Charlie Sheen back to his old tricks: hires $2,500/night hooker

Charlie Sheen (aka Carlos Irwin Estevez) Court Appearance
Jezebel lets us know that this week’s In Touch claims that Charlie Sheen is back to his old tricks. The 44 year-old actor, one of the highest paid on television, has been romping with a $2,500 a night hooker, doing drugs and giving her his ATM card. Here’s Jezebel’s recap:

Charlie Sheen has been sleeping with a prostitute who charges $2500 a night. And he hasn’t been discreet: Once he gave her his ATM and PIN; once he wrote a check to cash. He likes to snort cocaine and have sex with her for hours. Allegedly.

[From Jezebel]

Charlie is set to go back to work on the set of Two and A Half Men, having delayed production while he attended rehab for the sake of his image. Radar reports that he has a new legal strategy for defending himself against the domestic violence charges still pending in Colorado – he’s going to try to make it seem like Brooke made it all up because she was too wasted to know better. A source tells Radar “We’re not talking about someone who had a few drinks. We’re talking about someone who was wasted at 8 in the morning and who smoked crack. That’s going to kill her credibility and Charlie knows it and he’s going to use it.”

We’ve heard way too many details about Brooke’s alleged addictions to alcohol and crack for them to have come from anywhere but Charlie’s camp. I think he’s been defaming her to the press in an attempt to make it seem like he’s the wronged party, when all the details point to him holding a knife to Brooke’s throat and threatening to kill her. He did the same thing to his last wife, Denise Richards, and there’s another ex girlfriend who approached the Colorado prosecutor and volunteered to testify that he assaulted her in 1996. Charlie also “accidentally” shot his then-fiance, Kelly Preston, in the arm in 1990. I don’t doubt that Brooke was probably wasted during the incident or that she has a problem with addiction, but that doesn’t mean her husband should escape the consequences for abusing her.

Brooke is supposedly not cooperating with prosecutors and can you blame her? Charlie probably told her he’d take a hit out on her and make it look like an accident, just like he did to Denise. I bet he treats that $2,500 a night hooker better than he treats Brooke. This is one man who never should have gotten married or had kids that he is in any way responsible for.

Charlie Sheen (aka Carlos Irwin Estevez) Court Appearance

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  1. ogechi says:

    Denise why did u choose this man as a husband? I love u but am beginning to change my mind now because i can’t imagine why u allowed this man to be ur daughters daddy.

  2. TaylorB says:

    Ok, I am gonna say something terrible here so Mea Culpa in advance…

    But let’s see here, $2500 bucks for a night with a guy who is so drunk/drugged up he probably has whiskey d*ck, and would be passed out before he got his pants off and wouldn’t even remeber if he had sex come morning is a pretty tempting offer and could pay for a nice family minibreak in Mexico. Not that I would want to be a hooker, but that strikes me as a pretty good gig… except for the potential that he might pull a knife on you or give you the clap. Nevermind.

  3. mhjmc says:

    and we’re surprised by this???

  4. Just a Poster says:

    Why is his show still on tv? It must be all of the 14 year old boys keeping the ratings high.

  5. YT says:

    Hollywood royalty in action. Everyone must be proud.

  6. mel says:

    $2500 a night…wow that’s pretty good for a night time job!!!

  7. Sudini says:

    Ya, why did he even get married again? Was that just part of fixing his image? He needs to seriously never marry or procreate again.

  8. teri says:

    I really like Charlie and Two and A Half Men, great show. I hope he turns around and sues this tabloid for such rubbish. If this family isn’t already struggling let’s put a knife through it for them. I say let them be and quit adding further accusations.

  9. Ally says:

    Actually I heard that the demographic for Two and a Half Men is mostly 40-year-olds and much higher. That demographic is not much valued by networks usually, unless they’re raking in millions from impotence and incontinence ads during the show.

  10. Hautie says:

    Now everyone knows there will be a long line of women who would willingly married this guy if there is a divorce from Brooke.

