Gabourey Sidibe dances with childhood crush; more Stern drama

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There are a couple of stories about Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe today. I’ll start with the happy feel-good one because I don’t want to get into the negativity right away. Gabby was thrilled to meet her childhood crush, JC Chasez from ‘N Sync, and the two shared a dance together that will hopefully be aired on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew”! It’s clear that Sidibe, 26, is seeing her dreams come true. I’d love to see this episode of her dancing with Chasez and wonder when it airs!

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Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe is soaking up her newfound fame by living out her childhood dream of meeting ex-N*SYNC-erJC Chasez.
A longtime fan of the former boy band, Gaby at one time even expressed that she wanted Justin Timberlake to be her date to the Academy Awards. She instead brought her mom.
But on Tuesday, the ‘Precious’ star did have a chance to dance her heart out with JC at a taping of MTV’s “Randy JacksonPresents America’s Best Dance Crew,” where the former Mouseketeer serves on the judging panel. When she was told that the admiration was mutual between herself and JC, she said, “Wow, what kind of world do I live in now?!”

[From ET Online]

I don’t know a lot about Gabby as she’s new on the scene, but she really won me over when she told Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet at the Oscars that “if fashion were porn this dress would be the money shot.” I love that line! She also enthused recently about Kaiser’s boyfriend, Gerard Butler, and said “I’d hit that!”

In other news, there’s of course the controversy over Howard Stern ragging on Gabby for her weight. Stern refuses to apologize and is sticking to his guns despite widespread condemnation from just about everyone. Kaiser pointed me to this follow-up Stern did on his show in which he’s responding to the fallout from his comments. He doesn’t apologize and keeps talking smack, as can be expected.

Howard said “Obesity in this country is out of control… you do see people now saying it’s ok to be this heavy… I don’t see a difference between what our Artie did… [trying to kill yourself] and I feel this girl in a slower way… she’s going to kill herself. I did enjoy her performance, I have nothing against her… The fact is, she’s enormous.” Then Howard and his sycophant Robin discussed how they were wrong that Gabby wouldn’t get roles due to her weight, and said that they’ve since learned she does have quite a few parts lined up. Robin used that to say that people were somehow rewarding her for being heavy. “That’s more people saying ‘stay this way… we’re hiring you like this.‘” Howard also said that Gabby didn’t really act in Precious and that she just “walked around looking out of it.

Howard and Robin are so wrong. So we have an epidemic of overweight and obese people in America, and somehow that means we should never embrace less than a handful of actors and actresses who represent a significant portion of the population because it means that we’re somehow condoning it? Actors and actresses are tiny compared to the rest of the country and while we like to look at gorgeous skinny people we also want to see people that represent us and our friends and family. Not everyone is perfect-looking and we want more than just one actress who can play a heavier person of color. I guess I understand why this is some kind of stupid controversy, whipped to a frenzy by the king of sh*t stirring, but it seems so overblown. This is a talented actress who happens to be obese. We need someone to play those parts and it’s up to her if she loses weight or not. Of course her health is at risk, but she knows that and it’s just mean to keep harping on it like she has no right to earn accolades for her acting ability.

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  1. anon says:

    if a man spoke like that “the money shot” and “i’d hit that” he’d be john mayer but because it’s an underdog it’s funny? next year when an amputee gets nominated she’ll be forgotten about.

  2. mollyb says:

    Stern’s level of fake concern is gross. Yes, she is obese. Yes, I am sure she is very aware of that fact, as is her doctor. What they are doing about it is their business.

    For Stern to call her the “biggest black woman he has ever seen” and “the size of a planet” and pretend he is doing out of concern for her health and the well-being of America, rather than for cheap laughs and shock value, is disingenuous.

  3. Sumodo1 says:

    Howard Stern, Robin Quivers and the hater-aid they drink! Of course, you can’t count on Robin, who heself is a chunky African-American woman, to counter ANYTHING Howard says or does. She’s been along for the ride with him for about 25 years. Condoning whores, championing “midget” bowling or lesbian on-air sex, Robin stands by her white, hate-speech-spouting boss. They sicken me.

