Taylor Momsen is so hardcore: “I’m not Paris Hilton, I don’t care”


As many know, I think Taylor Momsen is a little pantless brat, a poseur, a little girl who tries and fails to be hardcore. She’s 16-years-old, she’s on Gossip Girl, she’s “in a band” and she doesn’t think that she’s the cat’s meow. And this interview she did with Parade (Parade = so not hardcore) is just further evidence of everything I think of her.

Beyond the boring crap about Gossip Girl (“Jenny gets involved with a couple of different guys and there’s lots of drama”), Momsen talks about fame (“I’m not Paris Hilton…. celebrity is so stupid. I want to be who I am because, if I lose that, then what am I doing this for? It’s not about fitting in. If you don’t fit in as yourself, then you don’t fit in.”) and about her smoking habit (“I smoke, so what?”). Ugh. Try not to roll your eyes through this one, it’s difficult for us “sellouts” to realize how amazingly hardcore and angsty (for cause!) Taylor is:

Connecting with [Momsen’s character in Gossip Girl] Jenny’s identity search.
“She has money now, but she still never really fits in. That’s been the constant struggle for her since day one, looking to be accepted. But whether she’s the bitchy mean girl or the nice girl from Brooklyn, she still never fully finds herself. It’s been kind of like that for me my whole life. I’ve never really fit in anywhere. I’ve been to a lot of different schools and I’ve had a very strange life growing up. It was always a struggle.”

Finding herself.
“I’ve done an album. Music is where I can be me. I really do it because I love it, honestly. It’s what I want to do with my life. I mean, it’s my only goal. Acting is easy. I’ve been doing it for so long and I totally love it. But you’re playing a character instead of yourself. Music is more personal because you’re writing it and you’re involved in every step of it. I’ve been writing songs since I was, like, five and I’ve been singing since, like, I can’t remember. But talking about music is like, as Elvis Costello said, ‘Dancing about architecture.’ Music speaks for itself, so I’m excited for people to finally hear my songs and let them speak for themselves.”

Expect to be surprised.
“It’s rock and roll, but nothing like I did when I went on tour with the Veronicas last year. A lot of that stuff is on YouTube but it’s not what you’ll hear on the record. It’s very personal. I’m not going to change for anybody and I’m not interested in changing the sound of my music or changing anything about the way I am just to sell something.”

She’s doing it her way.
“I don’t read that crap that describes me as having an attitude, but I don’t know why that’s a bad thing. Attitude is in the eye of the beholder. I didn’t get into this to be a role model for 7-year-olds. I have no interest in doing that, you know? If parents don’t like some of the stuff I do then they shouldn’t let their kids watch me.”

Like, her smoking.
“I smoke, so what? Why do people give a s— what a 16-year-old girl who they’ve never met does? It’s not like I’m sitting there going, ‘Kids, you should go buy a pack of cigarettes.’ When I walk outside with a cigarette and someone takes a picture of it and puts it on the Internet, its not my problem. I’m just living my life and I’m not gonna live my life for other people.”

Not playing the fame game.
“I’m not Paris Hilton. I don’t really care about being a celebrity. It comes along with the territory so you can’t totally avoid it. But there’s a difference between doing the red carpet and having people invade my personal life taking pictures of me. And that’s why celebrity is so stupid. You don’t want to become something that a few million people watching your show want you to be. I want to be who I am because, if I lose that, then what am I doing this for? It’s not about fitting in. If you don’t fit in as yourself, then you don’t fit in.”

What she got from her parents.
“They’ve never cramped my creativity. They’ve allowed me to be myself, which I think is the best thing you can do. If you try to change your child and morph them into what you wish you were like, they’re not being themselves. You have to allow them to grow and develop the way they want. They love me for who I am, which is really what’s important.”

[From Parade]

Here’s the thing – Taylor might actually have a somewhat healthy attitude about fame and celebrity. I think it’s probably better for anyone, especially a young girl, to understand that fame and celebrity boils down to a lot of bullsh-t. BUT, Taylor does care. She cares very deeply. She cares about her image, she just wants to project an image of this hardcore little angst-ridden badass who just, like, pays the bills on a popular television show. She plays the game – but she just doesn’t think we can see it. And for that, she’s pretty dumb. And the smoking thing too – Jesus. I won’t even start with that.

Here’s an old photo of Taylor smoking:


And this one cracked me up – look at how the knees are ripped out of her jeans! She did that to her jeans, I know it. The jeans probably cost more than I make in a week, but she ripped out the cut out the knee to show how tough she is. Because she’s so hardcore!


Taylor Momsen in NY on March 4, 2010, credit: Girlie/Fame Pictures.

