornia says:

    The sad thing is that their Mom prob. leaked all of these stories. I am so over these consumption pushers.

  4. bros says:

    i accidentally turned to E! one night and saw kourtney’s baby’s birth. I had NO idea that shamless attention wh0re would have filmed her baby’s birth for the entire world to see! they had to blur out her boob and her cooch! her cooch was just sitting there spread on the hospital bed!!!! with cameras right on it! and they filmed her reaching down and pulling her baby out of herself! she clearly had the worlds best epidural because she couldnt feel a damn thing. omg, it was so gross and such an invasion of privacy. that family has no shame. no shame.

  5. Jenny says:

    I was flipping around the channels just this past Sunday and caught my first and only Kardashian show, and it was the one birth one. I’m agreeing with Bros, she must have been flying high because she plucked that kid right out of herself. Totally gross.

  6. Uhmmm says:

    Mystery cellulite is Rihanna. I know it’s important to get it right, LOL!

  7. mollination says:

    Kaiser – I am begging you, is Premo Stallion a reference to “Salute Your Shorts”?!?!?!?!? Because if it is I think I love you forever. If not, well – then I’m just still the only one on the planet that remembers that episode.

  8. Roma says:

    Thank you Uhmmm, because I was coming to the comments to ask who it belonged to!

  9. Alarmjaguar says:

    Good lord, is there no one else in Hollywood for these magazines to write about. Please, at least change it up every other week for pete’s sake (and substituting AJ or JA doesn’t count)!

  10. bellaluna says:

    With the way these girls behave, it seems like it takes A LOT to humiliate them, so I have to wonder about whether or not this headline is true. If they haven’t been humiliated thus far by their beaux’ behaviour, I doubt they are now!

  11. alfandindi says:

    Is it really Rihanna – as if she has cellulite?! Every other picture of her body i’ve seen looks awesome! Calling photoshop on this one…

  12. Leek says:

    It would be awesome to see Scott and Kourtney on VH1’s Tool Academy.

  13. TaylorB says:

    So is that “Only $2.99” in the upper left corner the price of the mag or the Kardashians?

  14. juiceinla says:

    I just want to know, when typing “Scott STD Disick” is it terribly difficult to not type “Scott STD Dipstick” or “Scott STD Dickless”? because those are the words I see when I scan K3 articles.

    (I don’t really call the Kardashian sisters “K3”, its just the other version of that acronym is way too offensive)

  15. n says:

    i swear they make up these family dilemmas to keep the drama going. and scott’s antics can be revolting at times and actually funny at other times.

    it’s a peek behind the sanctity of hollywood lives. and this family really did grow up there. so take it for what it is — a reality show.

  16. bellaluna says:

    @ juiceinla – I call them the Kartrashians…it works too.

  17. Laurie says:

    One day they hate Scott, the next day he will be in Miami with them. The K’s say anything to stay in the mags & make money. They disgust me, but people seem to love them – I don’t know why!?

  18. imo says:

    @ Ogechi are you delusional??? LOL Their claim to fame is Kim getting pissed on in a sex tape…yea that was hard work.

  19. imo says:

    @ Kaiser, why are all of my comments in moderation? is that the status quo for newbies?

  20. pnw says:


    BTW Doesn’t anyone find their diet pill ads funny? I thought they were phone sex ads at first 🙂

  21. AC says:

    everyones leg looks like this if you catch it mid swing with a fast shutter camera. jesus people. im so fucking sick of this.

  22. stephaniemich says:

    I heart the fact that you told us who the cellulite belonged to, haha

  23. Vajayjay says:

    I call them the Kardashiskanks! They are mildly entertaining with their famewhoring ways. I too caught myself watching Kourtney on E! pulling her baby out of her man-pleaser! Don’t get upset girls… The Kardashiskanks have to pay their bills too… It’s just their way of doing it.

  24. Shay says:

    One wonders what would happen to these attention whores if the media stopped paying them attention.