  4. Jenny says:

    I watched E!s Fashion Police and I thought they were worse with their polite backhanded compliments. “Oh she was so confident.” (for a fat woman) “She really worked it.” (for a big tub of goo). “She just really owned it.” (even though she is enormous). “I admire her.” (You know, for showing her face even though she is morbidly obese). It was really, really, condescending. At least Stern was saying what he thought as opposed to being totally fake.

  5. meme says:

    i agree Gabby needs to lose a lot of weight but she really does her a fabulous personality. i hate that stupid fashion police show – joan rivers is a beeyotch and who cares what K kardassian thinks.

  6. temeneos says:

    oh, puleeez! Howard and his ilk are just schoolyard bullies.

    Really? Couching their teasing in a “concern” to raise awareness of obesity?

    Leave her alone, like many obese folk it is her decision if she wants to address the weight.

    She appears smart, savvy and emotionally open. Let her live her life, if she does/says something stupid I’m all for piling on with the gossip.

  7. That Girl says:

    And I wonder if Mr. Stern thinks he would have ended up marrying such a beautiful thin woman, if his ugly ass was broke and busted.

    And for all the “non-toothpicks” out there, I wish him a thyroid problem…

  8. nnn says:

    I hate when professionals like STERN are always up in arms trashing a woman’s physique insulting her frame wether she is skinny or obese.

    Fact is though, in the media and blogs there is tolerant zero for the skinny ones being called sack of bones, skelettor, being stripped of their womanhood while called unwoman because of their flatness or boness (ain’t no sack of grease ever) or other nasty names under the sun with everyone accepting it.

    So let’s stop the double standard and hypocricy and accept that skinny and obese have BOTH the same right to be and BOTH the same right to be respected inspite of their respective frame instead of being oversensitive about one type while trashing the other one left and right.

  9. bubbles says:

    why can’t she just be who she is? she wouldn’t be where she is at without being herself, so who cares what f..head Stern says, who awards Bimbos money for screwing married man. there is a reason why he is on radio and not on the screen. he is the voice of the haters and ney-sayers, along with his idiotic parakeet Quivers. Gabbe will make her way, just like Monique or Queen Latifah or all the other gals who stick to their guns and clearly distinguish themselves from the rest.

  10. oxa says:

    Stern and Robin were totally out of line with their cruel & vicious attack on Cabourey. They are dead to me!

  11. Doe says:

    It is her choice, and then when she goes to the hospital for a heart attack it’s OUR taxes that pay for it. But if Obama’s socialist health care plan goes through, it would rather cover a healthy person than an old or fat person. It’s true, look it up.

  12. Lala11_7 says:

    @ Doe…

    You are IGNORANT!!! I just thought I would get that out there…and I WISH I knew who you were…because if ANYBODY you know or YOU are using MEDICARE…I would kick your ass RIGHT OFF!!!

  13. Feebee says:

    @ Doe, you sound confused. If she went to the hospital NOW your tax $ would not pay for it, as I doubt she’s uninsured. If that the case (she’s insured) and Obama’s plan goes through there’s no difference, her insurance pays for it. Unless of course her insurance company has dropped her because of her weight, and isn’t that something the Obama’s plan trying to ban happening?

    As for Howard I agree his concern for her health is exaggerated but as for Robin saying Gaby getting parts is being rewarded for being that size is ridiculous, seeing as how a size 0 is “rewarded” all the time. Most people with a microphone are so stupid and tactless.

  14. ThunderC*nt says:

    Thanks for those Howard links. He is pretty funny but I remember years ago he used to joke about SJP’s “long face” and now he’s married to a horsefaced woman.

  15. Shannon says:

    Doe, you’re an idiot. Gabby is not using your tax dollars for health care, she’s got more money than you could ever dream of. You clearly don’t even understand how the health care plan would work anyways – you pay to cover yourself. Just like the health care plan you’re paying for right now. Do you think fat people don’t use your insurance company?! As far as I’m aware being overweight hasn’t been deemed a pre-existing condition (yet, but I’m sure it’s coming)

    Also, Michelle Obama is leading our country in a campaign to promote a healthy lifestyle and end the obesity epidemic. OMG WHAT A SOCIALIST LET’S ALL FREAK OUT.