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  1. Goosie says:

    Parade!!!!! that is so awesome.

  2. Annoyed says:

    God, I will all these little whiny hussies would go away.

  3. photo jojo says:

    I wanna hold her down and scrub her face. What the hell is she using for eyeliner? A damned Sharpie?!?

  4. Beck says:


  5. an says:

    She behaves just like Kristen Stewart yet she’s always excused for her rude and bitchy behaviour but you critisize this girl for the same.

  6. gg says:

    whoowee, bad hair and makeup. really really bad.

  7. princess pea says:

    @ an – For me the difference is that Taylor is playing a minor character on an ensemble show and fronting like she’s a big star and everyone cares about her. By contrast, Kristen Stewart has worked in 10 movies since Gossip Girl began airing, and has 4 more in production. In the meantime, she’s shy and uncomfortable with attention, which does sometimes come across as snobbish (take it from another shy person); but is in fact EXACTLY OPPOSITE Taylor’s issue.

  8. LaProfesora says:

    The difference between her and Kristen Stewart, is that Kristen honestly doesnt give an eff. This poor child, thinks she is really important enough to be a role model. She tries to hard to “look” tough, Kristen just rolls out of bed and goes to work.

  9. dude says:

    I do like that she is different..People are allowed to be different in this world!! Everybody complains about everything…If she was like Miley Cyrus they would say she is too mature for a younger audience. If she was like Jen Aniston she would be too needy. Maybe she should be like Hillary Duff! She seems “just right”

  10. sarah says:

    Kristen Stewart isn’t acting tough, she’s just always high. lol. This chick is irritating. She wouldn’t know hardcore if it bit her in the ass.

  11. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I’ve never watched Gossip Girl & I do think she’s a total poseur, but her line “if you don’t fit in as yourself, you don’t fit in” is great & so so so true.

  12. Jillian says:

    Really diggin the Thelma Harper knee highs.

  13. Erin says:

    Wow, those jeans look the opposite of hardcore, considering it’s pretty obvious she did that herself 5 minutes before posing on that carpet. Since she’s apparently had a easy life with parents who respect her creativity and individuality, I don’t know what the hell she has to be so angsty about, other than being totally naturally NON-hardcore.

  14. lucy2 says:

    I almost feel bad saying this to a 16 year old kid, but seriously STFU! The more she talks about not caring, the less convinced I am.

  15. Katyusha says:

    What about the granny knee-high stockings???
    You know she’s everything you say she is when she thinks that even she can pull those off.

  16. serena says:

    xDD little crack-head grows up! Her skin and eyes are so beautiful..her figure too, I don’t understand why she have to play a role “the badass” and put on all that shitty drama, as if we care.

  17. Huma says:

    Princess Pea – great response. I’m an odd combination of shy and outspoken (confusing) but when I’m indulging my shy side, it comes across as ice-queen-ish. 😛 Well, maybe not that bad, but I come off as aloof. That’s probably a better word for it. That’s how I think of KStew, too.

    Taylor, on the other hand, does exactly what this post says: pretends she doesn’t care to hide how much she really does.

    Typical teenage behavior, though, so I’ll cut her some slack. I mean, we were all little bullsh-t brats at that age, right? 😛

    Only me? Okay.

  18. Kolby says:

    Wow, she sure knows a lot about life. She doesn’t sound ANYTHING like EVERY other sixteen year old that’s EVER LIVED and knows EVERYTHING about ANYTHING. Maybe we should just shut up and let the little genius teach us a thing or two about the real world.

  19. Just a Poster says:


  20. Annabelle says:

    I want them to ask her who buys her or gives her cigarettes. Honestly. She’s not 18, so are her parents condoning it or what? It’s not like she’s hiding it- she happily discusses it

  21. sarah says:

    Why is it such a big deal that she smokes? So what. About 45 million Americans smoke and guess what, not all of them are “legal” to smoke. There are more issues with this chick then lighting up. (and yes I realize, smoking = bad)

  22. GatsbyGal says:

    Parade Magazine? Parade? I don’t even need to read the rest of this article. Hahahaha, fuckin Parade Magazine. Yeah, she sure is hardcore.

  23. Chris J says:

    I love how she cut out the little rectangles where the knees in her jeans were. Her skinny little arms would’ve probably snapped like sticks if she tried to rip them herself.

  24. Amy says:

    Yes Raccoon Eyes.

    Stop pretending to act like Courtney Love’s younger sister.

  25. Erin says:

    Dear Taylor, GROW UP, you baby. Just as lame as Miley, even though you would hate to admit it. Love, the rest of the world.

  26. poster 1 says:

    Hello Avril!