    The last two wives knew exactly who he was, good grief E! has a stunning “True Life Story” of Charlie that covers all his bad ass behavior.

    I also completely agree he should skip having a wife and stick to the hookers. Whom he seems to be more attached to than a girl that depends on him to be a decent human/husband.

  11. meme says:

    charlie sheen is hollywood royalty? just because president martin sheen is his poppa? bitch please.

  12. Uzi says:

    Charlie “back to his old tricks?” That title implies he’d “left them behind,” when we all know the adage about a leopard never changing its spots! Charlie is Charlie, always was and always will be. I agree with Sudini and Hautie that he (and all the other celebrity cheaters) should stick to hookers and not pretend to be marriage material.

  13. snapdragon says:

    ok, so between filming his show, doing drugs, beating on his wife, drinking, hiring hookers and general carousing, when does this douchelord find time to see his children? no wonder denise wanted to keep their daughters away from him and his skank wife.

  14. GatsbyGal says:

    What a fucking sick nightmare of a man.

  15. Mistral says:

    Sad. I hope his kids grow up OK.

  16. knotstu says:

    BANG 9 Automatic lookin sharp and can take the planet….

  17. ick says:

    How pathetic……just a drug/booze addled, used up old whore, paying for a young, clueless whore.

  18. Ms. Nguyen says:

    Corey Haim dies and Charlie Sheen lives on? Does not make sense.

    From all accounts Corey was an ok guy with an addiction and Charlie is a woman beating, threating, “I’ll have you killed” kinda guy with an addiction. Hey, addiction, take Charlie, please!

    F Charlie

  19. in da know says:

    I heard that Denise used to be a hooker, which is how Charlie met her. Don’t know how he met the present trick, er, wife.

  20. NJMDPS says:

    Sorry………..we all love this bad boy…… reason, we don’t have to deal with him and he does whatever the hell wants to do and gets away with it…..something, I guess, we all would like to do. I am not condoning his actions, but, please, let us all stop judging him. Who the hell cares………this is not our lives. Brooke chose him…..she knew what she signed up for.

  21. GatsbyGal says:

    NJMDPS – You’re not making ANY sense. We all love him because we’re jealous that we can’t get away with the shit he’s gotten away with? What?! And we should care, if only for those two babies who have two addicts as parents. And I think we all have a right to judge this monster.

  22. cara says:

    man he one horny dawg.If he ever goes to prison he will be screwed..on more ways then one..
    sorry couldn’t help it

  23. Skuzz says:

    First consider the source, it’s In Touch.

    Second, isn’t he still in rehab, basically volunteered to stay in there over night and do a work-release? Rehab now allows hookers and coke?

  24. George says:

    Why is there this assumption that Charlie is such a bad guy? We know that Brooke is a crack whore, she got loaded when she was pregnant, she would get up in the morning, drink, do drugs, smoke crack, and be an absolute crazy. We know that since they have been married that she has been in rehab for 3-4 times, but she is the victim here? Really? She is a freaken addict that does not have her addiction under control, yet there is this overwhelming assumption that she has zero responsibility for any of this. As for Charlie, well, he is an addict, but by all accounts, his addiction has been under control for years. He is the star of the most successful sit com on tv. He shows up for work and delivers, something that he couldn’t do if he was constantly using. So WTF???????

  25. jezabel obrien says:

    $2500! Oh hell yes! I see nothing wrong with CS hiring a lady. And I see nothing wrong with her going to him-getting laid AND paid. He is not going to stick a knife in her throat. After-all a hooker is paid to leave/ no strings attached. Besides prostitution IS against the law. So what CS and this alledged hooker do behind closed doors is their business. After all they are adults.

  26. isabelle says:

    Sleezball. No class whatsoever.

  27. Dutch says:

    Before he married Brooke, he spent over $50,000 one yr. on hookers and paid by cheque. Truly, he should get divorced, snipped and then he can par-tay as much as he wants with whom he wants and no children will be created to suffer later for having him as a dad, not that I think he participates much in the lives of his offspring now, thank goodness.