  16. hottathanholywatta says:

    stern is obviously trying to claw his way back into the spotlight he pulls this S#@*t anytime people start to forget about him, it’s sad really but fact is he should retire cause his shocking comments are outdated and may have been funny in the 90’s but lets face it his time is up

  17. Iggles says:

    “Howard also said that Gabby didn’t really act in Precious and that she just “walked around looking out of it.”


    *stands ups, only to fall down laughing again*

    Seriously, Howard and Robin are the epitome of crabs in a bucket..

  18. Ron says:

    There’s nothing worse than somebody giving you the “it’s more healthy” comment, whether it’s for smoking, overeating, drugs, anorexia, etc. It’s the ultimate brainless cliche. And everyone I know has at least one bad habit. But what more should one expect from Stern. Regarding the performance, it takes alot of presence to carry off a role that has little dialog. It would have been very easy for that character to fade. She did an amazing job and deserves all of the acclades she has received.

  19. ien says:

    what does the fact that she’s overweight have to do with her performance/talent?
    he’s wrong in saying people are condoning her weight, people are condoning the fact that she’s CONFIDENT in herself, something that is obviously lacking among hollywood actors.

    it’s ok to condone anorexia and bulimia in the industry but not ok to have ONE overweight person in the spotlight??

    we know she’s fat, she knows she’s fat, she’s confident about it, people like her for it.

  20. Alex says:

    So… did Stern ever make similar comments about the many overweight male actors we’ve seen over the years or is it only overweight women who deserve the hate?

    Hate. Him. P*ss off Stern and take your little b*tch lap dog Robin with you!

  21. bellaluna says:

    What I’d like to know is when did Howard become an advocate for obesity awareness in America? I don’t believe I’ve ever read of him expressing his concern about obesity in America before, so when, exactly, did he become a spokesperson? Just curious.

  22. Chana says:

    “We need someone to play those parts”.

    What parts? No one writes an obese person into a story unless they are either tragic or funny. There is no in-between.

    She got that job because she fit the bill. She’ll get a few other jobs because some people want to ride the publicity she has now but in a year, she’ll go back to school and no longer have an acting career.

    “…that means we should never embrace less than a handful of actors and actresses who represent a significant portion of the population because it means that we’re somehow condoning it?”

    YES. Same as unhealthily skinny actresses (though there are actually very few-I can only think of Teri Hatcher as one that is actually regularly working).

    If you put someone who is clearly unhealthy-looking (morbidly obese or frighteningly thin) on the screen in a role that either doesn’t address it or embraces it, you are condoning that unhealthy lifestyle.

  23. Jackson says:

    Howard Stern and his sidekick suck. Plain and simple.

    Question for anyone who knows?? In the intro for Gabby at the Oscars, didn’t Oprah say something about her one day being in high school and the next getting the part in ‘Precious?’ I had no idea Gabby was 26…I honestly thought she was 18 or 19. Am I remembering this wrong or what? TIA!

  24. ,,,, says:

    @ Jackson – She mentioned her being in school; she didn’t say high school. I assumed she meant college. However, I too am shocked that she is 26. I thought she was 20, 22 tops.

  25. Sincerity says:


    You’re right on time! Gabby’s future is in the palm of her hand. I, for one, I’m looking forward to seeing her fulfill her dreams and then some!

  26. Wholesome1 says:

    That green suits GS very well!

  27. Wholesome1 says:

    Gosh, I like that color on her. It really brings out her features.

  28. Jorja says:

    it is hard to miss that this young woman is woefully obese. she was cast because she weighed 300 pounds. she played a harrowing part in a brutally honest movie and that is a powerful entrance for any actor. she will work and hopefully she will lose weight…. not because of what other people say to or about her, but because it is in her best interest. but even if she never sheds a pound and dies young due to complications from her obesity, you cannot say that she isn’t embracing her destiny and enjoying herself. we all follow our own path. right now, as we chat, a deep hole is being dug in hell for howard stern and that woman who works for him. i have it on good authority

  29. Jackson says:

    @,,,,: thank you!

