Charlie Sheen pleads not guilty on domestic violence charges


On Monday, March 15, Charlie Sheen pleaded not guilty to the one felony charge and two misdemeanor charges leveled against him by the Aspen, Colorado district attorney’s office. The charges stem, of course, from the alleged, alcohol-soaked Christmas beating he gave wife Brooke Mueller. Officially, it was Charlie’s lawyer Richard Cummins who entered the not guilty plea on Charlie’s behalf. The trial won’t be until July.

In addition to that, Radar has word that Charlie has hired a new lawyer to represent him for this case. This guy, Steve Cochran, has a reputation as a celebrity heavy-hitter, and his other clients have included Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and Forest Whitaker, amongst others. Here’s more, from Radar:

With his freedom hanging in the balance, Charlie Sheen has hired a new, high-powered Los Angeles lawyer to help defend him in his domestic violence case, has learned exclusively.

Sheen hired Steve Cochran, a well-known L.A. criminal defense lawyer who has worked on many high-profile cases including defending Michael Jackson. learned that Sheen wanted more firepower in the courtroom. Richard Cummins has been Sheen’s lead attorney until now.

Cochran will be admitted pro hac vice to assist in Sheen’s defense Monday. Pro hac vice is a term used “for the moment” that allows a lawyer to practice in another jurisdiction.
It is unclear if Cummins will remain as the lead attorney but sources tell that Team Sheen believed they needed a “more high powered” attorney on the case for the Two and a Half Men actor.

Cochran left Jackson’s defense team in 2004 for unspecified reasons. Thomas Mesereau Jr. continued to represent Michael, who was acquitted. Cochran represented Jackson on many matters, including in 1993 when the singer was accused of child molestation. He has also represented Sheen previously, Britney Spears, Forest Whitaker and other tops stars.

Colorado has been cracking down on domestic violence cases and as reported Chief Deputy District Attorney Arnold Mordkin will not accept a plea bargain from Sheen that does not include a felony charge. Sheen will not plead to a felony but would be willing to make a deal pleading to misdemeanors in exchange for no jail time, sources told

But with both sides at a stalemate the court action gets underway on Monday with Sheen’s arraignment. The actor will face jail time if convicted. learned exclusively he will contend that the violence and threats never occurred and that his wife’s drug problems make her words unbelievable.

Sheen, who has returned to work on his TV series, had been in rehab for several weeks because he had started drinking alcohol again and using cocaine.

Brooke Mueller recently went into rehab, is addicted to crack and is an alcoholic. She has been in rehab more than five times over the years, learned. Mueller does not want to cooperate with prosecutors. Her 911 call will be a key piece of the the prosecution case but the defense will counter by saying she was drunk at 8:30 in the morning and also on crack.

[From Radar]

To me it seems like Charlie is really serious about not going to jail and not being forced into some kind of alcohol or domestic violence program. And you know what? If he’s got the money for these big-time lawyers, chances are the lawyers will drown the local, civil servant district attorney’s office in paperwork. I don’t think Charlie is going to jail. I don’t think Charlie is going to be forced into going into any kind of program. I think Charlie is back to drinking, doing coke, and bangin’ hookers, and that’s what he intends to keep doing. Just my theory!

Charlie in Aspen on March 15, 2010. Credit:

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  1. ogechi says:

    hopeless daddy to poor children!

  2. Erin says:

    I love that he’s standing next to a dog shit receptacle. Sounds about right.

  3. observer says:

    He would do better to follow Kobe Bryant’s strategy: hire qualified, low-visibility attorneys who are respected in the local courts. There is a real risk in hiring out-of-town “big guns”–they might alienate the jury.

  4. bellaluna says:

    I tend to agree with you, Kaiser. I don’t think he’s going to come out of this scathed, maybe with a little less cash, just like all the other times.

    I don’t think it’s a jury trial, but I could be wrong. I have read that the judge is looking to make an example of him, though.

  5. Jazz says:

    Teflon Chuck will probably come out of this smelling like a rose.

  6. lucy2 says:

    I hope he doesn’t get away with this, like he has everything else. Anyone without his money and fame would be quiet familiar with a jail cell by now.

    @erin, I too love the juxtaposition of the dog pot!

  7. Kevin says:

    C’mon Chuck! I’m pulling for ya! Gotta have my 2 and a half men fix. Hey! Maybe they can do some behind bars episodes! That would give Allen a real chance to “come out”! Rose could be your surprise cell mate!

  8. prissa says:

    I truly believe there is so much more to this story. It’s amazing to me how everyone is so eager to come down on Sheen when it’s (to me) it’s obvious Brooke did her dirty part. The fact that she didn’t want charges brought, is an uncooperative witness leads me to believe that things most likely didn’t happen as she claims. I doubt he even attacked her. Trust me folks. CRACK and BOOZE are a bad combination and a person is apt to do/say anything in the heat of the moment. I think they were probably arguing and she decided to call the cops to “teach him a lesson” thinking it would be swept under the rug later. When she realized how serious it was she tried to retract everything. She she ran to rehab because she knew some ugly $hit was about to come out about her. What is really sad is all this was going on with young kids in the house. They BOTH need to get themselves together.

  9. Tia C says:

    Behind bars episodes, LOL @ Kevin.

    I think Kaiser’s theory is right on.

  10. bellaluna says:

    @ prissa -

    I agree. Charlie isn’t the only one who should be persecuted in this debacle. I’m sure Brooke well knew what she was getting into. I’m sure Charlie did, too. If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

    I file their mess of a relationship under “Be Careful What You Wish For.”

  11. LolaBella says:

    I really do hope they make an example of him; but sadly I have the feeling that this will just another instance of ‘Money Talks and Bullshit Walks’.

    Sheen may just be another celebrity using their fame to get out of being held accountable for their actions.

  12. machiavelli says:

    Looks like he has some dirt on Brooke, and is using that to get her to withdraw. Or she negotiated money in exchange for not co-operating.

  13. prissa says:

    Presuming that things didn’t happen the eay Brooke claims, why should he be made an example of? Granted he’s been an ass in the past and still is, but if Brooke was DRUNK and high on CRACK (which makes you hallucinate and think ppl are after you) and she decided to orchestrate this scenario to punish Sheen and its not true why should he be made an example of. I’m sorry if things really happened as she said why would she recant? Why would she be uncooperative? I mean he’s here chance to put a n abuser away and she decides not to? Come one, tell me another one cause I’m not buying this…

  14. prissa says:

    Sorry 4 the typos – on my blackbeRry! :o )

  15. lucy2 says:

    No question Brooke is also responsible and needs to get it together, as pretty much everyone agreed on the previous CB posts about her. But I think a lot of people, myself included, are coming down on Charlie ALSO because we’re tired of watching him get away with this sort of garbage, year after year. He has a long history of this sort of behavior, and enough is enough.

  16. snapdragon says:

    “I love that he’s standing next to a dog shit receptacle. Sounds about right.”

    LMAO – nice observation, erin!

  17. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ lucy2: EXACTLY! Great way to put it.

  18. Jeri says:

    It’s not OK to Threaten someone with a knife because they are drunk & cracked out. Neither of them have anything to be proud of here but Charlie has priors & should think of that before he goes off. No one knows what happened except those two – but a lot of people think Brooke is scared to testify against Charlie. A court should sort it out.

    He sure travels with an entourage!