Chloe Sevigny, oblivious: “Men are intimidated by me”


Early in her career, I kind of liked Chloe Sevigny. I still think she’s a pretty underrated actress, but her personality sucks the big one. In interviews, she comes across as that too-cool-for-school, snotty, faux-hipster type, like Gwyneth Paltrow, only Chloe probably think Paltrow is a Goopy sellout. My opinion of Chloe changed the first time I ever read a significant interview with her, and I still remember the issue – May 2001, Harper’s Bazaar. She talked about how Gwyneth “wished” she was like JFK Jr’s wife Carolyn Bessette, and how Jennifer Lopez was fabulous in a “ghetto” way. All in all, she was funny because she was so stuck up her own ass (much like Gwyneth).

Since then, I’ve always been on the look out for other hilarious Chloe interviews, but they’re few and far between. Maybe her publicist realizes how badly Chloe comes across. Or maybe Chloe just thinks interviews are beneath her. In any case, I’m not going to pass up this gem – Chloe is the cover girl for the April issue of Elle UK. And the interview is just what I hoped for:

CHLOE Sevigny is looking better than ever – and says it’s all down to her rampant sex life. Fashionista Chloe Sevigny, who looks trim and toned in these brand new pictures, says her sex life is better than ever at the moment.

Asked how she manages to look so good she exclusively told Elle Magazine: “I’ve just started doing yoga three times a week. I feel strong and limber, and my sex drive is through the roof!”

But although the 35-year-old is happier than ever, she still hasn’t cracked the whole man thing.

She revealed: “‘Men are intimidated by me.”

“My friends say, ‘You have to find someone more famous and successful than you, or someone who’s so happy with their own life they can handle the attention you get.’”

“I want to be worshipped and adored, but then again I also love to be ignored. Hurgh! It’s the same old, same old.”

So is she worried about getting older?

“Getting older doesn’t bother me at all. Well, other than the baby pressure. I do want to have a baby,” she said.

[From OK Magazine UK]

I mean, right? I can see why men would be intimidated by her hyena laugh, her snotty attitude, her hipster slouch and the fact that she wants to be “worshipped and adored”. Why aren’t the guys lining up for that? Seriously?

Thanks to Litely Salted for the heads up!


Elle cover and additional pic courtesy of OK! Magazine UK.

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  1. meme says:

    men are intimidated by her? really? she’s so conceited.

  2. girl says:

    Intimidated = weirded out?

    Who knew?

  3. anoneemouse says:

    Men probably are not intimidated by her, just repulsed. She is not an attractive woman at all.

  4. yourmom says:

    Just to be sure my mind isn’t playing a sick, twisted joke on me: she’s wearing a pair of granny panties over some spanx, right? Every outfit I see this chick in gives me a headache.

  5. Praise St. Angie! says:

    maybe men are just turned off by the fact that she sucked Vincent Gallo’s member on camera for that ego-fest of a movie he made.

    it’s one thing to simulate a sex scene for a movie, but to actually perform fellatio on a guy and have it filmed for a movie? that’s not art, it’s pr0n.

    I like her in “Kids”, but since then? bleg.

  6. scorpiogal says:

    @ yourmom- yup! layered granny panties…hot.

  7. Dorothy says:

    OMG Kaiser did you really compare the fantastic Chloe to the goop? I love Chloe I think she has a sense of humor about herself, I am sure she is being sarcastic and silly.

    this quote:
    “I want to be worshipped and adored, but then again I also love to be ignored. Hurgh! It’s the same old, same old.” THAT IS FUNNY!!!!

    TEAM CHLOE!!!!!

  8. Annie says:

    I agree, Dorothy. I find her engaging and surprisingly not-abrasive! I mean, for a famous actress anyway… 😉

  9. Goosie says:

    I just heard a really great interview w/ her on Fresh Air…I came away from it with a positive opinion of her. I’ve always gotten the “cooler than thou” vibe from her as well, but she seemed funny and self-deprecating on Fresh Air.