  30. mslewis says:

    . . . she’s got more money than you could ever dream of.
    Obviously you know nothing about Hollywood. Gabby has been in ONE, low budget independent movie. She probably was paid $30,000, if that, for her role. As of now, she is set to film a few episodes of a Showtime series and another low budget movie. If this is all she does this year I seriously doubt she will be earning more money than Doe or most other people who work everyday.

    People need to just stop worshiping Gabby and think for a minute. There is no way in the world this young woman will become a major star. She is not fat, she is OBESE and unhealthy-looking. In a few years she will probably have diabetes and any of several diseases related to obesity. Already, she has trouble breathing. (It’s noticable when she walks onto an interview stage. She is often breathing hard.)

    People need to stop ragging on those who speak the truth and look at this woman for what she is, a very nice, funny, intelligent young woman with a serious weight problem. Stop dancing around the real issue here.

    Also, let’s see if people are still talking about her, negatively or positively, in about six months. I have a feeling she will just fade away. Hollywood is good at allowing people to fade away.

  31. mollination says:

    It’s overblown because everything always has to be painted as one or the other. Such extremes. Stern says obesity shouldn’t be rewarded and this article retorts “so there can only be teeny weeny people in hollywood?!”

    How is that what he said at all? Eeesh. I’m so tired of it.

    Stern’s right on this one.

  32. ligeia says:

    everyone nitpicks on skinny and fit celebrities calling them fat if they dare to gain 5 lbs, why should she be exempt from that, it’s how things are in hollywood. it’s what causes girls to be anorexic, and no it’s not calling an obviously obese woman fat, it’s saying size 2 actresses need to lose weight.

  33. Girlnone says:

    I really don’t understand the self-righteous attitude that people seem to take with this young woman. I wonder if people are really concerned about her health and well-being, or if they just don’t want to have to be confronted with a fat girl who is unapologetic about her size.

  34. daisyfly says:

    The last time I checked, Robin wasn’t exactly the slimmest of figures – and she’s thinner now than she was a few years ago.

    Also, some of the women who’ve managed to remain in the spotlight and succeed despite and in spite of their weight is not as short as many people think. Many have lost weight, others haven’t. It’s not the size of the star, it’s the size of the STAR.

  35. snapdragon says:

    doe, if you’re so concerned about obama’s “socilaist” health plan, then you should not use any government funded institutions. you know, those socialist enterprises like public schools, libraries, mail delivery, state highways, public parks, etc. do some research and get a clue.

  36. Shawna says:

    I think what you’re not recognizing is that the adoration given to Sidibe right now is NOT a genuine acceptance of real bodies. It’s an overdramatized kow-towing to someone who is ALSO (just like the skinny ppl dominating Hollywood) not a good representative of a healthy body. If we glorify Sidibe, it’s just another way of denying the normalcy of sizes 6-14 bodies.

  37. ThunderC*nt says:

    Wow, Ms.Lewis. Thank you for your honesty.

  38. ViktoryGin says:

    Okay, the one thing that bothers me about this debate is how many are attempting to equalize the derision of the super skinny and the morbidly obese by rhetorically stating, “it’s ok to bash the super skinny, why should this girl be exempt because she’s fat?”

    I personally don’t condone at either end of the spectrum, but the difference here that though the super skinny are often unhealthy they are still representative of the ideal, albeit a warped representation. They, therefore, become easy targets.

    There is a tacit agreement that it’s less damning to deride something that is socially coveted, much like attacking the rich and powerful. It doesn’t hold as much power because it’s not socially selected for. Many people want to be thin in America. Very few want to be fat. And even in their unhealthy states, if someone absolutely had to choose between looking like Rachel Zoe or Gabby, they are more likely to choose Zoe despite that fact that neither is the ideal.

  39. oh hey says:

    “Obviously you know nothing about Hollywood. Gabby has been in ONE, low budget independent movie. She probably was paid $30,000, if that, for her role. As of now, she is set to film a few episodes of a Showtime series and another low budget movie. If this is all she does this year I seriously doubt she will be earning more money than Doe or most other people who work everyday.”

    Spending hours on internet gossip blogs doesn’t make someone a hollywood expert either.

