Jessica Simpson: I hope John Mayer gets his life together

infphoto_371802 put up the summary of Jessica Simpson’s interview (which airs today, I can’t wait!), and some of this stuff is hardcore. Hardcore for Jessica, that is. Regarding John Mayer’s Playboy interview, Jess tells Oprah: “There’s nothing worse than being disappointed in somebody. I’m not angry. I’m – well, I’m a little bit angry… I don’t want people to know how I am in bed. I mean, I guess I could have been a lot worse. I tried to read the article, and I was so disappointed in him. It made me so sad, and it was really discouraging because that’s not the John that I knew…I hope he gets his life together.” Jess also confirms that she and Mayer have spoken since then, saying “He did apologize. I don’t accept it. It’s just one of those things that…I don’t resent him. I’m just going to let that go. That part of my life is over.” Wow… that’s remarkably mature, isn’t it? Don’t engage, just withdraw. That’s how you fight a douchey misogynistic, racist, homophobic tool. Well done, Jess!

In recent years, singer Jessica Simpson has been picked apart publicly for her relationships, breakups, bust size and haircolor. If she gains 10 pounds or wears what some consider an unflattering outfit, pictures are splashed across the tabloids.

Every move Jessica makes seems to be fodder for sensational and, at times, nasty headlines. In January 2009, pictures of Jessica wearing so-called “mom jeans” caused a media frenzy, and critics called her fat.

Then, during her year-and-a-half-long romance with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, some fans and press blamed Jessica whenever Tony had a bad game. After their breakup, the avalanche of criticism tapered off…until now.

In February 2010, singer John Mayer—Jessica’s on-again-off-again boyfriend for two years—gave a revealing, kiss-and-tell interview to Playboy magazine. In the article, he compared sex with Jessica to crack cocaine and shared details of their intimate sexual history.

For the first time, Jessica is speaking publicly about the criticism and betrayal that, she says, almost destroyed her. Jessica’s been through a lot in the past few years, but she says her lowest point was the “mom jeans” situation. “People [were] talking about my weight for an entire year,” she says. “It’s like people just couldn’t stop talking about my weight fluctuating.”

At first, Jessica says she tried to ignore the uproar over her 10-pound weight gain, but she couldn’t block out the barrage of negativity. “It would bother any woman, I would think. I had to get to a place where I had to guard myself,” she says. “The fact that I was famous last year for gaining 10 pounds, it’s ridiculous, and it’s really sad.”

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the average American woman wears a size 14. Jessica says the jeans she’s wearing in the now-infamous photos are a size 4. “I fluctuate from 4 to 6,” she says.

No matter what critics write, Jessica says she loves her curves and is comfortable with her weight. “I’m not going to ever be size 0, and I don’t want to weigh 90 pounds,” she says. “It’s a really hard thing for me to talk about because I celebrate women of all sizes. I think that we’re all beautiful.”

Jessica has moved past the “mom jeans,” but John’s Playboy interview is still fresh in her mind.

Though she’s seen some clips and read a few quotes, Jessica says she couldn’t get through the entire article. “I tried to read the article, and I was so disappointed in him,” she says. “It made me so sad, and it was really discouraging because that’s not the John that I knew.”

Like most women, Jessica says she never wanted the world to know intimate details about her sex life. “I’m not angry,” she says. “I’m, well…I’m a little bit angry.”

Jessica says she also feels betrayed by John. “I hope he gets his life together,” she says. “He did apologize. I don’t accept it. It’s just one of those things that…I don’t resent him. I’m just going to let that go. That part of my life is over.”

If you can’t go to the grocery store without reading about your sex life or waist size, you need a solid support system. When times get tough, Jessica has learned to lean on close family and friends. “I have an incredible family. They are my backbone,” she says. “And then I have my best friends that I surround myself with.”

Jessica says she also relies on self-help books and self-discovery. “I just try to journal and try to discover how I can fight this on my own, as well,” she says.

After relentless, negative press nearly broke her down, Jessica decided to take matters in her own hands. Disparaging remarks about her physical appearance sparked the idea for her new VH1 reality series, The Price of Beauty.

While traveling through Morocco, Jessica had an aha! moment. “I definitely will walk away from Morocco respecting myself more. I’m interested in learning more about myself and what I value in myself and letting that be the beautiful part of me, rather than putting on the makeup or wearing the right designer,” she says. “It really is about the heart of a woman that makes her beautiful.”