    Like for example, she was telling a story about how she doesn’t have a tv and I was like “oh here we go, another anti-tv snob” but she clarified that she adores tv, used to watch it constantly, and gets completely sucked in to shows. She had to toss her tv because it was an activity she did a whole lot with an ex-boyfriend and when they broke up she had to scrap it because of bad associations and memories.

    She also said yoga has been doing wonders for her back…she had scoliosis as a child that was never treated, and she is extremely self-conscious about her posture.

    Anyway, I’m firmly a Chloe fan now.

  10. ering says:

    I like her! I’m probably biased because I watch Big Love, and she makes me hate her character so much. She’s a skilled actress, and I generally choose actors and actresses I like and dislike based on their acting abilities above other things…

  11. Icecat says:

    I really like her. She was also great in “Boys Don’t Cry”.

    She is one of my favorites!


  12. Solveig says:

    “My friends say, ‘You have to find someone more famous and successful than you, or someone who’s so happy with their own life they can handle the attention you get.’”
    This is actually true, not only in showbiz. Lot of men feel unconfortable if their spouses earn more money than them or if the woman has a better career, no news about that.
    I’m tired of those photoshop “artists” who make those celebrities each others’ lookalike, sometimes it’s hard to understand who’s in the picture: in those ones Chloe seems Zooey Deschanel.

  13. jeannified says:

    I have NEVER thought that she was attractive. She has a weird look to her. I DO like her in “Big Love,” though.

    I heard an interview with her the other Day with Teri Gross” on “Fresh Air” on NPR. She was so giddy, like a clueless teenager. She refered to Ellyn Burstyn as Ellen “Bernsteen!” Ugh! She works with the woman, for Christ’s sake! You could tell that Teri Gross thought she was an idiot after that. She (Teri Gross) quickly ended the interview after that.

  14. buckley says:

    Can’t help but love her…

  15. NicoleB says:

    She kinda looks like Evan Rachel Wood in that 2nd pic…more like her older sister

  16. Goosie says:


    I heard that interview completely differently than you! I thought Teri seemed rather charmed by her, actually. And I didn’t hear her mispronounce Burstyn’s name…she was talking about how Ellen picked up on the fact that Chloe had scoliosis as a child, right?(Chloe was saying all she can see when she watches her Big Love scenes is her crooked back and terrible posture. Teri Gross said she had never noticed that, and Chloe was like “oh yeah, it’s terrible, Ellen Burstyn asked me if I had had scoliosis after she watched one of my scenes”.) Not saying it didn’t happen, just that I didn’t notice it if she did mispronounce it.

  17. Joanne says:

    I love love love her but I am surprised no one mentioned her online video part of a movie I can’t remember where she is giving this guy a blow job She was crucified for that dropped by her agent etc.. infact when Bill/and her were on the VIew talking about Big Love those hens brought it up and they were both really mad. Ck it out.. I just saw it a few weeks ago. I think the guy was the director and also her real life boy friend. well worth looking for..

  18. Ursaline says:

    Goosie and Jeannified: I heard that same interview and now I can’t look at one of her photos without noticing the scoliosis. Weird. But the tv thing was funny.

  19. Joanne says:

    I love love love her but I am surprised no one mentioned her online video part of a movie I can’t remember where she is giving this guy a blow job She was crucified for that dropped by her agent etc.. infact when Bill/and her were on the VIew talking about Big Love those hens brought it up and they were both really mad. Ck it out.. I just saw it a few weeks ago. I thing the guy was the director and also her real life boy friend. well worth looking for..

  20. Ernestine says:

    I completely agree with Goosie. I heard that same interview a couple of days ago, and I was surprised by how down-to-earth, good-humored, poised, and unpretentious she was.

    Men are intimidated by MOST women who might be just as attractive and/or more intelligent than they are. Toss famous, award-winning, and financially successful into that mix. I can understand Chloe’s frustration.