    So Gabby has been on ONE low-budget film…so far, if she’s going to be in a Showtime series, she’s probably going to see a bigger payday, especially with the media buzz around her, positive or negative. As for $30,000, given Doe’s show of intelligence, I doubt if he/she is pulling down 30 grand a year (if they even have a job), if so, the company is paying too much.

    People are entitled to their opinions about Gabby’s weight, the desire to lose weight, etc. But I think a lot of people are insecure in their skin, which is why they have a strong reaction to someone who is, even though they are obese (which I’m sure she’s aware of). So, are all the commenters here at a healthy weight? Or maybe I shouldn’t ask that because I’m sure they’ll be a wave of indignation of what size/weight people are and how often they go to the gym every week. I won’t lie and say that she could stand to lose some weight, at least enough to decrease some her health risks, such as difficulty breathing. I don’t know if anyone had to lose weight before, but you have to want to do it, not because someone else said so, including a bunch of people on a internet gossip blog who probably didn’t see Precious in the first place.

    It seems to me that she’s more secure in her fat body than most of the white actresses are in their thin ones.

  40. Ben says:

    Just like Howar stern being a dick because she’s fat I can’t help but notice people are coddling Gabourey for the same reasons – being overly nice because she’s obese. As one poster said earlier on some fashion police show they used condescending euphemism towards her. At the oscars they pilled on repeatedl how beautiful she was. And in this thread and others regarding Gabourney people overly repeat how ‘beautiful her soul is’ or something along that line.

    Do you think if she was a regular weight, or even a bit overweight she’d be getting coddled like this?

    p.s. Howard Stern is still a dick. Despite what I have said it’s too rude to call someone the size of a planet or whatever it was that he said. He motivations are pretty transparent too (publicity).

    @Oh Hey, why did you need to mention it as white actresses? Why turn a weight discussion into a race one also.

  41. yae says:

    I JUST mentioned this on the last blog Celebitchy posted about Stern and that contest.

    Its a trick. Jerry Springer uses it, Ricki Lake uses it. Stern uses it.

    They humiliate people and then feign “concern”. Then it makes them look superior.

    Its a game. And they make millions from it. Wisen up folks. Put ’em out of business and turn them off.

    They do not humiliate people of their own culture. They humiliate everyone else. They are making fun of Americans and people not of their religion. Not just the people on their stage. They are making fun of ALL OF YOU. This is how they see US…ALL of us.

    They are slick. I studied their patterns for a while, got wise to it and closed it out of my home.

  42. lucy2 says:

    If his reasoning is that he feels this is people condoning obesity, then he is really missing the point. No one is looking at Gabby and saying, yes, her weight is fantastic, we should all do that! I think what people are condoning is recognition of someone BEYOND what they look like – people have recognized her for her talent, her enthusiasm, and her fun personality. All of that has shone through and she is more than just an overweight young woman. If she were mean or sullen or even just really shy, I don’t think people would have embraced her the same way. It’s rare, especially in Hollywood, for people to look beyond the superficial, but I think it’s happened for Gabby.

  43. nnn says:

    I don’t think people would have embraced her the same way. It’s rare, especially in Hollywood, for people to look beyond the superficial, but I think it’s happened for Gabby.

    It has happened for Whoopie Goldberg who has transcended an unfornate physique through a fun personality and she has seduced the media and the people because of her great personality.

  44. Rebecca says:

    Stern doesn’t give a crap about her health. He cares about hitting the easy targets and hanging on to his fading infamy. What a hack.

  45. yae says:

    Whoopie as an example, that kind of speaks for itself.

  46. LTHawk says:

    So I guess it’s ok to call people like Jessica Simpson fat for being a little overweight (normal looking to me), but if Howard Stern says something about someone well that’s way over the line. HOW DARE HE!!

    LOL I like how ThunderC*nt is so self righteous but feels the need to call somebody a horseface…hypocrite much?

  47. yae says:

    I’ve never joked anyone for weight. Ever.

  48. kelbear says:

    She said she would really like to do comedy. And I really don’t see her doing any other serious/drama roles. I see her as a funny person in some eh not so funny movie.

  49. Cea says:

    I think some of the people commenting are really overreacting about Stern’s comments. I guess he could have stated the truth in a nicer way, but that’s not what a shock jock does.

