New couple: John Cusack & Brooke Burns?


This totally random report originated in Life & Style Magazine from what I can tell, but lots of sites are covering it now. Is it true? Or do we just cling to whatever little gossip nugget there is about everybody’s boyfriend John Cusack? Who knows? The basic gist is that Cusack is rumored to be dating Brooke Burns, she of Baywatch and Bruce Willis-dating fame. Oh, she was once married to Julian McMahon, that sexy beast. Damn, some girls get all the luck:

John Cusack is dating Bruce Willis’ former fiancée, Baywatch star Brooke Burns, according to a report. The High Fidelity actor has been romancing the 31-year-old beauty, who split from Willis in 2004, since the beginning of the year, reports Life & Style magazine.

A source tells the publication, “They’ve been going out seriously for more than a month. She’s super sweet and definitely has a type – she dates older men.”

The 43-year-old actor has never wed, while Burns was previously married to NIP/Tuck star Julian McMahon, the father of her nine-year-old daughter. After their 2001 divorce, she was later engaged to Willis, but the pair called off the engagement in 2004.

[From Starpulse]

I’ve always wanted to see John get back together with Minnie Driver. Or Lili Taylor. I would be happy with either, honestly. But Brooke is pretty, and it doesn’t look John is in any hurry to get married or have babies, so let him have fun, right? He’s 43 years old, and he’s one of those “always a bridesmaid” guys. Kind of like a lower-key George Clooney. The Undercover Heartthrob. Sigh… he’s too good for Brooke, damn it.


John on November 3, 2009 in LA, and November 8 in Germany. Brooke in LA on January 20, 2010 & December 31, 2009, credit: WENN.

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  1. Meow Mix says:

    She seems a little too vanilla for him. I just don’t see him with the pageant looking type.
    I love him but have wondered of late if maybe he isn’t actually gay? Not that it matters.

  2. Kevin says:

    I like this dude a lot. He’s pretty low key and has made a pretty good career for himself. He is not, however on the level of Georgie. Clooney lite? Perhaps. He seems kinda cerebral and sane which is saying quite a bit considering where he has to make his living. Brooke is attractive so why shouldn’t he get some practise reps in with her. I don’t see it being much more than that.

  3. Icecat says:

    I love Cusack.

    I have heard that he is a douche bag in real life. Anybody else heard this??

  4. stinabelle says:

    @icecat As much as I love John’s movies, he’s not a very nice guy in real life. I’ve had at least three encounters with him (we live in the same town, Evanston, IL) and all three have been bad. He has a bit of a reputation as a fan hater around these parts.

    He’s still so hot though. I can’t help but be a fan.

    ETA: His sister, Joan, is incredibly nice though. Very sweet.

  5. Anastasia says:

    Icecat, I’ve heard for YEARS that he’s a pretty big jerk in real life. That disappointed me at first, as I have really liked him in his older movies.

    But he’s sort of like a higher-rent Nicolas Cage to me–acting-wise. His older stuff is great, but now he’s just in crap like 2012, etc.

  6. karen says:

    I think that if someone breaks their neck in a swimming pool that they have a alcohol and drug problem which means that they are mentally impaired. And I think it is sick and disgusting that someone would take advantage of such a person for sex in a retarded state of mind like Brooke Burns.

  7. isabelle says:

    Who cares.

  8. karen says:

    Brooke Burns just makes me ill. How sick and disgusting. Hard up people wouldnt even bang that. How gross.

  9. Tia C says:

    She looks a bit on the plastic-y side for him. For some reason I would expect to see him with someone who’s more down to earth.

    stinabelle, sorry to hear that he has a tendency to be not nice to fans. That’s disappointing, but I still can’t help being a fan, either. 🙂

  10. juiceinla says:

    “everybody’s boyfriend John Cusack” yesh. Give me Cusack and Jon Stewart on a plate please…

    But I am sad. I always wanted him to find a brilliant woman, I sort of thought he liked smart girls… this one is not smart… sigh.

  11. tooey says:

    Can anyone tell me why, oh WHY, is he starring in that time-traveling-hot-tub movie? Hate to judge it before it comes out but the trailer looks absolutely horrific….

  12. Maritza says:

    They make a cute couple, I hope she’s the one for him, it would be nice to see him settle down and have a family. Brooke reminds me of a younger Carly Simon.

  13. karen says:

    If you were trying to gross me out and make me sick to my stomach that’s really all you had to do Brooke Burns YUK!!

  14. Deanna says:

    I think Brooke is pretty, but doubt it will last. I know some say John isn’t nice to his fans, but he “tweets” with them and has tweeted with me on a few occasions & has been very nice. And I do believe it’s really him on Twitter because he tweeted something he was going to be doing, then talked about it in an interview. Anyway, just sayin he’s pretty nice to his fans on Twitter anyway. I’ve never met him in person though.

  15. wif says:

    My brother is a camera-man and he’s said that Cusack’s a jerk to work with, and crew very rarely like him.

  16. Deanna says:

    So hard to believe (although I’ve read that several times). He just seems like he should be such a nice guy. Bummer!

  17. crazydaisy says:

    BB looks pretty scary to me. Awful shot of John Cusak, too. Ick.

  18. Previous John Cusack Fan says:

    He’s is NOT nice to his fans on twitter!! Today on twitter he started telling some Say Anything fans that they were halfwits and to unfollow him. Then he called them all trolls. I responded to him asking him what on earth he was doing pissing off all his fans and that it might hurt his career and he sent me a direct message telling me that he thought I was threatening him and told me to “go to hell”, then blocked me. He has been my favourite actor since I was 9 years old (now 35), I’m very saddened by this, I was only worried for him as he seems so angry. He must really be miserable with his life to be turning his back on his fans like that. I actually feel sorry for him.

  19. jen says:

    well im sorry i have seen both sides on the twitter thing.. and there both responsibly. no offense to some of you fans but you pressure way to much just say hi then thats it i mean he is a person who porbley fed up with alot of fans so there for he does not know what are his true fan’s are and i herd long time ago he hates all fan base stuff but if he thinks he can do movies and not get any fan’s then he is mistaken it goes with the territory. i mean have you seen people asking about his older movies i mean those people are annoying as hell ill be like that. now he does not have to be rude but maybe twitter is not for him if he things no one is going to talk to him or anyone is a fan but i did hear if you treat him like anyone else out there he will talk to you.. much as i love john im not like most fan’s and please do nor spring up god bless you i heard he blocks you for it or im praying for you.. what if he does not believe in god .. people he could of had a bad life i mean just because there rich does not mean there happy.. what i hate is i hate the obsessed fan’s who are people who think they can just say something that will change him let him be if you can’t take it then you don’t have to see his movies no one is pushing you to see them or talk to him or try to. i personalty don’t let this get me of seeing his movies i judge him for his movies not for his personalty.. and if he wants to date Brooke let him i know some girls are jealous that its not them XD.. but please if he is happy then cool and i yes i know my grammar spelling sucks … ask me if i care.

  20. Deanna says:

    He’s DMd me a few times on Twitter & has also answered me a few times. So far, he’s always been nice to me, but I have seen him get annoyed & rude & block people. I guess I just haven’t done/said anything to tick him off [yet]. Hopefully it’ll remain that way.

  21. Jenny says:

    Sorry people’s her new lover is not John Cusack but Michel Vermeulen!

    Michel Vermeulen is the canadian master painter from Montreal and he look pretty much like John, if you look his picture on facebook.