    Plus — oh my GOD, let’s not forget how she is SO FREAKING AWESOME on Big Love it’s not even funny.

  21. wif says:

    Whatever, the girl can act.

  22. Eden says:

    Those white shoes are to die for..gorgeous!!
    I too am biased because I love her in Big Love and think she is a great actress and interesting looking, not ugly at all…different.
    I think she’s quirky and cool.

  23. anon says:

    i don’t really like her as an actress and i don’t think she’s particularly attractive but to be fair men probably are intimidated by her. some men are intimidated by fame/success/money etc etc so it’s not much of a stretch. still she could have kept it to herself

  24. Mrs.Darcy says:

    I used to not be able to stand her, now I cannot help but love her because of Big Love. She completely rocks and I can’t even hate her dodgy fashion sense any more. I don’t think this article is that bad for aforementioned reasons – she needs a guy with no ego/or a big one that doesn’t care. She seems to date directors which could be a problem in that dept. To compare her to Gwyneth is unjust – Gwyneth has never played a role half as bravely as the way she plays Nikki, Gwyneth craves devotion hence the website imo, I don’t think Chloe gives a monkey’s what people think of her.

  25. noonoo says:

    Hmmm. She’s no goop. But she IS very self-assured. And she is on a hit tv show…OF COURSE men are intimidated by her…nice ones anyway, they might meet her and like her but assume she wouldn’t be interested in them. I have heard other actresses moan about how the only men who ask you out when you rea famous are either egomaniacs or famous themselves. Anyway, I think attacking her for being unattractive is asinine. There are mnay unattractive women who have sucsessful relationships. It isn’t illegal to date or gasp start a family if you don’t look like (insert hollyood generic bibo say Brooke Burns). She CAN act and Big Love is an interesting show. Give her a bit more credit.

  26. juiceinla says:

    Didn’t Carrie Bradshaw rock the underware overware look circa 2004?

    yawn. God I hate the bullshit “men are intimidated by you” line/excuse…Chloe, love, here is the real deal: your friends are blowing sunshine up your bony ass because they love you. Men do not get intimidated by strong, fearless women, they just think we are bitches. Sorry.

  27. ThunderC*nt says:

    What a bout giving Vincent Longo a blowjob in Brown Bunny after she “made it”…Hmmm?

  28. Bee says:

    She is fantastic on Big Love. She makes me love nicky one minute, and hate her the next. Anyone who can create such a complex and fascinating character is a genius in my book. She may not be the best person, but she is a phenomenal actress.

  29. gen says:

    Eh, I don’t really think about her one way or another.
    But why did she have to suck Vinnie D on screen?!?! That guy is a pompus, conceited *ss!!

  30. Zach Swan says:

    The permanent visual of her slurping away on Vincent Gallo’s brownbunny and choking down the outcome might be a little off-putting for many a potential paramour. I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest that in 10 or 12 years, her future child’s classmates are going to have a ball with that footage.

  31. TG says:

    Is she really that famous? I thought she hung on the fringe of hollywood. I find her interesting but I am not into her idea of fashion. For some reason people always say she and Gwyn Stefani are fashion icons and I disagree.

  32. mollination says:

    Intimidated by her unattractive face and lack of femininity? Makes perfect sense.

  33. snowball says:

    Thunderc*nt, Vincent Gallo.

    Yeah, when I look at her, all I can think of is her blowing Gallo in Brown Bunny. And he is easily the skeeviest, filthiest smelly-looking egotistical wad out there. His website (haven’t been there in a while, it may have changed) was full of rantings about how sexy he thinks he is and going off on the haters. Bleh.

    Oh, Chloe. I wonder if she’d take it back if she could or if she thinks she was an artiste and not making bad porn.

  34. lola lola says:

    That is one ugly woman.