    Obesity is a problem in America, but I rarely see people even her size here that often. Her size is of the extreme. If she doesn’t do something about her health, she will die a very early death, and that would be very sad because she does have such a shining personality.

  50. yae says:


    Dont make excuses for Stern. If he sat you in his vampiric parlor, hed make fun of you too.

    Even if it was for the purse you clenched.
    It’s about humiliation.

    We you all decide you don’t want to be made fun of anymore…..then speak out. Stern isn’t going to stop at Gabby.

  51. oh hey says:


    You do realize that most of the actresses in Hollywood are caucasian right, thus reflecting the general population?

    And here’s something else to wrap your head around, Gabby, along with Mo’Nique and Queen Latifah are comfortable with their size (then again, the overweight black woman is seen as “safe” by the mainstream. Then look at someone like Kirstie Alley, who’s weight is pretty much driving her nuts. The media and Scientology are helping her along. Even Ricki Lake, who was also proud of her size, eventually lost weight, and that was her choice.

    Women are set by a higher standard when it comes to outer appearance, and it even sub-categorized by ethnic group. There’s an expectation from every group about how a woman should be built. I once worked with a white woman was petite and had to be a size 4…MAX, and she always used to talk about how she needed to lose a few pounds.

  52. archiepelago says:

    Since this was a low budget feature, I’m guessing Gabby made SAG scale (which was $809 a day last year). In some cases, for SAG ULB (Ultra Low Budget), performers get $100 per day, this was likely scale. She probably didn’t even have an agent (or a good one), so was probably low balled. I’m guessing Monique, Mariah and Lenny Kravitz were paid more but if they really believed in the project, they perhaps also worked for scale. Not sure how many shoot days Gabby did but my guess is she made less than $20k (maybe a bit more) for this Oscar nominated role.

    Actors who are not ‘over scale’ and who don’t have steady work probably earn less a year than most of you posting here. Most SAG actors don’t make enough to qualify for SAG health insurance. Just to clarify, the notion that working actors (ie not celebs) make ridiculous amounts of cash is off base.

  53. girl says:

    Does he really know why she is heavy? Maybe she has a glandular or hormonal problem.

    It ain’t none of his or our business unless she wants to share. Totally up to her.

    I don’t listen to Stern much. He seems to pander to the lowest common denominator far too often. Squashing his inner Jiminy Cricket because it improves ratings. If he is going to rail on her about this, I hope he rails against those uber skinny models who look like they are flirting with death.

  54. NicoleAM says:

    Yes, obesity is a national epidemic, but it would be wrong to toss her aside because she’s not a size 2. It’s the flipside of the coin…skinny actresses get bashed for being too skinny and glorifying eating disorders etc etc. Getting old folks. That said, I’m still eager to see Precious and she seems like such a charmer!

  55. Luci says:

    I completely agree with you CB, plus, anorexic hollywood types are even more health damaging than extreme obesity

    Stern is a f*cking idiot, I hope his shows just die

    On the other hand, I am so proud of this wonderful girl! she is an inspiration

  56. Sara says:

    I love this and couldn’t agree more! How many over weight male actors are there? I can think of many just off the top of my head, but all women in films must be thin? What a bunch of BS. I think Gabby is funny and I hope she becomes a regular A lister.

  57. crab says:

    “Seriously, Howard and Robin are the epitome of CRABS in a bucket.. ”

    @ Iggles, couldn’t you use another phrase? 🙂

  58. Horse.Head.Nebula says:

    Gabby has the most AWESOME personality in the world… seriously. She is so witty!! She was a blast when she was on Jimmy Kimmel… he couldnt even keep up with her one-liners.. She’s the kewliST!

  59. shorty40 says:

    I agree with MsLewis…people for some reason are making excuses for her and pushing her to the forefront (Oprah). She’s absolutely disgusting to look at and I’m not impressed with her don’t give a crap attitude. She’s gross and I’m tired of seeing her on all the magazine covers and stuff.

  60. Katija says:

    Oh, MEOW.

    This girl obviously isn’t going to be the next Sandra Bullock, or even the next Queen Latifa.