  27. mslewis says:

    As far as being a celebrity goes, don’t worry Taylor. When “Gossip Girl” is over, nobody will care enough about you to put you into a movie or another TV series. So you can just work on your music and being yourself, okay? Good!!

    And, honey, the eye make-up . . . less is more!!

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Girlfriend needs to step off the eye make-up; she looks like a clown prostitute.

  29. Jul says:

    Everything she says REEKS of fake. If she was so hardcore, she wouldn’t need to point it out in every. single. interview.
    I remember one time I read something how she acts “more mature” than other 16-year-olds. No, no she doesn’t. Trying to sound all badass and such just makes her look stupid, and it practically screams immaturity.
    On the other hand, her eyes are a REALLY pretty color. I just wish she would stop wearing so much darned eyeliner!!!

  30. Hahaha the last paragraph is hilarious. And perhaps very true. I can’t stand her.

  31. kimberly says:

    she’s a generic teenage girl, there’s nothing special about her.

  32. ThunderC*nt says:

    Take away the bleach job & fake contacts and you will have “meh”.

  33. snapdragon says:

    well if it looks like paris hilton and talks like paris hilton, then i guess it’s taylor momsen.

  34. ViktoryGin says:


    The issue is that Momsen is NOT different. In fact, she’s like every would-be artsy “angst-ridden” self-absorbed teenager. Get in line, dear. Millions precede her and millions will follow. It’s this kind of trashy overcompensation that comes out when you’re grappling with your mediocrity. She’s supremely uninteresting…and deep down she knows it and hates it. I’ve been there. Many other “artists” have been. “Hardcore” died with the punks. There’s no culture to counter in the way she would like. If you want to establish your individuality, go volunteer in a Cambodian women’s shelter. Trust, most 16 year olds aren’t doing that and it may actually build some character that this apatheic tool sorely could use.

  35. Cakes says:

    Kolby- word!
    Im joining the ranks as a shy gal. When people first meet me they think Im really stuck up and bitchy when really I am scared to death that Im being judged.
    Huma- I totally get where youre coming from.
    As for this sloppy mess- One day she will look back and cringe. I knew it all at 16 too.

  36. Peach says:

    Oh my god. She is going to be sooooo embarrassed when she’s 35, has two kids, lives in Connecticut and drives a minivan.

  37. Allie says:

    Y’all need to chill out. She’s 16. Let her be a beastly teenage girl. And stop acting like you weren’t just as bad at 16.

  38. jule says:

    I remember when this look came out in 1986, except the eye liner would of been Blue!! lol

  39. Lisa says:

    LOL @ Peach. You’re so right! I don’t know many teens who didn’t go through that angsty, “I’m different than everyone else, and no one’s going to change me!!” phase. Hell, I certainly went through that phase – only wore black for four years. Now I’ve got a respectable job and a 4 door sedan with enough room kids in the future. I’m such a sellout. 😉

  40. Vivienne says:

    @ 9 i would be terribly disapointed if my daughter grew up to be like Hilary Duff who is needy and desperate and catty.

  41. bellaluna says:

    The really funny (ha-ha funny) thing is, she looks just like every other teenage girl who’s trying to prove to themselves and to others how original they are. The heavy eye make-up, home-made ripped jeans, dyed hair – they’re all harbingers of an insecure teenage girl who’s trying to show she’s not insecure. And I ought to know, since I live next to a high school and see a plethora of them every day!

  42. Alex says:

    I was the exact same way when I was 16 (even younger). Everything about me has changed, except my smoking habit >.<, but it’s kind of embarrassing to look at what a dip I used to be. She’ll grow out of it. whether it’s in 6 months, a year, or two, she’ll come to her senses.

  43. alex says:

    the thing is
    she thinks her style is ‘rocker chick’ and ‘original’ but she just looks EXACTLY THE SAME as every other girl trying to be like that

  44. Just a Girl says:

    Wow, I can’t believe an adult would so harshly criticize a 16-year-old. I’m in my mid-thirties, but that doesn’t mean I forget the raging hormones, confusion, and pressure of being a teen. I imagine it’s all magnified when you’re a teen in Hollywood with cameras on you all the time. This article reminds me why I hate gossip rags. They’re all written by a bunch of losers who have nothing better to do than gush or whine about people who are infinitely prettier or more successful than they are. Pathetic really, when you think about it.

  45. nicole says:

    Jesus who knew cindy lou would be such a pain in the fucking ass

  46. Bekz says:

    Ok all of you should chill out. What teenager doesn’t experiment with their image? Especially at 16. And you can all say she’s fake, but have you met her? How would you know? Just calm yourselves.

  47. This is THE most pathetic article I’ve ever read.