Denise Richards and Richie Sambora to marry?!

Denise Richards maybe didn’t cheat with Richie Sambora, but she definitely snatched him right up after urging her neighbor and best friend, Heather Locklear, to divorce him. Now she’s rumored to be planning a wedding with the Bon Jovi guitarist!

Alan Smith, writing in the Enquirer reports they are already planning a wedding.

So that’s why she’s chasing Richie allover Europe. In what will either be blockbuster news or sweet relief for Heather and Denise ex Charlie Sheen the magazine claims wedding bells are planned for 2007.

“Richie and Denise are defying the naysayers and setting up arrangements for a wedding early next year when hey are free of their bonds,” an insider tells the magazine.

“This is a serious romance – not two boomerangers. They feel destined to be together forever.”

So much so – that Denise dumped her kids on her mom and dad – and headed off to Europe to hang with Richie on tour.

Denise seems like a needy person who can’t deal with being single. She followed Sambora on tour like a puppy after he said he was single during a concert, and she made the dumb move of having her publicist confirm their relationship. We hope this isn’t true and she’ll think twice before jumping into marriage again. Her first one didn’t work out so well, and she’s not even divorced yet.

Heather’s going to flip when she hears this, and she’s sure to do something much worse than driving by Denise’s house playing loud Bon Jovi tunes.

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  1. millie says:

    Oy! I was afraid this would happen.. I think Denise is desperate to make it look serious. I agree that she seems needy and insecure–I can’t entirely blame her if even half of what she said about Charlie is true. Still, you don’t pounce on your best friend ex like that. Sambora is not a bad guy and I felt sorry for him when Heather dumped him (never believed rumors that he cheated). I think that Heather is going through a mid-life crisis — a career panic of sorts–and Richie fell victim to it. I can’t wait for the next twist and turn in this story: Denise getting pregnant before the divorce is final. Mind my words.

  2. cheryll says:

    denise is not a true friend. she is dating her best friend husband. i do not care if heather hired the same attorney that charlie sheen has, that is not a good reason to go after your friend’s husband. i had a lot of respect for denise but she is a whore and what kind of mother leave her kids, with all the confusion going on between the parents? how will richie daughter react to this relationship? if i was heather i would get back at both denise and richie. it is too many males and females to go after your best friend husband. f__k denise. i will no longer watch any movie or tv program that has denise richards in it. what is denise parents thinking, watching her kids while she is out whoring around.