After exploring the definition of beauty around the world, Jessica and her friend Ken came home with a new perspective of America’s beauty industry.

“I actually came back a bit embarrassed and a bit ashamed of the industry that I’m in,” Ken says. “Because the industry that I’ve been a part of and was so proud of in the beginning has alienated so many people and done exactly what it’s done to Jessica and many of the women I’m sure that sit here. [It’s] made them feel like they don’t fit within that idea of beauty.”

Ken says this adventure reinforced his belief that real women and real beauty should be celebrated.

Jessica says she learned there’s only one person who can define what’s beautiful—you.

“Nobody’s words, nobody’s compliments, nobody’s love, none of that…it’s all what I have within myself,” she says. “Every day will continue to be a journey. Every day, we’ll find something new out about ourselves that is authentic and is unique, but I really just finally relaxed. I don’t care what people have to say about my weight. I really don’t, because I think I look great.”

[From Oprah]

Yes, Ken Paves was there too! You know Jess can’t go anywhere without her boyfriend. And it’s nice to see Jessica and Ken so transformed by what they’ve seen and done for The Price of Beauty. I actually buy that Jessica, in particular, was transformed by her experiences. I read her Twitter account – and she has seemed much more peaceful and less dumb as a box of hair after traveling around the world. Good for her!

Vintage Jessica and John, from March 1, 2007. Credit: Additional photos of Jessica Simpson’s “mom jeans” incident in January 2009.

Jessica Simpson - 'Weightgate'

Jessica Simpson - 'Weightgate'

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  1. juiceinla says:

    Its not the size of those jeans, its the cut, and she is right on absolutely every point she makes.

    I feel for this girl, being called fat when you are a size 6, or even a 10, is as bad as being called a pear ass.

  2. irishserra says:

    She’s not the brightest star in the sky, but she’s genuine and that can hold more value. Nothing this girl says ever bears malicious intent and I find that I respect her on that account.

  3. lolo says:

    She looks great.

  4. guesty says:

    sorry…but that is no size 6 imo.

  5. Melanie says:

    Poor Jess, she says she could not read the article. Maybe Ken can read it to her.

  6. ogechi says:

    One of the best and reasonable interviews i have read in recent times. She is a strong woman, God bless you Jess.

  7. Stella says:

    I rather be called a ‘pear ass’ any given day. Nowadays, men do not want an anorexic skeleton. They rather have some meat to hold on to. Having a pear ass DOES NOT mean you’re fat. It means you have child bearing hips and an ass you can put a drink on. Anyways, Jessica looks great.

  8. Boo says:

    In the 70s in Texas, those jeans would have been the height of fashion.

  9. kelbear says:

    Loved when her hair was brown. She is so beautiful and ever since I was in my young teens I always thought she was a much better singer than Britney and whatever other young pop singers where super popular then.

  10. dragonlady sakura says:

    I’m a size 10 so I guess that makes me a lardass, huh? (shakes head)

  11. Erin says:

    i can’t help but love her! and i totally buy that the biggest she’s been is about a 6. she’s only about 5’2. i’m 5″1, and when i’ve been chubby i’ve worn a 6. in general, cameras are pretty unforgiving to the short ladies.

  12. flutters says:

    Thumbs up to Jessica for the John Mayer comment.

    But I have a bone to pick about this comment:

    “Disparaging remarks about her physical appearance sparked the idea for her new VH1 reality series, The Price of Beauty.”

    If you dig up the 1st press release for Price Of Beauty, the VH1 network head says that they realized Jessica was the person to do this show after the mom jeans thing. Which means the show was in motion before that and the mom jeans thing did not spark the idea for the show.

    By the way the new People says that Jeremy Renner was totally hitting on Jessica at a party recently and she was loving it. Idk if that’s something her PR people put out though seeing as there’s Charlize-Jeremy Renner rumors too.

  13. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL I am starting to like her a bit more. Good interview, Jess. That belt is super cute. I never noticed it before.

  14. anonymous says:

    What a total dissapointment in Celebitchy & very hypocritical to use the pics you have.
    I am very impressed with Jessica on OPRAH. She is finally a woman in touch with herself & who she is.
    It’s time for others to back off & let her have some peace. Great young & very strong young woman with a very tender heart. Lets hope she can find a real man that loves her for who she really is NOt what he thinks she should be.

  15. Wow. That’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard her say.

  16. Bonfire Beach says:

    I like her. Always did. She seems like the kind of person I could be friends with. I wish EVERYONE would stop tearing other people apart all the time. Short, tall, fat, thin, who cares?