    Let her have her frigging fun while it lasts. Quit hating on her.

  61. GrrrrrrlGrace says:

    The fact that what Stern says is even news nowadays discusts me…he’s an old, broken-down has-been and should have gone out with the losers years ago. He’s using a hip, current actress to get himself some press. He is a creep.

  62. Big Mama says:

    I think she’s gorgeous. Inside and out.

  63. Gigohead says:

    I’m with Big, I think she is a beautiful girl inside and out, but I have to say, when I saw the Oscar picture with her arms, I did a “yikes”. They are huge. She is huge. Gabby would indeed still get film roles but losing a few pounds may actually help her career too. She can stay around longer to see it to fruition.

    So yes, it seems cruel from Stern, but truth of the matter is, denying there is an issue is far worst.

  64. the truth says:

    she is too fat full stop.

  65. Hey Now says:

    Gotta love the righteous indignation over Howard’s comments from people who have likely never even listened to his show. If you did, or read his books, you wouldn’t be running your ignorant mouths. You people scream and whip yourselves into a frenzy attacking someone you know nothing about…something you LOVE to condemn others for. HYPOCRITES…you should be very proud of yourselves.

    And shorty40, we KNOW why she’s being pushed to the forefront, but nobody has the balls to come out and say it. I’d love to see someone here do it, but we know it’ll never happen. And yeah she’s hideous. I don’t care if that’s mean, she looks like Jabba the Hutt. I’m sure she’s a lovely person and all but she’s not attractive.

  66. imo says:

    @ #65 since you KNOW why how about you share with the rest of us? I thought that her talent got her where she is but if you have a better theory please share. For those people saying that she’s disgusting to look at, etc I have a thought. How about you don’t fuckin look? that’s simple enough.

  67. Green Is Good says:

    How many people here actually listen to Stern? He’s an equal opportunity insulter. Calm down.

  68. Madam Ex says:

    This is just outright mean and hurtful to say what they said about her. They couldnt give a fkn iota about her, it was just a chance to make their audience laugh.
    Leave Gabby alone, she is making money, making a name for herself and Im sure she will be remembered in 6 months, where did you ever hear of an unactress being nominated for an academy award overnight literally.
    She does need to lose some weight but it is not her be all and end all. It will be in her favor, she will feel better, look better and be happier Im sure.
    She will be able to get more roles and she is very talented. Here was a girl who didnt know anything. Cut school to make an audition, got a callback, got the role and got an academy nom. You dont hear of that shit ever.
    Im all for this girl, I loved the movie, maybe her dialogue wasnt 200 pages long, but the few pages she had, she did very well on, and more importantly was that her presence was there spot on. I loved her in this, and Mo’Nique definitely deserved her award, it was an excellent movie for an Independent low budget movie. Watched with the commentary was even better the 2nd time around.

  69. Mme. Lilly says:


    treat with an apparent kindness that betrays a feeling of superiority.

    The perfect word to summarize Hollywood’s treatment of Gabourey so far (see also: Ditto, Beth/fashion industry). I guess it serves many of the comments here well, too. Let’s say here the things everybody in the industry says about Gabourey when there aren’t cameras around.
    Gabourey is a talented girl and she seems to be a nice person. But we can’t sit here and pretend that her body type will not limit the sort of parts she’ll be offered from now on. Her physique really doesn’t allow a big range of roles in anything other than pity-parties like Precious.
    Will the industry bother to find a place for Gabourey, a morbidly obese and black girl, with so many skinny blonde beauties available? Would Gabourey beat, let’s say, Amanda Seyfried or Anne Hathaway (who are very close to her in age) for any part? Dude, no. It doesn’t matter if she’s more talented. She’s not in the cover of Esquire and GQ in skimpy clothes.
    To be even more realistic, Gabourey’s size reduces dramatically her opportunities to get multi-millionaire contracts with beauty and fashion companies too.
    I can believe that Gabourey may even continue her acting career (comedy, perhaps?), but not as a super-A-list celebrity who makes the ranking of Hollywood’s most bankable people. Which can be a good thing. She may be one of those actors who don’t work for the money.

  70. JackTheSerb says:

    Howard is right.