  25. Kevin says:

    Sasquatches always pull their young out themselves. Ain’t no epidurals in the wild. No nurses either for that matter. Just be glad the nature camera person cut out the afterbirth on a Saltine scene. I know, GROSS!

  26. Emily says:

    I actually like the picture on Star. Great, now I feel dirty for saying that. Kaiser, I think it’s worse to be proud of having the initials. Although I do like the image of him monogramming everying. Imagine finding a pair of undies with “STD” embroidered onto them!

  27. Julia says:

    I don’t feel sorry for any of these famewhores. The one with the baby knew what he was like before she got knocked up and paraded around like she achieved something great. *gasp* You mean a douchebag guy won’t change after you have a baby? Holy crap!! And you mean to tell me that getting married to someone in a highly hyped sham wedding is NOT the recipe for a healthy relationship? The horror!

    As for Kim, meh. They broke up before for a reason, and if he didn’t go to the superbowl they would have left each other alone.

    Earth to people: changing the status of your relationship with marriage and/or a baby DOES NOT make your mate change. Ugh.

  28. snowball says:

    I sort of like the trainwreck that is the Triple K because with them around at the opening of an envelope, there’s almost nothing about Paris Hilton anymore.

  29. Kim says:

    Khloe fake married Lamar for media, Courtney stays with Scott to sell cover stories – Reggie run while you can! Although Kim really seems to be the mormalest one of them all. These girls are addicted to fame (like mother like daughters) and its so unhealthy. They can do whatever they want except Courtney who has a child forever w/ this man she has fake realtionship with. She should be a role model not the pathetic passive loser she is being. I feel bad for the baby.

  30. neelyo says:

    I’m humiliated by their existence.

    Bellaluna, they are now the Kartrashians to me from now on.

  31. missbrittbritt says:

    Did someone actually said they feel bad for the Kardashians because they worked hard for where they are? Yeah if leaking a sextape with a washed up R&B singer is considered working hard then i guess they have.

    Thats a blatant slap in the face to Lamar Odom and Reggie Bush, who have actually worked hard to play in the NBA and NFL. Like thats no easy feat you know.

  32. Wresa says:

    Ahaha “STD”! Gossip rags are literally getting so high school these day. It’s the most catty, insignificant crap ever…I love it!! 😀

  33. EMV says:

    They deserve each other

  34. Chana says:

    Why on earth would anyone want the Kardashian stank on them? For publicity? Who wants that kind of shameless, foul, filthy attention? The kind of low-down, I’m gonna show my cooch and baby to the world as it’s coming out of my body kind of attention. I mean yech.

    When you two up there mentioned that birth episode I literally gagged and now I’ve got that perma-frown face people make when they are disgusted by something. Ugh.

  35. Artkele says:

    When will Kim realize, Reggie is not going to propose to a Sex tape star. That is the reason ya’ll are probably together, for the bootie….Reggie is like 24 years old and an NFL star… she needs to grow up and move on.

    Khole talking divorce…smh…when you marry any professional athlete, there is a high percent chance you will be cheated on….do better folks…Money does not make you happy.

  36. Ashley Brooke says:

    Honestly…I think all of you who are being so rude and disgusting are just jealous of these ladies! They must be doing something right…because look where they are and you are NOT! For God sakes can anyone be classy anymore? You people disgust me!

  37. BBBEE25 says:

    @Mollination: I use to love Salute Your Shorts.

  38. denise says:

    kim had her face on mike bliss’s racecar sunday…uuuggghhh she’s even in nascar now!!! luckly that car wrecked 22 laps into it… hahahaha

    it was for her perfume..sephora sponsored him, if you were actually wondering..

  39. For Sooth? says:

    Kartrashians is so fitting. And mama Chris is the trash master.

  40. Xster says:

    Maybe the girls are toxic too?

  41. Dee says:

    @Ashley Brooks,oh I’m sorry,the correct word we’re looking for is envious.