  17. Polkasox says:

    Love the title picture. He looks like a douche & she looks lovely and thoughtful. I loved her as a brunette. Never been a big fan of the bleach blonde look.

  18. bo says:

    She said something! She said something! PICK IT APART FOR FLAWS!!

  19. Emily says:

    I think she looks hot when she’s curvier. I’d rather do her than Jessica Alba, any day.

  20. gen says:

    I wish I were a size 6. Heck I wish I was back to being a single digit.
    They’re clothes she’s wearing, clothes. Why do we have to pick apart people’s wardrobes unless they’re wearing a dead animal?
    p.s. Let’s not forget she lost Daisy. I’m sorry, but if I lost my dog baby, I would be a wreck for a loooong time.

  21. Trillion says:

    Melanie – you funny.

  22. Trillion says:

    Could he look any more dickish in that photo?

  23. Jen says:

    Love her. Love the strong message against media portrayal of women. Keep it up!

  24. Aussie Mama says:

    yeah “together”, like her life!
    jessica is still lol funny.

  25. TG says:

    Yes, Jess has it together – until the next relationship. . . .

  26. lucy2 says:

    I actually kind of like what she said about him. Good for her.

  27. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    @TG: Ha, I was kind of thinking that too. Hopefully not, though. Still funny.

  28. PJ says:

    I question Jessica’s motives. If she didn’t want the world to know about her sex life with John Mayer, why did she go on Oprah (of all shows! and with plenty of advance publicity) and talk about her reactions to it?

    By talking about it, she kept the story in the public eye, guaranteeing another round of media about what he said about their sex life!

    If she really wanted to keep this private, she would have refused to discuss the topic, period.

  29. ThunderC*nt says:

    Even she knows John Mayer used her as a pawn to get a dig in at Aniston. She knows she sucks in bed. That’s why she’s pissed.

  30. ThunderC*nt says:

    Whatever you have to tell yourself, Stella.

  31. CB Rawks says:

    “Don’t engage, just withdraw. That’s how you fight a douchey misogynistic, racist, homophobic tool. Well done, Jess!”

    Damn straight! That’s exactly how you do it. Well done, Jess!

  32. gg says:

    Ha! Love the headline. Pretty sad that she’s now having to say that about HIM … turnabout’s fair play, dipweed John.

  33. CB Rawks says:

    “some fans and press blamed Jessica whenever Tony had a bad game.”

    Anyone who could actually formulate that thought in their brain in seriousness, needs to get to a psychiatrist, fast. People are frikkin nuts.

  34. Ana says:

    She is engaging by giving an interview and talking about him. She should know better.

  35. mollination says:

    Your dog gets ripped away from you by a pack of coyotes in front of your very own eyes and your effing jeans were the lowpoint of your year? Fail, jess.

  36. DrM says:

    @guesty: you missed the damn point…WHO CARES WHAT SIZE SHE IS!

    And the person who said that petite girls can be curvy AND a size 6 is absolutely right. My best friend is 5’2 and very curvy when she’s a size 6…but again WHO CARES! Size is irrelevant…

    I LIKE Jessica Simpson, I think she’s been through some real crap which I don’t think a lot of us would have known how to deal with.

    As we say here in the Antipodes GO YOU GOOD THING! 🙂 Well done Jess

  37. noonoo says:

    I think having an ex talk about you like you were a sex toy is incredibly offensive. Good on her for cutting him off and freezing him out. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. baby.

  38. Chana says:

    Christ, the jeans were hideous and unflattering. That was what caused the big uproar.

    She’s always been a bit heavier than your run-of-the-mill pop singer. She’s said in the past that it takes a lot of work for her to get down to where she is now.

    I don’t believe that those pants were a size 4. It’s like when Jennifer Love Hewitt said that she thought all body types were beautiful and whatnot, but i’m a size 2!

    I don’t think it’s fair to get overly critical of someone’s weight, especially someone as small as she is. She’s short as well so any weight gain looks like a lot.

    But I also think that it’s massively annoying when people refer to “real women” and “real bodies”. Any woman who hasn’t had plastic surgery has a real body, a real face and is a real woman.

    I think what they really mean is “realistically attainable for the average woman without the resources and money the starlets/models/heiresses have”.

  39. Alexa says:

    First – LOVE Jessica! Second – I wish I had a “Ken” like Jess’s in MY life;-)

  40. Jazz says:

    Good for her! I hope she never goes back to that misogynist tool.