  35. mslewis says:

    TG, I so agree with you. I’ve never seen her in anything and I don’t have the cable channel she is on so to me she is just some B-list actress!! I did hear about the infamous Gallo movie but I’ve never wanted to see it.

    It’s not fair to compare her to Gwynnie because Gwynnie has an Oscar and several hit movies. Can’t say that about Chloe.

    I wonder how her scoliosis(sp?) went undetected in her youth? She is from a wealthy family. I would think a doctor would have recognized it.

  36. WoodenIndian says:

    She is so great:
    A risk-taker,
    She’s the best thing about Big Love,
    She does come across as charming and self-assured,
    Even her brown bunny appearance was endearing . . . to me.

  37. Kat says:

    men may be intimidated by her, but most women I know are BORED by her.

    snotty and elitist little hipster beeyoch. she’s goopy paltrow without the connections.

  38. CB Rawks says:

    She is ugly, and her so-called style is ugly too. Those aren’t crimes of course, but it is perplexing that she is so up herself and deluded about being awesome.

  39. Lala11_7 says:

    Vincent Gallo wasn’t some strange d–k she was being overly attentive to…that was her guy (Lord help her)…and she was following his vision for her character…of course, she should have phoned Isabella Rossellin and asked her how she felt when her man at the time David Lynch made her go full butty nekkid in the middle of the street in Blue Velvet…Isabella would have told her…HECKY NAW!!!

    I’ve always loved C.S….there’s just something about her…

  40. ~A says:

    Can’t stand her, and I can’t stand her acting.

  41. terry says:

    I am a man and I lust for her..after all she proved she is not orally challenged in “The Brown Bunny”

  42. Roma says:

    I echo the “I adore her because of Big Love” comments. She has created a masterful character.

    I also get what she’s saying about men being intimidated by her – I think she has a goofy self confidence that can make men insecure. She’s one of those women I can see end up with a successful business man and not someone in the industry.

    That being said, I also agree that yoga is great for your sex life!

  43. Bix says:

    That’s why I love this girl as an actress. I lived in the East Vil/NYC and we had mutual party friends in the mid 90’s. She always thought she was the sun/moon/stars. I can’t stand her personally, but looooove her character on Big Love. If you can be a snot in real life and manage to have people who hate you, root for you on TV then u are a good actress!

  44. bob jones says:

    “Big Love” is the worst show I’ve ever seen. Nothing but a bunch of neurotic wenches and lackwits griping at and backstabbing each other.
    She deserves to be enslaved for my personal benefit, along with the rest of the accursed cast.

  45. Mingo says:

    Sexy looking but nope.

  46. Vox Clamantis says:

    “You know, like, just because I’m like conceited and arrogant, that doesn’t mean I’m, like, not approachable!


    Try coming back to reality and down to life on planet Earth every now and then, girl.

  47. Emily says:

    I like her as an actress, but not her. Her fashion choices are overrated and she’s very odd looking. Did she confuse “intimidated” with “scared”?

  48. B says:

    Based upon her quotes, her grandiose ego is just too grand for her ‘granties (boo + eww).

    She would be cooler if she tried a lot less, she’s always been pretty awkward, and I don’t mean awkwardly pretty. (Just opinion, her personality could go so far, but haven’t seen any of it thus far).

  49. Rachael says:

    Absolutely LOVE her! Uniquely gorgeous, the most attractive woman on the planet for mine – and I’m female.
    I love her out there personality, quirky laugh and unpredictable nature. Absolutely adore her and she is my fav actress of all time – TEAM CHLOE ALL THA WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Nick says:

    People (i.e perverts – funny how the ones who judge her for it are the ones who’ve intentionally watched it!) really need to move on from the Brown Bunny incident. I think it was one naive and poor decision – everything else about her rocks!

  51. Good one! “All in all, she was funny because she was so stuck up her own ass”

  52. shell says:

    Somehow I get the feeling she says a lot of things tongue-in-cheek and it doesn’t come across in print correctly.